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Overall reviews at Blue Arrow

Mail Sorter | Braintree | 4 Dec 2018
One thing after another...
I wouldn’t reccomend working for this company. They rang me up on a Friday afternoon saying that they had a job starting on the Tuesday (i applied for this job 2/3 week beforehand) If i wanted to be able to start i had to get registered with them by the end of the day. After a prolonged rigmarole getting the required documentation sent over i was registered and looking forward to starting work. I received message from them saying i’d be working mon-fri now instead of tue-sat, this however was the last good news i’d get from blue arrow. On the monday around 11:30 i got a message saying that they’d tried to contact me on my mobile (no missed calls) and that unfortunately the royal mail job wasnt starting to the following week and they’d ring me later in the week to confirm. Friday came around and they called saying that the job was starting on Monday but instead if the originally agreed 8 hour shifts i would now only be getting 4 hours per night from 6-10pm. Although i wasn’t very impressed by this i agreed, i needed the money for Christmas. I went to the location sent to me via Blue arrow and low and behold it was the wrong address. So instead of it being a 5 minute walk from my home it’s now over a hours walk on the other side of town. I dont drive at the moment due to epilepsy and public transport in the area isn’t great. I asked if i could get 8 hour shifts to justify the price of a cab home afterwards and the reply i was sent was “no sorry” nothing else at all. I wouldn’t
ProsNone - joke of a company
ConsUseless recruitment staff
Food Service Associate | Manchester | 21 Apr 2016
Very flexible work to fit around other commitments
I usually worked between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm Monday to Thursday although on Fridays I would do longer hours and sometimes 12 hour shifts as I was freer on Fridays.Occasionally I worked weekends but surprisingly there wasn't a lot of weekend work. There was night work though which I turned down as I have kids and it just wasn't practical. During a typical working day, I would prepare food, serve food and drink and clean. I would often wash huge pans which had had gravy, custard or curry in them! I met people from all over the world in my job at Blue Arrow. It was interesting and varied and very enjoyable. It was never boring as you worked in hospitals, schools, staff canteens all over the Greater Manchester area. People were nice to you because you were filling in for absent staff and they were grateful for another pair of hands. There was no office politics to contend with because as an agency worker you didn't pose a threat to anyone which was heavenly. I picked up lots of skills along the way and am quite a confident caterer now. I can honestly say it was the best job I've ever had. The staff at Blue Arrow are approachable and listen to you, they treat you like a human being which is rare in agencies these days. The hardest part of the job was never being able to climb up the career ladder, not being able to get promoted. It's a transient job at the end of the day and dead end really, you have to commit to one company and update your skills regularly if you want to
ProsFree food and drink
ConsLow pay
Packer | Trafford | 5 Mar 2014
Adidas Trafford Park Blue Arrow
Adidas would have been a great place to work if i was actually had a contract with them. I was on the pick pack department which was fun most of the time and would of happily carried on working there, But because i was an agency worker i earned A LOT less than the people who worked for adidas and had non of the benefits they had, apart from a quarterly sale of stock at VERY low prices but most of it you wouldn't buy at retail and was a pretty poor selection of goods for a company as big as Adidas. I have no problem with foreign workers but i feel it should be said that British workers were in the minority. For the first 3 months you are guaranteed no amount of hours and i was sent home for weeks at a time, After that you either get let go or given a 2 year contract in which you were only guaranteed 7.5 hours a week. Over time was expected not requested and would end up in you being out of the door if you didn't do over time enough (Knew a guy who'd been there years got fired because he wasn't doing the kind of overtime they wanted, he was blue arrow staff.), but would have no problem sending you home if work was light. Of the 5 months i was there I only witnessed one person get a 2 year contract from Blue Arrow, Everybody else like myself were given the boot. I was called on a monday morning 4 hours before my shift to be told not to come in anymore. Like most agencies the management are fairly pleasant while you're working for them but when that's over so are t
ProsGood quality on site meals, can be fun
ConsBeing there through Blue Arrow
Call Center Representative | Preston | 14 Sept 2016
Blue Arrow Recruitment is the WORST recruitment agency I have ever come across
The company is completely useless, they recruited me on behalf of another company and the lack of communication between the two is ridiculous. Blue Arrow were misleading about the job role, they advised the wage was higher than what we got paid and after accepting the position, we then got told it was temporary!! - no mention of this on job adverts or in the interview. You never get paid on time, and when you do get paid it's for less hours than you have worked!! It is impossible to get a response from Blue Arrow, if you phone you get put on hold for 20 minutes and then the line cuts off (AND THEY ARE RUDE TOO!) and you will never get a response by email either (even after 5 attempts). Blue Arrow will feed you with all the things you want to hear to persuade you into a position within a company, but once you start you will find out none of the things they tell you are true. I personally left a good job to go part time due to starting college, they told me part time is absolutely fine, yet after quitting my previous job and starting the new one, i was told part time was not allowed!! So i was out of a job. I've never known anything like it. Complete shambles, AVOID AT ALL COSTS, GO DIRECTLY THROUGH THE COMPANY AND NOT BLUE ARROW!!!
ConsNot getting paid, paying for less hours than worked, never answer any emails or phone calls, dont communicate with the company they are recruiting on behalf of, completely misleading about the job role, the list is endless.
Packer | Corsham | 21 Oct 2021
Don't expect to be paid correctly or on time, or at all
I made the rookie mistake of not making note of my hours or checking my payslip for the first couple of months, when I did, I realised it was wrong. Missing pay almost every single week, having to chase this up every single week became expected and such a drag (and replies are slow, backpayments were added onto a following payslip, which were also usually always wrong and just made it even more confusing). I'm lucky I don't have to pay rent, but imagine if I had a family or a lot of utilities to pay for each month? When you're living off a few pennies more than minimum wage, missing pay each week can be really detrimental. When other agency workers and permanent staff got a pay rise, I wasn't informed and did the same job for less pay despite being there for over 12 weeks. We are made to use a clocking in app, so you would assume all the hours would be logged electronically on there. However, this doesn't actually work and my employer would have to come and physically hunt me down in the factory and make a note of when I was in or not. I STILL haven't received my last weeks payslip or been paid. Blue Arrow obviously aren't bothered as I don't work for them anymore and they're just ignoring my emails. Pure hassle for months, but the actual factory job itself was fine, just very boring, and we only had one half hour break.
Proseasy work
Consconsistent missing pay
Cleaner | Macclesfield | 4 Mar 2021
Good working conditions
I was contacted by a representative of Blue Arrow on 19 November 2020 and offered a local full-time position cleaning job contracted to a local pharmaceutical company . I did my induction training on the morning of Monday 23 December 2020 and spent the afternoon on the job with a colleague showing me the ropes so to speak and went home happy . The next day I was due to start working at 12 noon and to be honest although it wasn't the best job in the world by any means I was looking for to the day . However less than 2 hour's before I was to leave home for my day at work I received a text message from the Blue Arrow agent that was so happy to take me on only a few days earlier telling me that my services were no longer required . He wouldn't engage in dialogue regarding why his client had taken a dislike to me however he said that he would look out for another position for me, an invertation I declined . In my short experience when they have a job for you that of course will earn them a good commission you are their best mate but when you're not required any longer they will not return your call. In closing the one positive thing I can say I was paid correctly the following Friday for 8 hour career with the agency
ProsIt was a nice day
ConsIt was only 1 day
Receptionist | Romford | 11 Mar 2016
Productive and fun workplace
At blue Arrow a typical day at work would consist of making tea and coffee in the morning for the recruitment consultants, I would be dealing with answering the phone and dealing with customer queries, there would be candidate records on my desk that I would file away, the candidates would arrive in the morning so I would greet them and register their details on the computer and put them on the candidate database. Throughout the day I would be given jobs such as emailing candidates, typing up the recruitment consultants notes, chasing references, shredding out of date candidate records, training up new work experiences. Throughout the time I worked at Blue Arrow I learned how to have a good telephone manor, organisational skills and how to deal with complaints. The management were very friendly, made me feel comfortable and at ease. My co-workers worked well as a team and made me feel part of the team. The hardest part of the job I found was to chase the candidates references as the information some of the candidates had put down such as no phone numbers or emails made it harder to contact the references given. Overall I enjoyed every aspect of the job as I had different kinds of duties throughout the day.
Customer Service Representative | East of England | 13 Dec 2017
Unqualified individuals runs business at least here in Glasgow
The worst agent to work for, at least here in Glasgow I don't know about their other offices across UK. From my experience with them working as customers services agent, I have let down offers to join them for the benefitsame of the weekly pay, later deeply regretted. They unjustifiably let me go within Christmas time, that is due to disagreement with the manager of Blue arrow daughter who's happen to work with us. Did I learn from this experience? No nothing at all, unqualified trainer who's know nothing, mean unqualified managers reflecting their lack of experience in both blue arrow side and their agent Capita, John Lewis campaign. I believe they all need a management training how to manage their staff before jump in to get the management title's. I thought my last experience with teleperformance in Glasgow is the worst, honestly this away beyond. No shock's though, they are all same as both mangers applying same management style and most of them school droppers, there experience is either from Glasgow capita office or Glasgow teleprefomance office nothing more.
ProsWeekly pay
ConsEverything else
Chef | Uxbridge | 14 Sept 2020
I know that is an agency and that the work is not permanent but I constantly keep getting notifications online for Blue Arrow advertising for job jobs even though they don't have any which is rather annoying. also when you put in your availability they don't seem to even acknowledge. Also you offer jobs over the phone and had consultant say to me on numerous occasions that there is work for you but we just waiting for the client to get back to us you shouldn't be telling people that there's work if you're not guaranteed the work because the people that waiting for the work I dependent on the work and they don't have a full time job and it's a bit misleading also so when you sign up you should be assigned to one consultant not to everybody because all that is you just passing them from person to person to then if they've been offered a job by somebody but it don't take the name then they just going to be calling and talking to everybody about the same situation which is a bit stupid
ProsWeekly pay
ConsJobs are not regular but yet they keep advertising online for jobs
Sorter | Oldham | 6 Apr 2016
Avoid Yodel Shaw.
This has to be the worst place ever that I have worked. The initial interview is carried out at the Shaw site where the Blue Arrow team didn't even bother to introduce themselves not even their names. On starting work in what I can only liken to a chaotic refugee camp you will then be expected to handball parcels off a conveyer onto pallets .Some of these parcels may weigh over 60lb but no help will be given to you. As the pallets get higher you have to start lifting them to head height. The Yodel management team are an even bigger joke. They tended to spend most over time sat at the desks chatting and drinking tea. Once the work is done you will be sent home unpaid this could be up to 4 hours early. The Yodel staff trainer spent 10mins with us then sat down eating quaver crisps for most of the shift. Unless you are on the bones of your backside moneywise avoid this job like the plague. One week of this was enough and I jacked.
ProsExperiencing working life in the a 19th century sweatshop.
ConsExperiencing life in a refugee camp.
never worked just keep applying | Heistopden-Berg Wiekevorst | 17 Jul 2015
Rubbish Agency,
Been trying to get Technicial support Roles with this company since becoming a Certifaced IT professional awarded by big companies like MIcrosoft and Cisco, Had a interview 2 weeks ago and woman in liverpool branch does not quite know what her IT from her cuppa Tea, Position i was interested in is Technicial Support roles, Also noted on Cv i work in a voluntary basis in IT support an come BEFORE that from customer roles in Telesales admin and support They keep asking for induvduals to apply yet asked for to come to office for appointment then nothing so i would not waste your time. After speaking to their client Directly i found out they never put me forward to the roles and get tiresome asking them why with ramdom excuses saying i am not purposly fit for the role. or along them lines yet in a voluntary position i am working the same type of role and not getting paid but have the skills availabile to hold down the role they advertised. As well as professional qualifactions. waste of time trying to get something from these.
Consbad agency

Questions and answers about Blue Arrow

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Blue Arrow?
Asked 15 Mar 2017
They are not good they lay you off on the spot
Answered 12 Jan 2019
To see if the agency is better than other agencied
Answered 14 Sept 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Blue Arrow?
Asked 14 Apr 2017
Todga length, stamina and were are you willing to put it?😱😳
Answered 12 Jul 2018
They would like to know if what type of work you have done in the past.
Answered 21 Jun 2018
You know the full time job is it 7 Days or can you get 5?
Asked 20 Jun 2017
It depends on where you are sent to work
Answered 23 Jan 2019
Yes you can get 5
Answered 13 Aug 2018
If you were to leave Blue Arrow, what would be the reason?
Asked 1 Nov 2018
They don't seem to care in the January month when not a lot of works available, its not their fault but they could explain the situation a bit better,and answer the phone when you ring scent
Answered 3 Jun 2020
Being sent to jobs that's costing me more in travel expenses and at times not having work each week.Some people may be able to do this but I couldn't, but a good agency otherwise. I would recommend them,but have saving in place to get by on when no works available.
Answered 3 Jun 2020
How does someone get hired at Blue Arrow? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 26 Mar 2017
Drop in or email them.
Answered 9 Mar 2022
You must apply for the position and they will call you and invite you for an interview.
Answered 21 Jun 2018