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Sales Assistant | Basingstoke | 18 Mar 2020
I have nothing positive to say about this company. Nothing. I hate them so much, in fact, that I'm going to sit here and list every terrible thing I can think of until either I get bored or my fingers go numb. They are so evil that I wouldn't be surprised, quite frankly, if they contacted my old store and tried to find out who I was. - Regional management are bullies. They made me cry, they made five of my coworkers cry (including my manager!!), and look at and talk to you like you're dirt off their shoe. They don't care about you, they care about targets, they care about money. Absolutely horrible people. Cruel. - My manager was in pieces from stress. The amount of weight she lost and the number of times I saw her cry was shocking - more than once she told me she was there so late she told me she was considering sleeping in the stockroom because going home and coming back in would be almost pointless at that point. - In my first week my first manager scolded me in front of a customer and made me cry on the shop floor, then pulled me out the back and yelled at me for......... crying in front of customers. - Yes, we went through four managers in three years. Five if you include the 6-month gap where we didn't have one at all and our deputy manager had to fill the role. - I was also told to leave my chronic health problems 'at the door.' By a member of management. - Management in general getting in fights. There was a bit of a rift between two members of management at t
Team Member | United Kingdom | 15 Sept 2020
Great job, low pay
I have worked at clintons for a year and a half and it is definitely the best job I've had. There is never nothing to do other than stand by the till if you use your initiative - go and tidy cards, improve displays, wipe areas that need it, check card displays are full and in the right pockets. Work can be quiet when it is not an occasion that people need cards for - Christmas etc, but it is easy to keep yourself busy. any occasion periods are great if you love customer service, you will be kept busy from the start until the end of your shift. I have found that there gets to be a regular clientele at Clintons, which for me is lovely as you are able to talk to the customers and build a good rapport with them, inevitably leading to increased sales. Management in my experience have been amazing, always supported me when I needed help at the start trained me as much as I needed until I felt I could do things alone. Very understanding of other commitments and accepting of holiday requests. Hours are always stuck to other than the busiest periods which understandably they increase at, and more are only given if I request them so it isn't too much. The largest drawback of this job for me is the pay. Absolute minimum wage which has meant family and friends have had to support me at times and have found that I earn the least out of all friends and family I have - if you live alone or have responsibilities then pay is definitely something to consider before applying for a jo
Pros40% Discount, Friendly staff, Helpful management, Busy
ConsVery low pay, Constant standing, High targets
Supervisor | North West | 1 Mar 2017
Glad to be gone!
I completely agree with all the poor reviews here, they speak the truth. Worked for Clintons for a few years. Enjoyed it at first, but things became dreadful once I became a supervisor. I wish I had *never* agreed to it. Our manager left, and was left to run the store. I had a good team, and I'm pretty sure they were the only thing that kept me going. They expect you (on a few pence more an hour than the assistants) to run the shop inside out. To be in charge of everything. Opening/Closing, Staff, Rotas, Payroll, Banking, Daily/Weekly Paperwork, Audits, hitting deadlines, completing big tasks with little hours, conference calls, checking emails and updates every 5 minutes, merchandising, following KPI's - the lot. Customer service has gone down hill as you are too busy with mountains of deliveries, task after task - yet then expect you to hit target after target. I went through so much bad stress, I felt like I was living and breathing the place 24/7. Small part time contract, but did way over my hours, and even did nearly 50 hours one week. Constantly being referred to as 'management' (yet not salaried, small contract and certainly not paid manager money). District manager wasn't very approachable, and often spoke to me like something off their shoe. Felt pretty much left to it. Happy to be finally gone. If I could offer any advice, do not go for supervisor. You will be expected to do/know so much more, on such little pay. I enjoyed it there as a lower down team
ProsGenerous discount. Team members became friends.
ConsExpect you to make Clintons your life force.
Supervisor | West Yorkshire | 5 Nov 2018
please avoid
I've been a supervisor for a few years now, moved up from sales assistant. Only 2% paid more that a sales assistant yet expected to know everything a manager does and run the place when they are unavailable, there are no assistant managers so you are essentially that. On a 16 hour contract yet expected to be able to double your hours, although I have no idea where these hours come from as you are expected to run a shop of large size on very basic hours. Targets are unrealistic, you dread the morning emails and conference calls from the DMs as it's all negative and no positive even when you do well. Work load is huge, you are expected to turn the shop around from everyday to seasonal in just a few days. When I first started discount was a good insentive, 40% off including Yankee and 20% off any sale item, it's now 40% excluding Yankee (20%) and 20% off but only if the sale item is less than 50%. The buyers for the company don't seem to know what they are doing, if you don't sell certain things you some how end up with three times as much in a delivery, but you can't put it in the stock room so it ends up been shoved into the shop floor. Customer service is pretty much none existent, they tell you to have a 2 hour no tasking zone to focus on the customers but this is laughable as you have no much to do you can't stop for 2 hours, you tell the DM your doing it because you'll get a verbal backlassing if not. Breaks for manager and supervisor, may as well not have one, only way t
Prosthe staff
Shop Assistant | Cheltenham | 23 May 2014
Good experience
Overall i enjoyed working for Clintons, I gained a lot of experience, made a lot of friends and learned a lot about customer care and interaction which also improved my confidence greatly. I also enjoyed my role of dealing with deliveries unpacking and making sure everything is in its desired location in the stock room. Management were very helpful and patient in teaching me how to be a better sales assistant and trusting me with jobs such as banking and change orders, I had a great relationship with all members of management which helped for personal growth in the company as help was always available when needed. As a team we were very tight and all got along very well i think this is very important in retail as happy staff makes for happy customers and overall a greater shopping experience, I still talk to everyone i worked with and we have remained friends. The hardest part of my job would have to have been the out of hour moves during seasonal periods we were on a tight schedule to get the whole shop filled with the latest stock and p.o.s ready for the next day and although i enjoyed the team work aspect it did have stressful moments. I enjoyed learning new skills, making friends and gaining the experience i needed to progress in my retail career (my reason for leaving was simply not enough hours after 3 years my contract was never raised and i made the decision to move on)
ConsNo advancement
Sales Assistant | Bristol | 8 Aug 2013
Not the best career move
Basically its an awful job where the management do as little as physically possible. The hour scheme is ridiculous, you find yourself plucking up the courage with management, begging them for hours and they normally say, there's no hours to hand out, although management are so clever, they then take on more staff and give them four hour contracts.. no hours my backside. Again the focus is working all seasons for the same wage, don't get paid extra. Forget getting lucky on Valentine's because you'll be shifting card racks, filling card racks and wanting to throw boxes at management as they'll do all the demanding, while you do all the work. Its overall just very time consuming, very big expectations for a very poor wage. If you can't sell pens as an 'upsell' then you will be warned by management of a possible meeting discussing why you can't sell upsells.. (its not a skill by the way, their just stupid). Whether this meeting of selling techniques will physically happen is another story. Area managers are geniuses as well, believing the theory that if you shove a basket into a customers hands, then the customer will spend loads of money on the products. Put it this way, I never got card trained and I was there 3 years.. its very poor.
ProsStaff are nice/discount
Conslate moves, horrible supervisors, non existent training, poor wage, all seasons, no real way to go up in the company
Supervisor | Staines-upon-Thames | 22 Feb 2014
happy staff happy customers happy company
all i can say here is once we had a team which would work together like clockwork..sadly that team began to wither..the hardest part of the job was constant and increasing changes..this would be daily and conflict as to which orders to go on would make life difficult,,,the best part of the job is you get to work with amazing people and meet amazing people...the job used to be about customer service ' the customer comes first ' and that is exactly what we did .. without them you have no job , no business , no money , clintons taught a great customer 1st ethic and it stuck for many years and it makes your day to make a customers day .. when they say thankyou so much .. even if you have been unsuccessful finding what they required they are grateful you did your best to find it for them.. its good to have praise and appreciation in the work place it builds up morale and happy staff keep the customers comming back again and again its good for business to see happy faces behind the till .. many times i was told how nice it was to see a happy smiley face , nice to see someone happy in their job and it does indeed make a huge difference i stayed for 12 years because i was happy with my job and enjoyed everyday
Pros2 x 15 min free tea breaks one in the morning one in the afternoon
Team Member | South Ayrshire | 5 Feb 2020
Do not work for this company
The management is extremely poor, sloppy and disorganised. Team members do not get told any information and are not looked after, we are left to discover everything ourselves and are constantly left in the dark. Over Christmas I was only paid a fraction of my paycheck, I was told I was to receive the rest at the end of January as 'seasonal temps were only paid up the 7th of December' (I was not told this at any point, nor did it state this in my contract). End of January has been and gone yet I have not received the correct amount owed. They have withheld my wages for over two months now. When I had my interview I was promised at least 25 hours per week. This was a lie as I'm stuck on 4 hrs a week. The interview was extremely short and I was offered the job there and then which I found was strange. It is disgraceful how this company treats their employees. We don't have access to our payslips. We don't get paid the correct amount. We don't get paid on time. We have no access to payroll (everytime I ring there is no answer). |Management either don't seem to be bothered about sorting things out for us or they don't have a clue what to do. Regardless of all this, the company still expect us to reach unrealistic targets and penalise us if the don't reach them. Just don't work here.
Assistant Manager | Buxton | 17 Feb 2022
Don’t do it.
Over 10 times my manager looked at me in disgust for not wearing makeup, and 4 times the RM did the same thing. If you aren’t doing anything, expect a formal warning - yes, even if you’re working 8am (which is actually closer to 7:15am, unpaid) until 5pm and want to have a quick 2 minute stand. The store was small, so we ran out of things to do quickly - unless you want to be laughed at and gossiped about to all the other stores in your area - then there’s loads to do! Ridiculous tasks are given, like rearranging the cards, or putting pens in a more “aesthetically pleasing” position - but god forbid you do this without the sign off of every staff member in the store, or again, you’ll get a formal warning. Dress code is illusive, saying “casual” - but don’t turn up in jeans, or comfy loafers, even though you won’t have a chance to sit down all shift. Pay was shocking, my contracted hours were 4 but I was in for at least 28 hours a week, usually closer to 40. They don’t care about medical conditions or hospital appointments - if you’re down on the rota for that day, you have to go in. unless you’re the manager and want an extra day off because you can’t be bothered.
ProsYou get to leave eventually.
ConsAll of the above.
Sales Assistant | Glasgow | 24 Apr 2017
Staff are seen as tools, not assets.
I am only a sales assistant, but some of what i have seen is shocking. Supervisors who have full time hours, run the shop from night to day while the manager sits in the office, and all for few pennies more than me. I seen a new supervisor brought in, given no training and dumped on the shop floor to run hourly sales rallies, answer emails and keep everyone motived towards reaching targets. One of the highest staff turn over rates I've ever witnessed. This is, in large part, due to the mantra that staff are tools, not assets. I have been told this by a cluster manager and a district manager. There is a horrible environment on a daily basis. The hours are atrocious. There is no consistency or fairness. Monthly stretches with no weekends off, despite not having a weekend contract, while those the manager is friendly with barely works any. Weeks also run Sunday-Saturday, so i hope you enjoy coming back from holidays on a Sunday. It isn't a place to work if you value team spirit. Not at all. I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, i actively discourage it.
Pros40% discount
Consanti-staff attitude is written in to the DNA of the company, from top to bottom

Questions and answers about Clintons

How are the working hours at Clintons?
Asked 30 Aug 2017
4 hour long shifts are good until you can only work one day a week, management don’t listen to your availability either and get mad when you tell them again that you can’t work a shift. However they’re very relaxed with swapping shifts and taking holiday
Answered 26 Nov 2020
Give you 4 hours, tell you you must stay when you have 1 hr left of your shift, so end up doing 6+ hours with no notice. Also expect to be called in on days off, and sent home when you get in because shifts have been changed.
Answered 21 Jan 2020
What should you wear to an interview at Clintons?
Asked 14 Sept 2017
Smart casual, something to fit the role you are applying for
Answered 8 May 2019
Business and corporate wear tailored to that particular business requirements.
Answered 17 Feb 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Clintons a better place to work?
Asked 9 Jul 2019
I would get rid of all bully's especially in the harlow essex branch
Answered 6 Oct 2020
If I was part of the management team, I would be nice and not make people feel on edge just because the CPT wasn’t up to their standards.
Answered 16 Mar 2020
How do you feel about going to work at Clintons each day?
Asked 19 May 2019
Feel on edge every time I have a shift, walking up to the the shop I panic because the management are so awful you don’t know where you stand with them.
Answered 26 Nov 2020
Happy I left
Answered 10 Feb 2020
What is the most stressful part about working at Clintons?
Asked 17 Oct 2018
Understaffed & bad management
Answered 3 Aug 2021
Lack of staff, rude management
Answered 21 Jan 2020