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Consultant | Cambridgeshire | 13 Jul 2019
Great if you don't work in the Showroom and like paperwork!
In my time here I started in the main office helping take off from drawings and quoting materials, which was great as the whole team helped out and worked together. However once I switched to work in the showroom that support was no longer there. Anyone who was asked for even a toilet seat (which are stocked on the shelf) would send the customer straight to me, whether I had a customer in designing a kitchen or not. In the showroom you are expected to not only do the designs with Fusion 2020 CAD software, but you also have to price them using a different system, and then order using a third system, which then generates a lot of paperwork to organise yourself. Then when deliveries arrive from different suppliers you are expected to go out and check them off yourself, and then file the separate delivery notes. These delivery notes are then filed once more with the main office paperwork, but again it is expected that you have to do this... not the admin colleague. All this would go on and then you'd still have a queue of customers asking for a toilet seat, kitchen and three bathrooms! All in all, the showrooms aren't run very well from my experience. There is no support from management and you have to do everything yourself. Including cleaning the displays! However working down in the main office is a much better environment, although you still have to sort your own problems out. All this and more... for minimum wage, a single half hour break in the day, 47.75 hours a wee
ProsFriendly staff
ConsLong hours for 30 minute lunch, no assistance from anyone else, no appreciation
Support Services Clerk | Oxford | 30 Sep 2019
A BRILLIANT place to work!
I've worked for this organisation for over 4 years now & I've grown tremendously since my first day. When I joined I was lacking in confidence & looking to work for an organisation that shared my values, would allow me to grow and develop, & I wanted to work as part of a team who cares. I have found exactly that working here! The team I work with are brilliant, we all care about one another & are always happy to help out when a colleague is in need or just need to get the job done. Building trust & good relationships is another of my key values. Working here I get to meet & talk to so many people across the business that do a wide variety of roles & I enjoy learning all about who they are, what they do, & what I can do to support them. The relationship I have with the management team is also another really important value of mine & I believe the management here are really invested in their people. This is the first organisation I've worked for where I feel the senior management team really care about their employees & want to help them develop in their career, no matter what direction that takes. I'm a hard worker & I care about the work I do so I am the kind of person to check my emails at night & do a bit of work at the weekend. What's really refreshing is that in this organisation you get recognised for the effort you put in - a thank you or well done really does go a long way & again, this is one of my key values. Overall I would say this is a great company to work for &
Truck Driver | Newark-on-Trent | 21 Jun 2019
very poor place to work avoid avoid avoid
If you like to be treated like a dog while your co workers who have been there since day dot swan around having a easy life, this is the place to be. Management are only concerned in getting you out the gate with as much materials loaded on you as the vehicle will carry, which you end up handballing constantly. Not the best vehicles either as all are about ten years old and falling to bits. if vosa stop you they would have a field day !!!!!! Management have no idea how long it takes to either get to your destination or how long it takes to tip, whats invovled or what day it is. This company does not have anything dinamic going for it, they just keep going from one disaster to another mainly because they are allways under staffed and rock bottom staff morale, having to constantly apollogis to customers all day, is something you have to get used to even though it is quiet embarrassing. all in all this company gives you the impression that is going down down down down just like other companies who thought they could carry on trading, only on their past reputation and not investing in the future.
Prosstaff discount
Consculture, management, poor salary, expectations off what can be achived
IT Manager | Milton Keynes | 30 Jul 2012
Good place, good team work
A typical day would start at 8am until 5pm we would sign in and go to our work area, where it would be my job to check the customer databases and update as needed, work with my fellow IT Staff making sure their computer is working fine and resolve any issues that might occur. As i was the IT Manager, my fellow workmates would do as i request, i would be responsible for hiring and firing staff, disciplinary procedure, maintaining a good working relationship with other managers and the workforce. I learned how best to keep all the components running smoothly in order to attain maximum output and productivity. My co-workers respected me and got on well with me as i did them both inside and outside of the workplace. The hardest part of my job was to let staff go, but that being said at the end of the day i had to do what was best for both the Company and Staff. The most enjoyable part of my job was seeing a project or projects come together, the interaction between all staff members and above all the Company prosper.
Prosgood workforce, interaction of staff, good wage, hardwork
Conslack of departmental communication, lack of staff
Sales Assistant | Coventry | 24 Feb 2016
BuildBase was a good starting point.
As i already was used to waking up for school, i started work at the same time. This was easy for me, however the days were longer and the breaks were shorter. From this job i had learned different types of skills such as time management and being able to complete the task to a suitable standard. There were some occasions that i was under pressure as i was left alone to handle an order and invoice for the very first time. i would say that I handled that very well as i got it sorted within 5 minutes. My co-workers were very nice throughout the entire time I was working there. They treated me with respect and as did I. The hardest part of the job was actually keeping a consistency with the tasks i was doing throughout the day. Even though this was the hardest thing, i kept my consistency. The most enjoyable part of the job was honestly helping other employees as I like to help others when they need help.
ProsSometimes got to leave early.
ConsNo free lunch
Truck Driver | Leicester | 29 Nov 2019
Leicester Branch
Don’t work here manager as not got a clue about transport and don’t believe the lie about late nights I work here for 3 months and finished at 5 one afternoon noon I was sent out at about 3 45 pm after driving the van all day over in Boston I was sent to the other side of Leicester and didn’t get home that night till 7 45 pm you don’t get paid over time . One day I was the only driver in and I had 3 reloads one was from the Syston branch I also had to go do a job for the market Harborough branch so when I rang at 1 45 pm and said I still had two jobs left and still had to take my legally required break a argument erupted about taking breaks so when I stood up for my self they found a excuse to end my probation and leave . They also watch you all the time on the tracker and if you stop for a toilet break or a tacho break they are on the phone asking what you are . Don’t work here unless you are desperate
ConsLot of back stabbing goes on
Sales Assistant | Ipswich | 20 Mar 2013
company needs to invest in more staff
Day to day i would come in and switch all the computers on and load the till with cash on start of day, then i would stand on the counter serving customers to get the morning rush over with. Once morning rush is over i would go to my desk and make some chase up calls for sales to my customer base, after this is done i would move on to admin work while also still serving customers on the counter and taking tele sales. At the end of the day i would help lock up and do all the cashing up for the day, leaving the cashing up reports to be run the following day by management. The hardest part about my job was learning the vast amount of products and remembering knowledge on those products. The most enjoyable part about my job was the fact i got to meet lots of new people and get to interact with them on a day to day basis either over the phone or face to face.
Proslive close to premises
Consstaff limited
Merchant | England | 14 Sep 2015
Don't work there you will regret it
The manager will give you a false sense of security leading you into believing this is a good place to work until things don't go his way then your the rubbish upon his shoe will bad mouth you put you down treat you like a kid demanding you do as he says or you will be sacked he's rude vindictive manipulative and doesn't care who he comes up against if your face doesn't fit then that's it you're out the door I've worked 7 years for this man hard working loyal respectful willing get on with all the customers but this manager is terrible he's known for his bad management skills across the branches but yet the company don't see fit to make any changes about it the truth behind it is he's a dam right bully. They state safety checks don't listen they care more about getting the goods out then you're safety and others just rember what I've told you
ProsHome time
Recruitment Manager | Banchory | 31 Oct 2015
Banchory hirebase supervisor
Complete lack of training and orginisation.Planned a new opening and was a balls up from start to finish Finish ? Pff NOT endless promises constant staff issues .Management changed more times that the sun has set.great bunch of store and yard staff but they are suffering greatly under poor poor management and constant pressures over cost.budgets.loss and profit margins.There can be no advancement within branch as profit comes before staff EVERYTIME.One final issue and most important NO LIGHTING IN YARD this must be a first for me where there are family members old and young marching around the yard in complete darkness while timber and forklifts anf other heavy deadly objects are flying around.When confronted management said it has not been an issue before????????BEWARE
Driver | Lancashire | 15 Feb 2019
Iv worked at Buildbase as driver and the only good thing I can say is its guaranteed pay 7.30 till 5.00. The management don't care about you or how they treat there customers, they promise them its a morning drop knowing its not going to get there till late afternoon and leave you to deal with the customer. They have no understanding of how long it takes to get to jobs unload and get back so they will pester you for how long you will be. That's not even mentioning the amount of times they get addresses wrong or forget to even get one. Asking for any kind of support is impossible they will never back you up you are just a number to them. Its a complete soul destroying place and you would be better of without a job at all.
Prosits 7.30 till 5.00
ConsNo appreciation. No advancement. terrible management.

Questions and answers about Buildbase

What is the most stressful part about working at Buildbase?
Asked 26 Jun 2019
Restructure the whole company is the only thing that would save Buildbase!!! Too many ‘managers’ and staff who have worked there for years and years with no experience of elsewhere so really don’t know what good looks like .
Answered 26 May 2020
Answered 27 Feb 2020
What would you suggest Buildbase management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 16 May 2019
Look after the employees who look after them look at pay structure for experience and knowledge
Answered 9 Jul 2020
I would suggest that so called management leave and are replaced by people that can actually manage, rather than the spineless empty suited yes men they have now.
Answered 3 Sep 2019
Can you work remotely at Buildbase?
Asked 29 Nov 2019
Head office roles yes. Branch roles, no.
Answered 9 Feb 2021
Some of the roles we have to offer cannot be worked remotely, for example our branch colleagues who need to be in the branch to do their job. However, some of our support roles could be done remotely.
Answered 8 Dec 2020
How are the working hours at Buildbase?
Asked 21 Sep 2019
The working hours vary depending on the role. But on average they are 44.5 hours per week. Monday - Friday with alternate Saturday mornings 8am - 12pm.
Answered 8 Dec 2020
better when the manager was off
Answered 3 Dec 2020
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Buildbase?
Asked 12 Feb 2019
Our branch colleagues work on average 44.5 hours a week. That includes 4 hours every other Saturday.
Answered 8 Dec 2020
45 hour a week
Answered 21 Jun 2019