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Overall reviews at Elysium Healthcare

Recovery Worker | Springwood | 29 Sept 2021
Underpaid, Poor & Clicky Management, Under staffed.
I was so excited when starting my job at Springwood lodge, you get promised all these benefits, chance to upskill etc- however non of this arises. The recruitment and induction process is fast and easy which i was impressed with- however this then made sense with how high the turn over us (However it is understandable that this setting isn't for everyone and you don't know until you try!) That being said, there is such a lack of support from management whether this is personal matters, or issues raised concerning how the wards are run. The ward is always understaffed with rotas often being changed without informing people meaning people aren't showing up for correct shifts or at all due to people being put down for extra shifts that haven't agreed to. This leaves the ward, patients and staff vulnerable. There has been numerous occasions when the ward has been 'Over-staffed' so bank/agency workers have been sent home in the morning but by the afternoon this leads to the ward being understaffed as incidents happen and there isnt enough staff to help with restraints/help swap out restraints/cover lunches. So this isnt really thought through when they are sent home- i think theyre more bothered about not wanting to pay out money they dont need to rather than thinking about the service user and staffs needs. If a service user needs to go to hospital this would again be a struggle with staffing- Hospital shifts are also a struggle if you are going on a 2:1 this means you are unab
ProsNice service users and colleagues
ConsUnderpaid/Bad management/ Understaffed
Support Worker | East Sussex | 2 Mar 2020
stressful workplace with BAD management
AVOID AT ALL COSTS. You are paid £8.50 a hour to work 7.5- hour shifts without breaks, as in you don't even have time to get a coffee or go to the toilet. understaffing is a real issue at Elysium and as a result several problems ensue. you are told there are benefits like free parking and food only to later find out this is a total lie, and you have no time to eat at work even if you brought your own food in. There is no staff support what so ever which makes employees feel less than worthless when paid minimum wage to be physically attacked with no time to even take 5 minuets out after an assault as there isn't enough staff to cover. You are then usually put back with the same client that just attacked you and are with them the full shift even if they keep attacking you because there isn't enough staff to swap with. The team leaders and support workers are the loveliest and kindest people I have ever met however the company exploits this. They rely on kind hearted people to go above and beyond everyday, to be physically abused and not complain about their safety and get away with awful pay. When you raise issues with managers they are instantly shot down with nothing done to resolve issues which have led to staff not feeling listened to. Staff morale is ridiculously low and dropped very quickly. For a new service that isn't even full yet things fell apart very quickly. There is high staff turn over which means clients are at risk as well as distressed at the lack of regulari
Support Worker | Welshpool | 29 May 2019
Terrible company to work for
*company keeps secrets , you get to know the ins of it. All about bringing in the money as they paid per patient. *Short staffing levels, make you work like dogs. *Poor maintance work being carried out and seeing them doing eletricals when there not qualified to do so. *Patients wrongly assessed and brought in beyond their risks. *'the proffessionals dont care about the other staff being put under dangerous/volnerable situations. *working long houred shifts , not always having breaks. *you will have no training or lots and lots of it, be lucky to have a day off. *working without having meals i did for months and months even though stated in my contract meals were included, poor handovers reguareing patients. *They expect far to much from you for what you get paid. *you dont get time to find all the information on a patient and you have to then work with them. You can press triggers without knowing. * mentally it will effect you, anxiety or depression. * they like to pass the book and blame and youll end up in circles getting anything sorted. *dont care that you have a home life, leave work late and dont get paid for it. *Your pay isnt right half the time , my 2 year employment 7 months of that was wrong, had to fight to get whats owed. *proffionals all stick together , support/healthcare staff pushed out. * They will empliy anybody, just have to have a good sense of humour. *you dont get debreifs and supervisions as often as you should. *proffessionals do le
ProsCant think of any
ConsPoints in desceiption
Support Worker | Warrington | 20 Mar 2020
Please read and avoid
Elysium healthcare do not value their staff members. Staff on the ward and nurses are pushed to over their limits and it affects the patients and the whole run of the day/night. Working for elysium you are not a staff member you are a number that covers observations. You will work with unfamiliar agency staff who have no background of mental health/autism who are just placed on a ward without reading a care plan and expected to work these staff members do not know about high risk patients who have conditions such as dysphagia and have strict dietary needs such as mashed up/blended food, as the staff are unaware will give these patients hard solid food which can lead to choking and especially on nights staff have a maximum of 2 unqualified permanent staff members who are expected to run the ward. If you choose to work for Elysium please be prepared to have a late running break and expected to return early, you will be assaulted weekly if not daily and have no support or even be slagged off and slated for having concerns and being anxious about the incident, have no time to utilise the toilet and have no time for food or drink. On the job description Elysium looks like a great place to work however the 'wellness days' were you get a lovely hand massage/facial/treatments do not happen. The free meals are provided if you have enough time to eat. There is free parking however it is not secure and is not monitored by the hospital CCTV it is monitors by parking eye so only there for
Healthcare Assistant | Thatcham | 4 Mar 2021
Perfect if you have a passion for psychology
I worked both as a bank HCA and as permanent employee. Bank was perfect for flexibility and even as a permanent my manager was brilliant and allowed me to fix my own shifts when possible. Just for this I would rate the job a 10/10. Work life balance is great. If you want more money, just pick up more shifts. The work itself is what you make of it. It’s hard graft. You do have to sometimes look after patient’s physical needs. It depends on the ward you work on. Be prepared that as well as learning a lot about mental health you’ll also learn a bunch about taking care of people and diffusing situations. You’ll also sit around a lot waiting for patients to wake up while taking notes. It’s not all hard graft. If you have any interest in a psychology career, I found working here invaluable. Especially working on the PICU, you learn so much. It was hard work. There were stressful days. You have to look after yourself. I’ve been scratched, had my hair pulled, seen people spat at and punched. It can be emotionally upsetting. In my experience there has always been help round the corner. It happens, so it’s important to keep on top of what you learn, check your alarms and be respectful and mindful of people you work with because patients can lash out. I mean so might you if you are scared or frustrated. I enjoyed my time here. You work with some really amazing people. Some people on the teams I worked with were truly caring. It was an honour to work with them and deeply satisfying
ProsFlexible working, Brilliant work life balance, Free training, Free lunch if you have time to eat it, Great people, Don’t take work home with you, lots to learn, Valuable experience
ConsNight shifts, Can be on your feet for 12.5 hours, Stressful days when not enough staff, Can get hurt, emotionally demanding
| Warrington | 30 Jul 2019
Run and run fast ...... very dangerous company to work for constant assaults due to dangerously low staffing on the wards yet nothing is ever done to change . It’s all about budgets . Patients food budget is something like £1.20 a DAY yes a day despite the company receiving between £600 -£900 to fund each patient . I don’t know a single staff member that feels safe and supported .higher Management is just wow shocking . Constantly on at staff and trying to force more responsibility on them even though the rate they pay healthcare assistants they could go and work in Asda and be a lot safer and a lot less stressed this place is not good for your own mental health . Ward managers try their best but they are under instructions from the higher . And when your own mental health does decline due to this place you get zero support they don’t pay you sick pay 99% of the time . They can’t retain staff because they pretty much treat staff like peasants. No thanx for the amazing work staff do on a daily basis but a simple human error and they will come down on you like a ton of bricks . Promotions are weird it doesn’t go from experience or how you work on the wards it’s goes from interviews many people have been promoted due to their face fitting but are not very good at the job so you have people running around with authority and a bullying mentality who can’t actually do the job properly . In the past year this company have lost more staff than they can hire . If they brought in goo
Support Worker | Hatfield | 17 Jun 2021
Underpaid and overworked, never enough staff because the hospital did not want to spend money
If you're interested in exploring mental healthcare, you'll definitely learn a lot. Good opportunity to book overtime shifts. Colleagues are amazing and you get a good sense of working in a team. They offer job vacancies internally. HOWEVER Never left on time because we were understaffed and could not finish notes on time. Felt like i was doing the job of 2-3 people at times. Often left on break late. Consistent understaffing created unsafe environment for patients and staff and affected quality of care. For example, if staff had to respond to an emergency, there would not be anyone available to take the rest of the patients for a walk or prepare the meal on time. Minimal support from management - they talk a big game about offering support but don't follow through. Only seemed to care about problems if they thought the CQC was going to come inspect. Inadequate induction training. Too many things expected of support workers with not enough time or staff to finish anything to a good standard. High-stress job. Free lunch offered is nice but not the best quality food, only cold sandwiches and unhealthy snacks so I didn't use it most the time. Had to redo trainings several times because paperwork got lost / poor communication among management. No structure or rules to manage the young people. Was required to work nights. Job did not match job description or expectations for the role.
ProsGreat team members, learn a lot, interact with patients, overtime opportunities
Conslong hours, poor management, understaffed, overworked, poor communication
Healthcare Assistant | Potters Bar | 21 Apr 2021
Stressful and no support
Very stressful place to work. No structure at all. You will come out of the two weeks training, and feel life you learned a lot, only to find out everything in the ward works different than what you learned. You wont know what you supposed to do in certain situations, or how to act, how to support patients properly. You will face stressful and traumatising incidences which you will have no support after, and you will carry on with the day as there is nothing you can do, and usually low number of staff or people avoiding work and hiding in the kitchen or office. Management is horrible. To get something done will take ages. Some nurses are very nice and supportive. Few healthcare assistance are really supportive and do their best to support patients. But behind the doors you will hear gossip about patients or HCAs making fun of them which is not nice. You are very likely to face racism but shouldnt take that very personal. Some HCAs are very close with patients, crossing the professional boundaries. Also when you turn back from holiday leave, you probably wont be on the list and will be sent back to home (at 7:30 in the morning cause thats when the shift starts), even if you are full time HCA. Bank shift staff may be sent home early or at the beginning of their shift if there are enough staff, but obviously no pay for that couple hours that they spend coming to work. These examples reflects the lack of structure. Patients sometimes get stressed because of this organisational is
ProsFree lunches, on-site parking, overtime
ConsLong hours, low pay, no support, disorganised
Deputy Manager | Gresham | 30 Mar 2021
Enjoyable and different
I have worked for Elysium since 2017. They took over our previous company which I had been apart of since 2012. Comparing both companies Elysium by far provide staff with a lot more benefits and perks. The main one is the amount of annual leave staff receive when starting with Elysium and continue to receive with time of service. Elysium have provided me opportunities to further my career as well. We have a good work team and have a lot of fun along with supporting our clients to a high standard. Every day is different and although can be challenging at times I know there is always staff available to help support me and others when needed. It can be tough at times but that is to be expected when different scenarios like COVID arise which are out of peoples control. However the way it has been dealt with Elysium have put their staff first and has kept them as safe as possible in my opinion, they have also kept us well informed of different changes to practices that needed implementing straight away. One thing that has stood out for me is how eager Elysium are to retain staff by the way of listening to staff and actioning what is being said along with supporting our clients. For example when we went into lockdown Elysium quickly took action and purchased pods for the gardens of care homes so families can still visit when government guidelines aloud this also kept clients safe in the home.
ProsElysium listen to staff, Pay is good for the industry, lots of benefits including several weeks annual leave, Continual professional development, Staff support
ConsCan be challenging mentally
Care Worker | North West | 13 Feb 2019
Dangerous working environment
A company which is more concerned with making money than providing good patient care. Constantly accepting new patients without the appropriate amount of staff available. Patients are put on unsuitable wards purely to make room for new patients making it difficult for them to get the correct care which they require and often leading to very volatile and unpleasant ward environments. Admitting patients who should be on 2:1 or sometimes even 3:1 observations when there is an already dangerous staff shortage in the hospital leads to staff assaults some of which requiring hospitalisation and a couple which have actually lead to bleeding on the brain. Sometimes staff are not paid for being off work including times when it is work related. Management are extremely unhelpful, often leading in the middle of incidents because it is their ‘home time’ but expecting ward staff to staff past their shift to complete paper work without so much as a thank you. Not suitable to be a running hospital but whenever the CQC are having a visit extra staff are ordered to give the impression that the hospital is running smoothly. There is very little positive to say about this company, the only benefit to working here was the staff team on the wards but as it is becoming more dangerous and unpleasant to work, the majority of the staff team has left and there are only new starters, bank or agency left one the wards. If you value you’re health, both mental and physical then avoid this company a
ConsThere is nothing good about working here.

Questions and answers about Elysium Healthcare

What is the work environment like
Asked 12 Sept 2017
Toxic environment. Patients are challenging at times but that’s to be expected. Management are very unorganised and money oriented. Privately funded to pay their top wages when the patients are not having their needs met. CQC are not reporting honestly about Wellesley hospital, wellington. Avoid working here.
Answered 11 Oct 2021
Bullying culture, gaslighting vulnerable staff and patients, discrimination, if you value your mental health avoid this lot. They ruin careers and will push you under the bus with no support. Blaming culture from weak managers all of whom appear to have Sociopathic traits. Avoid.
Answered 19 Jun 2020
What is the interview process like at Elysium Healthcare?
Asked 24 Feb 2018
Shortest interview ever. They employ anyone to make up the numbers. Massive staff turnover Avoid working at Wellesley hospital, wellington Somerset
Answered 11 Oct 2021
An informal procedure that is used as a subversive grooming experience. False wage promises. They look for weakness.
Answered 19 Jun 2020
What would you suggest Elysium Healthcare management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 30 Apr 2019
Not short staffing the wards and paying us better salaries. The money isn’t worth it when we are at risk of getting attacked and seeing horrible things.
Answered 13 Nov 2020
Stop bullying them, treating them unfairly and withholding money they legally owe them would be a good start.
Answered 29 Jul 2020
How do you feel about going to work at Elysium Healthcare each day?
Asked 17 Nov 2018
Physically sick every time
Answered 12 Nov 2020
Dread it every shift you know your going to be short staffed and agency useless half the time they are massive triggers. Love though how management will only address issues after they've had had patients attack them because of the rules they enforce on them but is fine for support staff to be attacked daily
Answered 22 Sept 2020
Does Elysium Healthcare require pre-employment background checks? What kind of background check does Elysium Healthcare do and how long does it take to complete?
Asked 15 Apr 2018
They do however I have worked with people who were employed before these checks we're even started.
Answered 30 Mar 2020
DBS checks
Answered 24 Sept 2019