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Assistant | Cumbernauld | 8 Oct 2014
Dreams? how about a reality check
Worked as a driver's assistant down there. In one ear I had a bunch of guys whining about favouritism in regards to shifts and drops and in the other I had a bunch of guys whining like women about temps which they were barely any better than, guys whining about not getting hours, guys whining about getting too many hours, guys whining about the management, putting rumours around about management and drug usage and other nonsense, Some comments were fair, office staff at the time had "reserved" parking spaces, didn't like distro staff coming into THEIR area, abysmal old hat attitude really from office staff which are special in their own little minds. Warehouse staff that sit about and literally do nothing all day. Saw alot of people come and go, alot of sackings for driving misdemeanors. Again favouritism plays its part down there. Seen guys let go for the slightest incident and others sitting on 9 points all gained through driving for Dreams backing their vans up into bollards and management going out of their way to have the van patched up and on the road without the gaffer getting a sniff of it. In regards to the guys, some are as good as it gets. Others, speaking subjectively if I were to put myself in the place of a customer are atrocious. Routinely witnessed guys dropping off and assembling what are thousands of pounds worth of bedding only to paw them with dirty prints, assemble incorrectly, ignore obvious manufacturing faults. On items of that value this is unac
ConsWhiners, backstabbers, uppity office staff, no training, lung cancer
Delivery Driver | Runcorn | 17 Jun 2021
Wouldn’t recommend
I worked at dreams for over a year, started ok then went down hill, my nana passed and I wanted to go the funeral got told of I didn’t turn in I would be disciplined by Julian and other management, if you are in Julian bad books you definitely aren’t going to enjoy your time at dreams, the runs are ridiculous and you get told to get on with it or you will be disciplined I also got accused by a customer saying I did something when I didn’t and I got grilled and took off the road and made to feel like I was loosing my job and my mental health was shattered and got treated like a dog didn’t have a full time partner for over 6 months and if I did have a full timer I was with them for a minimum of a week! Giving you different temps who they don’t even know and just employed for the sake of needing men and it wasn’t very good especially in the pandemic you can’t talk to management over it cause they tell you basically stop moaning and get on with it! Certain people get the easy runs and the rest get left with rubbish and you sometimes don’t finish till 8/9 at night then your back in at 7 recently you have to pick your own runs when you get in and you are out of time window by the time you get to your customers, you can get good pillow talk scores but you get shafted over by management with that also as they don’t like you making more money than they do! You have to wait over 6 weeks for a weekend off and they sometimes ask you to work it cause they give other people there holidays
ConsHours, management, runs, vans
Store Manager | United Kingdom | 5 Mar 2020
Talented caring people who utilise potential for company and colleagues
Extremely successful company made out of talented hard working and caring people! Everyone I know is honestly, takes massive ownership and pride to make this business as it is. Pay structure for (Store)management could/should be higher, on the other hand job satisfaction and recognition is in heart of this business so I may moan about higher pay but I have never felt more appreciated and supported in retail by colleagues and bed quarter colleagues. What is different about this company: our Management truly takes in consideration, big time all feedback and concerns, like no where else: in terms of working environment, customers journey, products and future proof ideas. Management knows its people, as people in this company is key to everything so you will need to bring honesty and love not only towards your future but whole company as we all One Dream for better (future and sleep). Hardest job is take honest feedback to better yourself as self development is never easy? But boy, this is more than ordinary job can offer as feedback is always towards expanding our attitude and utilising our full capacity of our mind. In store, where I am based we lift mattresses so pump the muscle, we assemble beds ourselves and disassemble and hover and clean at the same time we take massive pride in job well done. Our daily routine is to serve every customer with Journey: Greet, Offer drink and pillow as this is massively important in case you didn't know for good night sleep and much more! We
ProsGolden Envelopnes, VPC on orders, Incentives, Supportive and caring Managment, Passionate Inspiring Leaders, awesome products, Conferences
ConsBasic / Core pay must be improved and invested into for Store Managers (please)
Driver | Cumbernauld | 25 Feb 2014
dont work there
worked in new Cumbernauld branch, got dismissed for reversing 4-5 feet in a cul d sac and into customers driveway, not a sole about for miles, but guy from down south snooping around at your drops and taking photographs of the street, and not folding your mirrors in when your in customers driveway, also accused of smoking in vehicle when I had witness to state that I was out side vehicle but still got dismissed, still have all paperwork from meetings and appeal letters which still tell you nothing.The guy takes photographs that a 5 year old can take blurry, out of focus, taken through his own car windscreen with the rain beating down, but still no photo of me supposedly smoking in vehicle, worked 6 days a week, long hours starting at 6am and not finishing to 8.30 pm all for single time rates, no lunch unless you eat as your driving, not shown how to build t.v beds, or other beds for that matter,oh the bonus you should get you don't unless all drivers have had no incidents and there has been no problems that month, you will never see your £150 a month bonus. if your looking for a safe and secure job then this is not the job for you, it's all take,take,take and nothing in return you get treated like a stupid 10 year old child, the management if you can call them that need a wake up call, hopefully a visit from down south without warning for a couple of days, if your face fits then your one of the boys if not your out, after being there I would not recommend this company to anyo
Consmanagement only out for themselfs not for staff
Branch Manager | Bristol | 28 Mar 2013
Retailing can be a very rewarding job
Open up-count the cash-open the computer-read emails-floor walk-look through diary.Staff briefing I.e. go through communications and memos,update on week's performance,set targets,to do list,allocate tasks.During course of day-sales floor management-monitoring performance,ensuring customer sale journey followed ,getting involved in the customer advisor's sales,hitting my own personal target,debrief at the end of the day.Other daily activities will include customer service issues,routine administration and usually in the week days, training ,coaching ,reviewing performance and action planning. What I have learned- I am highly experienced-when I took over my last Dreams store I was given a set of keys.an alarm code,drove to the store,opened up and off I went-in retailing the products may change but the principles remain the same-the skills I have acquired mean I could go into any retailing operation and hit the ground running. Management-set what goals you need to achieve and implement SMART actions to reach them I.e. Specific,Measurable.Agreed,Relevant and Time scale.Monitor and review performance , train and coach accordingly.I do everything I can to make a member of staff succeed in their job however if they cannot obtain the required standard you have to let them go. Co-workers-I have worked with lots of people-I have found if you are friendly,helpful and take a genuine interest in that person you will have a good working relationship. Hardest part of job-I would not say an
Prosyou can get a real sense of achievement
Consthe hours are long and unsociable but the pros out way the cons
Sales Advisor | Bournemouth | 12 Jan 2019
Better than most unspecialized jobs out there
I applied for a part-time position shortly after starting uni to provide for myself while studying at the same time. I started with barely any sales experience whatsoever, and everything I would need to know for my job was covered in the 12-week induction period. In my experience the job was fairly flexible and the store manager would cater to my uni timetable when possible. For 11 months of the year the job is not particularly demanding, and the atmosphere on the store-level is very relaxed and team-oriented(coming from a newer, smaller, quieter store than most). You earn commission on sales on top of the national living wage, which can add up to a very good salary, if you're a quick learner. Even though the company has a preferred sales template ('The Journey'), you're free to do it your own way as long as you get the results. The retail roadshows hosted to introduce new product ranges can be fun (if you like loud noises, air horns and cheering), and all travel/accommodation expenses are covered, as long as you follow due process. You also get a good staff discount. There is a distinct disconnect between Head Office and the store level. Although head office are open about company-wide sales, delivery and factory figures, I don't really get the impression that management clearly know (or sometimes care) what actually happens in practice. Legitimate issues can be seen as a poor excuse or not even be noted at all. The quiet times in store can be very mind-numbing - the
ProsLow pressure environment with good earning potential
Conssubpar co-operation between different parts of the company
Sales Advisor | Scotland | 10 Feb 2022
A miserable, toxic environment with weak remuneration and job satisfaction.
When i first started with Dreams the company was an excellent place to work. The development of employees was actively encouraged; the commission structure was good, and management was competent and approachable. Upon my leaving the company had returned to the same cliquey toxic workplace that it had been many years ago and then overcame. Management are largely simply trying to advance up the career ladder so can often make decisions which do not make sense at all and may also end up result in staff being blamed for management's poor management skills. Bullying and toxic workplace behaviour was rampant in every store i worked in during my career and is largely ignored by management - particularly when it comes to shop favourites. There are no longer any valid options for personal development or progression as management don't promote staff to management in the same store they had been working in already - meaning the already limited chance of acquiring an internal promotion may mean having to move half way across the country. The commission structure has repeatedly been changed to the point that there is now very limited opportunity to make good commission compared to the same earned in competitors. The company is also focused on simplifying the role to the point that staff now recieve very little technical training as to the knowledge of and technique of selling beds and mattresses. The company now expects that staff use machines which do all the recommendations for custom
ProsIncentives during promotional periods
ConsPoor management Toxic work place politics Poor commission structure
Team Member | North East | 11 Jan 2019
One Team one Goal.....and lots of tea.
I have been with Dreams for about a year now and although had some initial challenges around the induction process, which I found disjoined compared to other companies I have worked for. Now I am settled in to my role I find working here a pleasure. I don't ever have that dread going to work feeling after a day off and I find that the Directorship have a clear vision of what they want for the business, this feeds down in the most part to the sales floor, which gives Dreams a one team one goal feel. I would recommend Dreams as an employer as I feel that the business cares about it's employees and treats them fairly. Pay is fair but could be a touch better for Store Managers as they seem to have less opportunity to increase there income than the rest of the sales team and always seem to be knee deep in admin. Obviously this is a sales environment and this can add a certain amount of pressure to the job however I personally feel that this is handled in a fair way and my manager challenges me to do my best and improve my performance, whilst making me find my own solutions this doesn't make it feel condescending. Working hours are good my shift is my shift there is no extra unpaid hours, if you do work extra you get paid or time lieu, Awesome!! Work/life balance is also spot on we had a few days off before Christmas as the store was closed, back in on boxing day for sale but you didn't mind because you had time with your family pre Christmas, You can have a drink whenever
ProsFair sales targets and commission structure, good work life balance, lots of tea :)
ConsCan be slow at times and you can only dust so much.
Driver Assistant | Runcorn | 28 Jun 2019
Drop you like a hot potato
Extremely poor management right from the very top down. Employees just have given up with offering their suggestions as management are completely not interested. Very hard labour for low pay. Month by month job gets more difficult as management demand more and more. Every driver I worked with are seeking new employment. Dreams are hemorrhaging staff at an unbelievable level, 13 full time staff in six months have left for other employment as a result. As the old saying goes, "people don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad management"! I was there for 7/8 weeks something like that as drivers assistant I was liked by all employees and had fantastic feedback from customers. One day whilst out on the road my manager called me and asked would I like to work my day off which I accepted, only to realise an hour later I couldn't as i remembered I had an appointment that day and had to visit my GP to receive my medical history as I needed it urgently, so when I told my manager I couldn't work the next day his answer was, well, you have committed to it so if you don't turn in then you're no longer required!! So, basically when I told him at 5pm, between him and the agency, who's job it is to find a replacement, don't think 14 hours notice is sufficient!? Well, I said my goodbyes and best of luck as you're gonna need it. Now I completely understand how they go through staff, and very good staff like a hot blade through butter. Stay clear folks as your time is precious so don't waste it on
ProsSome lovely scenery when out in Wales.
ConsBad management, no two days off together, badly organised, if you're a nice person you'll be exploited, too many to mention
Store Manager | Southend-on-Sea | 22 Jan 2020
Great Culture with a Supportive Mangement Team
Working for Dreams is a breath of Fresh Air. They are always celebrating success of their employees which makes you feel valued and allows you to perform at your best. Yes it's a sales job so there are targets that need to be hit, but through coaching from your manager, you are given all the tools you need to succeed. With technology like the SleepMatch, this not only helps you work out the right firmness, it will also suggest a selection of beds for the customer. This helps create engagement with our customers and shows we do a professional job. The marketing team, along with the Website, do a great job getting customers through our doors and the prices in stores are very competitive in comparison to the competition. You are allowed to get on with your job with no distractions, as customer service do a fantastic job in dealing with things like refunds, customer complaints, missing parts etc, all of they negative elements of being in sales. Leaving the retail staff to deliver an outstanding customer experience. To add to this, never a bad word to be said about the delivery team! With such high demand for them to be at their best day in day out, they just get the job done, which means less ear ache for the store staff! Extremely happy in my current role with dreams.
ProsNo stress, Outstanding Roadshows, Amazing customer service team, Great Delivery Team, Inspirational Mangement Team, Company Uniform, Targets are achievable (most of the time)
ConsWeekend working, Occasional late nights, Often lone working (although for short periods), Some days can be very quiet
Delivery Driver | Rajasthan | 3 Jun 2014
No career progress unless your BFF is your manager.
The company is an absolute joke, if you're not in retail or head office you don't matter. Managers bully and intimidate to get unrealistic results and if you question their approach to the way things are done you're told to get a job elsewhere. No support at all from 90% of the management, they'll gladly give you 12+ hours work and then go home at the end of their shift leaving you out not caring about your safety. Drivers are sent out with agency staff after no training and are then disciplined for any damage to customers property or company products. No training given on assembling the beds at all, you're just sent to build a bed under the watchful eye of a customer. Unrealistic working schedules leave you rushing around like a headless chicken and if you're unlucky enough to have an accident while rushing around you're put straight on your last warning. As if this wasn't bad enough you're followed around by people from head office looking to crucify you for not closing your shutter or door every time your back is turned. There is no appreciation for the work you do, if you don't do it to the time frame that a poorly designed computer program allows you you'll be belittled infront of other employees. If your face doesn't for you're doomed so if you have an opinion on anything or you want a job where you can fulfill your contractual obligations and then simply go home don't work here because it won't be enough, they want your every waking hour and your last drop
ProsThere aren't any.
ConsBullying, intimidation, over worked, under paid, no breaks, no appreciation.

Questions and answers about Dreams LTD

Do drivers get proper breaks?
Asked 9 Jun 2017
I worked alongside drivers delivering.They were driving/working 14 hrs per day. Anyone else who say's otherwise is a liar. So dangerous. Managers don't give a toss as long as bigger bosses are happy with delivery targets. Have a look how many staff they go through. Also take a note of how many times, the post are unticked on this site by i presume indeed, so freams look good.
Answered 12 Jan 2020
Not a chance. Make u drive for 15 hours at a time with no breaks. Have to eat while you drive
Answered 8 Dec 2019
How long is your working day?
Asked 9 Oct 2017
Some days can be long hrs but you're paid well with bonuses
Answered 25 Feb 2022
Hours vary for each business area: Bedquarters – predominantly Monday - Friday 08:30 – 17:00 Retail Stores - Our Stores trade 7 days per week, please visit our website dreams.co.uk to find the opening hours of your local store Distribution Centres – We deliver to our customers Monday – Saturday. Our delivery service crews work 5 days out of 7. The normal start time in 07:00 with a typical finish time around 16:00. Dreams Bed Factory – The majority of our workforce work Monday – Friday 06:00 – 15:00
Answered 19 Mar 2019
What is the interview process like?
Asked 9 Jun 2017
Dependant on the role you are interviewing for, you would either have 1 or 2 interviews, this will include meeting the line manager. Apart from getting to know you, you will be asked competency based questions and we will discuss your previous experience to look for suitability for the role.
Answered 19 Mar 2019
Was asked to sell them a pillow
Answered 14 Mar 2019
How are the working hours
Asked 13 Sept 2017
Our working hours are based on store opening hours, though best exemplary practice is always followed by coming much earlier to spark up the store with hovering and dusting before opening the doors and completing proper closing procedures by leaving little after closing store. Working all weekend and bank holidays, this in retail is no surprise as this is time where we have most of the fun! We do not "black out" periods where we prohibited to take holidays, again standard retail calendar: bank holidays and black Friday!
Answered 5 Mar 2020
Most days are either finished on time or early, very rare to finish late, but overtime is there if wanted.
Answered 7 Sept 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Dreams Plc?
Asked 10 Jul 2017
We would advise that you dress in smart/business wear for an interview at Dreams
Answered 19 Mar 2019
Turn up in shorts and t shirt and you’d get the job as turn over is that high!
Answered 8 Oct 2018