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Sales Assistant | Manchester | 27 Aug 2019
busy workplace
at the time I was working for Footasylum, in the Andale shopping centre in Manchester, there was a lot of movement got on with the store ad uncertainty amongst the staff as to what was happening and what would happen with placement and hours, as the downstairs main store where I worked was due to be refurbished, and the men's clothes and footwear, as well as junior clothes was to be moved upstairs into a much smaller store, where women's clothes and footwear were currently placed. during the time i had recently sustained a back injury which i ended up worsening by helping clear out the upstairs store, ready for the move, this eventually caused me some harm, which i am glad to say i have now fully recovered from. although i probably should have stressed how bad it was to one of the managers rather than mention it i felt that i needed the job so much at the time, that i just did whatever they asked of me with no question, though i feel the manage should have noticed by initiative and my brief mention of a back injury and asked somebody else t carry out this task. i also feel because there was so much going on with the branch and company at that tim, my advancement and training within the company was very slow and my other duties consisted mainly of staying by the for area focusing on junior kids clothes profit protection, and pushing leaflets to customers to download footasylum's app. i feel i had a lot more to offer the company than simply approaching customers in my small vic
Sales Assistant | Nottingham | 4 Nov 2014
Fast paced, Team work, Knowledge, being put to the test
During my time as a Christmas temp I was allocated to the trainers department which involved interacting with a lot of customers and using my customer service skills to the best I could. I would replenish the stock that needed to, merchandise the shelves so they looked presentable and general house keeping. I would help the customers with sizes and styles and make a sale. I also got involved with team work which involved talking to the staff in the stock room over the radio and identifying the different styles of the stock that the customer required. I was also allocated to the stock room to sort out the new season stock, pricing and tagging each individual item ready to be shown on the shop floor. I learnt about the different styles and items in the shop and the background of the shop and which different companies where partnered with Footasylum. I also learnt about the different customer service required with in the work place. The management were very interactive with me and gave me feedback about how I was doing and reviews. They were very friendly and made it a comfortable environment to work in. My co-workers where very easy to work with and all worked well in a team which motivated me to do the same and formed a good friendship within the company with the people I worked with. The hardest part of the job was around Christmas time when it was extremely busy and there where a lot of complaints and high tempered customers, but I handled it well and kept calm through
Sales Assistant | West Midlands | 26 Nov 2019
Senior Management Corruption
Where do I start... expected to work ridiculous illegal hours and never get paid the correct amount or get the time back store management changes about once a month with staff constantly being swapped around to different stores as people leave so often they don’t have enough management to fill all positions all management know each other from working at JD so they all are best friends who let each other get away with everything and favourite them for promotions when they are incompetent and sit in the office all day doing nothing staff who actually have been in the company for a long time and would do anything for their job get taken for a joke and exploited head office staff try to be very intimidating and think they’re so much better than everyone else, even making personal comments about the appearance of young staff members to make them feel bad about themselves head of retail is the biggest melt I’ve come across in my life, again try’s to be intimidating to staff and junior management in front of customers which leaves such a bad impression customer service would tell us to do one thing when dealing with customers and senior management would tell us to do the opposite so we could never do anything right staff all sleep with each other and have personal relationships within the work place (yes, literally, IN the workplace) abused and harassed by customers for following procedures, constant stealing and robberies honestly the worst, most unorg
Previous Employment | Birmingham | 8 Feb 2019
Poor Management, Unfair Treatment
Footasylum used to be a great place to work; campaigns use to be good and about product stock was up to date and on trend. Now it seems the company is Digressing. Spent to much money opening new shops and bringing new people in instead of working with the people they already have. Managers are being put under pressure with lack of support or leadership from head office. Footasylum brags about equality however over Christmas all head office staff had free massages whilst staff in stores got nothing but a £1 selection box. All shops are understaffed therefore the staff that are there and are sticking it out are doing the work of 2-3 people. New uniform rules yet head office walk in to the store not following the new code of conduct. Head office personal walk around like they are better than you chewing gum and openly swearing on shop floors whilst they tell managers in front of staff what a bad job there doing. Lack of organisation from the top means that you always have a conflict of opinions when visits occur one person says one thing one says another. Bonus scheme is good but made unreachable as a soon as your near your target they give you even bigger ones. Footasylum it’s self needs to re-evaluate what it is doing and who it’s customer is as it seems to have lost its way, more and more people are leaving every week because it’s become a horrible place to work with no leadership just threats upon threats. I am glad I am out of there.
ProsCEO down to earth and talks to management correctly And properly
ConsLong hours, expected to work with overtime and told you’ll get paid but never actually get it.
Retail Sales Associate | Nottingham | 18 Dec 2018
To start with the temporary staff that get hired decide when they want to work e.g ringing in sick or swapping unauthorised shifts which leaves more work for the people who actually turn up. Head office doesn't take the Nottingham store seriously. They come for a visit and say everything is fine and then go off and say the stores terrible to other members of the head office. I've heard members of head office be verbally racist to other members of staff thinking its a joke and also had it happen to myself when most of their marketing and campaigns feature people of colour. They also hardly ever hire people of colour or from a minority group. They only hire people who are under 18 so they can pay them less which makes it hard because most of them have no experience and they expect sales assistants to teach them how to do their jobs which the managers should do. The owner of the company is very rude to staff when he comes into the stores and belittles them like the people from head office do also. The Nottingham store also does not have a VM so the managers and sometimes the staff have to place new clothing, shoes and accessories which is above their pay grade. Sales assistants only get 20% discount which is capped at £1500 so if you buy a pair of trainers for £100 then with 20% discount then the original price is deducted from your yearly allowance. All they care about is making money and not the treatment of their staff. Overall a terrible place to work for they treat their st
Proslovely colleagues
Consmostly everything
Sales Assistant | Sheffield | 12 Jul 2019
Awful, unfair and the worst place ever!
The managers at this store are disrespectful, rude and careless. All they care about is money, not staff what so ever. You constantly get put on shifts that aren't on your availability, and then they mark you as not turning up to it! You tell the manager and they "sort" it, until you leave the office and they put you back on that shift you have just spoke about. They expect you to go above and beyond for them and then when you do they don't appreciate it or even notice. You get accused of things, and I can't stress enough how badly the staff are treated. Every time in the staff room there is always atleast one staff member telling the rest how they have been disrespected by management. All staff members are miserable there and want to leave. They are the only good things about the store though, as they are all lovely and hardworking and don't deserve to be treated the way they are. I was told before I started that staff are treated really badly but I didn't listen and went to the interview anyway. I wish I did listen and stayed away. They also got rid of me with no notice what so ever. Just pulled me in 1 hour into an 8 hour shift and told me they have made that decision and to collect my stuff. I was so shocked and upset but it was a blessing in disguise to say the least. Please don't work there! Save your time and stress because you deserve better than this place.
Prosgoing home after a shift
Consmanagement, low pay
Deputy Manager | Sheffield | 13 Dec 2018
Assistant Manager
Store management on point, shame you cannot trust the area mangers, higher mangement within headoffice and the HR team. No work life balance due to poor communication from head office everything last minute the company very unorganised and very unrealistic. Pay is terrible only ok for farvourites and with hold bouns any opportunity. Expected work 6 days work; over time is never get paid especially for stocktakes you get told the pay you and then argue with you after you worked it I am owed 30hourd never been paid.Never sign for anything as they hold you to a sheet of paper and loss prevention twist your words. Area mangers put far to much pressure and very unprofessional the language there use is very undermining and blame everything to store. Love to take photos of bad things never anything you done well always negative very glad to get out. Expect you treat staff like Machines not humanin or fair from area managers and higher mangement. Sad to leave good people within the store. Head office communication laughable your area manager visual manager footwear manager and buyers don’t work together so when you get visit they all tell you different so always stuck on who to follow and none them get on just keeping them selfs in high paid salaries.
ProsStore team
ConsLong hours unprofessional
Retail Supervisor | Greater Manchester | 2 Mar 2022
Lost it's way for a number of years but seems to be on the up again
Met some amazing people working here but for a number of years people who came into higher management positions treated and spoke to you like dirt. Very rude and nothing short of bullying. However recently those individuals have been filtered out of the company and it seems to be on the up. The rate of pay is very poor compared to other retail businesses for a supervisor it's just a little over minimum wage for over 25's which makes you wonder is it worth the hassle it comes with. Work life balance at store level is also very poor late rota's almost every week. The working week starts on Sunday sometimes you won't find out what your working that week until Friday afternoon which makes planning things away from work very difficult especially if you have commitments out of work. Shift changes can also happen sometimes with less than 24 hours notice which can make commitments out of work very difficult to deal with. If you like sneaker culture Footasylum is a good place to work to meet like minded people. But you have to be prepared for sometimes unorganised periods which can lead you into difficult situations. The rate of pay is also a downside very low compared to other competitors in the retail industry.
Retail Sales Associate | Sheffield | 2 Sept 2019
Meadowhall store.... TERRIBLE
Dont work here... DONT WORK HERE. If your still reading this, then your probably a student who needs some money? All i can say is prepare yourself, this retail store is terrible to work in, the atmosphere is toxic and its caused by one thing and one thing only MANAGEMENT. Cool, how hard can selling clothes and shoes be? well you'll soon know about it. If your not selling that crep protect then be prepared to be punished. Not getting foot asylum app unlock sign-ups as well? Well your head be it... I hope you can hold your own because everyone under 20... I saw tears If you want to be on edge at your job and collect a wage which is NOT worth the stress then all means go into it. but the rest of the staff are not happy, and youl'l just get your mood put down regardless. Footasylums in general have a high turnover rate of staff, but step-into this one and you'll see a new set of staff every month. your a number on a board, id recommend you just dip into that student loan and just pick Literally anywhere else. Even JD where you can't walk a metre out of your allocated spots have better worker-manager relationships. One last thing... you better bend over your back if you want a fair rota, because you'll get stitched otherwise.
Supervisor | Sheffield | 14 Apr 2019
Bad management from the top
I honestly don't have many positive things to say about Foot Asylum. I've never worked for a company that has such little respect or integrity for it's employees. The teams within head office are such poor communicators that the mess that is then created falls on the stores to sort out who don't have the resources/staff/training/hours to do so. HR don't take complaints seriously and I've seen this have an affect on staff (eg not feeling safe to come to work). No one seems to take ownership over problems or reasons why things might not be going right. It's always blamed on someone else- usually someone that's left the business so they won't find out. I think FA has a lot of great products and brands in their arsenal but product and customer service training seems to be of so little importance, yet their wondering why they're not meeting the figures.
ProsMade some great friends due to the social nature of the job, improved my management skills due to manic environment and staff
ConsLittle to no training of staff, no insensitives or review structure

Questions and answers about Footasylum

How does someone get hired at Footasylum? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 12 Apr 2017
Always looking for staff, just an interview will do
Answered 13 Sept 2021
2 days, as a telephone interview would take place, then a face to face interview.
Answered 19 Aug 2019
What would you suggest Footasylum management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 18 Nov 2018
Not pay minimum wage. Introduce bonuses to motivate the staff. Management need to learn to respect and talk to their staff properly then maybe your turnover won’t be as large!
Answered 27 Dec 2019
The salaries are fair enough depending on your location. But the minimum wage pay needs to be adjusted. Lose to many good staff to other companies paying a flat rate for all sales assistants regardless of age
Answered 23 Sept 2019
How are the working hours at Footasylum?
Asked 12 Jun 2017
12 hour shifts 4 on 4 off rotar
Answered 8 Apr 2019
Long hours and hard work, you might get given 8 hours a week or 45 hours a week it depends what mood they’re in.
Answered 4 Dec 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Footasylum?
Asked 22 Jan 2018
Where have you worked before? What are your skills? How many hours can you do?
Answered 12 Mar 2020
Straight forward interview
Answered 23 May 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Footasylum?
Asked 3 Jul 2017
Memorise what you put on your CV
Answered 20 Jun 2019
Confidence and honesty
Answered 23 Mar 2019