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Food and Beverages

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Bakkavor reviews

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Overall reviews at Bakkavor

Serviceman | Holbeach | 27 Feb 2019
It's very easy & manageable if dimensions are right & supportive.
Dear friends, Typical night shift starts from preparation & set up. It takes approximately 30 minutes to start up the electrical motors :) -(depositors) & to prepare the lines. Sometimes it's quick or even to quick or normal and slow. It depends on the order, & if a demand is great. Management seem to be smart and friendly, easy talkers. It's their's part of work. Especially for the higher grade. Huge requirement is for a health and safety policy. To be safe at workplace & keep others safe and out of danger. PPE requirements are: MANDATORY on ear defenders, on situation: eye goggles, kevlar gloves. For food safety as you can guess: hair net, disposable gloves & overall. The hardest part of work is where you need to do a lot of changeovers by yourself on a thing where you have basic knowledge for the thing which is not simple. To simplify it requires: time, preparation, some adjustable-workable actions, support of others & their knowledge. Everywhere requirement is to work no matter wherever you work at. Environment is a fast place, where expectations are high. If things are simple & supportive it's not only improves speed, reduces utility but as well improves peoples mood. Am i right? Company has adopted training, where new beginners like me can support others. So training is alright. Funniest part of all is to smile when something force majeure happens. Unexpected, unseen, unplanned event where it can change rapidly. For example: some settings could
ProsPay, holiday entitlement, discount shop, canteen, mindsets
ConsNight shift, Force majeure
Warehouse Lead | Spalding | 30 Jul 2013
a very busy company making ready prepered foods
a typical day would start at 21.30 and I would do a hand over from the back shift team leader as what has happened during the day and what needs completing during the night I would also contact other departments to see what there is for them to complete before my team can start cleaning the factory, I would then make sure all my staff were there and ready to start work, tell the team of any area that has a late or early start in cleaning any problems, check there is enough chemicals and equipment to complete the cleaning, help out in any area that is having difficulty i.e.; the bin wash were large bins that are used to mix dips in are cleaned and is over run with bins, sort out the rota including holidays and sick leave and order any agency to cover, input all information onto the computer and on paper for the next shift to read, fill in any accident report forms if there is an accident arrange any in house training for the operatives, fill in wage discrepancy forms if need to and hand out pay slips on Fridays, and at the end of the shift (06.30 to07.00) do another hand over with day shift team leader. I learned to be self confident, problem solving, it skills, work in a team as well as on my own management was good my co workers were hard working hardest part was when we were busy and having trained staff off and trying to do the same job with untrained agency the most enjoyable part of the job was at the end of the week when we had all worked hard all week and look
Proskept busy all night
Conslong hard hours
Warehouse Worker | Wigan | 21 Mar 2019
Not that bad if you like to do repetitive work all day
Firstly you'll get offered the world, slowly you'll end up like everyone else. Stood on a production line all day weighing and spooning ingredients into an empty pot. Once one person takes a dislike to you others follow suit and you slowly end up resenting the place. Progression is poor, always make an excuse not to train you. Working with so many people there is a lot of 'he said, she said' and the language barrier is often an issue. With so many different nationalities and languages being spoken its hard to communicate and find common ground with colleuges. Working conditions can be extremely cold making your wear many pairs of gloves to keep warm. Some many managers are okay but they a few and far between. If your not a favourite your life will be made quite hard. *READ YOUR CONTRACT CAREFULLY* - if you sign your contract and it contains flexi time it will get thrown in your face that you have to work overtime even if it doesn't suit your life at home. Canteen is great, nice selection of food and fairly cheap and staff shop is a bonus if its open. Oh, and make sure you don't need the toilet as the toilet police count how many minutes you have been away. If needs be bypass HR and go straight to the newspaper. They seem to take notice of the issues if it gets out how awfully managed the place is.
ProsStaff shop
ConsPoor pay, repetitive, cold working conditions, different languages being spoken
Apprentice | Bourne | 15 Mar 2020
Fantastic people, lots to do, terrible culture
Bakkavor is an interesting place to work, there is plenty of work to do, you will be challenged and there is a lot to learn from the immense factory. There are good opportunities for you progress and depending on your job role everyday can be very different. A standard day for me would involve working on/supporting production lines, covering breaks for operatives, attending meetings and working on projects. While my time was brief at Bakkavor, I did learn a lot about the manufacturing environment, how to compose myself, providing a greater insight into business. Management within Bakkavor have an incredible task to fulfil, the workplace is very fast paced with a lot of pressure to get the job done and get it right, which is not always an easy task, in my opinion however this in turn can create a very toxic culture of pushing others around, scapegoating and finger pointing. These situations made it very hard to speak up in certain situations and prompted me to stay behind after work or continue work on my days off as I was not prepared to determent other people work. What I honestly found most enjoyable about the company was that people I worked with, there was many fantastic and interesting people who are passionate about their work.
Machine Operator | Cumberland | 22 Sep 2019
Not for everyone
The job all in all is pretty straight forward. The main issue is that the management / fellow staff lack any form of ability to train new employees let alone communicate effectively. You will be told that you are doing things wrong, yet nobody bothers to explain why. Management sell you dreams, telling you that you will be trained perfectly. It's more like you are training yourself from PURE OBSERVATION since 99% of the workers are unable to put a coherent sentence together explaining the processes of how / why things work. Yelling and shouting at the top of the lungs seems to be the normal way to garner attention from fellow co-workers. 99% of the workers are Indian so forget having a conversation with anyone in English. You are made to feel lonely amidst an abundance of people as there is barely anyone to socialize with. Benefits would be: - Weekly Pay - Decent wage - 2 30 minute breaks (1 paid) - Staff shop offers discounts on food products Downsides: - Travel - Long hours - Lonely workplace - Incompetent workers / management - Lack of training given to new starters - Company throws you around into different departments as they please - Must share boots within factory
Line Lead | Dover | 13 Jul 2018
Hard Working But Expected To Provide Even More
A typical day is usually very similar, setting up the shift for the day ahead, safety checks on equipment and organizing staff. The company offers many in house trained courses, which, if you decide to stay long term would benefit you greatly. Management are usually fair provided that you're a reasonable employee, I.E - Low amount of Sickness, willingness to do Overtime and what you bring to the team. Workplace Culture is limited, due to the vast amount of other nationalities many will not want to know you or achknowledge you in that matter. Although many attempts have been made to include everyone through fun days and events. The hardest part of the job would more than likely be staffing issues and storage space. During "Peak" months through summer the orders greatly increase, but due to limited storage/space and staff, you'll find yourself being asked to work even harder. This of course decrease quality of end product and increases likelihood of sickness and depression. Unfortunately, I cannot think of anything significant that I enjoy about the job.
ProsGood Wage
Mantec | Newark-on-Trent | 19 Nov 2018
Worse place ever worked if your english dont even bother!!!
Bay 3 autopacking complete joke people don't speak their language and when they do talk to u your spoken to like dirt! You get moved around like a dog ordered around not politely asked ever! Training a joke! Your just a number u got dropped into a role and forgotten people don't care how u are you can voice your concerns until blue in the face. Canteen way to small when you finally go to break on my first week all day there nowhere to sit and eat!!! People in my area are pushed to breaking point seen people in tears, constantly hurting yourself due to rushing and asked to work faster. Health and safety out of window just to get orders done they would rather see u use incorrect manual handing techniques to keep line running it's a joke. Spoken to other operators they feel same they say people are very rude no respect for anyone. Only good thing is 4 days off that s it wages are terrible. I wanted to progress within Newark bakkavor but this place is terrible only likened to a circus at best.
Pros4 on 4 off
ConsCanteen too small, pay terrible, treated like a dog, spoken like dirt!!!
Manufacturing Technician | Newark-on-Trent | 2 Aug 2017
Productive workplace,busy beehive.
Each day is busy and challenging.Preparing for work attencion must been paid to every detail. It is a team work.And having a good team you can succeed.Pay respect to labor and it will pay off , reach targets.This job gave me confidence that I can be in charge for production and operatives at work.I have learned think faast and find solutions in extraordinary situations.Sometimes you must be just creative. Management is good at Bakkavor.Wery helpfull and passionate poeple.Innovative too. Section leaders and managers are wery reliable and redy to help solve any problems if you have some. Sometimes it is hard to plan your work because of some unpredictable things like breakdowns or running out of some suplements for production.Also humanfactor-unskilled stuff or absence. It is very enjoable to do trials for new products. Having a good day without majore issues ,reaching targets and having a good feedback from manager.You will never leave without-" Thank you for your job!" It is great to know!
ProsGreat stuff shop
ConsLong hours, phisical work.
Order Picker | Peterborough | 2 Apr 2016
Painting and Decoratin
I understood the contents, was looking for work, was very pleased to write to you for a job, thank you. Expierence Wide experience in… Key results: Achieved all out of five revenue targets, equating to over 100% against overall targets set entire period of employment. Serving customers in a polite and professional manner. Helping train new team members in key competencies. Demonstrating an indepth knowledge of key health and safety standards used within the industry. I have public liability insurance. Education Agricultural school, car mechanic, painting school, all programs (Lithuania). Peterborough Regional College, english courses, Cambridge painting courses (United Kingdom). I attended courses in computer programs. I'm looking for, I want to work. I have category driving license. I have a car, I can work driver, painting and decoratin, or courier. I have diploms. Lithuania Diploma Painting and Decoratin end of 2008 year. The car mechanic end 2011 year. 2007-2016 learning painting and decoratin and expierence.
Prosgood websites
ConsI can not find the old cv
Laboratory Technician | Holbeach | 6 Dec 2016
robots required in laboratory !
12 hr shifts standing all day much like the factory, poor training due to permanent low staff levels,and no one has the time to show you because of the busy environment,a typical day at the lab would be spent receiving and weighing out samples standing at a bench. Poor management, only care about getting the job done,and are not interested in any views or opinions you may have though they give the opinion they care and are interested they are not, they walk around like they are on air ! Can be a very clicky place though most of the co workers are happy and smiling,though there is a lot of back stabbing ! hard to get holidays you would like,no chance of progressing up due to no time to train you. Best part of the day is going home, only if the work is finished otherwise you have to stay till finished, you wont see the managers staying after five or working weekends! 12 people have left in the past eight months? all any one cares about is getting the job done and going home including the managers !
ProsStaff shop, free Tea and Coffee in staff room
Cons12hour shifts

Questions and answers about Bakkavor

How are the working hours at Bakkavor?
Asked 4 Jun 2017
Hi, It depends on what site you work at, some of our sites have different shifts to others. All the jobs we advertise will have the shift pattern advertised but if you are ever unsure you can call our recruitment team
Answered 1 Oct 2019
4 days/nights and 4 off
Answered 10 Aug 2019
How does someone get hired at Bakkavor Cucina Sano? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 7 May 2017
Hi, When we recruit at our Boston factory we will advertise our roles on the Bakkavor careers website You can run a search for the roles here
Answered 1 Oct 2019
Apply or via an agency
Answered 10 Mar 2019
What is the interview process like at Bakkavor?
Asked 15 Nov 2017
Hi, Here are the stages for the interview process · Apply for Job · We will get in touch for a telephone interview · We send your CV to the hiring team · Hiring Team review the CV · Decision to interview or not (if not we will feedback as to why they felt you didn’t match what we need) · Assessment centre arranged · Offer or rejection (If you are unfortunate to be rejected for the role we will provide full feedback)
Answered 1 Oct 2019
Transport and buses
Answered 15 May 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Wingland Foods (Bakkavor)?
Asked 18 May 2017
We would always suggest dressing as smart as possible for an interview. If you have a factory tour you will be given overall / PPE to cover your clothes.
Answered 1 Oct 2019
Wear casual dress'', something smart' for an interview.
Answered 27 Feb 2019
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Bakkavor?
Asked 7 May 2017
Answered 11 Jan 2021
Good place to work
Answered 20 Nov 2020