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Behavioral Specialist | West Midlands | 7 Jan 2016
Would Recommend to behaviour analyst
A lot of support for career development (free BCBA supervision) you are able to keep up to date with legislation (e.g. DoLs) and best practice (ABAF, independent supervision as part of normal working hours). The head of behaviour support is knowledge and able to give practical advice. The whole behaviour support team are very approachable. There is emphasis given on career development and interest given to external projects you might be working on (such as publishing papers). You often see upper management come into services. There are alot of platforms given to the people being supported a voice and some good events (disco, parties, sports day, cookery classes) which help the people we support network, gain skills and socialise. Dimensions is a company that gives its employees a chance to work there way up (support workers become assistants, become managers etc), there are many departments (IT, HR, housing, PR) which peoples career can blossom in. Theres are alot of benefits such as the employee assistance programme, sickness incentive bonus, Aspire programme. Dimensions is a not for profit and puts its surplus back into the company and employees (yearly cash bonus in May if the company reaches its target). There's never a dull moment, but that also means that you need to be able to demonstrate the core values (integrity, courage, ambition, respect, partnership) at all times. The role requires you to be able to keep on top of alot of critical matt
ProsSee review
ConsEmotional situations, (but a good support system), a lot of driving, (typical for a behaviour analyst)
Support Worker | Derby | 9 Jan 2013
i enjoy being with the people i support.but feel that its time for me to move on and have achange in jobs
started work at 8am this mornning.supporting agirl with aurtism and chellenging behaver.support her to wash all her pot and she wiped them and put them away.ran her bath as she was in her pjs when i arrived and needs to get dress,check the temp of her water befor she got in.ask her to have her bath then support her to get dress and make her aware if her clothes we on the right way.i then moved on to my next job at 10am support a young girl with down sydrom to go to the bank to get some money out so she could go and have her hair cut.then i suported her to go and book ashow that she wants to go to.took her for some lunch.then back home to do all of her banking .support her to havbath and put clean clthes on as she had all hair down her back.suport to put the washer on with her clothes that wanted washing.then i was on the house from 3pm to 7pm with all the other girls that share the house as there are 5 of them.support each girl to cook there tea.then to give them there medecation.update all there files.make them all aware that they have to make sure the house is left clean and tidy.write out there daily logs .ring care link to let them no when i am leaving and to let them no that the girls are now on there own as i finish at 7pm.there are some days that dont go to well and i have to sit with the person and reasure them that everything is ok.i also do there reviews.doctor app.hospital app.i learn to take each day as it comes as the next day is never the same.the job is working
Prosthere s no pros with this job
Consand also no cons
Support Worker | King's Lynn | 2 May 2022
Can be a lovely place to work with some amazing people
Dimensions is an equal opportunities employer. They do not discriminate and will take into account any disabilities an applicant may have. They provide a wealth of online training and prepare anyone taking on the role exceptionally well. The role itself is a complex one, as any job working with individuals with learning difficulties can be. No two days are the same and the role encompasses supporting people with all activities they may need to do in their daily life. This can be anything from personal care and housework, to taking supported people on a holiday. The staffing team at ground level are amazing and very supportive - they work hard and always go above and beyond to help when they can, however the management have their hands tied on various issues, seeming unable to make decisions alone, as there is a vast hierarchy and it often can feel as if the support workers are at the bottom of a very tall tree, where issues cannot (or will not) reach the level where they can be efficiently and productively dealt with, but are expected to cope in any eventuality as "this is part of the job". In an emergency situation, management are often unavailable to staff dealing with what can be a very upsetting and stressful time and staff can be "asked" to cover shifts at very short notice, being made to feel exceptionally uncomfortable should they refuse. Rarely, management do actually assist with major issues, and when they do, they do this well...but this is exceptionally rare a
Locality Manager | Suffolk | 30 Nov 2021
A great place to work and develop your skills and clear pathway to success
I worked for Dimensions for over 5 years now. First joined as an agency support worker in 2011. Joined the organisation as a relief support worker, met and worked with some amazing individuals. Helped and supported them to achieve their goals. I was recognised for the great work I have done. Made me wanted to do more. I stepped up as an Acting up assistant locality manger. Enrolled to Aspire as well as actively engage in staff forum. Dimensions recognised Unison and work with the Union together. This is one of the best opportunities for staff voice their matters and Organisation do listen and adopt. One of the best things about Dimensions. I had many opportunities, offers to develop my skills. Action Learning sets when i was an ALM. opened doors to step up again to work as an Acting up Locality Manager. Organisation create an opportunity in order to develop further and I am now working as a Locality manager. Dimensions involve fast, learn lessons from mistakes and move fast. One of the best places I recommend to work. If you give 10% of your own time to your personal development there is 100% opportunity to further develop your career within the organisation. My advise is be hungry and be prepared to go above and beyond you can be anyone you want in the organisation. Pros : Staff forum, staff recognition, staff appreciation budget for managers to use, Yearly pay negotiation with Organisation and Union, Flexible hours, diversity within roles, welcome and recognition, safe
ProsPaid holiday, long service award, Union recognition, sick pay, staff benefits
ConsUse of new systems need good knowledge in IT, Long hours, over time rate is not great, relief and bank staff wages are not great, required to take individuals in own vehicles, require business insurance if you are travelling from one place to another.
Support Worker | Earley | 24 Oct 2018
An Utterly Disorganised & Chaotic Environment
Dimensions are quite easily up there with the very worst care providers I have had the misfortune to work for. I really don't know where to start. The bulk of their "training" (I use that word very loosely) is PC based and to say their archaic system is flawed with constant bugs and glitches is being over generous. The reality is they appear to be using a mainframe linked to a ZX Spectrum! There are also endless volumes of paperwork and box ticking that no other care company I've come across would ever require. As instead workers should be focused on the people we support not spending half a shift needlessly documenting and letting actual care slide. As for the staff well for the most part my colleagues were decent and hard working. However that was obviously on the ground level, when you got any higher things were an utter shambles with no clear direction or management seeming to have a clue what they were doing. You could literally turn up on shift and be expected to know your daily routine which would more often than not change at the last minute. This was due to sheer management incompetence and a level of disorganization that beggars belief. You also had lower tier admin staff who seemed to think they were management and attempted to order care staff around like they were children which is obviously a very unprofessional and unpleasant way to motivate staff. This kind of thing is what I imagine caused so much bad feeling and resentment among my colleague
ProsThe people we support
ConsPretty much everything
Support Worker | Weymouth | 20 Aug 2020
Supportive, collaborative and fulfilling
I have worked for Dimensions for 8 years and thoroughly enjoy my job. Each day I strive for the best for the people that I support. I truly believe that you get out of work what you put into it, when you're supporting wonderful people how could you not give it your all! Dimensions gives you the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives and will support you to work collaboratively with families and other professionals. Person centred care is top priority at Dimensions, I've always been encouraged to put people first and to help people to achieve their goals. Dimensions have always appreciated my work and my manager tells me this on a regular basis. My managers have always been there for advice, support or even just a chat, they are very busy people but even if I haven't seen them for a while in person they will call and text regularly. I have had the opportunity to go on training courses, completed diplomas and learned many new skills. My opinion has always been heard, situations may not always have gone the way that I would have preferred but my opinion was taken into account and I was listened to, I understand you can't always have it your way. My team is fantastic - supportive, kind and caring. We look after each other and learn together, sure there are times that we may disagree but we're professionals (and adults) so we talk about it and compromise. My advice to anyone thinking of joining is DO IT! Remember that your actions make the biggest difference t
ProsCollaberation, fun, inspiring, friendly, kind, caring, partnership, training, person centred
ConsAs with all health and social care jobs the pay isn't the highest but the job satisfaction is!
Support Worker | Crowthorne | 19 Aug 2020
Great company
I have really enjoyed working for Dimensions so far. We do as it says on the tin, we support vulnerable people in any way which they may need from helping them do the laundry to cooking for/with them. I haven’t been working long but so far have really enjoyed my work an always arrive to work excited to start and feeling accomplished and valued after finishing work. I have learnt so much and still have so much more to learn. I have enjoyed getting to know the guys that we support and also learning how the company works inline with the correct standards. My management have been great and have always been there when I have needed them and have answered all questions I have needed. They have helped me with training and understanding what I needed to do and have paired me up with the appropriate member of staff to help me develop more and fit in well. Some days can be tough with the guys especially at the beginning trying to work out how bst to support the guys and getting to know them but once you have done that it gets a bit easier. Especially at the moment it can be tricky to keep the guys busy and entertained through out this all but you come up with ways which is very rewarding. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing what difference you make to the guys we support and also getting to know them as people. It is a very rewarding job to do and with great support with management. This job has been great to learn and is very rewarding and fun with lots of support from thos
ProsValued, great support from management
Support Worker | United Kingdom | 28 Mar 2019
Appalling company.. discriminated against for disabilities I don't even have!! Do not apply
This company is a joke. I was FIRED for not meeting my probationary period requirements. That requirement being that I didn't tell them about disabilities I have.. AND IM NOT EVEN DISABLED! APPARENTLY those 'disabilities' weren't working for them. Refused to pay my redundancy payment for two months, lied to me about wages. Not to mention fired me for things that were Petty and what's worse is it's not even things I did, it's things those I supported did. Was verbally assulted by another staff member who kept her job whilst I lost mine.. management rude and corrupt. Remove the victim of a situation so they don't have to deal with the problems it caused. Incident reports get ignored. Training is god awful and all on a computer. if you leave, they won't provide you with any kind of references at all.. not even worth applying for them in this instance alone. HR team refuses to discuss anything with me about probation being ended and say I only had one week after I left to do so.. which is basically no time at all! Honestly look elsewhere these people are more than happy to ruin you career in support work. Management staff haven't done a days care work in their life and have no idea how stressful the job can actually be. Take you for granted and offer no support to you whatsoever. Other employees lie about you after your shadowing, to make you look bad. You either stay quiet as a mouse and do as told,or get fired for standing up for those you work with to support. Disgusting
ProsGood hours
ConsEverything else is appalling.. discriminatory company.
Support Worker | Portsmouth | 21 Jan 2020
Awful, disgusting and horrifying company to work for.
I worked at Dimensions for less than six months and the entire time it was appalling. The staff are grossly underpaid for the work they are forced to carry out, with no therapy (physical or mental) provided to ensure their staff continue to stay fit, and healthy and safe. The training, or lack of, is shocking for a company that works with vulnerable people who have very specific needs. I did two shadow shifts before being thrown straight into the deep end with no training certificates such as manual handling, sling training, first aid etc. In fact the first full shift I did I was thrown straight into one on one care for a woman with absolutely no idea what I was meant to be doing. I'm ashamed that I worked for this company, they have such little morals that they will hire ANYONE. Experience or not. Training or not. Compassion or not. They are more than willing to put one member of full time staff with an agency worker, rather than ensuring they have constant members of staff with knowledge of their clients needs. They expect the main worked to take all responsibility for the entire day and needs as the agency worker can only be expected to do as they are told. I do not recommend this company in the slightest, nor do I recommend placing your loved ones in their care. I left as I realised the job, work and company were not for me and I did not want the legal fall out if anything were to go wrong under my watch as I had still yet to complete my training.
Support Worker | Sheffield | 24 Oct 2016
So impressed
Dimensions really excelled in my expectations. They were always supportive of their employees and the service users, and I was utterly devastated to have had to have left the job suddenly for personal reasons. My line manager at the time was even very sympathetic towards the reason of me leaving, and without that sympathy I would have struggled to have coped as a whole. The company itself proved to be at the heart of everything they stood for - both in supporting us as employees, as well as what the people we supported wanted from us - and I really admired and appreciated them for that. As for the line of work, it was an absolute joy. Personal care, companionship care, and general day to day tasks felt a lot more gratifying knowing you were serving a greater purpose. The fact it was for a company I felt proud to work for helped! The ladies I supported were lovely; some of them were real characters who made the work entertaining at times! Probably the only downside is that if you struggle to handle challenging/repetitive behaviours, you may not enjoy this line of work. Hours are often very long, some of them being 12 hours a day, but for this line of work it is completely justified. If you're passionate about care/support work and are looking for a reputable company to work for, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dimensions.
ProsGratifying work, supportive/understanding employers, allows for flexibility, has leniency for non-drivers
ConsLong hours, you have to pay for your own travel

Questions and answers about Dimensions UK Ltd

How does someone get hired at Dimensions? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 13 Jun 2017
Website application process, formal interview via telephone call or teams.
Answered 2 May 2022
CRB and references from previous employer
Answered 15 Apr 2021
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Dimensions a better place to work?
Asked 2 Aug 2019
Check your managers are managing well
Answered 11 Apr 2022
Change the internal auditing which favours certain managers
Answered 14 Mar 2022
What is the organisational culture at Dimensions?
Asked 11 Apr 2017
Very top heavy. Senior management earn a fortune. Support workers taken for granted and on just over minimum wage
Answered 25 Dec 2020
Supportive and friendly
Answered 21 Feb 2020
Can you work remotely at Dimensions?
Asked 7 Jun 2020
No you work in people's own homes within your area, supporting them with day to day tasks
Answered 15 May 2022
Yes. Remote work is possible, depending on your role
Answered 10 May 2022
How would you describe the pace of work at Dimensions?
Asked 12 Feb 2020
Relaxed very relaxed.
Answered 15 May 2021
Lovely to work with clients. But not with the management.
Answered 24 Apr 2021