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Scheduler | Redditch | 11 Apr 2022
Stable job with pros and cons
If you work in the offices there is little to no progression. Arcus will chose an external hire over progression for staff that already working there. The pay is not great for the experience that Arcus currently have, the more experienced people there are paid the same as new people when tailored experience should be paid more to keep the staff happy in the workplace. The company itself isn't bad, every year we get bonuses, a pay increase and they have benefits that wouldn't be of any interest to many people. The job can be stressful but the people that work there are interesting and brilliant. The clients 9/10 times are lovely to talk to and you'll speak to some really interesting engineers if you're a scheduler. There are some really strict deadlines and KPIs that need to be hit and the office and field management will stay on top of the employees to ensure the work is all planned. Even if you have to triple check the works. You will get moved around from each of the departments so it won't always be the same thing you do. This is a good thing because more experience means you have a better chance of progression but can be very frustrating for you or the department you're on. The company is fairly transparent in what it does and keeps the employees up to date with all the information but will never take genuine feedback from someone who might be at the bottom of the food chain. The managers are all lovely, each one you can count on if you're having a hard day and each of
ProsPay raise and bonus at the end of every financial year, Management understanding, Stable, A good environment to work in, Good amount of breaks through the day, 28 days holiday not including Bank holidays
ConsPay should be improved for the lower end for experienced staff, Interdepartmental disputes, Resourcing issues across the board, High staff turnover, Progression
Maintenance Technician | London | 8 Jan 2020
This company runs on fear, lies bullying and corruption. Poor training if any at all, leaving a workforce in turmoil. They have a training academy run by technicians who are not qualified in the trade they are teaching. They have one day plastering and brick laying training and expect you too build and plaster a wall thereafter. Most of the stores are dry lined so why they have plastering courses is beyond me and not many brick walls. If a wall was hit by a member of the public, then it should go to a contractor for insurance purposes and for health and safety reasons, a large damaged wall should be repaired by a professional. They run a short vinyl welding course and then expect the technicians to lay floors? It’s even mentioned on their YouTube video. They recently set up a fabric repair team, which was not needed. It was run by management with no building experience and un qualified technicians. As expected this very expensive blunder failed, yet the failure was not questioned and the management involved and the technicians returned to their previous roles. They do have some talented and qualified technicians in the field, but they are suppressed by the insecure and unqualified management. Any that have dared to raise concerns have been quickly dealt with by the oppressive hr team. Their have been some great management over the years, but they have been forced out for not conforming to the micromanagement style the company endorses. The management with the worst record of
ProsThere are no pros to working at Arcus
ConsToo many too mention
Maintenance Technician | Field Based | 28 Jun 2019
Not a building maintenance company
Arcus fm are not a building maintenance company. They’re not even a company, they are a (as mentioned on here) a regime. I’ll start by stating the facts. Is Arcus fm a bullying outfit? Yes, probably the worst I’ve had the displeasure to work for. Do they have a work life balance? No, many technicians are forced into working out of their contracted hours. Some who have refused, have faced or been threatened with disciplinaries. Even though a technician works a 471/2 hour week, paid and unpaid. Any extra hours would be a breach of the working time directives, but Arcus don’t care. In fact their call out system is a breach of the working time directives. As soon as an engineer/ technician attends a call out. He/she has worked more hours than the law permits, unless you opt out. Are they committed to health and safety. Absolutely not. The Arcus vultures will swoop down on you, if you’re not wearing the right gloves or using a non approved product. But it’s ok to work excessive hours, lone working when two people required, work alone in potentially dangerous areas and potentially very dangerous situations, if it means saving on budgets. Are there promotional prospects. Yes if you’re part of the chosen favourites. Hard work, knowledge and experience will make you a target of the management bullies. They want yes men/women to run around for them. So why is it like this? The main reason is the CEO of the company is a bully and nobody in senior or lower management has clue. Th
ProsThere are no pros to working at Arcus
ConsThis place will make you very ill
Planner | Redditch | 30 Nov 2020
Always looking to land more work on you
For the most part my first year or so at arcus on sainsburys was quite good there were enough staff most people pulled their weight and I was able to get things done and done well. Then the cutting started one person got promoted and we were told out head count was too high. Then they wanted to merge fabric with M&E so the workload doubled. It went from managable to a nightmare pretty quickly. Another person left and they took on 2 more people. But the merger carried on and they increased the weekends from 1 in 6 to 1 in 3. Any jobs that required contractors were refused and passed straight back to handymen. Most regions well 3 of them have 2 planners but because 1 is exoerienced he gets the busiest region on his own. Then there is multi client the same thing happened there the most experienced planner got london and east of england building fabric landed on them then within a month they doubled it to M&E as well. I was doing a lot of overtime on that contract on that ckntract and in the end i got fed up with them always wanting more and quit.the biggest problem on that team is they have too many clients and not enough resources and use micromanagment to compensate. The trouble is management dont do training they wont take on more ground level staff and they always complaining about the headcount being too high but funnily enough had the funds for more directors.experienced helpdesk staff on the nights team make stupid mistakes when they are working and no one wants to h
ProsPaid on time
ConsAlways want more
Planner | Upminster | 29 Apr 2019
6 months in - going well!
I joined Arcus within the past 6 months and my experience so far has been totally different to what I expected. I had some reservations initially due to some negative reviews about bullying that I read online but having taken the plunge I have found that the reality is very different. I have never witnessed any sort of bullying and my role requires that I have interaction with many different areas of the organisation. Arcus is growing fast and has an amazing success story behind it that is supported by the great people that work here. Part of its success is down the way they give their staff autonomy to manage themselves but work as part of a team, there are high expectations but isn’t that the case in all successful companies? Arcus don’t carry dead weight but that’s a good thing. They have a fantastic L&D dept who will support all staff with any development they want to undertake. Sometimes communication can be better but on the whole its pretty good. I have found some situations where departments are not aligned in certain areas due to poor comms but its improved in my time and continues to do so. They have a basic set of benefits but I would like to see some sort of employee discount portal similar to other organisations of its size.
ProsWork, People, Location, Stability
ConsSalary, Benefits, Communication
Cleaner | Cornwall | 13 Feb 2022
I have never worked for a worse company
I feel you can learn a lot about a work culture from the way the junior employees are treated. The culture (fed from above) shows little to no respect for staff 'at the coal face'. My experience felt that the firm believes that cleaners are desperate for a job and will work in unfair and exploitative conditions for a poor salary and inflexible work schedule. My immediate boss was a realist and would help as far as possible but speaking to the area manager illustrated a culture of 'my way or the highway'. In a recent 1-1, I stated it was a shame we did not get a Christmas bonus this year (last year we were given a £10 Sainsbury voucher for our efforts in the face of COVID), my area manager essentially said I should be grateful for my job and in the same sentence talked about how when they fuel their Arcus FM car at Sainsburys they use their personal nectar card and how they had accrued over £150 in nectar points (which paid for a great Christmas dinner). Another major problem with Arcus is its overtime procedure. You often have to (re)prove your overtime for the month and this can result in delays of a month (or more) to receive your wages.
ProsAlmost Guaranteed a job
ConsInflexible work timetable, Holiday requires a months notice, Little career progression, Overtime is paid in a complex system
Engineer | London | 27 May 2018
Uninspiring And pretty miserable
Compared with other companies the salary for m+e Is not great but the take into account you have to work one saturday a month for free and overtime is paid at a flat rate and no Down time then after a few months you start to resent it and realise how poor it actually is. You will be promised the world in the interview but in reality it never happens. Impossible to get a pay rise and the hoops you have to jump through to get one it's easier to leave.Attitude as well when you are on call is that you will go to any planned out of hours jobs at the drop of a hat because your on call and they say so. Management is awful and not enough engineers. Countless times have been told to close jobs or sign onto them to meet sla times. Only few redeeming features of arcus are that generally the engineers are good guys and tend to be a laugh, the training academy and tech team. This company has a very high turnover of staff as they are unable to retain them once they have experience and have qualifications due to how poor the terms of the contract are so if your in need of certificates and can afford to work for peanuts for a while then this is the place to go
ProsTraining academy and tech team
ConsEverything else
Scheduler | Redditch | 15 Jul 2022
Great Training, People and Opportunities
I joined Arcus in 2020 as a Scheduler and have progressed to my current role of Workforce Scheduling Controller. My job is demanding at times and the environment is fast paced, but I really enjoy what I do, and I feel my contribution is valued. I have KPI's to achieve each month, but they are achievable. I work with some really great people and made some good friends and I have found everyone to be really helpful and supportive. When I joined I didn't have any previous Scheduling experience, but the training I received was really good and prepared me for the job. My manager is also very supportive and this has enabled me to develop and progress. I feel very happy and secure at Arcus, as they are growing all the time and with the hours that I work, I have balance. With my new role I also got a good pay rise and we get a bonus each year. There are lots of positive changes happening in my department at the moment and new opportunities and I am really excited. Management are approachable, supportive and very focussed on performance, but if I have any suggestions on better ways to do something they are open to this. I would recommend Arcus to anyone.
Backroom Associate | Coventry | 11 Aug 2016
Hard company to start working for if you don`t have experience in the field
Starting with the good aspects of the job, almost all of the company members I met, over the period I was working for Arcus FM, were amazingly helpful, nice and overall friendly. I learned a lot new skills, starting from operating new software for booking and registering post, refreshing on some basic accounting skills, increasing my confidence with my oral and written communication as well as keeping my Microsoft Office skills sharp. Unfortunately the down side of my experience with the company was that when I started, I was left on my own to figure how my job was supposed to be done. Everyone of my colleagues were giving different advises that most of the time contradicted with one another, giving out the impression that I most likely was not the only person left without any guidance and sometimes this caused quite a lot of stress. Overall it was not a bad working experience and at times it was quite enjoyable, however I can not stress enough that personally, it was probably one of the toughest jobs to integrate into.
Engineer | Taunton | 25 Mar 2019
Great employer
I have been working for Arcus for a few years now and have seen them grow from a small business trying to get a foot in the market to a successful organisation who have great relationships with their clients and look after their staff. When I first joined Arcus there were a lot of people who struggled with the lack of communication from senior leadership and head office but thats all changed now. Communication has got so much better with the Arcus Essentials that comes out every week so we all know whats going on with the company rather than relying on word of mouth. The improvements in the IT team have got rid of any concerns i ever had about calling an IT department and just being told to turn it on and off again and the new resourcing manager have been massively helpful in improving our brand but getting the right staff in. If Arcus carry on the way the have been in the not so distant future we will certainly be an industry leader.
ProsCulture, ethics, the way the company is looking to the future
ConsPay and HR response times

Questions and answers about Arcus FM

How does someone get hired at Arcus FM? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 6 Apr 2018
Apply on indeed
Answered 28 Mar 2022
Standard interview package which is conducted either face to face or virtually. Management roles normally require a second interview. Once hired you will receive a department induction and a corporate induction. The CEO tries to attend as many of these as possible so you may meet him on your first week. From there all equipment and uniform you need to complete your new job is issued and you are added to a training schedule specific to your role. You should have regular meetings with your line manager in the first 3 months to ensure you are settling in and understand your new job.
Answered 24 Sept 2021
How are the working hours at Arcus FM?
Asked 3 Jul 2017
7 am - 7 pm shifts Monday - Sunday get told 1 in 4 and end up working every other weekend.
Answered 13 Feb 2019
Different jobs have different hours, I did Mon-Fri 07:30 - 4 with 30 mins lunch
Answered 15 Jan 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Arcus FM?
Asked 18 Mar 2017
This is dependant on role applied for.
Answered 20 Sept 2018
Please don’t apply
Answered 6 Apr 2018
How should you prepare for an interview at Arcus FM?
Asked 12 Aug 2017
Do your research on the company and dont listen to all the negative reviews, go and make your own mind up
Answered 21 Mar 2019
Ask questions of the recruitment team, dont believe all the negative reviews online, go and make up your own mind rather than be influenced by someone who may have had a grudge when they wrote a review.
Answered 11 Feb 2019
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Arcus FM?
Asked 8 Aug 2018
Embarrassed Arcus are the most unprofessional company I have the displeasure to work for.
Answered 8 Jan 2020
Kept it very quiet due to the companies bad reputation
Answered 26 Feb 2019