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Administrative Assistant | Grays | 19 Apr 2019
This place causes me to have a break down
I started as a work placement in a Brook Street recruitment Office for 6 weeks and when it ended I was offered a temporary contract for admin in the office and after 3 months I will be a perminant member of staff when a new manager took over it went down hill she had no clue what she was doing why they gave her the job I don’t know she’d been unemployed for 3 years and only been a a manager for 2 weeks for covering for the actual manager. One of the stupidest thing she did was give a job to a lad who never turned up for his shift with our client and we warned her about him and she didn’t listen he said ok take the work start this afternoon but I don’t have money to get there so the manager went and gave him £10 from her purse and would you believe we find out the next day that he never showed up! She’d also on registration day let people in who turned up really late so the registration would go on longer than it should and cause several office members not to have lunch. When it was about a month before my contract ends I got called in to the office and said I will only be doing 3 days instead of 5 they said cause of training needed I was like what training and how am I going to be in the way? And I asked if I’m still going to get a perminant contract and was told yes next month. After a month I get called into the office there was me thinking I’m signing my perminant contract nope! I was told that I was no longer needed for the position. I felt so robbed I worked so hard for
ProsNice to start
ConsNew manager ruined it
Executive Officer | Liverpool | 10 Nov 2014
An excellent place to work.
Making decisions on applications involving non EEA nationals who are applying for a visa in order to have the right to reside in United Kingdom. They must demonstrate that they have an EEA sponsor who is either related to them or that they are in a genuine relationship/marriage with. They must provide evidence that they are related, in some cases residing together, that their EEA sponsor is currently exercising treaty rights in United Kingdom. That they are dependent on them and not a burden on public funds. I examine all evidence submitted, ensuring all identification is valid & genuine, that sufficient security checks have been implemented on all persons, that all birth, marriage & divorce certificates are genuine and connect all parties satisfactorily, also ensuring that all documents submitted to demonstrate treaty rights and evidence they reside together are acceptable, in order to decide whether they qualify for a residence card or permanent residence. I must also check their previous immigration history in full before I make a decision based on evidence submitted. If there are doubts over the relationship it is my responsibility to investigate it further, I can arrange a marriage interview in some cases, or write to them with a marriage questionnaire in order to validate their relationship. If there are still doubts I can arrange a home visit carried out by immigration officers who will visit them to confirm their relationship is subsisting. I must show great attention
ProsTravel and lunch expenses
Production Associate | Sheerness | 16 Oct 2017
A Mixed Experience
The job I applied for was labeled 'Warehouse Operative', which ended up being factory work. So we weren't off to a thrilling start. Personally I never really had any problems with Brook St., but I will tell you this: Three lates, and they start slashing your shifts big-time; if this starts happening, make effort to get there on time and you'll get your shifts back - do this before they completely phase you out of a job. My position was essentially a zero-hour contract, however sometimes when I arrived home at 22:30, I'd be greeted with a text informing me about a 12 hour shift tomorrow, giving me next-to-no notice whatsoever. No-one informed me that the work was seasonal, and I eventually went from 5 day weeks to 3, and eventually 2 before I had to get something else. They often tried to force shifts upon me, but a resolute "No." usually silenced them. Some of the Brook St. employees were nice, and as usual you had that one who had a problem with everyone; so you want to figure out which ones you like if you need anything, because these people are in charge of your shifts. Other than that, the company I was working in was David Wood Baking Ltd., and I have done a review on them (the long one titled 'Not the best, but certainly not the worst') TL;DR: Your employment is at their mercy. Faff around or annoy the company bulldog, and you'll start losing hours. They don't inform you whether the work is temporary and the job title may not be 100% accurate, so it's up to y
ProsTotally flexible hours - just don't take the mick.
ConsTry not to annoy them too much, they'll cut your shifts.
Administrative Officer | Sheffield | 26 Mar 2019
On face value a good place to work
Working at the Home Office through Brook Street is actually a nightmare ! I have recently suffered with depression and anxiety and their answer was to end my contract on a friday evening after work by leaving me an answer phone message with the bad news. A few of the agency staff (including myself) were being moved from one department to another (a common occurance). I was hitting my stats every week and was becoming a valued member of the team so I had a word with my line manager and she advised me to email the SEO to see if I could stay on team. This is what I did and the next thing I knew I didn't have a job. Everyone at the home office said the decision came from Brook Street. Brook Street said that it was because hit a sickness trigger 2 months ago !?! (I knew this but hadn't had anymore time off. Then they let slip that my name was on a list from the home office. I heard that the department I was in shouldn't have had agency A.O.'s as the work was historically only completed by E.O.'s due to its complexity. Also interesting to note that a few months later I was talking to my parents and they told me that a friend of theirs, a well respected doctor, is seeing a trend of mental wellbeing problems from people that have specifically lost their temporay home office contracts for no real reason. Brook Street and the Home Office should be ashamed of themselves, they have zero integrity between them. My depression and anxiety has unsurprisingly significantly increased since l
ProsFlexi time
ConsZERO support, Incompetent
Nothing | Enfield | 23 Jul 2014
At first they were very friendly and helpful but this is just because of their commission! I went on a interview arranged by them, and was planning to attend another, they have bad communication and staff don't talk to each other regarding candidates so u then end up with 5 missed calls all within a hour from different staff members who are all sitting together. Anyway, as job seekers know you don't just use one agency, you apply for numerous jobs! I was offered a job I wanted before attending their interview. I advised them I didn't have to attend as I now have a job but thanked them kindly. That's when Lisa from the Enfield branch snapped... I felt BULLIED into attending a interview which would only be wasting not only my time but the employers as I would have had no intention to take it "well that's inconvenient, u have to go I've arranged with the company now" yes and I'm telling you I now have a job so don't pressurise me! She went on and on and promised to call me back that day after discussin with a staff member (interview was for following morning at 10) anyway I thought hey ok I'll go! So all ready up early and nearly at the destination (I then at 910am receive a voicemail saying it's cancelled! Seriously waste of time, petrol money etc! I am seriously mad with this agency and would never recommend to anyone. Am thinking to put a official complaint in about the way I was spoken too all because I had a job.. No congratulations nothing as it's all about THEM
ConsRude, lack of communication with candidates and their colleague, bullies!
public sector | Bristol | 13 Oct 2016
This is the first time I have had to use an agency for work. I applied online for a job, and within 3 minutes (literally not enough time to read anything!) of sending my CV and cover letter I recieved a phone call saying when could I come in and register. So I went in the next day to register (filling in EVERY detail about your life over the past 5 years) and a computer test. I should have walked out at that point but I was so desperate to get back in work I just filled everything in. The next day I got an email from one of my lecturers asking if I have put them down as a reference - yes Brook street went to get references from all the places I had worked in the past 5 years WITHOUT telling me or me having even agreed to a job!!!!!!!! This really annoyed me and they basically hound your references which is so unprofessional. They then told me I had got the job I had originally applied for (without an interview) and said you need to take a DBS test (they paid for it). THEN after they got all my references/DBS they called and told me that the job had been pulled (?) and the only thing they could offer me was a job about 2 hours away. Obviously I declined this and I havent heard from them since. What a disorganised, unprofessional company. The week after the job had been pulled, the exact SAME advert was posted! I think they post fake jobs to get as many people to register as they can (they earn commission on registrations). DON'T USE BROOK STREET!! Absolut
Sales Assistant | Doncaster | 25 Mar 2019
Do not use this agency they are totally incompetent
I signed on with this agency at the beginning of Jan 2019 after getting a tip off from a friend that there was a job coming up at their company that night interest me. I went in to see them and filled out all forms and took all ID they had requested. I was put forward for the job and got an interview a few days later. I was offered the job by the Company and asked if I could start the following week. Because of the total incompetency of Brook Street staff not asking for references until 3 weeks later I didn’t actually start the job until the first week in Feb and at a lower pay rate than I had initially been told that I would get! The job wasn’t actually what they told me it was (they told me it was full time) and I had to leave a month later as there wasn’t enough work for me. They still owe me expenses for this position which they say they haven’t received (despite sending them twice). They then said they had got me another position and then proceeded to ask me for references again (even though they had already had these) claiming that Compliance needed them before I could start. They just seem to make it up as they go along and make you jump through hoops to get a temp job that will last a couple of weeks. Eventually I got so fed up with them that I told them I no longer wished to work for them owing to their total incompetence!
Administrative Assistant | Liverpool | 13 Aug 2019
A government role that seems to operate on a 'revolving door policy'
Worked for a 'government role' in the post room. Badly disogranised, as soon as I started there, there was talk of redundancies already - if that's the case why even start anyone there in the first place? Despite the fact there's all this "fairness, diversity, and equality" fluff regarding treatment of employees I actually found the place to be incredible cliquey and hostile. Ironically, the bureaucracy needed for the security clearances required actually lasted longer than what the job did in the end. ob placement seems to operate on a continuous "revolving door policy" where there's an alarmingly high staff turnover; no direct communication from management, would not speak to you and send you verbose emails on what you've done wrong which was incredibly childish. Got to a stage where you couldn't do right for wrong. A lot of rushing around meeting targets, which resulted in 2 hours of twiddling your thumbs or going through banal online training before you went home. Very paranoid building security, treated like a criminal (or at least you could be forgiven for thinking that way) until you were given a building pass.
ProsConvenient commuting location from various points of the compass
ConsInferior treatment, managers only deal with you via email, horrific treatment of temp staff
Administrator | United Kingdom | 23 Feb 2017
Work Ethic - About Me...
I have a very strong work ethic when it comes to ‘Customer Service’ I know and understand the importance of when it comes to treating customer’s fairly, listening to their needs and keeping them informed in any situation. I pride myself in Customer Service, always treating others how I would expected to be treated. I am not afraid to approach and hold a conversation with a customer both face to face or via the telephone. I can very easily adapt a communication style to suit that of others, which is a very strong skill and difficult skill to get right. Previous roles have given me the confidence and the now how, to deal with many situations in a confident and professional manor, which helps me to get the desired results I have needed to achieve. The nature of my work experiences means that I have developed an excellent ability to work under pressure and prioritise demanding works loads in order to meet tight deadlines and able to ‘juggle the ball’. My overall work experience has also given me the skills not only work alone but as a part of a bigger team, managing individuals and business objectives. My Customer Service experience comes from a wide range of sectors including: banking, insurance and recruitment.
Prosbonus, flexi working
Consno work life balance
Writer | St Albans | 22 Feb 2016
Some lovely people, horrid company culture
I worked here as a bid writer to cover maternity leave for the team manager. Following a high number of wins and recognition from the company directors, I was taken on permanently. Then the 'lady' who's role I was originally covering returned to work and everything changed. She realised that I had been doing a better job than her and made it her mission to get me out. She succeeded following a campaign of bullying and ever increasing scrutiny of my work in comparison to my coworkers. She was backed up by our new senior manager who took her view as she had been employed with the company longer than me. My colleagues were shocked as to my departure as the work I had delivered had brought good revenues for the company, higher than those of any of my colleagues at the time. In short, the people here were lovely, however it only takes one person with a personal vendetta to make you lose your job, so you must play ball, never make suggestions to improve processes unless your manager has some input to make the idea seem like her own.
ProsMostly lovely colleagues
ConsExpected to work through your lunches and after hours. No bonus is paid, no reward is given for winning bids, rarely a thanks from your own managers.

Questions and answers about Brook Street

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Brook Street?
Asked 14 Apr 2017
I don’t! They are totally incompetent to be running a recruitment agency! They aren’t interested in forming a relationship with you or your welfare and are only concerned with themselves.
Answered 26 May 2019
Go into work everyday then get told you no longer have a job great!! Job security is zero
Answered 25 May 2019
What is the organisational culture at Brook Street Agency?
Asked 15 Aug 2017
Very good lots of work
Answered 21 Oct 2018
They are all for themselves and have a don’t care attitude. They only care about commission and not actually helping you look for work
Answered 5 Oct 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Brook Street Employment Agency?
Asked 12 May 2017
Depends on the interview. If you're going for an IT Program Manager position, suit & tie, of course. If it's entry-level production work, anything smarter than a nighty should do it.
Answered 13 Aug 2018
Smart clothing.
Answered 26 Apr 2018
What is the interview process like at Brook Street?
Asked 12 May 2017
The client interviews you. My position was line work in a factory; so you fill out a bunch of mickey mouse forms and get straight into work if you want.
Answered 13 Aug 2018
There was no interview process by them, the actual client interviewed us; Brook Street only filters the CVs then forward to the client; pointless really.
Answered 4 Aug 2018
How would you describe the pace of work at Brook Street?
Asked 26 Oct 2018
Fast paced but a fun, positive environment with as much support is needed
Answered 29 Mar 2022
Awful staff, no support or back up, jobs change and they expect you to travel 60 miles to work at a cost of £160 per week a joke when your average take home pay is £194 per week. WHO goes to work to lose money?
Answered 22 Apr 2021