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Head Chef | Bristol | 12 Dec 2019
Absolutely Apalling In Every Respect.
Having seen the advertisement for Head Chef at Amazon in Bristol advertised on Indeed, I applied and was offered an interview. I turned up at the given time, only to be told that it wasn't convenient for the Catering Manager to see me at that time, as they were understaffed and too busy. Asked if I could come back later, I had to spend 5 hours trudging around Bristol just to kill the time. Eventually had the interview. A week later, they asked me back for a "trade test" which turned out to be me giving them a free days work. Eventually, 3 weeks later, I was offered the job. From the first day, the job was just insane. There were not enough Baxter staff to fulfil the job functions, it was mainly agency staff who always turned up late, it they turned up at all. There was no training in any of the stock ordering procedures, I was literally just SHOWN a single laptop computer to put orders through, but that was shared between 4 Managers. There was never enough time to do any necessary paperwork, (even standing at the kitchen units while working), as they were always short-staffed. There was never any time to complete stock-takes, put in orders, do fridge checks, or any of the other necessary job functions, as there was just enough time to produce breakfast for 350+ covers, then lunch for the same amount. The Manager who "interviewed" me walked out after 2 weeks, saying that he was stressed. I totally agree with him. I'd notified the Manager at the time of my inte
Chef | Warrington | 16 May 2019
Poor Management
Night Staff rule the roost. If the don't get out early there's all heck to pay and yes they want paying for full shift! If they don't want to do something they don't and then say to the Manager they ran out of time. But it would not stop them taking an hour for a 30 min break! One of the Chefs always late. Full makeup on reapplies it in glass oven doors! Runs around like a headless chicken all night. Had to be informed them how to use a knife glove as they would use the same glove for raw veg and raw meat without putting on or changing rubber gloves over it. Back and to to mobile phone never washing hands in between. Uses degreaser as bio sanatisor and turned round and said it's the same thing. Front of house leader rules the roost and if you don't do what they tells you then they will get you back. Lack of work from leader as in the cash office calling family member in New Zealand over Facebook for part of the night. If you want to advance they will do their best to stop you. Out of date raw meat being frozen two days over use by date and writing the out of date, date on the allergens label! Food in the Freeze stored on the floor. Even though the site is new the whole kitchen has been poorly set out things that are needed are not there, some things that are there are not needed. Utensils are in the way as they are hung in front other items that are being are being used constantly. Some of the staff are less helpful than others if it wasn't for the o
ProsLunch if you could call it that times had nothing as could not eat what was out.
ConsHad some good people to work with
Catering Assistant | Warrington | 1 May 2019
Bad management
Managed by an incompetent manager who is rude and offensive to the staff. Seems to have no understanding of basic economics and frequently lied about petty things. Shocked me that somebody so useless would be so nasty to others, even making a girl cry multiple times whilst I was here. The other staff here were nice and had a good laugh. The site itself was modern and spacious. Often feels like there is no manager at all here as the staff members have no guidance with their job roles and only get feedback when something is wrong. Managers requests often lacked basis in reality or common sense with no explanation offered. Constant issues between staff and manager causing stress for everyone. Constantly running out of important/essential items such as bin bags, gloves and even cutlery almost daily for months? Really weird. There was some sort of avoidable drama almost every day here and 95% of it was caused by a lack of management or by the poor way in which things were dealt with. I understood that it was a large and difficult place to manage but the sheer negligence shown towards everything other than sales figures and profit was somewhat bizzare. Seemed to me that the elderly lady manager was holding out for retirement and doing the bare minimum constantly at the expense of the wellbeing and happiness of the staff. The higher up managers of the company visited the site once or twice but never spoke to any of the staff or made much effort to see how well th
ProsGood hours
ConsBizarre management
Barista | Woodley | 16 Apr 2014
Productive and safe workplace
* My typical day at work : Start my work at 7 am . Then normally work in the kitchen, prepare yoghurt pots, fruit pots, salads and sandwiches for a grab and go section. Then, about 9:30 am my job is to clean surfaces after hot breakfast is served, serving customers as making coffees, selling cakes, confectionery and drinks also need to set up deli and salad bar and keep all place tidy and nice for a customers in the meantime. After that, about 11 am go to the another Savvis building where help my supervisor to get everything ready for a lunch time and serve customers - make sanwiches and coffees. Then, about 1:30 pm, come back to the place where normally work in the morning, clean up after lunch and serve customers. Coffee bar closes at 3 pm . After that need to clean the coffee bar and prepare the place for the next day. Finish my work at 3:30 pm . *What I learned: - how to make all sorts of coffees - how to be better organised - improved my interpersonal skills - how to deal with unexpected situations * Management: My manager is well organised, cares about good atmosphere at work and is always happy to help with any problem . * My co-workers: Hardworking and cooperative . * The hardest part of the job: When the team is short of stuff and have more requestes in the same amount of time . * The most enjoyable part of the job: Watching customers happy and satisfied because of a good service .
ProsFree breakfast and luch everyday, nice atmosphere .
ConsNot enough money for my own needs ( that's why seeking a part-time job as well) .
Commis | Southampton | 1 Dec 2014
Demanding yet satisfying company
Well as with most workplaces it is the people that make it, i have so far worked at 2 BaxterStorey sites and they have both been very demanding, however I believe this to be one of the safest catering companies to work for. There was good opportunities for advancement in my field, as well as a good balance between work and life, however one site often required overtime and on a few occasions asked me to work multiple 14 hour shifts in a row. A typical day at work consisted of creating high quality food and serving it to customers, i learned many things with BaxterStorey as they helped me through my apprenticeship, as well as learning a lot through their company Health & Safety and Food Safety & Hygiene tests. The use of development chefs within BaxterStorey always keeps ideas fresh, and the training days etc. are a great opportunity to learn. As i previously mentioned co-workers have been very different at the 2 BaxterStorey sites I've worked at, the co-workers at one site I could count as friends as well as colleagues, however at the other the relationship was purely professional. The most enjoyable part of the job is being able to serve the customers the food you've worked so hard at preparing and seeing the good reactions
Prosfree lunches, friendly environment (one site), very health and safety conscious
Consoften asked to work long hours, unfriendly environment (another site)
Host/Hostess | London Heathrow Terminal 5 | 4 Nov 2016
Place with great potential but low managerial skills
During the period I worked here I had good days and bad days. I enjoyed it a lot in the beginning especially when celebrities were coming in the lounge. Duties wise it`s pretty much the same every day.Menu changes every month so do wines. I managed to improved my hospitality and waiting skills because everything was complimentary so you could focus on the service. They were serving high quality food and beverages so knowledge about that can be improved too. Managers were not really present.Lounge was managed by supervisors that didn`t had much experience and did not care about the employees and the lounge well being/maintenance, their main priority being customers complaints. Co-workers don`t really have a hospitality background and most of them have no idea about service. The hardest part of the job was the busy times because many times employees would not turn up for job or abuse the sickness leave. No canteen or staff room was provided only a small room with lockers.You had to eat food on corridor next to the bins or downstairs on the chairs with the passengers that were waiting for their flight. Overall not quite a ''first class'' place to work for.
ProsMeeting Celebrities
ConsVery bad attitude of colleagues and managers
Head Chef | Skipton | 25 Feb 2016
hard work enjoyable
a typical day at work was consisted of me coming up with ideas to fit the unrealistic weakly budget and wile being under staffed managed to get ready breakfast and lunch on the short time given an with grate food quality. i learned to improve my improvisation skills my time management and inter personnel skills my management was very money target orientated, over all we had a pleasant work relation. the coworkers we always tried to fight the same corner an had a pleasant relation with friendly banter at times they are something i will miss at the place. the hardest part of the job was accepting that the costumer was not the number one priority or their desires where not met because of the strict unreasonable strain given to the kitchen team. the enjoyable part is knowing that when i first started everything was going wrong at the place and we managed to turn it around and make it an exemplar success for the company. the most enjoyable part of the job was working and creating great things together with the team at the same following the company regulations and knowing that they were a team falling apart when i got there and they are now a strong unified team
Prosgreat shifts great balance of work family life
Consjust a few
Chef Manager | Llanberis | 5 Jan 2018
Stay away from this position it’s a poisoned chalice
You need to ask why does this job keep coming up, I held this post for a year, I had 5 operations managers in my 14 months with them, you are ment to be a Chef manager but very little staff to manage, you have to do a full stock count every Wednesday which takes hours but you have no other Chef so you have to cook the lunch for a couple of hundred people and you are ment to finish at 3, then there are all the training courses and then you need to do your staff training but not enough staff to do the work whilst your training, then all the food delivery’s arrive so you have to load them into a lift send it up to the kitchen then run up the stairs to meet the lift and this needs to be done many times a day, then there are corporate buffets and lunches they forget to tell you, I was the 3rd catering manager in 18 months, as you are the only site for miles the support is non existent they tell you it’s a big happy team and call for help, never happens Would never recommend them as a company
ProsNon apart from weight loss due to stress
ConsIt’s a life wrecker, they need 2 staff one to cook and one to do the admin as that is a full time position
Vending Operator | West Midlands | 22 Feb 2020
DO NOT DO IT! (you have been warned)
The informal interview prior to starting the job you apply for is extremely deceptive, so do not be fooled. Yes , they provide unflattering uniform and food but many other catering establishments provide the same without the BS. Given details of job requirements, but started the job and overwhelmed with many other duties that you are not told about in the interview. Some staff can be very unprofessional and petty, and becoming Almost bearable (depends how much your willing to take) Expect unauthentic friendships and tittle tattle. Management have no respect for staff, but expect it in return, unjustifiably. Never in my life have I worked for an organisation like this and never will I again. This company is a regrettable establishment, that you would not get yourself involved in, if you want what's good for you. Disgraceful management who cover eachothers mistakes and hide behind other reputable entities to carry out their appalling practices. If you still decide to go ahead and work for this organisation. you have been warned, not to do it to yourself!!!!! The staff turnover I am sure is ridiculously high!
Concierge | Kent | 20 Nov 2019
Made redundant
Gave this company 6 months of my life to be made redundant at the drop of a hat and not even a reply when I ask for a reference? Then they reapply for my postion. Worked for Baxterstorey at one of their clients sites (Pegasus Life/ Life Storey). From the start we were extremely under staffed, losing our manager with no replacement and having to provide service for a resturant with 40 covers. This was near enough impossible with only two waiting staff and a chef, management offerered no help and even took down job adverts so we could not get new staff! Meaning all of the employees work loads went up to cover the missing staff members. For example myself having to take on management roles like being a key holder or making rotas when I had not been properly trained. There were constant false promises of being trained and help ect but nothing ever came about. The clients were impossible asking tstaff to do things against heath and stafetly for example slean on sitops of buildings with large drops off sides or conduct legionaires tests on water before new homeowners moved in. Which I was undtained to do?!
Commis | Bauchi | 11 Oct 2019
Abuse feedback.
I got to the stage of completing a trial (Thursday 10th at BCU), which involved cooking two different courses. After the trial I sat down with the head chef and general manager. They questioned my experience again, whether I cook fresh ingredients for 300 or more people. I explain again what experience I have. Therefore, they hesitated and avoid giving me eye contact, as to say I am not what they are looking for. They did say the food I cooked was fine, but they criticised my seasoning. The general manager said he will be in took by Friday (next day). Friday afternoon He called me and explain why I was unsuccessful. During this phone call, I must emphasise, I have never felt undermined and hurt from the feedback of the trial. He said I was a con-trick and seem I could fail in the position and wasn't prepared to offer a position for someone, to fail. Furthermore, he said my presentation was not good and said my cooking was average. I was lost for worst what to say, speechless. This reminded me of when I was bullied and having people knocking my ability and confidence. People are heartless, ignorant and prejudice; never understand the word empathy. and respect. I have so much to give and skills, but I have always been left in the dark not able to help and use my skills.

Questions and answers about BaxterStorey

Do you get a bonus at Christmas
Asked 31 Aug 2017
None what so ever
Answered 25 Sept 2019
No. All profits are used to purchase more equipment or elsewhere. There is minimal staff appreciation.
Answered 16 Aug 2019
What would you suggest BaxterStorey management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 15 Oct 2018
Actually listen to the staff!! Working nights we never see our manager and have to communicate via message. Which he ignores!!! The only time he communicates is to have a go at us or to ask a favour! . Definitely has his favorites and they’re the ones stupid enough to work every hour under the sun with no days off in between. If you say no to covering you’re in the bad books for weeks. Higher up managers are no better, speak down to us like we are the scum of the earth!
Answered 12 Mar 2020
Have a mutual respect for all staff members as they are the ones that encourage the client to engage, it's a forgotten trait with this company.
Answered 23 Feb 2020
How does someone get hired at BaxterStorey? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 27 Apr 2017
Advertising on line then face to face interview
Answered 6 Nov 2021
Just call, easy to get in, they are losing more good staff and employing bad staff
Answered 26 Oct 2021
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at BaxterStorey?
Asked 11 Feb 2019
Don't bother working for this company, absolutely disgusting attitudes of management, low pay, favourite staff looked after , avoid avoid AVOID
Answered 14 Sept 2020
Don’t bother! Worst company I have ever worked for. Very very bad manager
Answered 12 Mar 2020
What is the organisational culture at Baxter Storey Ltd?
Asked 9 Jan 2018
A bullying culture, the manager(s) encourage this behaviour. "Put up or you know what you can do" type of management , if you have any issues.
Answered 23 Feb 2020
It’s fun, they want you to give great customer service but that’s the job I applied for so it makes sense. They really love food so you can learn a lot if you want to. You have to ask and be inquisitive.
Answered 29 Apr 2018