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Manager | Yorkshire | 27 May 2022
Stay away
In my opinion and experience, This is the worst company I have ever worked for in my 35 years of working in health and social care. They talk lots about respect, dignity and equality and a no blame culture, the company shows very little respect, dignity or equality towards staff and has a huge blame culture lead by the CEO and directors team. I have heard directors screaming down the phone at staff, and the staff needing up in tears and stressed.
ConsOver worked, under paid, stressful, huge lack of support, blame culture, no respect towards staff, the company is micro managed by the CEO, and I believe this is why everything goes wrong.
Care Worker | Stockton-on-Tees | 26 May 2022
Good company to work for
I have worked for Creative Support for 5 years and really enjoy it. The management are very supportive and fair. Although the pay is minimum wage the job is enjoyable which is very important to me. Can't fault them.
ProsGood management team
ConsNeed to work weekends and Bank Holidays
Outreach Worker | Lancashire | 19 Jan 2019
Enjoyable place to work
Great job with great management. Hours were good and every day was different. Had a great staff team so it made the job even more enjoyable. I always got full time hours without having to worry so had job security
ProsGreat staff team
Consmonthly pay
Support Worker | Durham | 24 May 2022
Good staff welfare benefits
I recently applied for a grant from the Staff Welfare Fund due to things breaking in my flat. I was awarded some money towards helping me get some new carpets which had been damaged. This has been very helpful to me - thanks, Creative Support
Payroll Officer | Stockport | 21 Jun 2022
They sacked me whilst i was in hospital haemorrhaging and having a miscarriage. I was really disappointed as I enjoyed working for this company. I wish they had more empathy towards their staff.
Support Worker | North West | 3 May 2022
Low pay. Low moral. High turnover of staff both support and admin. Lack of managers. No support. Staff that constantly winge & moan. No appreciation for hard work.
ProsNice service users
ConsSee above/below
Support Worker | Blackpool | 11 Jun 2019
Very stressful
This was a very stressful job with low pay and no benefits. I left as soon as another opportunity arose. The management were not supportive and the hours were very long.
Support Worker | Manchester, NH | 31 Oct 2019
Productive and fun place to work
I am working with adults with physical and learning disabilities and looking after young people and adults with mental health needs. As a Key/Support worker I have thrived on the challenges presented and derived immense satisfaction from enabling others. I was responsible for creating and maintaining care plans, risk assessments, recovery plans and other relevant records. I actively participated in team meetings and care reviews, putting forward suggestions and problem solving with others. This aspect of my role involved liaising with social workers and various other professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary approach.
Coach | Huntington Beach, CA | 20 Oct 2020
Stable, flexible, and rewarding
It depends what position you take but there is flexibility and stable work no matter what happens to our economy while social services are funded. Most disabled clients are easy to work with and you can do fun things along with time to yourself on long shifts.
Prosday or overnight shifts, decent pay without a degree
ConsStrict regulations and scheduling issues to cover shifts last minute
Human Resources Manager | Huntington Beach, CA | 27 Nov 2020
Work that actually makes a difference
Any work can be a job, but working at CS makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and valuable. The services really help our participants, the team is so supportive and has such great character and backbone, and ongoing learning and development are made a priority.
ProsTraining, Benefits, Perks, Flexible Hours
ConsInitial part-time status
Instructor | Huntington Beach, CA | 18 Dec 2020
Good place to work overall
Great place to start at, the clients are great, can be stressful at times. Hardest part of the job is avoiding burnout since there is no sick pay, holiday pay etc.
ProsWorking with the clients, Medical/Dental benefits
ConsNo opportunity to work overtime, pay, no vacation time or holidays
Lead Staff | Los Angeles, CA | 22 Mar 2022
Good people to work with, hard work is rewarded with good pay
If you put the work in and do your best they will recognize it with compensation and opportunities. The work itself required a lot of patience and understanding and can be a lot of driving but thankfully the mileage is comped.

Questions and answers about Creative Support

Is Creative Support hiring new workers during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Asked 3 May 2022
Yes they did
Answered 21 Jun 2022
Yes they are desperate, if your breathing you’ll do
Answered 3 May 2022
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Creative Support?
Asked 21 Jun 2022
Be yourself
Answered 21 Jun 2022
How would you describe the pace of work at Creative Support?
Asked 27 May 2022
Can be very fast, one staff to 9 service users.
Answered 27 May 2022
How is feedback from management delivered at Creative Support?
Asked 4 May 2022
Via regular supervisions.
Answered 26 May 2022