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2 Sisters Food Group reviews

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Overall reviews at 2 Sisters Food Group

General Operative | Smethwick | 3 Jun 2015
I quit after one week that's how bad it was!
My day typically started with me being clocking in with my ID card on site A/C based in Smethwick. I then would take my lunch into the canteen and wait till called to start getting ready. Now down to the reality of it. I walked into the work place and was put onto the production line (conveyor belt) by the supervisor, who didn't speak a word of English, he paired me with another worker who was genuinely a nice guy. The supervisor come's over and shows me once what I have to do which was pretty basic ( Stack the packed chicken into containers and send to the warehouse, which is connected) As the first task was pretty basic I called the supervisor over to tell him that this new task was pretty hard and that would it be possible that I could switch with someone as I don't want to hold the line. He said 'NO' firmly and sat down on a container. As the conveyor belt got faster and I wasn't able to keep up with the speed, another worker began shouting at me and started to become aggressive (again didn't speak English and bearing in mind that she's in her late 40's and not from this country I expect, but has been working at 2SFG for 5 years) she called me an Idiot and that I've ruined her work day etc being very snobby she began gossiping with her friends about me saying that I'm rubbish and that I'll definitely be sacked. I continued to ignore her and carried on with the work, I saw the General Manager and told him that the task is too difficult could you please move me
ProsMet 2 nice workers
ConsLong Hours, Bullying, Disrespect and Lack of breaks.
2Sisters - Thetford Despatch | Thetford | 12 Mar 2018
Not for the faint hearted, weak minded or unwilling!!
You swipe in and walk around the factory, check the despatch area, production areas, see what is happening and make sure everything’s working. Check to see what orders came in and what we need to progress with for the day, speak about the position of the factory, stock, quality and what the day will look like. You will be checking stock and dealing with any quality issues, rotation issues whilst maintaining an average pick of around 150 units ppp/h (per person per hour) or 12,000 units per shift which has a lot of room for improvement - but a new approach is needed in order to achieve this. You must ensure that all health and safety guidelines are adhered to. You must ensure that all site policies and guidelines are adhered to. Your job is only as good as you make it. "He said, She said" will get you nowhere! and if you feel that communication is ever an issue you should address it rather than become part of the problem. Just because you join a team it does not make you part of that team, hard work and helping each other will earn you that respect and in time you will become a valued/respected member. Once you understand what is expected of you, the job in itself is easy enough and like any job - when someone begins to slack - the chain begins to break. If you want, job security? a decent wage? the ability to do more? Then this is the place for you. If you enjoy standing around and growing roots, then I would recommend you look elsewhere.
ProsYou get along with your co-workers which is the greatest indicator of job satisfaction, You look forward to going to work and joke with your colleagues, You get to avoid the dreaded office politics and manipulations, When you don’t have to deal with snarky - inefficient co-workers your'e more productive at your job.
ConsJob Comport - feeling secure and comfortable in your job can be both a blessing and a curse.
Production Associate | Sandycroft | 26 Feb 2018
Seems ok until you get on the line......
In training they make it sound like the best company to work for then on your 1st shift you understand why so many people come and go. In training they just give you the answers to make sure you pass a hygine exam. Which when your on the factory floor is useless as you forget everything and when ask questions your made to feel stupid. Your told of a FULL factory tour, this doesn't happen which once you start there you can see why. All of us who started together on the 1st day just got chucked onto the line which is fair enough as that's what your meant to do BUT they don't tell you what you need to do, they have someone who's English isn't good trying to teach you for a max of 5 mins which is bad for both parties as there is a language barrier. Barely anyone makes you feel welcome and huddle into groups when line is stopped and make a point of not including you. There are some really lovely people there who do give you the nod to check your ok. The management are equally as bad unless they like the look of your face. The attitude is really disheartening from them and maybe if they checked on people properly, shown them what to do and where everything is instead of glaring at you the new people wouldn't just leave. At least 5 people left whilst I was there on my shifts and all but 2 (who already worked as agency here) who trained with me left on all other shifts too. You get 2 half hour breaks but by the time you take off all ppe and wash hands it's time to go
ProsRegular money
ConsBreaks too short, unwelcoming management, ppe always too small/big
Production Associate | Sandycroft | 14 Feb 2019
Modern slavery at its finest
If you are considering to work here, think again. Local people are not valued and you will be treated badly. If you are not working flat out for 100% of your shift you will be shouted at . If you have to take time off for your family or doctors you are brought to a disciplinary. hours dont get paid regularly and it takes weeks to sort out. When pay is wrong it also takes weeks to sort. Management are awful, with unrealistic targets impossible to attain on out of date machinery. Some are psychopaths who will take great pleasure in making your day bad. Will tell people to take short cuts putting people at risk to achieve targets. You will be pushed so hard that it is very likely you wil be injured shortly after starting. The PPE is the lowest grade possible, where wellington boots are a requirement nearly everyone who starts has problems with their feet for a month. There is no alternative but to grin and bear it, and management dont care. You will be expected to work in cramped conditions with some roles. Always understaffed and terrible retention. in one week 3+ people come and go every week. No training apart from 2 days in an office. Management opportunities only go to foreign workers, never offered to locals with experience Over run by people who can bearly speak english.
Prosweekly pay
Consbeing paid to be abused daily
General Operative | West Bromwich | 29 Apr 2016
All in all, a disappointment...
Started my first shift through an agency on a Friday, 2 o'clock in the afteroon til 10 o'clock at night. I was promised training as this was my first time in a meat packing environment and I recieved none. I was expected to know health and safety proceedures from the second of my arrival but I was not told. Once inside the factory, I was shifted from production line to production line as they had no idea where to place me. When I was finally put on a line that needed more help than the others, I was unable to communicate with most if not all of the employees as none of them spoke English. This made it difficult to ask for help and the training that I was promised but did not recieve. Pay was acceptable and what is expected of a job like this. Supervisor did not sympathise with me for being late after a break after having trouble getting into my PPE. Very tiring and repetitive work. Not for me, so I left within a week. I didn't enjoy anything about it, other than the relief that flew over me when I knew it was time to go home. Wouldn't recommend this job as a general operative unless you enjoy repetitive work and constantly getting pushed to work quicker/better.
ProsFree food at lunch time
ConsLong hours, repetitive work, no real training in place, cold environment, back and wrist pains
Guard | Thetford | 1 May 2021
Toxic culture
The pay at 2Sisters is good but having worked there I think it's to compensate for the toxicity of the majority of staff. I had a fantastic Supervisor who did his job properly much to the dislike of some that then took steps to ruin his hard work and good reputation out of jealousy and fear of being exposed for not doing theirs correctly. I had many problems doing my job due to the same member(s) of staff destroying my efforts and rapport with others. When I made complaints to upper management due to the fact they ignored my Supervisor when he told them, I was also not taken seriously,it was clear that nothing was going to be done. H.R could not comprehend the severity of my complaint and I honestly can't believe some of the staff are even remotely qualified to work in that department, it was a joke! It appears that the company prefer to bury their heads in the sand, ignoring problems that good hard working staff raise, they favour and side with manipulating members regardless of who it ends up pushing out. There is no recognition,encouragement or progression for good members of staff doing their jobs properly, and no consequences for those who set out to tear down the hard work of those people.
ConsToxic Environment
Quality Controller | Rogerstone | 7 Nov 2019
Absolutely disgusting what they do to people here, I worked for RF Brookes in rogerstone 4 years ago, i got dismissed for gross misconduct after an argument happened between myself and another staff member, unfortunately I was seen on camera she wasn’t so I got dismissed and she didn’t (she’s now a union rep lol) 5 weeks ago I got laid off from my previous job and I was about to loose my mortgage and house, i seen Brookes advertising for QA roles again so I thought I would try my luck reapplying and see if I could get a permanent contract that I needed to keep my house, they gave me an interview and said I had the job I when through induction and started work the beginning of the week I thought great I got the job I need t keep a roof over the head for my and family, after a weeks worth of work they sacked me again tonight and said that they couldn’t re employ anyone that had been dismissed for gross misconduct, it’s absolutely disgusting that they took me on again and let me work a week before realising I had previously been dismissed, the hr and management system is absolutely appalling at this place I would definitely not recommend for a dog to work here let alone any human
Loading Bay Manager | Carlisle | 1 Apr 2019
Good for temporary but not for permanent career choice
Typically long working days of 39 hours a week, got thrown in the deep end in main factory at first but after telling Staffline agency about this they were more than happy to move me to a different area. Management can be a bit disorganised at times (i.e. not knowing when I'm wanted in work or not). When I am in, am mostly in chilled dispatch but when not needed in there I'm occasionally in carousel packing. The other staff are generally a great bunch to get on with and will always help out when necessary. Easy enough work but gets tiresome the faster the pace gets and often a lot of heavy lifting is involved. Can also be repetitive and boring when production slows down, on the plus side you get 3 - 4 breaks in a typical shift and weekends off. What I've learned during my time there up til now is there's not much room for error when its at its busiest. Even new starters who've never worked in factory before have to be quick learners and work with minimal supervision. All I can say is that it's a good start if you want temporary work for a few extra quid, but wouldn't recommend it as a career on a permanent basis.
ProsPlenty of breaks
ConsBad management
| Newport | 25 Feb 2018
Very limited training provided if thats what you can call it, more like here are instructions from 2013 follow them with lots of scribbles all over it n files no longer exsiting, information was drip feed during every task from asking constant questions. Management very vage in instructions given which can prove differcult with the limited training. Very little people skills No feedback at all given on progress as a new starter. Every spreadsheet you touch needs some sort of correction before you can actually start work or crashes, this isnt the odd thing its atleast daily. Place is very very dirty, toilets above leak onto desk n office area, office area is in serious need of updating, toilets should come with a warning sign they are terrible, on many occasions i would wait til lunch n use supermarket toilets. Canteen is ok, but as there are many different types of ppl working there it can sometimes be very off putting eating lunch with what i can only describe as pigs, not all of them but i seen some very off putting behaviour. Word of warning dont leave a permanent role for any job here, ur job isnt safe.
ProsCheap m & s ready meals
ConsToo many to add
Front End Associate | Deeside | 25 Mar 2022
Fun place to work most of the time get to meet many different people from all walks of life
Overall a great company to work for if you have skills or want to give new things a go they will always welcome you and encourage you to better yourself. I believe the managers could get more benefits with the struggles they face everyday but every job has pros and cons but overall I've always felt welcomed by 2 sisters from working on the line to my new current role. Working here you gain a sense of a reality check of what goes on behind supermarket scene and how it's brought to the store many hard workers in the food industry if only others knew half the struggle to get the product on the shelves. I've always been treated well and 2 Sisters know how to serve their staff well sure there are improvements to be made as in any business but 2 Sisters are definitely heading in the right direction. I cant speak for all their sites as I've only worked at Sandycroft. I can imagine their other sites are similar in comparison.
ProsJob for life, personal & skill development, progression
Manufacturing Supervisor | Gray (70) | 3 Jan 2018
It's mostly British Workers, less than half of them EU Immigrants. Less polish
Need to have all of the experience consisting of Food, Safety, and Health, plus including the training given and received and even importantly will get in the future from this Company in the current role of work: General Supervising Operative. I have been a Factory Worker at 2 Sisters Food Group for Cavaghan & Gray site for the past Three essential years since it took over form Northern Foods Limited, in that time a lot has changed and I have picked up work skills that I can apply, whereby previously have applied to the new environment of practice here. and in them years have had the primarily responsibility like others early in the dawn of the day of assembling remarkable frozen ready meals products from the production lines of Eastern Way 2 site. Where I work in all 4 lines, expect of not helping with Fryers and Machine setters, others areas of work is the loading area for lorries to deliver for the sales at Mark & Spencer stores across the country. You need to be dependable, . early Dawn Morning Factory Worker, and help in training new employees for assembly work mainly from the Recruitment Agency Staffline of first and Second language of English speakers. In both positions, the ability to work proactively and deliver accurate products was key to the success so far. You need love working as a part of a team. Need to be positive with food production process have a instill passion for it in all area of I strongly believe that the best peop
ProsDepending on your contract You get 30 to 40, mins breaks for lunch & Breakfast, occasionally you get paid for it, close to home, Carlisle City.
ConsLong hrs 12 shifts in the weekend, sometimes can choose to work Saturday or Sunday, can work overtime on weekdays more than 8 hrs of work. Not many attractions, Get Employed by Staffline to work for 2 Sisters Food Group, Job for life, but not counterproductive for future job progression

Questions and answers about 2 Sisters Food Group

How does someone get hired at Two Sisters Food Group? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 19 Jun 2017
Face to face interview, in a very relaxed environment, 5star training before starting easy to talk management
Answered 13 Apr 2022
I started working for an agency - then I was offered a permament work
Answered 27 Sept 2020
What should you wear to an interview at 2 Sisters Food Group?
Asked 8 May 2017
Anything, staff turnover is so high you will get a job anyway
Answered 9 Jun 2019
Any thing light as it’s very hot in the interview room
Answered 25 May 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at 2 Sisters Food Group?
Asked 15 Apr 2017
He ask me about my experience
Answered 31 Mar 2019
He ask me about my experience
Answered 31 Mar 2019
What is the interview process like at 2 Sisters Food Group?
Asked 15 Apr 2017
Very warm and welcoming process was very relaxed but very straightforward.
Answered 31 Jul 2018
No feedback given after interview. Second time now that they have advertised a job, invited me for an interview then cancelled, saying it went to someone internally. Unprofessional and very disappointing.
Answered 11 May 2018
How are the working hours at 2 Sisters Food Group?
Asked 29 May 2017
8 to 7 hours
Answered 26 Aug 2019
12 hour shifts, with only 3 x 10 minute breaks throughout
Answered 9 Jun 2019