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HQ is based in Accrington, Lancashire. Our business consists of our retail stores, our manufacturing site and our logistics (warehousing and distribution) centres plus our support team to ensure we're in great shape to serve our customers.
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Sales Consultant | Botley | 23 Dec 2013
A disorganised company, unrealistic and with no common sense.
A typical day at Bensons For Beds starts with an understanding of what is needed to have a successful day and or week which is manly talk about store targets. Now I have worked in retail for some big companies and understand the process of company expectations very well but Bensons have a very distorted idea of whats important. Due to a very low footfall (sometimes I speak to maybe two people on a decent day, no kidding!) it can be very hard to meet these unrealistic targets. Work is all about feeling like you have achieved something but its a very hard thing to do in Bensons due to it' s unreasonable expectations. My manager is a very slow and un-motivating boss, it's a shock to me that this company expects anything from us with such low enthusiasm in the shop. I have been personally insulted and cussed out by my boss for selling and speaking up. Also this company expects us to not work with customers once they leave our show room then come back with a complaint. Basically I have to pass them over to our customer service team which they have to phone from home! What?? Come on, we shouldn't be making such mistakes but they happen no matter how big or small and customer service doesn't end once they leave the shop. Very hard to stay motivated in a company that only talks figures and doesn't do anything for the staff or customers. The basic pay is sickening at £10,500. Now of course this is a commission based role but even Dreams start their sales advisor basics at £15,500
ConsNo encouragement from management, unfair working expectations specially on public holidays. Many more so just read the review.
Customer Service Representative | Huncoat | 4 Feb 2021
tiresome and draining
I worked in customer services at their Huncoat office most people are pleasant it is definitely the people in the office that make the job worth coming in for now lets move on to the role the customer service role is at the least " intense " it's all inbound calls using a calling system call handling this is the system to where every second of your eight hour day you devote to Bensons is monitored say you log on a 9am prompt every second is taken into consideration the calls are literally one after the other 80 percent of the call are all off screaming angry customers customers who have had a poor experience or an issue with delivery such as a item arriving damaged. in the call you have to manage the customers expectations replace or advise using a 1990's teletext text based system which is difficult to navigate the training they provide is not in depth enough no long enough to give you a reasonable enough understanding of how you use the systems before you go live on the contact centre so a lot is learned doing but as I have mentioned the calls are intense you don't get the opportunity to learn no will a high rate customer understand you being " new " if they want big issues sorted for instance a broken bed replacing on a plus side there is a lot of support from certain trainers and some of the Team leaders but again expectation from the company is very high and they are pushed from their leader to get the best out of you so for example you been on a call a while that ca
Prossome nice people within the office
Conslong hours
Retail Sales Associate | Carmarthen | 17 Sept 2019
Very disappointing
Do not be fooled by the "commission" that you are promised. You have to sell an unachievable amount of products to even get anything. There is no praise from any management, you are constantly being told to do better and sell more and more. They fail your probationary period even if your sales are excellent if you do not sell enough of their Care and Protection service. Customers do not want this service a lot of the time, but if you do not sell any of this service you are singled out and told constantly that you need to sell more. KPIs and targets are constantly monitored, and you are feeling constantly stressed trying to please management and customers at the same time. Three out of four staff members left this job in the same month because they were all fed up of the constant criticism, long hours and hard selling without any motivation or praise. There is no understanding from management that if there are no customers in the store- you cannot sell anything! It's very quiet a lot of the time, when customers do come in they are approached instantly by any staff member who jumps at the chance to earn some money. Management earn commission, the sales below them do not seem to get anywhere near this. Greedy managers steal a lot of the sales and quotes and are unfair with their system of grabbing customers whenever they can. They have a way of manipulating you to believe they are trying to help you improve, when they are just taking your sales away. When you do finally g
ProsTalking to nice customers
ConsCommission and lack of praise
Sales Representative | Glasgow | 17 May 2021
No respect for hardworking staff
Do not recommend working here. My manager was very accommodating with my days/hours etc but in reality the company do not care. No chance of climbing the ladder unless your face fits. Commission scheme ?? Ah yes that’s the one that when you work hard to get that £3000 sale with all the extras that you have to to keep your KPI’s high, when it gets delivered damaged, after customer has waited then they complain and receive £xxx back which then comes off your weekly figures !! Absolutely shocking ! One particular sale of mine had problems from last January up until I left In December, she was still waiting for it to be rectified and after 2 x failed deliveries due to damages and the fact the product when re ordered had to be price matched to the offer that was on when the customer bought ! Well that looked like I’d discounted it so my commission went where ?? You guessed it right out the window ! Even though they mess up, the poor sales staff get penalised at every turn. It’s a joke ! Such a shame as I enjoyed my time there except for the commission structure, the late nights (even during COVID 5 nights a week) and the fact I’d never progress in the company. My manager was great I can’t fault that even though we had our moments, but who doesn’t. All in all I’d say avoid avoid avoid, they are making that many cut backs from uniforms to watching how much is being ordered for the store whether it’s bulbs or leaflets that they are losing the good hardworking staff that really are ju
Pros??? NONE oh sorry the staff discount !
ConsWeekend working, rubbish commission late nights
| Huncoat | 23 Jan 2019
Run away!
If you want to go to a glum office full of disgruntled workers and lots of lazy managers, & if you want to do the bare minimum and go home then apply now. There are practically no benefits, and as for the 'culture' of the place there isn't one. The majority of my colleagues were lovely as they are in the same situation as you, but most of the managers are lazy and cliquey who have managed to wangle there way to their position and they have no intention of moving or helping you progress. You're just a number, trapped on a conveyor belt. Its grim. There's no communication or openness about the company, your told what you need to be told and thats on email. You dont feel a part of the company. If you want to clock watch and keep your head down Bensons is right for you. There's no encouragement for social activities, there's not really any company activities either. For a big company they still operate so small and with a disregard for staff. They seem so obsessed with greed and keeping every penny to themselves, there is a massive pay gap between managers and everyone else. And considering the salaries are so low you would expect some kind of staff benefits even if its just free fruit or planned team sport activities like football matches. Moving on was the best thing i did and it really opened my eyes further to what a disappointment the company has turned into over the 9 years i was there. I think its too late for them to change but they really need to start lookin
Sales Assistant | Stevenage | 24 Sept 2020
Awful slow-paced extremely competitive
Do not apply ! Worst company to work for ! Selling beds is easy but they expect so much from you. You're treated as a number not as a person. It's a small team and if your store is understaffed, a work life balance does not exist. In your contract it says you're only supposed to work 3 weekends out of 4, however you work every weekend. You do not get a christmas break, they give you 3 days off usually 23rd 24th& 25th dec and after that you are expected to work 9-8 for 14 days straight with no break. Half the management think they are the best thing that's ever happened in this world cause they earn a decent wage & they cry if book off a bank holiday and try state you are not allowed, when you most definitely are. The company has been sold multiple times and been in and out of administration, so you can never truly feel safe in your job. The only positive I have is I worked with 3 people who were amazing, who made it worth it going in every weekend and working constantly over christmas ! If you're going to apply, which I wouldn't even wish upon my worst enemy to work for that company. Stick to everything that is in your contract and ensure they do not breach employment law. Do not let them take p*** out of you and always stick up for yourself because majority of people that work in bensons are sharks and steal your sales. Sales can be so two faced, so be careful because everyone speaks about everyone behind each others back. The managers can be the worst ones some
Forklift Operator | Ayr | 5 Nov 2014
productive and fun work place
Duties:  Receiving, moving, checking and storing incoming goods.  Checking and inspecting goods received and ensuring they are of accurate quantity, type, and also acceptable quality.  Packaging and labelling products before they are dispatched.  Helping to ship out over 500 lines every day.  Picking and packing products.  Selecting space for storage and arranging for good to be placed in the designated areas.  Making sure that all inventory processes are completed on the same day.  Loading and unloading lorries, vans and other vehicles.  Maintaining and servicing warehouse tool, machinery and trucks.  Labelling goods that have arrived at the warehouse.  Operating a forklift  Welcoming and helping clients who visit the branch.  Preparing deliveries for the van drivers.  Moving and organising stock.  Supervising the work of junior staff.  Ensuring a clean and safe workhouse for staff to work in.  Storing stock away safely.  Removing hazardous products from the warehouse.  Occasionally selling goods over the trade counter.  Signing off and replenishing stock.  Using Mechanical Handling Equipment i.e. fork lift trucks to move goods around.  Monitoring stock levels.  Moving items through the warehouse from receipt to despatch to customers.  Occasionally delivering stock to shops and retail outlets.  Accurately updating all data into computer and manual recording systems.
Assistant Manager | United Kingdom | 17 Aug 2019
Appallingly treated store staff
This company is just a joke! Forced to work every weekend, forced to work 22 days without a day off over Christmas and are not able to book holidays in the"red weeks" ( which happens to be 26 weeks of the year). Managers and staff in the stores are not paid anywhere near enough for what they deal with on a day to day basis. Managers unable to sell to customers as they are dealing with problem after problem caused by the warehouse or customer service team. Staff getting penalised in their targets and commission through no fault of their own due to failed deliveries or missing orders, damage etc. Higher management are just disgusting bullies making everyone at store feel so unappreciated and worthless. Treat your employees with respect!!! Realise that they want a family life too!!! Pay them a fair wage!!! You are the ONLY retail company out there that forces people to work every weekend, every bank holiday, the whole of the Christmas holidays. You are forcing loyal managers and members of staff that have been with the company for years out, because they don't want to move stores which you are forcing them to do and want to be treated as a person, not a number. Re evaluate what you stand for. You need the loyal members of staff that work so hard in the stores and care about the customer experience because without them you would not have a business.
Sales Consultant | Keighley | 10 May 2013
Slow paced yet high pressure sales environment
A typical day at work consists of getting the targets for the day, recapping the targets and the KPI's for the week both personally and as a store and assessing the day ahead. The area manager will update the intranet with his expectations for the day. The previous days sales must be logged, filed and organised correctly as well as all relevant admin checks to be filled in first thing. There is a small team of only three of us, will all three of us only ever being in together on weekends and bank holidays, as a result communication is crucial through notes and the diary. The management, whilst being held by one person, is delegated between the three of us as you can be in on your own for two whole days and as such as responsible for the running of the store. The hardest part of the job is failing targets through a lack of footflow, when the company is expecting a huge day, and we simply don't get enough customers, its difficult to motivate oneself for the rest of the day ahead, however one sale can quickly change that. The most enjoyable part of the job is getting that big order, and smashing the targets. Sinking your teeth into a customer that can take over an hour to convert due to the nature of the products and then converting a big order.
ProsCommission scheme
ConsLong swathes of time in the store alone, up to 2 days.
Truck Driver | Tewkesbury | 7 Mar 2016
Heavy lifting and treating emplyees with disrespect
You get a list of deliveries ranging from 5 to 25 drops, some extremely heavy and for some places where you could barely fit a van but you are expected to deliver with a 7.5t lorry. Sometimes even the delivery address does not match the address given on paper. When reporting this they just apologize and expect you to deliver to the new address like nothing happend. Some co-workers should not be driving but I do not blame them entirely on their driving behaviour as they were forced to adapt to that style to fit their paid hours, as an employee on contract with Bensons gets paid for 48 hours a week, if they do not manage to do between those hours they do not get paid for doing anything extra so they end up doing Friday for example for free. Hardest part is that they merged with Harveys and now we have to deliver wardrobes and draw chests which are extremely heavy and we are not provided with any trolleys, we have got to lift them, sometimes to buildings without lifts to 2nd, 3rd floor or even higher. I would not say there is any part of this job you would enjoy, except I would say they accept beginners and unfornately for people like me, when none takes you without experience, you are forced to work in a place like this.
Conslong hours, short brakes, unpaid hours.

Questions and answers about Bensons for Beds

How would you describe the pace of work at Bensons for Beds?
Asked 25 May 2020
Can be busy, can be slow at times but not too intense
Answered 28 Feb 2022
Sometimes very slow other days very fast pace
Answered 27 Feb 2022
How do you feel about the future of Bensons for Beds?
Asked 11 Aug 2019
Would love it to go back to how it used to be but too many senior managers and not enough people to do the day job.
Answered 5 Aug 2022
Mixed, it's been deteriorating for a number of years too many people at higher management whilst lacking support and resources to get the basics done.
Answered 2 Aug 2022
How hard is it to take holidays ?
Asked 26 Jan 2019
Difficult ,you have to do it by the HR app ,but its very hard to use and unreliable
Answered 28 Apr 2022
Very hard9
Answered 11 Sept 2019
How are the working hours at Bensons for Beds?
Asked 10 Aug 2018
Too many late nights
Answered 4 Oct 2021
They are okay, but you could get little notice that your rota needs to change due to the company either having a managers meeting or bringing an end of offer forward
Answered 29 Jan 2020
If you work for 20 hours a week do you have to go for the trainnig
Asked 10 Jan 2018
You train in shop
Answered 11 Sept 2018
If you do that's mad I worked 40hrs a week was there 6 months and done no training.
Answered 3 Sept 2018