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Administrative Officer | Matlock | 31 Oct 2018
Great work/life balance- impossible to get rid of bad staff
If you're looking for a job that's overpaid and in which you don't have to have business acumen this is the right place. A lot of the staff here have been here for a long time, and as such are protected from redundancy or losing their jobs- irrespective of if their skills or knowledge contribute to a well-run and efficient council. In my time here I have seen people in high-paid roles who haven't adopted modern approaches to systems or communication. The entire workforce lacks knowledge of technology and has consequently created an organised that doesn't utilise best practice and systems which are money saving. I would happily say the organisation is around 5 years behind other councils. I have seen fixed-term employees which have demonstrated gigantic savings and proved their worth ten-fold be dismissed due to limited funding. There is a 2 year cut off for fixed terms contracts, as after this point employees need to be made permanent. So any new talent that comes in to the organisation doesn't usually stick. Management are generally professional and offered a lot of training which makes dealing with HR matters easy. The organisation as a whole is empathetic towards sickness and has a good knowledge of mental heath in its employees. Unfortunately I have seen many examples of where this has been exploited by individuals, and overall the sickness within the organisation is exceptionally high. Team morale within the council is good and working with departments
ProsFlexi-time, salary, pension
ConsProgression, no strategic thinking
Early Years Educator | United Kingdom | 8 Sept 2013
A good school with prospects
I tend to arrive at school at 7:30am, make sure my classroom is prepared for the children and the brief my two teaching assistants and two apprentices. The school day is extrememly busy and unpredictable, the children definatly keep you on your toes. Lunch is a quick half an hour and then back to the afternoon children. I am extremely flexible as you never know what will happen when working with young children. I have been in teaching six years and I have learnt that no one day will ever be the same. That all children & adults deserve to be treat as individuals and everyone deserves a chance to voice their opinions. I have learnt that working well in a team and having good communication skills so everyone feels valued makes an extremely happy working environment. I believe that if you are part of the management team then you need to make sure all the people working for you know that you are there for them and that they can rely on you for support and guidance. As manager of my Nursery I always keep in contact with my staff and we go out for a meal once a month as a way of relaxing outside work. I feel that they know they can ask for my help in anyway. The hardest part of my job is saying goodbye to the children when they move up to their new class. I always build a strong relationship with every child in my care and it never gets easier saying goodbye. The paperwork side to being a teacher is extremely heavy and you dont very often get a very good work/life balanc
ProsThe children, collegues, holidays
ConsHeavy paperwork, long hours
Welder | Chesterfield | 20 May 2018
the best work place ever, NOT
Had the worst 4 years of my life came on as a joiner was used as labour ( just go and do thst) and due to management being top heavy there’s never enough work men for the job! This is only a job for you if you have 2 years of your working life left! And don’t want to do anything other than visit a few broken handles and drink tea! By far the most unprofessional firm going I don’t even know how there still open! Most of the men don’t care so the work they produce is terrible but they can’t see it from there house so it’s okay apparently! No communication so you can end up being sent to a job and it turning into a massive job and your there to do a repair! I just wouldn’t work for dcc all the management care about is there selfs so after 4pm you’ll not see any mangers so most of the time your unsupervised not knowing your head from your bum! So you’ll be expected to work longer hours because of no men and you will get sent to areas that you don’t live in even though there’s depots up there so you’ll be doing 80 odd mile of travel a day and getting up at 5 while someone who lives in that area is doing nothing because of the communication is poor! Just not a nice place to work it’s like being back at school with the back stabbing and things some of the blokes are 40/50 year old and carry off like women. I personally wouldn’t work for Derbyshire County Council even if it was the only job available it’s really that bad so I hope many of you reading this will take a second thought o
ProsWon’t be late getting home
Relief Manager | Ilkeston | 4 Nov 2012
my work
..The day will satrt with hand over this will e a update on all the residents. Then the staff will be informed of there duty for the day, eg who is doing the drinking, breakfast and who will be bathing first. I will check the frige temperture and write it down then do the fire check daily on a wednesday i will do afull fire check of the home. Then I will do my medication after this I will phone any outside angecy if needed eg, doctors, nurses, work men, CPN, care managers or anyone who might be needed. Then i will go round all the residents to make sure they are alright After this I will arrange the activities for the day Most days I will take part in this has well, Dinner time then I will do the mediction again make sur that the food in take chart and fluid in take charts are filled in. After dinner I will go on frame work I and see if any assesments or person centered care plans need updating if they do I will do them. Plus lots lots more. ..I have leant a lot and this is the job I need to do for life it being a Deputy or Manager .. I feel he has got me to were I can be now it is time to move on has the home is closing and I need a new Job because of this ..When the residents pass away if they go into hospital and I dont get the chase to carry out there wishes if they have said they would like to pass away at the home I work at. ... When I walk in and the residents are happy to see me always making them smile and looking after my staff.
Prosgetting good feed back from the staff, residents and families
Consnot having a full contact
Business Support | Derbyshire | 9 Apr 2018
Loved ever day of it, although it was short lived (temp role)
Receiving details from variours sectors regarding the safety of children. Directing this information to different departments for the children and their families to be given the correct support. I learned that many families need support through no fault of their own, at some time, through out their lives. I also learnt how to manage the heart breaking details that was received. Some of the details that the office received was heart breaking and you are left wondering "what sort of person can do that to a child". The workplace culture was abit different to the private sector, a different pace. This role was more about details and conversing with different departments, and making the correct outcome possible for the families in question. The hardest part of this job was the leaving, this role was a temporary role. I loved having, even if it was a small input towards the safety of younger ones. Supporting the Health and Social workers with the admin duties. Like many places its the people within the work force that make your day enjoyable. Every signal one of them made you feel that you belonged and nothing was too much trouble for them. You may have received some very disturbing details regarding a child's safety, which brings you to the point of tears. You had many a shoulder to cry on, or a pair of arms to give you a hug.
ProsSupporting families in need
ConsTemporary role
Community Care Worker | Ilkeston | 3 Jul 2019
Chaotic Disorganised
Initially no induction given No training or mentor provided People who were permanent were treated better given respect even though we’re office based due To misconduct in the community Hard work was over looked and no recognition given for going the extra mile Felt left out and disrespected by management didn’t acknowledged me on a daily basis Members of staff who were long term were given special treatment were disrespectful to agency workers undermining hard work and talking down to us but management ignored this and I felt targeted because I raised my concerns. No reconistuo. For hard work or valued the time given ti family’s in need more didn’t consider the family’s who were benefiting from passionate community care workers Treat agency workers as disposal not considering there staff who are based in the office due to misconduct to be in the wrong Making life difficult for staff who were prepared to go the extra mile for families Yet manager spoke about keeping staff on to develop a good work ethos but allowed managers to treat CCW with disrespect, one of the Mangers favoured Male workers over female it as one of my worst experiences I. Regards to chaotic disorganised an management was awful In dealing with concerns raised
ProsYour on laptop
ConsLot of work after 5
Caretaker | Chesterfield | 7 Dec 2017
Mobile Caretaker Part Time
Worked split shifts usually between 7 am to 7 pm, with some occasional unsocial hours. Bear in mind the shift patterns were liable to change at very short notice and you had to provide your own means of transportation. Car drivers are paid a small travel allowance , which never really seemed to cover the total costs including the upkeep & wear/tear of your car, as you can be expected to cover quite a number of miles within a radius of base, which can add up over the course of a month. Completing your own time and mileage sheets is very frustrating and time consuming to say the least. There were no problems that I can remember regarding booking time off like holidays. Being employed for a number of years with the council the holiday entitlement seemed to me to be quite generous. As I earned 35 days plus bank holidays on top of this. The job was fairly secure but there didn't appear to be much room for advancement. I didn't feel that there was any support from my managers with regards to bettering myself within the council. Work colleagues, there is some very nice people and some not so nice people but this can be the case wherever you choose to work.
ProsGood holiday entitlement & weekends off
ConsShift patterns kept changing at short notice & no access to company vehicle.
Community Care Worker | Amber Valley | 30 Jan 2013
No two days are the same, Mondays could start at 7am and be full of medical emerency's and hospital addmissions, where as Tuesday maybe quiet and straight forward and i am able to follow a careplan to the latter. You could meet 1 new person in a week or 10 new people remembering to address people in a proffessional respectful manner at all times , My co-workers are a part of a professional team i work within i find them very easy to work with and to approach if there is a problem that needs to be discussed about a client. although it is very rare that we work together as this is community care. Management are supportive organised and professional. the hardest part of my job has to be the many changes that have occured and getting the clients to understand that now we are unable to do things that are not in a care plan or administor meds if thay are not part of there day to day schedual, Not having the same client often and there being the issues of when an emergency arises not having the details that are required due to being moved about daily.The most enjoyable part of my day is knowing that i have been able to make a difference to someones day, and them saying thank you.
Prosfree training
Consno set hours, or regular clients.
Social Worker | England | 6 Apr 2015
fun and productive
A typical day at work comprises of home visits, meetings, 1-1 work with children re: behaviour modification. I developed new working relationship with families and different skills on daily because not all families are not the same. There are different management styles and having a good manager is important to my role in order that I could impact the families in a positive way. I also important to have a good team and support around me when we are dealing with difficult cases. I am also a good team player. The hardest part of my job was to see a family lives have been changed from negative to be positive. Especially, when you see then struggling to find money to buy uniform and provide lunch money for their children. The most enjoyable part of my job was to see families lives have been change where they may have experienced difficulties to obtained a new accommodation. For example, where they have experienced homelessness. I supported them to find new accommodation by working with housing department, school and other agencies to obtained the right accommodation to assist the families.
Prosgood pension
Conssome long hours
Surveyor | Matlock | 9 Jul 2016
Personally very dissapointing.
After 7 years of employment, I was very sad to leave my colleagues. Management very poor from Principal Surveyors upwards, massive blame culture has started as people are worried about job security and unfortunately it starts at the top. If your face fits you will rise to the top, if you speak out, your sure to fail. Staff moral at an all time low and it shows, the workers are suffering while management milk the system for their own benefit. Expected to be RICS or CIOB but principals get away with BA Hons. Penny pinching for the smallest of things and wasting millions. They want to compete with private sector, the staff are capable but management hold them back with their lack of knowledge in the real world. So much expected from you with so little in return. You see management sloping off for the afternoon leaving the workers on the ground to cover for them. Flexitime offered as a perk to subsidise poor pay but frowned upon if used. Pleased to be away from the place.
ProsAmazing team surveyors with good knowledge.
ConsExtreamily poor management, low moral, poor pay

Questions and answers about Derbyshire County Council

What is the interview process like at Derbyshire County Council?
Asked 21 Mar 2017
Most positions have already been allocated, and interviews are for the sake of appearances
Answered 28 May 2021
Rigorous. There is always a lot of competition for jobs and the standards of getting tougher every year.
Answered 5 Feb 2018
Can you work remotely at Derbyshire County Council?
Asked 13 Nov 2020
Very limited, office roles, not front line care
Answered 28 May 2021
Not in a Care home
Answered 30 Mar 2021
What is the school environment and culture like?
Asked 4 Jun 2017
It's nice. The teaching staff are so friendly
Answered 1 Sept 2021
Positive and educational
Answered 19 Sept 2018
How did you get your first interview at Derbyshire County Council?
Asked 30 May 2019
Through someone who worked there.
Answered 4 Feb 2022
DCC website application
Answered 21 Jan 2020
How do you feel about the future of Derbyshire County Council?
Asked 14 Oct 2018
There isn’t one
Answered 13 Nov 2020
The early help restructure will leave vulnerable children more vulnerable. Strain on Social Care too.
Answered 19 Jul 2019