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Senior Care Assistant | Nottingham | 11 Nov 2021
Couldn't keep a manger if they tried!
In the 14 years I worked there.... I must have seen at least 10 different managers! I worked at 2 different homes (both same company). First home was like working in a play ground! Staff talking about one another! Ganging up on eachother. It was horrible. The only reason I stayed was for the residents. Second home was much nicer, but still couldn't find the "right manager". Staff had their moments, but who doesn't on a bad day. Pay for what you do should definitely be more an hour. You never got the appreciation from the top wigs for the hard work you do! They would come in and make you feel so deflated after they'd gone, as they'd say that things needed to change. YOU DO OUR JOB! YOU TRY DOING A 12 HOURS SHIFT LOOKING AFTER 30 ODD RESIDENTS WHILE NOT HAVING A BREAK, WEE OR ANYTHING! MANAGERS WALKING STRAIGHT PAST YOU WITH A CUP OF TEA/COFFEE AND NOT EVEN AN OFFER OF MAKING YOU OR ANYWAY BE ELSE ONE! KNOWING FULL WELL YOUD NOT HAD A BREAK! You'd be lucky to get a bottle of wine off the manager (out of their own pockets), and even then it was cheap nasty stuff! staff would work their absolute socks off and care for the residents as best as they could. #overworkedandunderpaid!
ProsGreat staff. Lovely residents.
ConsManagement. Workload (at times).
Care Assistant | Ilkeston | 10 Jul 2021
Short staffed, rota changes everyday, no staff stay always leaving, everyone complains, too many staff got anxiety problems, management do appreciate you, be better with team work, consistency is much better for residents and for staff you know your team work colleagues and work better as a team, but it changes all time and then set to other building you like a trainee again as you don’t know residents so the job is slower, because moving you around all time from residential to nursing, which is not good for residents and many find it hard to have different carers, hard for carers to remember 65 residents. Hardly any activity’s, being a carer to me means looking after residents with compassion and caring, getting to know them making sure they comfortable, and not stressed having time to take outside or even to toilet, making sure they happy. Giving personal care should not be a 10 minute job, management don’t see all the things that happen, and if you say anything nothing gets done about it, staff shouting at residents, should be happy in this kinda job not just a job.
ProsResidents are the only good thing.
ConsNot appreciated, feeling used.
Care Assistant | Newton-le-Willows | 12 Feb 2021
Residents are the best thing of this company
Not a nice place to work, although the 12 hour night shifts I enjoyed and the carers I worked with and became good friends with, the day staff are always having a go at nights. Felt like a battle between nights and days when it should have been one team. They will complain about you and report you for nothing just to get you into trouble and when you tell the management, they tell whoever it was that you said something. Can't trust anyone. I loved the resident's they became family to me so a very rewarding job in that respect but unfortunately the company only see pound signs and have care for the actual resident's needs. Also employ staff that are under qualified or under experienced and very young which most residents feel their dignity is being compromised. You need thick skin and be able to stand on your own two feet with this job amd then you'll be ok. Definitely under staffed , underpaid , underapreciated. Good luck you will need it.
ProsResidents and some staff, job security
ConsStaff, management, money, long hours, overworked, undervalued, understaffed
Nursing Home Administrator | London | 31 Jan 2022
Diabolical salary, don’t expect pay rises
Quite possibly the worst ‘care’ company you could work for. Don’t expect a pay rise, money is dreadful for what you’re expected to do. Too many managers, MD’s RM, RSM - who get paid a handsome wage. Paperwork beyond anything I’ve ever experienced - they triplicate everything. Staff turnover bad, they dont seem to retain the decent staff or have any interest in retaining them. Staff who take endless sick leave, lie, generally disrespectful- seem to be treated with ‘kid gloves’ as the company are terrified of being taken to court. Do yourself a favour - investigate the role before you take it. Ensure what they say it is on paper, is really what they mean.
ConsLong hours for little money
Care Assistant | Ilkeston | 5 Aug 2021
I worked for approximately eight months at this home. The residents were high dependency. Constantly understaffed. Some staff very hostile in fact lots of people left because of this instilled hatred from certain people Atmosphere sometimes unbearable. The residents mostly treated well.but as far as I am concerned care was lacking because they penny pinched. And for over a thousand pounds a week I would expect spas and cocktails. Typically run private nursing home. Should not be allowed to run like this. Poor poor residents. Broke my heart. It's a sign of the times and times need to change.!
ProsThe residents made it worthwhile .obviously!
ConsLong hours no breaks
Care Assistant | Durham | 16 Jun 2021
Absolute awful place to work, manager doesn’t care or listen to staffs concerns. Great if you’re a smoker as you can go out constantly and let non- smokers do all the work!! A few good members of staff there but never get any credit. Used to be a good work place before the current manager came and employed her friends and family and pushed staff out that had been there a long time. Activities are none existent although there is 2 activity co-ordinaters, food is on a good day 2/10. Really awful place. Feel sorry for residents there paying that much money for what they get in return. In my opinion avoid!
ProsFew good carers
ConsLong hours, short pay, bad management
Registered Nurse | Howdon | 13 Jun 2021
Enjoyed working there
I pretty much learned a lot during my work at Four Seasons and they offered me a lot of training, however most of the nurses were unwilling to help the new starters. Everything went well until a new manager started and she didn’t have a clue what she was doing, gave me a supervision for staying behind and helping a resident having a hypo . She was trying to create an impression by making all these unhelpful changes that caused a lot of people to leave and the care home ended up embargoed. Due to lack of staff it became very difficult to work there.
ProsOffered good training
ConsHigh staff turnover
Care Assistant | Stoke-on-Trent | 9 Aug 2021
Stressful and hard
Very Stressful can be hard work depending if you are been supported by staff. Some staff can be horrible and rude to you. It's hard when you have been left short staffed when staff ring in sick at short notice. Some staff asking for swaps and taking advantage of you to get a weekend off if not got a Good enough reason. Been asked to pick up extra shifts to help out when short staffed and not been appreciated. Would not recommended fours seasons jobs to no one
ProsFree lunches
ConsLong hours
Home Manager | Glasgow | 10 Jan 2022
Good employer…recent positive change
A lot of recent changes, All change is to improve the care for residents and a better working environment for the team. Can be stressful but with the right team behind you it can achieve excellent results for residents and team. Committed to the teams from central teams to teams within homes. One of the the better care home companies and employers.
ProsTraining Competitive salaries Valued
ConsProgression opportunities Work/Life Balance
Healthcare Assistant | Dunbar | 7 Apr 2021
It’s an ok job..
Thankfully the team you work with are supportive for the most part. Like every job there are a few arrogant and ignorant people but that’s life. The majority of staff are friendly and make it a nice place to work. Management needs work but that’s with all jobs.
ProsPretty nice colleagues
ConsLong hours, not good pay, residents can be physically aggressive, management not very good, a few arrogant and ignorant colleagues
Custodian | Bloomington, IL | 9 Jul 2017
Four seasons Health club
I would get there and clock into my job. I would go and do a collection to pick up dirty towels. I would then switch over the washer to the dryer. then put the dirty ones in the washer. then I would fold the ones that came out of the dryer. after I folded them I would have enough time to go and clean the machines I had on my list. I continue to fold and wash towels for the rest of the shift which would be five hours. I met some really good customers while working there. The management is really good I really liked my manager. He was a good guy. It was a packed place where you would go and work out. making the customers happy. Making sure you talked to them and were very kind. The enjoyable part about working there is that I met some really good employees.
ProsVery nice customers
Conshaving to work really late
Deputy Manager | New Jersey | 29 Jan 2015
Good Ethos in the Delivery of Care Services
I am a very organised motivated individual, I enjoy the role of a Manager as the expert practitioner as this enables me to share my knowledge and maximise the service potential that I work within. I pride myself on being professional as an individual and would expect the same from the Staff Team when representing the organisation in which we work. I thrive on providing Person Centred Care this ensures that the Service Users receive individualised care to meet the individual need. I am aware of the importance of the required compliance with CQC and would strive to maintain / exceed the required standards, in doing so i would adhere to the organisational policy and procedural framework as a guide.
Nursing Assistant | Wilmington, DE | 25 Nov 2014
Love this company and the clients!!
I love working for Four Seasons because everyday is different. Some days, I may just and talk with my client and maybe cook he/she breakfast. Other days, we go shopping together and they enjoy getting out. I love one on one care because you get the people more and they like all the attention. I love the flexibility as well. The only thing hard about the job would be finding some places. When my gps is acting crazy, it can be a task getting to the person's home, so I always leave early. My boss is great. He is very tech savvy, so he emails and texts open shifts. Great company.
Prosflexibility, one on one experience, and enjoyable
Consshort cases sometimes and travel at times.
Front Desk Agent | Sioux City, IA | 21 May 2016
Four Seasons
My job at Four Seasons Health Club is a job that I looked forward to going to because of the friends that I have made there. Seeing the regular workout members in the morning and afternoons is very enjoyable. Some times can get very hectic with new members wanting tours and to sign up for a membership, but the staff that I worked with was always there to help carry the load. Multi-tasking is a task that I had already had mastered, so I thought. Working here however, has helped me remember several different things while being on the phone and filling out paperwork.
ProsFree membership, friendships

Questions and answers about Four Seasons Health Care

Does Four Seasons Health Care allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked 9 Apr 2021
Depends on your job role, however this is discussed in your interviews.
Answered 29 Oct 2021
No, hours are set
Answered 16 Jun 2021
What is the work environment and culture like at Four Seasons Health Care?
Asked 4 Sept 2021
Fast paced and relies heavily on teamwork to provide a great quality of care.
Answered 29 Oct 2021
Clean friendly reliable
Answered 23 Sept 2021
What advice would you give the CEO of Four Seasons Health Care about how to improve it?
Asked 7 Jul 2021
Give more staff.
Answered 4 Sept 2021
So much to improve on starting with salarys and running of the company very poor and would advise employees to think twice if consideration of a position with this company
Answered 9 Aug 2021
How do you feel about going to work at Four Seasons Health Care each day?
Asked 7 Apr 2021
Use to love going to work, but now dread it, had loads leave over the last two years, too much stress, and don’t get time to look after residents correctly.
Answered 10 Jul 2021
Positive and emotional
Answered 26 Apr 2021
How would you describe the pace of work at Four Seasons Health Care?
Asked 18 Feb 2021
Busy and stressful
Answered 5 May 2021
Answered 26 Apr 2021