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Overall reviews at Euro Garages

Manager | Scotland | 13 Aug 2019
having a choice between cleaning job and store manager for the same rate - go for the first one! Less stress!
long story short - very interesting experience. If you have nerves made of steel, probably smoke some unknown substance or you are on some special medication, there is a chance you will fit into that puzzle. Otherwise, the environment from the higher management will change you for a typical corpo-ash0le and that will have many further consequences on your staff who at the end of the day isn't stupid. (1 - yes, you need to smile to an awkward situation anyway). When this happens, your staff may start quitting the jobs and then you're left alone and you will sit there for a while. A long while. (2 - yes, you need to smile to an awkward situation anyway). You put the job vacancy on the web for the staff replacement but there is no one sensible who is willing to come and work for you. (3. - yes, you need to smile to an awkward situation anyway). You've got gaps in staff as there is no one who could cover all them? Don't worry - you can always count on yourself! You are to come to work and work over your contract for free (as this is a VERY strong suggestion from your superior) so despite your plans you had made (4 - yes, you need to smile to an awkward situation anyway) and come to do the job for someone else, for free - as there is no one who will pay you for your 'goodwill'. If you are lucky enough, someone might tell you 'thanks' for that but that is a rarity. Any help from any stores from the euro garages borders with a miracle as they probably struggle with the same issue yo
Prostheoretically you can shape the store in your own way, free drink on your shift, 30% discounts on stuff in the Euro Garages stores, free car park on side
Consvery short budget results long working hours, contracted hours are ridiculous 44, situational/intentional/unintentional bulling from higher management, if you are short-staffed you are with your own, no help from other branches as probably they struggle with the same, if you have a bad day don't dare to show or speak like you feel to your superior, honesty will result being disciplined by written letter with concerns, practically no bonus.
Barista | England | 16 Jul 2019
Worst company - say goodbye to your health, family and life
I worked here 2 years and the full time it was high staff then over, staff just not coming in on shift, going off sick, being unreliable. I was employed as a barista but basically had the same role as a supervisor as they couldn’t do their jobs properly with being rushed through training. The expectations of this employer are astronomical and they continually move the goal posts. Employees are promised bonus every quarter but they always manage to wriggle around not giving it. Senior management are deplorable, rude, and arrogant and belittle their subordinates regardless of their job role. I genuinely believe they get a thrill out of knowing they have physically and emotionally broken a person. My mental and physical health suffered massively whilst working here and so has every single other employee. You cannot be sick as no one will cover for you. There have been so many shifts staff have had serious illnesses and been forced to work handling food and drinks when it is illegal to do so. If you’re not in hospital on your death bed you are made to feel 1000 shames for not being able to work. You will never get a day off, as you will ALWAYS be told to come in early/cover/stay late because other members of staff flake. AND LETS NOT FORGET - if you are on a late shift you do not get paid after a certain time, yet you cannot leave until every last thing is finished, which the late shift is always, every single time, left to do. Other shift staff don’t care and don’t hel
Pros30% Discount in store, one free medium beverage on shift, but no additions i.e - plain latte but could not add flavour or anything you would have to pay extra
ConsEverything else
Crew Member | Norwich | 26 Nov 2019
Stressful, Overworked and Criminally mismanaged
Nobody was happy at the site I worked, every day I entered it was like walking into a funeral, mixed with the anxiety of standing near an abuser. Frequently there were days where everyone would be dead silent, stress and anxiety written on their face, and this includes the management. A manager on a warpath (one who incidentally was dating the site manager) would criticise anyone for even the most minor of sleights, right down to leaving a single empty bottle on site during the close. A list of tasks was written that included things as minor as cleaning a fire extinguisher, and all of it had to be done daily, resulting in frequent late shifts and constant panic and haste on the part of the staff, and, of course, when doing the downright ridiculous number of tasks would result in you being hours late home, you would be blamed and left unpaid for your extra work, whether the management admitted to it or not (it varied from week to week) None of the management there seemed particularly competent, all the way up to the CEO's of the company themselves. They squeeze as much work as they can out of you, then demand more, running through stress and pressure. They blame those beneath them for every failure, never reflect on their own problems, and provide only talk and empty words when confronted or asked for help. Changes never happen there, unless said change is more work and stress. Meanwhile management frequently goof off, sit in break rooms for hours on end, check their pho
Customer Service Representative | United Kingdom | 17 Apr 2019
Yikes. EG is an astonishingly bad company.
Been here 18 months as a permanent night worker. Honestly I enjoy my work but the manager and company makes me want to kill myself. Work/life balance - Unsociable hours. Obviously working nights (23-7) I don’t have much of a life. Morning shift (7-15) is best for w/l balance from what I’ve heard, start early when no one’s up, finish at 3pm so you’ve got the rest of the day to do whatever, but go to bed early. Afternoon shift (15-23) is depressing from what I’ve heard, normal people are working mid day so you’re just waiting for work when you get up, then finish at 11pm when no one’s awake. Also expect to get called to cover A LOT and don’t you dare take a sick day or you won’t hear the end of it. Salary/benefits - Minimum wage - £8.21 per hour even at night. If you want a whole bunch of extra responsibilities and work - as a supervisor you can earn yourself a whole *extra 50p* per hour. There are no benefits working for EG. No employee discount, no free drinks, no bonuses (because the goals are impossible), not even a thank you or any recognition. Job security - Pretty good since they’re always desperate for staff. Never seen anyone fired but most people who have left have been begged to stay or offered promotions. Management - First manager was fine, moaned sometimes but generally a fine. The current manager is really bad, it’s actually amazing. Since he joined 9 months ago we’ve lost 9 members of staff, 7 of which because of how the current manager treated them.
ProsAt night you don’t have to interact with the manager.
ConsOverworked, underpaid, treated badly, bad management.
Barista | South Shields | 30 Nov 2020
Avoid at all costs!
I worked for Euro Garages for 13 months in one of the Starbucks Stores. Never in my time on earth have I ever had to work for such a disgusting company. Say goodbye to your life outside of work, say goodbye to your friends, family and overall human rights. If for some reason you are desperate enough to work for this company allow me to explain off the top of my head what to expect. 1. NO BREAKS. From the moment you begin working for this company be prepared to work 8+ hour shifts with very little and quite commonly no breaks at all. 2. UNDERSTAFFED. Be prepared to work understaffed on every single shift you are granted due to the pure greed of the company. They often made on average £150 every half hour and would still only provide you with a 2 man deployment early morning and late at night. 3. RIDICULOUS POLICIES. Be prepared to throw away hundreds of pounds worth of fresh food and stock every single day; again due to the company’s pure unexplainable greed. Staff are not permitted to consume any food that is supposed to go into the waste. It’s theft apparently. From who? The bin? Are you kidding me? Meanwhile Britain slowly delves into another recession. Wonder why? 4. UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Prepare yourself to constantly put every piece of energy you have into your work only to be told “that’s wrong”. “You didn’t do that quick enough” , “your drive through time is too high”. “This isn’t clean”. What this company expects the staff to achieve despite being consta
ProsYou’re allowed to breathe now and again
Pricing Analyst | Blackburn | 17 Jan 2020
Excellent First job for Graduates but you may quickly want to move on.
Signed up as a Pricing Analyst for EG Shortly after graduating from University. Enjoyed nine months at the company before moving on. Roughly half my day would be spent preparing regular reports, the other half would be addressing any unique business for that day. Pros: - Excellent office team to work with - Training offered by my line manager throughout my time there, even in subjects that were of use to me but not necessarily relevant to the job. - Opportunities to Travel. Each pricing analyst primarily focuses on one country of the network, and the work requires semi-regular business trips to that country. Within a fortnight of starting I was in my focus country. - Fair wage given that I was a graduate at the time. - Two interviews were required within a few weeks of each other, but I got my job offer before I had even got home from the second interview. Cons: - Benefits package would be diplomatically described as "Meets minimum requirements". 28 days P/A of Annual Leave. Taking a day off for a bank holiday consumes one of those days, even when the office is closed on Christmas + Boxing day. Pension contribution was minimum legal requirements. - Hours are mainly based on your focus country. I drew the short straw and would regularly do 2-10PM shifts. I would also often be asked to do a one-off shift at a more social time the day before. In fairness my salary was raised by £4-5K P/A to compensate for this. - Our business trips to the focus country were regular
Site Manager | Durham | 25 Oct 2020
Avoid at all cost.
I don't normally take any notice of reviews before I start a company as I like to form my own opinion. However I wish i had taken notice of the reviews for Euro Garages as every negative review I have read turned out to be correct. The workplace is a very hostile environment and really is a case of if your face fits then you will be fine but if it doesn't you are in for a very stressful miserable experience. I arrived at the job with years of experience and successes behind me but because I wasn't " in the click " my life was made unbearable from the offset and i suffered a tirade of abuse, belittlement, and humiliation. Any mistakes or failings on site would be shared on the the group Whatsapp chat for all other sites in the group to see. I had never had 1 single day off sick in my 20+ years in the industry yet only a few months into my employment with EG I was on the sick with stress. I could not leave my home for work without being physically sick in the morning to the extent of actually having to see a doctor who prescribed Anti-depressants because of my anxiety. I have never felt so low and worthless in any place of work so much so that I never returned to EG and have now left the retail industry and retrained into a different career. Working at EG ruined my life and left me questioning my whole life. Some Area managers are promoted up from site managers and thrive on being on a power trip when sadly in reality they don't have the experience, people skills or the kn
ConsLong hours, no support, bullying culture, poor upper management, The list goes on and on.
Assistant Manager | North West | 19 Mar 2019
Your Effort Will Never Be Good Enough
the possibility to work your way up in this company is easy if your willing to work your a ss off for peanuts an be taken for a mug. managers are fobbed off constantly by higher management, rarely do bigger sites get a bonus as the goal posts move every time you get close. additional tasks being added to the job role every couple of months when already stretched for time. Staff forever calling in sick and managers expected to work 60-70 hours a week at times as they have to cover if no staff availiable, for no extra pay, but try an leave early on a day you have staff to take back the hours you worked over and your in trouble. some managers having to run multiple sites as managers keep quitting - I wounder why? so cashiers have very little support when supervisors are struggling to run sites while manager is elsewhere. If your face fits you will be fine, Asian managers come and go as they please, fill their tanks up and put through till as a drive off, go to another site to transfer stock and take 3 hours when the other shop is a 10 min drive away, they work maybe 30hours a week and still get paid for 44 but nothing ever comes of complaints to area managers. all the staff know but any who question manager will soon find themselves getting bullied out. I've worked for this company for 6 years, the good honest managers dont tend to last long unfortunalty, i have had more than 5 managers in my 6 years, one lasted a month so didnt even count that one. I have had friends work at
Prosa wage
Consfrowned on if you take the breaks your legally entitled to
Barista | Heathrow | 30 Apr 2022
It's frustrating
At first it was alright but then it started to become an annoyance, especially when we have the wrong people on shifts it makes the job even more frustrating. At this point I just want to finish all the tasks and go home, everyday i need to show up for work is a bad day, until im finally finished so i can go home again. Most of the problems are due to people not having the right attitude/nature/willingness to work dragging everyone els down. Lastly they have unreal expectations these things arnt followed to a T but regardless its a nuisance other annoyance also relate to the store itself, for example having to work with less people because they want to cut back on hours, but the nature of the job requires there to be minimum 5-6 people but we only have 3 people to work with which also means rules arnt being followed and corners need to be cut and everything needs to be hush hush Word of advice avoid the stores with Drive-through. Perhaps if the store didn't have a drive through it would be manageable, but i dont want to guarantee on it, non the less without drive through the job would probably be less hectic and more enjoyable -if you are chill and carefree and dont give a f* about finishing the job at hand then this is a perfect job for you because there will always be someone to take the pressure off of you cuz they are like me and want to go home on time and not work for free past closing hours -if you are like me who strives to get things done so we can go home
ProsFree drink, discounted food but its garbage and its still expensive despite the discount not worth it
ConsLong hours and having to do 5 days a week due to shortage of staff and people leaving
Team Member | Cleckheaton | 18 Jul 2016
Nice work place enviroment,Good people but Poor Treatment of staff, large workload for minimum wage
i currently enjoy working for euro garages greggs store, as i have worked there a while and have made stable aqaintancies with most of the staff there. my co workers are a joy to work with,because you can freely talk to them and share opinions without fear of being judged. Another reason they are pleasant to work with is that they are efficient at their job and know when is an appropriate time to work hard and group together as a team and when it is ok to chat and have a laugh. a typical day at work is usually opening up the store and serving customers on the front tills, serving a variety of hot pastries and breakfast sandwiches and keeping the store clean and tidy. over my time working here i have learnt about customer service and how to treat people when serving,and also how to deal with complaints and "difficult" customers.I'd say that the hardest part of my job is keeping up with demand, by this i mean making sure there is plenty of hot food for customers to enjoy,aswell as serving customers at the same time. i currently enjoy my job overall, but am displeased with the fact that i work for a company which is understaffed,badly managed,Poor treatment of staff (which has led to understaffing) and also expecting 1 person to run an efficient setup which would run and does run smoothly with 2 people. I think management is poorly run because often when a problem or complaint arises you are bellittled and meant to feel lesser, instead of trying to solve the problem and make su
Pros50% discounts on all products, lovely workers
Consminimum wage, poor treatment of staff, Expected to do an Large workload for a very small wage

Questions and answers about Euro Garages

What is the Euro Garages employee discount?
Asked 1 Mar 2017
10% discount on shop goods
Answered 29 Jun 2020
0% discount on any goods
Answered 21 Sept 2019
How are the working hours at Euro Garages?
Asked 1 Mar 2017
Company is ok but people horrible. Don't care about you.
Answered 14 Oct 2020
I never told anyone i worked at euro garages i was too ashamed
Answered 3 Mar 2020
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Euro Garages?
Asked 12 Apr 2017
Area Managers,Managers are useless Team Members run shops never no stock, i worked in a shop with no manager or supervisor i was ordering stock and doing all the jobs a manager does a management position came up and i was knocked back the same day. because they wanted me to continue as a team member and still do a managers job unpaid,,that day i stopped ordering stock ..we were coming into the shop nothing to sell..the area manager asked me why i had stopped ordering stock thats how too faced this company is..worst 2 years off my life..if i could rate this company it would be a double minus
Answered 22 Jun 2021
To ashamed to tell anybody.
Answered 9 Dec 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Euro Garages?
Asked 4 Nov 2018
Every second of every hour every day
Answered 13 May 2022
Answered 20 Mar 2022
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Euro Garages a better place to work?
Asked 18 Oct 2018
Hire more staff as constantly running on minimal sataff.give proper contracts with proper holidays stop overtime for public holidays stop managers and area managers falsley signing training cards in staffs name to pass audits!
Answered 19 Aug 2020
Sack all managers and supervisors and start all over again. And treat staff with respect.
Answered 6 Apr 2020