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Overall reviews at David Lloyd Leisure

Directeur de Restaurant (H/F) | London | 9 Nov 2015
Bonne experience.
David Lloyd Rayne's Park est le plus grand David Lloyd au monde en terme de F&B. Cet expérience m'as permis de développer mon management en générale puisque j'étais en charge du club entier et de tout ses départements 4 fois par semaines. Ma journée typique commençait à 6h30 le matin. Je faisais un tour du club et de ses points de ventes: restaurant (qui était ma charge principale et le coeur du club), parking, réception, bowling, crèche, SPA, cours de tennis, piscines, sale de fonctions, salles de sports pour m'assurer que tout était en ordre. Ma première activité était la lecture du courrier tel que les réclamations des membres ou bien les différentes réservation F&B (salle de conférence, vendeur, board room, bowling etc.) Nous avions 24h maximum pour répondre aux clients. En générale je faisais ceci de chez moi pour gagner du temps. Je faisais ensuite une étude du chiffre d'affaire et des coûts du jour précédent et un comparatif avec objectif et année précédente. Je pouvais être amené à travailler dans n'importe quel département lorsque j'étais HOD (réception, bowling, piscine etc.) selon l'activité mais la plupart de l'activité était au restaurant au tout nos membres se retrouvaient. Ma tâche principale était d'assurer la qualité de nos prestations en temps que club premium. Nos membres payaient presque 200 euros/mois pour l'utilisation du club sans compter le prix des classes (tennis, piscine, coaching, massage, salon de beauté, bowling, boutique, cuisine, res
Prosusage du club gratuit
Consbalance vie personnelle/vie professionnelle-salaire insuffisant
Receptionist | Birmingham | 3 Jan 2020
Toxic workplace, toxic staff. Awful place to work!
Probably the worst place I have ever worked. I was having problems in a previous job fighting an unfair dismissal which I eventually won, however I needed a part time job to keep me going, financially & mentally. I was confident that David Lloyd’s would be good for me but it ended up providing me with unnecessary stress from its pathetic staff and I picked up problems quite quickly. Cliquey and very unwelcoming staff members (not all) but majority. Most were very stuck up and clearly think highly of themselves. Speaking to me like I was an idiot and very patronising even tho in my previous job I had worked on a busy a&e department and assisted doctors in surgery.. i think I can handle working a cr*ppy little receptionist job. I did not need to be spoke to like a child. And this happened regularly. Some staff were ok but definitely some issues with attitude and some take their job way too seriously. Just because you’re a manager at David Lloyd’s does not make you superior.. you got lucky in an interview do not try boss me about. I knew this job wasn’t going to last, there was no chance I was going to be taking orders from the likes of these people. Laughable. I found the sales team pretentious and overly confident and noticed an attempt to bully/ intimidate me. This didn’t last long but had I being vulnerable this could of got serious. Any chance the staff got to humiliate me they jumped at, if it was demanding me to get a customer to fill out a survey that clearly
Lifeguard | Surrey | 8 Jun 2022
Not great
I didn't work here long as I didn't find the job enjoyable. From day one your thrown straight into the deep end with no training. I join as a lifeguard but in reality it wasn't a lifeguard job, it was a cleaners job actually your a cleaner then a lifeguard here. From the moment the attitudes of the company were made very clear to me, management are power happy and love to pick and humiliate you. There quick to point out your mistakes but never praise any progress that you make. Hard workers are not valued but instead picked on and those who slack off, rude and lazy are favoured more. Due to most staff being young and not wanting to make a scene, this continued to happen after a few staff raised concerns, and the changes only affected the ones who said anything. Management don’t set a good example on how to behave as they spend most of the time messing around, they never support you unless your in the group. Management seems to only care about numbers. New staff aren’t aloud to join in and bond as were told to go away. I clearly wasn’t in the crowd nor did I try and want to be. The turnover for this company is very high and very alarming which really doesn't surprise me as I can remember seeing 2-4 staff members come in once and stayed for one day (correct day) and left and others after what they saw and realized what they were letting themselves Infor did the same. The minute you make a complaint your sacked on the spot for made up reasons and they will try and make you
ProsFree gym but thats it
Manager | Dundee City | 19 Jun 2017
Bad management
This place has a huge turnover of staff with only 3 or 4 long term members of staff. when I started working here, it very quickly became clear why. The work load is unrealistic and the house are depressing, working 5 weekends with only 1 day of is not fun. They promise alot at the interview such as a good hourly rate and every second weekend off and full training but not one thing was followed threw. Promised so much an hour and to find out after I started that it was two pound lower than what they had promised (yes I should have went over my contract before signing it, the manager actually rushed me to sign it!). From previous work, I have the knowledge that the hours they give people are against government policy such as working 14 hours then 6 hours break only to start another 12 hour shift. I spoke with some other staff and found that they were salaried to 17 hours but the work load they were given took 24 hours, these extra hours were unpaid (this is an example of one). Some off the staff look very happy but most of them look over tired and over worked. When I made my choice to leave I spoke with one member of staff who had worked 60 hours a week for months and was only salaried to 37 hours. This place is so badly run that some of the departments lack what they need to provide a service that is expected, the manager of each department has to ask for what they need then this needs to be approved by higher managment (these are never approved and they end up getting stuff t
Prossome of the staff are really nice and i just felt so sorry for them
Consthe two top managers need replaced
Kids Coach | West Yorkshire | 22 May 2019
Amazing workplace but has some faults. - Kids team member
The job is an amazing job to do although it has some issues. As a Kids team member, the wage is amazing you are being paid for what you do. I enjoy the split shifts it means I can relax or get some university work done in between shifts. I love the fact we get free membership to the gym it has really helped me personally! Being able to do a job where you can pick up many extra's is brilliant it gives you the opportunity to do what you want when you want (other than your set contracted hours). There are so many things as a kids coach you can do from creche to parties so every day is not the same. The management is amazing and really help you out although sometimes they are too busy and it can be frustrating when you just want their help or attention. I really enjoy working in the creche or on lunch and swim at the holiday club as you get to socialise with the children in a more caring way. In creche, you can play and teach them things that they may want whereas in lunch and swim you can discuss how their days have been and really listen to how they feel about their swimming lesson instead of having to get on with the lesson plan. It is nice to let the children know you want to hear what they are doing or what they have had fun doing. I'm not too keen on parties as I feel there is a lack of training for them. Parties can make you feel uncomfortable especially when you are unsure about what the party is until about an hour before when you are setting up. T
ProsFree membership, Decent wage, Good breaks, You earn your holidays, Make a difference to childrens lives
ConsCommunication, Parties.
Lifeguard | Weybridge | 19 Oct 2018
Not welcoming at all looks can be deceiving
Two faced managers and lying of how good the company is a regular occurrence, promises of expansion and job opportunities but these are generally false promises for most. The department managers/directors should be ashamed of theirselves for the treatment of its staff. It’s very clicky and the office lot often order pizza and coffee and don't allow any other departments to join in or bond. Senior Managers can't do a simple rota which leave alot of very unhappy staff plus they will manipulate the rota to suit their personal lives and whats is best for there "Friends and Favorites" so we suffer. Managers are self-obsessed with hitting unrealistic targets and the workers suffer, if you say something you are singled out and attacked like a pack of wolfs and you are and will be made out to be a liar at any costs.Management bangs on about how the rules need to be stuck too, yet they are the ones who bend the rules to please people. The help you receive is laughable at best and if it doesn't suit them then it simply doesn't happen. Don't be fooled into thinking you have opportunities to progress in the company, these are held for managers "friends" and some roles are filled with people who are clearly not suited for the role. They promised so much but only delivered disappointment. Always being give more and more but not allowed any help. ( only get help if your one of the hand picked) they take and take and take and will give nothing back not even a thank you. They ta
ProsFree membership but too tired to use them
Consthe place is a con
Physiotherapist | England | 15 May 2014
Physiotherapist Assistant
Part Time (20 Hours per week) Assessment of orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries. Treating clients with agreed treatment regimes and clinic guidelines. Progressive treatment of the client and maintaining therapeutic relationship with the clients. One to one application and instruction of progressive and safe rehabilitation exercises. Personal training one to one of clients taking into consideration of their capabilities and progression. Deliver superior level of Customer service satisfaction for clients receiving treatment and rehabilitation advice. Referring clients to recommended health practitioners, when required. Seek guidance from other health professionals such as doctors and head physiotherapist regarding client progress and reporting changes. Maintaining the administrative duties within the clinic, keeping confidential and concise electronic and paper records. Maintaining a clean and safe environment, with all equipment working sufficiently. Responsible for maintaining health and safety in the gym through monitoring of equipment maintenance contracts,regular equipment checks and teaching physiotherapists to ensure competence to use the gym equipment. Undertook routine and general light cleaning/tidying tasks within departmental clinical areas. Undertook administrative tasks particularly related to record keeping, filing, supplies, errands and message taking in consultation with physiotherapy staff. Continually reassess patients in order to progress tre
Sales Consultant | United Kingdom | 28 Feb 2017
I worked at David LLoyd for just over a year in their sales department. A typical day involved answering voicemails and emails, touring appointments around the club, touring walk ins around the club and signing up members. On top of this I was required as a 'non-negotiable' to set at least 2 appointments each day and complete a minimum of 18 meaningful sales calls. There were other non negotiables but I can't remember what they were as I took no notice of them. (Most) management struggled to comprehend that setting appointments, completing calls and signing up new members depended on a lot of factors (price, location, time, motivation, product etc) therefore if I wasn't successful I felt as though I was seen as not good enough. If I was successful it wasn't because I was doing anything different, it was usually down to membership being right for that person at that time. (Most) management don't care about their members, they simply cared about the numbers on the board. Success was barely recognised. Very little care sorrounding the exhausted and under appreciated worker. I was never encouraged to take my breaks and, at times, I was asked to come in on my day(s) off. If i declined, which at times I did, I wasn't seen as a team player. Days off felt few and far between. I was expected to work most weekends and would normally have a routine similar to something like one day off on Monday and one day off on Thursday. My work space was appaling with limited space and poor-quali
Pros40% discount at club room, free memebership.
ConsLong hours, under valued
Chef | Warrington | 29 Oct 2015
very poor indeed .
Lack of communication and understanding from management ,no lunch breaks ,not enough staff ,very poor working conditions , over worked for very poor wages , and sometimes wrong pay is given because lack of care .Very fast turn over of staff because to many managers not understand what is needed to become a manager .The customers do not come first like is advised at the interview and the feeling of being used is felt from most staff who are frightened to speak up because they need a job All staff are under paid and over worked , and it is so sad to think of this lovely building and top class facilities being run by very un happy staff who most want to leave after a few days when they see just what goes on .I feel so sorry because if people were paid a decent wage , they would be able to build a great team who would feel appreciated and i feel sure this would have a tremendous affect on the staff moral .Never time for lunches or breaks , which in my eyes is a must , if only to get away from the working enviroment , it would help staff feel much better . I was offered a free membership when i worked there and for all the time i was there i was far too tired , i crawled out of work , having had no lunch and feeling far to tired to even go for a swim . drastic , changes need to happen and you must think very hard before taking on a role here . some very nice people work at the David Lloyd , but very few know that in the big wide world they will be respected more and cared for whe
Prosfree membership, but to tired to use it
Consthis is not a fun place to work
Personal Trainer | Heston | 26 Dec 2019
Don't let the brand name fool you
DL Heston was the first one to open back in 1982, and it's a shame it has been left to deteriorate while the brand brag about opening new clubs. The standards are complained about daily by members yet as staff, all you can do is pass it on to the relevant managers. Started up as a personal trainer and stayed for a very short time due to the lies fed during the interview, poor and sometimes rude management with a tendency to be on a power trip. The gym has low standards, for example the lack of light in the gym should call for safety concerns, it seems impossible for those in charge to change a light bulb. The rent fee is too high for such a gym and not justified with the lack of support and interference of building your own business as this is a self employed role. Salary is uncapped, which means you do have the potential to make a huge earning, but this location makes that more difficult than it should be. The members can be very nice, you can build great relationships with them and it is extremely rewarding to help those who seek it. Some members can be questionable, as with any place open to the general public but it seems the club simply tolerates misbehaviour, as banning or questioning members means a loss in business, this has led to a mix of a good and bad culture within the club, definitely not a prestigious one anymore. It makes it harder to pick up clients when the members speak about how they are fed up with the club too. This is the unfortunate truth of

Questions and answers about David Lloyd Leisure

If you were to leave David Lloyd Clubs, what would be the reason?
Asked 26 Mar 2017
Passive-aggressive management
Answered 29 Apr 2021
Gained a new manager for the department who changed my role and I received a lot less hours went from getting £500-700 a month to £200-250 a month
Answered 21 Oct 2020
What is the interview process like at David Lloyd Clubs?
Asked 3 May 2017
Was invited to a recruitment day, the staff running it was not professional at all! Awful recruitment process as we had silly activities to do, which included delivering poorly planned and out dated session plans. Manager running it seemed to have little clue about the job advertised and constantly talked about how she was able to enforce rules and behaviour through body language, which I didn't think was very professional. She openly shared no CV's were actually read prior to the day, or planning to be read which was obvious from other candidates. 6 people including myself was shortlisted and guaranteed an interview, which wasn't followed through with. Staff were not friendly and seemed to look down on you, and basically treated us like we were 6 year olds. Overall gave me a really bad view on the company as a whole, would not recommend this at all, unless you like being belittled and lied to. People running departments like this is why coaching is looked downed on and why it isn't classed as a profession as they let anyone with no experience or qualifications work for them.
Answered 19 Jun 2019
You don’t get an interview, you have to do an assessment so they gather 30 people together in a room and you have to work as a group. The first activity was your space ship has crashed and you need to list the most important objects to the least. After that you write down everything you know about DL, why you want to work there, what are the benefits of working there and you also do this as a group. If you get through wasting 2 hours of your life then they’ll contact you for a job trial THEN you’ll get an interview seems a waste of time if people are desperate for a job.
Answered 4 Jun 2019
What should you wear to an interview at David Lloyd Leisure?
Asked 7 Apr 2017
Smart clothing. Also make sure you ask questions and development and how you’re supported to be successful
Answered 20 Jan 2019
Suits would be the best option presenting yourself professionally
Answered 12 Sept 2018
What would you suggest David Lloyd Clubs management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 26 Mar 2017
Be more supportive in developing staff.
Answered 2 Apr 2021
Get new Management in the Swindon one.. They don’t deal with bullies, they have their favourites, they undervalue two of the most important parts of the club, which is Kitchen and Crèche.. Management don’t help when it is busy. Lots of staff have left recently because of the way the club is run.
Answered 14 Nov 2019
What is the David Lloyd Leisure employee discount?
Asked 14 Mar 2017
One free membership for yourself and another free membership for friends and family. 50% off food and beverage for yourself and family eating or drinking with you.
Answered 2 Apr 2020
50% off f&b, discount off gym clothing, free membership
Answered 28 Jan 2020