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Driver | Glasgow | 20 Aug 2019
Worst Company Avoid at all costs
Like many have said before. you have no life as a Driver in this company. especially on the Class one side of driving. on day shift, you could be working days, back shift or mid-afternoons.. Night shifts are no better. you could start working at 1 pm or 23:30 pm, if someone calls in sick or is on holiday then it's a nightmare! you can guarantee that your shift pattern will get messed up. you are paid for a 9 hour day and a half-hour break. Total paid is 9.1/2 hours. salaries and working times are agreed per site. Gateshead and Glasgow are salaried sites. what you see is what you get.. However, some and I mean one or two shifts you will do less than the 9.1/2 hours stated. but shifts in the Glasgow branch are now well over 11 hours heading for 12+ hour shifts. you do not get paid any extra for this. There is no overtime rate for extra hours worked you are salaried. if you want overtime, then you have to work an extra day for it... there's a good bunch of guys in most of these depots, They look after each other...But the managers will give you a Hard time and Blame you for everything.. only the union guys, who for some reason seem to have the best runs and easiest jobs in the place never get blamed for anything..(Funny how things like that come about) However, there is a culture of Blame the driver for everything! if he can't prove it's not his fault Blame him. This has come from the main boss via his managers who are put under pressure to meet targets. one thing
Machine Operator | Bootle | 5 Apr 2017
Claustrophobic atmosphere with poor management
As a multi-million pound company, on the back of an umbrella company, it fathoms belief that the factory is of the same century as this one. The one shining feature, which unfortunately is exploited by management and head office, is the people. Of the ones who work their way up the ladder to management positions vs those who walk into the job from outside and graduate schemes, there is a notable difference. One manages to ensure the best of everything and supports their teams, the other sees an opportunity to progress and thus allows others to carry them onward. The sad truth is that there are many who obtain higher positions by exploiting their staff and reaping the rewards. In my time working with the company there was a distinct divide between those who worked in the offices and those who worked on the lines, with many of the HR staff completely clueless and lacking interpersonal skills beyond what was provided to them in the manual. Similarly the new managers which are on a fast track to a great salary, have no idea what they're doing, and noticeably so from an internal perspective. In my experience it was often the second in command, the deputies, who did most of the work and the shift managers who reaped the benefits. The idea instilled in all who work from the bottom is that there is recognition for hard labour, though unfortunately, beyond the words this is rarely proven and more often those in charge are sourced elsewhere. I saw many family men and women fighting for
ProsUnion, better than average living wage, job security, 4 days holiday will amount to 12 as 4 on 4 off shift pattern.
Conslife/work balance is poor, management is exploitative, poor development system in place, outdated facilities, hard going for sleeping patterns-as any other shift work
Driver | Cardiff | 25 Oct 2021
If you want to be treated badly join them
I worked there for nearly a decade the only reason i stayed after the good times was i knew the writing was on the wall and redundancy was certianly coming. The last year or so when i worked there it went downhill fast. Once the bakery went to a depot management were pushing to give out warnings right left and center. If your face doesn't fit expect to have the worst route possible. If you do have a good route expect extra calls added to you. Back when i started all new staff had 9 hour routes on the coffin dodgers had 8 hour routes. About 3 years was when 75% of the routes were under 8 hours. Everyone seemed to be happy. Then came a 2% payraise and 20% increase in work this kept happening right till we were hiting 9-10 hours a day. senior management were on a hunt how to make your day worse. lower management (the ones who had a clue) would tell senior management it is not possible and stand up for the drivers but they didn't care. If you had a suggestion about how to makes some routes more efficient they would not take it on board. If a certian manager A was in you knew what ever you asked would be a straight no even if it was for something simple. The other managers would always try to help providing they can work in a way manage A would not notice. the attuide of manage A is there is a door if you dont like it. Manage A should never of been promoted from driver to manager. Manage A's attendance as a Driver was appauling on the weekends constantly phoning in sick as well as
Prospension is really good but going home is better
Conseverything else
Warehouse Worker | Dundee City | 26 Feb 2018
good pay after initial 12 weeks.
Hard physical work, long hours, good pay after 12 weeks, very menial. On the floor for exactly your start time, after finding out which street you are allocated to and getting a trolley, setting up of the street if no decanting of product from one type of crate to another needs done, then setting up of the street i.e. of wheels, empty stacks (stowes) of crates, then collecting a full stack of heavier products first, so they're at the bottom, scanning the item at the terminal, after highlighted, entering the amount you have (product amount varies depending on product, and sometimes an error in the main distribution center (Glasgow) can occur), the walking up and down the streets looking at your chosen colour, picking and placing the correct amount of product under the correct light, entering your code, or adjusting the orders if any damaged, misshapen product is found, and continuing onto another product, if that order has been completed. Unloding of several double decker trucks with fresh bread from Glasgow, then when all streets have cleared as many orders as they can, the tidying up of the warehouse, then loading of 16, on average, and varied sized, trucks. if any breakdowns, or vehicular check failure occur, unloading of said truck, and loading of a spare, will impede and postpone thre performance of the warehouse and finish time, overtime for agency workers is standard pay.
Prosdiscounted baked products.
Consonly one 30 break, no cigarette breaks.
Truck Driver | Cardiff | 26 Jul 2020
Not the finest
Multi-drop routes were getting too many calls put on them so they could take vehicles off the road to save money. Pressure to hit time windows and achieve so called peak torque targets. Every vehicle was a bit different in terms of how your driving style is supposed to save fuel. With some it was easy and others virtually impossible. Vehicles regularly breaking down. Extra calls sometimes placed on you that are well out of your way because they couldn't fit them on the regular driver's vehicle. Management were dishing out disciplinaries to drivers with relish at one point. Particularly one vindictive manager. Drivers were cutting corners by taking working breaks to get the route completed on time - something that can of course cost you your license if you get caught. Management know that this is happening and are if anything encouraging it. Sent out on routes with no training often resulted in a long and stressful day. Get back late and interrogated about late deliveries and 'peak-torque' when they already know you've been sent out 'blind'. The salary is good but not as good as it used to be since working more hours for the same amount is tantamount to a pay-cut.
Proscompetetive salary, flexible hours
ConsLong shifts. Beaureaucratic management. Unrealistic targets. Job not secure
Warehouse Worker | West Bromwich | 9 May 2019
Productive Work Enviroment
Typical day at work depending on which department you are working in MU, PP, Dispatch, Buns & Rolls or Tray Wash. So we will discuss a normal day at "PP" You come in, sign in either through security or in the front where a manager is always present. After signing in, you make your way to the locker and put your stuff away. Get changed into the required protective clothing, making sure to wash hands before entering and leaving the work area due to contamination. Make your way to the work area once their you will be in teams of 3 which is for rotation so no one gets tired & we are able to change position anytime we are needed to. Starting at the line which includes sealing the bread & putting the company logo which has the correct date. You will make your way further down to the stacking where you have to put the bread that is completed in the crates. You get a break every 2 hours & a half. which is 30-45 depending on the manager who is supervising you. The hardest part of the job is when someone isn't pulling their weight. The best part is when everyone is working together and time is passing swiftly.
ProsAble to buy bread, pancakes, muffins, rolls & many more bakery things at the end of the shift.
ConsNo Nuts Allowed
Driver | Stevenage | 16 Jul 2019
No life
Management regularly change your shift pattern so you can't plan ahead or book holidays; they will force you to cancel your holiday even if you booked it 12 months ahead. At the end of a shift, management will give you grief for not making all your deliveries - when you try and explain they've set you an impossible route to complete within your contracted hours, they insult you and argue with you. Very poor leadership and all round incompetency of the management has created a very unstable company with staff leaving and not being replaced and drivers have recently received a pay cut. Cheap, old vehicles. They say they won't make you work over the 48 hour average working time directive but what they actually do is devise a shift pattern that meets legal requirements when the numbers are on a spreadsheet but in practice it actually gives you little to no home life and insufficient rest time. They promise to pay overtime, but don't. Drivers are generally treated disrespectfully and not like valued employees. Even the cheap staff bread is no longer available as often as it used to be.
ConsLong hours, Poor Management Team, Drivers treated badly
Truck Driver | Lincoln | 2 Jan 2018
Best place I've ever worked. HGV Class 2 driver
From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel really welcome. Every single person I've met has been really friendly and helped me out. I got my job through the agency on a temp to Perm basis and I had only just passed my test. They sent me out with other drivers and on my own in a company car to review the route I was going to be taking on. There was no being thrown in at the deep end and every effort was made to look after me. I feel really lucky to have found such a nice place to work. The pay is good for the area and although the starts are early (2am for me) I am used to the hours as I was a Baker before this job. Full PPE is provided once you get taken on permanently and the vehicles are very well maintained by a brilliant VMU. Management are approachable and open to suggestions. My route used to start at 3am but I asked for an earlier window and was granted it as they realised it made sense. Didn't matter that I was a newbie driver they still listened. If you get a chance to work here, take it.
ProsGood pay, good managers, friendly environment, good hours, cheap bread.
Truck Driver | Glasgow | 28 Jun 2016
Glasow depot an utter joke
Don't expect much from this place if you work here as a driver, all the old timers with the most service have the easiest runs, there is absolutely no equality or fairness. The system of dropping off and picking up baskets within the bakery is nothing short of laughable, the management are not in the slightest bit interested in resolving the problem. They will advertise a job as 5 over 7 shift what they don't tell you is that over the six week shift cycle you will work 6 days in a row for 4 of those six weeks again no interest from management about offering anything different. This depot has a revolving door which operates at an alarmingly fast pace drivers come and go on an almost weekly basis. If you can find alternative employment dont apply here, inevitably you will end up leaving 2,3,4 months down the line and have to find something else. Management dissappointingly uninterested, you have to wonder why? Maybe they should listen to their drivers concerns because morale is at rock bottom. Somewhere to avoid..........
ProsStruggling to think of much
ConsLmao, where do I start
Truck Driver | Lincoln | 20 Apr 2021
Steer clear
Over worked and under appreciated especially at the smaller sites. Late bread to the smaller distribution hubs proved to be a nightmare. They would happily make you late going out and still insist on time windows being hit even though you are two hours behind. It’s definitely a face fits when it comes to management. If you want to progress up the ladder then my advice is just be cheaper then the other candidates. It’s more about who you know then what you know. There’s far better companies to work for, also better money out there for less stress. I think the loss of contracts is a true reflection on Allied Bakeries, in the race to the bottom of the bread industry, trying to cripple its competitors, it has in fact destroyed itself. Vast redundancies show this. When it comes to pay rises they always lean heavily on how much the company has lost, so that the drivers feel more grateful to get a rise, when really a business that’s made the huge losses that allied have over the past 20 years, wouldn’t even be in business.
ProsCheap bread
ConsLong hours, under appreciated, no chance to progress

Questions and answers about Allied Bakeries

What is the interview process like at Allied Bakeries?
Asked 17 Apr 2017
Long and drawn out, turn up for interview with manager and palmed out to anyone in the office
Answered 22 Feb 2022
We take recruitment seriously in Allied Milling and Baking - we want to make sure we recruit the best people for a role and that you would like to work for us. Therefore we ask all candidates to participate in a comprehensive assessment process that could include on line psychometric tests, analytical exercises and/or presentations and interviews that will give us an opportunity to understand you as a candidate. We look for people with lots of drive, ambition and a focus on their own development. We’re also clear that people who succeed in leadership roles in our organisation demonstrate sufficient intellectual capability and mental agility to react quickly as events unfold, and to learn and grow in complex environments. We also recognise that it’s important the candidate gets the chance to properly size up the role, the organization, our culture and the team to ensure they understand what they’d be signing up to.
Answered 31 Jan 2019
What is the organisational culture at Allied Bakeries?
Asked 1 Jun 2017
Our aim is to create a a great place to work, our responsibility is to work with all our people to inspire trust, pride, motivation and job satisfaction through a work and learning environment that is safe, productive, supportive and engaging. Whichever role at whichever of our sites, you’ll soon feel part of our team and enjoy making a difference to the success of a large, competitive, ever changing business. You’ll work with great people and fantastic products. And as our business develops and succeeds through performance improvement, you’ll grow and develop too. Our single value summarises our belief in each other and what is most important to us as a business - Be the Best we can be! Supporting these, we have outlined four behaviours which we believe are ingredients to success: Aim High Work Together Everybody Matters I Do What I Say
Answered 31 Jan 2019
Poor, they only care for themselfs
Answered 12 Dec 2017
What was the most challenging part of your role at Allied Bakeries?
Asked 25 Jun 2019
Trying to deal with management
Answered 3 Oct 2021
Early Starts
Answered 7 Aug 2021
How are the working hours at Allied Bakeries?
Asked 5 Apr 2017
Very unsociable if you have family stay away from this company
Answered 29 Oct 2017
From a tanker drivers perspective, the hours are very long, weekend working is a pain as is working every bank holiday including Christmas also very unsociable hours,overall I would not recommend working for this company they appear to have a high turnover of drivers, always advertising for drivers,considering the hours and shifts you will be required to work the pay is quite poor in a nutshell avoid
Answered 28 Aug 2017
How has Allied Bakeries responded to the COVID-19 outbreak?
Asked 10 Jan 2021
yes very good.
Answered 17 Apr 2022
They have provided reasonable amount of care to protect workers
Answered 18 Nov 2021