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Registered Nurse | Cardiff | 31 May 2019
Bulkyjng culture
Hallmark professes to want to be the best provider of relationship centred care by 2020. The ideologu is great but the directors (who serve up the ideology) have no idea, all they want is to look good and promote themselves. They use the term relationship centred care because it is the new buzz word. The terminology that is used is all cliche. Empowerment days are like cult meetings and there is a degree of brain washing going on Working for Hallmark was an interesting experience, it has a massive bullying culture which starts at senior management and works it's way down. Attitudes and work ethics are archaic. It is like morphing back to the 50s, where discrimination is rife. Yes, the training is excellent but it is a waste of time as the expectations are so high and the homes are so busy, you cant put it to good use. I worked for them for quite a while, the last 6 months i was there I used to go gome crying from constant bullying and put downs. I went from quite a strong individual to a quivering wreck. Concerns regarding bad nursing practice was ignored by the manager and brushed under the carpet. The manager had a very good way of twisting things that you said to make you look an idiot, so in the end it was a waste of time. Half of the nurses there shouldn't be allowed to practice. The care the care staff offer is excellent, they are over worked and under paid. They don't stop, if they dare sit down for 5 minutes someone is shouting at them to do some work. I wonder
Lifestyles Manager | Cardiff | 22 Dec 2020
Lovely place until it changed managers then things went downhill
Up until recently I loved my job with hallmark, the team were lovely and I built great working relationships with them. The managing directors of the company and their families are the loveliest people I’ve met and we’re chatty and interacted with all team members when they visited. The residents are well looked after and cared for and everyone supports each other. When the manager left and a new manager started things went downhill straight away. There was no longer an open door policy, there was no support for team members and just genuinely rude to the team. Team members gave up reporting their issues as they were just brushed under the carpet and never dealt with. I watched team members who had worked with the company for over 5 years leave as well as long standing team members who had been with the company for more than 15 years. I watched team members fall apart and break down in tears through lack of support and working under intense pressure. I made the decision to leave as I didn’t feel the issues raised were taken seriously and the impact on my mental health and well-being was huge. I lost all confidence in myself and my abilities which is a shame as I loved my job and had the new manager treated myself and other team members with respect and supported us the way a manager should then I would still be there doing the job I love and I know others who have left would still be there too.
ProsAlways lots of hours going, care team and housekeeping are lovely people to work with, lots of training offered
ConsLack of support, high turnover of staff
Senior Care Assistant | Brighton and Hove | 30 Oct 2018
Good company, great team
I have been employed at hallmark for over 4 years, and have enjoyed all 4 of them. yes I would be lying if I said there wasn't some tough times involved, but wherever you work is this not the same? but its how you approach those tough situations and deal with them that lead to a happy work/life balance. sure people are going to have there gripes and moans, but on a whole hallmark is a fantastic company to work for. I have been given opportunities with them that I perhaps wouldn't have elsewhere and that is because as a company they believed in me and supported me and pushed me to better myself, because I believe they saw potential in me that maybe others wouldn't have. It makes me laugh when I read some of the reviews, as you don't go into care work and expect it to be an easy ride, its not. and if that is what you want then your going into the wrong line of work. Since day one I have found management approachable and understanding, and have always been given the opportunity to express myself without the fear of backlash, which has made the whole time working for them that bit more relaxed and enjoyable. The care team are hard working, passionate and empathic and go above and beyond to make sure the residents are well looked after at all times. I enjoy coming to work, its something I have the passion for and its true what they say, find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life. highly recommended as a company to work for
Kitchen Assistant | Billericay | 23 Aug 2018
False information
I was offered a position at hallmark care homes upon calling and calling for nearly a whole month I was told my references was all good, just awaiting my dbs form (of which I was almost persuaded into paying for) Nevertheless I called a day before my dbs was due to come through and wanted to check in and make sure all was still good as I was so eager to start, the lady I spoke to who was head of hr for the company unit told me all was fine and to “pop in as soon as I had my dbs” (Bearing in mind I had already spent £35 in travel to run necessary documents back and forth,the next day came dbs cane through and I called to say I was coming in only to be told “actually we have changed our minds the references, were....how can we put this in the nicest possible way....unhelpful” So it had seemed in the space of less than 24 hours that they had changed their minds, either that or a previous company have used defamation against my name, when questioned on who had said something bad about me, i was sternly told I was not allowed to know! Which is actually wrong as defamation of character is punishable by law! The company kept me on a string for borderline 29 days before telling me no.... unprovoked.....underqualified....unprofessional. This needs to be seen, for anyone like myself that almost ended up in serious debt due to bill payments etc avoid them unless you have a backup plan!
ProsEvery other weekend off
ConsPoorly trained hr staff, lack of empathy for all staff.
Care Assistant | Cardiff | 6 Nov 2016
Underpaid and undervalued
I worked here for almost 2 years and unfortunately this is a prime example of when residents' days are fitted around staff schedules. Often under-staffed and expected to do the job of two/three people, whilst being paid minimum wage. Management were poor at staffing adequately, punishing those who didn't come in for shifts and it was often those who were reliable and conscientious that paid the price for this. Residents were incredible to look after, and this was a real privilege, but the environment to work in was poor. Lots of bitchiness amongst staff that wasn't dealt with by management, senior management constantly expecting more from staff who were already going above and beyond, and care assistants were left to face unhappy families often when we were not at fault. The company would be far better placed investing better in staff training (a real lack of dementia care understanding!) and adequately staffing their homes - 2 people to look after 20 residents with complex physical, psychological and emotional needs is not good enough. Minimum should be at least 5, or 6, allowing us time to spend quality time with residents, not 'task oriented' days.
ProsOften got lunch on shift, amazing residents, and some great hard working staff.
ConsPoor nursing management, awful senior management out of touch with care work
Care Assistant | Leigh-on-Sea | 5 Sept 2019
Toxic culture, hallmark care more about fancy furniture than basic needs
The amount that the residents pay to be here is an absolute joke. The company have just refurbished the home with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of designer furniture and ornaments yet we have hardly any staff to look after residents with complex needs. Residents are sat in chairs all day and there’s not enough staff on duty to take them to the toilet or assist them with a bath if they need it. I’ve seen 3 people have a bath in the whole time I’ve been here. Bullying culture is rife in the home, from management to seniors to other care workers. Every week someone else is the target of gossip or shunning so you never know where you stand. Be prepared to do 12 hour shifts and weekend work. On the plus side, the majority of the staff genuinely care about the residents and do all they can to help them. You get a free meal at lunch and dinner (once residents have eaten) and the pay is above minimum wage (just about). The thing that really makes the job worth bearing is the residents as you build such strong relationships with them. But be prepared to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety in return.
ProsLovely residents
ConsShort staffing, toxic culture
Care Assistant | Porth | 22 Jan 2022
Bullying culture management unprofessional
Awful place to work bullying environment constantly changing and moving goal posts to suit management if your face fits you will get on well …. Management are so unprofessional including central management teams they will expect all staff to go over and above job expectations for no extra pay or recognition but will never pitch in and help out when short staffed which is most of the time they will make sure they finish on time …no rewards at all just expectations which are unrealistic … staff don’t stay and they are constantly recruiting they say on the adverts no experience when they expect a min if level 2 nvq …. If you want no life constantly have phone calls to cover shifts on your days off because sickness is at a all time high no recognition or promotion unless ure face fits with pizza as a reward every now and again. this is the place for you …. Hallmark have a charter ask anyone who works there what it is no one will know so how can they abide by it I never saw that happen Ever ….
ProsSome staff are friendly
ConsToo many to list
Clinical Lead Nurse | Billericay | 31 Jan 2020
Terrible experience
Its taken a while to write this, my experience at hallmark was appalling. I saw some terrible things in the home i worked in, and it took so long for anybody to do anything about it. I have never in my life had issues with my mental health however the position i was put in there caused me to require a serious cool down period from nursing in general. The senior management team were terrible from the get go, however they closed their eyes a lot of the time, i do believe its because the pay was very good and they all drove fancy cars. My integrity was too deeply ingrained to go down that path. The teams were over worked, the place was chaotic and their was no appreciation for going above and beyond. It was expected in my position to work all hours of the day and night weekends included, i ended up doing 65 hour weeks as the norm, without ever being paid any extra. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 yard pole given another chance.
ProsBeautiful environment aesthetically
ConsLong hours, senior management
Care Assistant | London | 9 Mar 2018
Very but very bed management!
GM just want to save money! I don't believe that she will pay that money for a senior! It is just to call people to the interview and there she will drop it down to 9 pounds lol! She have no words! ✂ everything! Sometimes has 2 or 3 care for each floor ! We had days that even activities managers had to work as a care because was none! No agency! Putting the residents in danger! GM protect people! When reported nothing is Donne about! And you are not allowed to have your opinion! Seniors without any experience are been contracted and promoted! I will never let one family member be one night in that place, families has no ideia what's is goin on! Residents been changed one time during the night while team sleep and the management? They know it! Hope CQC do something about because it is ❤ broken to see people having a end of like in that way...
ProsBeautifull home, some team members are very supportive!
ConsGM ! Really rude and is a risk to work in that place for lot of reasons
Healthcare Assistant | Billericay | 27 Jan 2019
Inadequate support and praise, poor work life balance.
Worked here for a few years as felt trapped on full time hours, always was at work and worked every weekend-which is often short staffed to sickness so felt obliged to pick up extra, so affectively had no work life Balance, unable to get time off as once they’d realise I’d been applying for jobs they refused annual leave. This is when it went down hill. Was treated ok up until then, as I just kept my head down and worked hard and love my job as I put a lot into it, which was soley down to me being self motivated, but could clearly see inequalities in how some staff were favoured and did very little and others had potential but simply didn’t get supported, made for a toxic and competitive environment. Poorly managed and no real place to make complaints- nothing is confidential or professional.
ProsGood team, free meals, exquisite house and grounds, some incredible residents.
ConsEverything else

Questions and answers about Hallmark Care Homes

How are the working hours at Hallmark Care Homes?
Asked 10 Jun 2017
Long 12 hour shifts, unpaid break, poor staff room facilities, not allowed to leave premise for break
Answered 25 Jun 2020
You will be asked at the interview what contracted hours you would like to apply for. If you have little or no experience do not over estimate yourself! Best advise start with less hours and increase them once you feel more confident and you have better understanding of the job. The health care assistant or senior carer jobs are not the easiest jobs in the world but they are very rewarding and you will have an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of great people once you join the team. And rest assured that the best ones in the sector are working for Hallmark care homes!!!
Answered 26 Aug 2019
What is the interview process like at Hallmark Care Homes?
Asked 27 Mar 2017
Very disorganised and unprepared on the interviews side
Answered 25 Jun 2020
Very disorganised and chaotic, undertaken in a tiny store room-no apologies were made. It was embarrassing. The interviewer was not experienced and was having great difficulty reading the questions. She had a vacant look on her face and was not at all engaging. She is now a senior nurse! And a bully. Very unprofessional experience and gave me a bad feeling from the get go, I should have gone with my gut and turned down the job, it was a taster for things to come, luckily I’m out of there now. Don’t work for this company!
Answered 7 Jun 2019
What is the Hallmark Care Homes employee discount?
Asked 12 May 2017
There is no discount or benefits
Answered 25 Jun 2020
That’s a fake fact they say to bribe you to work there. They’re not recognised in the high street. Remember, the reason they win awards is because they pay to enter them, they’re not this super famous company that can give you discounts at shops.
Answered 29 May 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Hallmark Care Homes?
Asked 10 May 2017
Depending of the position but obviously you have to look smart and presentable.
Answered 26 Aug 2019
Full radiation suit to keep their toxic out
Answered 17 Jun 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Hallmark Care Homes?
Asked 15 Oct 2018
Long interview, expect to be personally profiled and analysed
Answered 31 Jan 2020
This company is desperate for anyone, go elsewhere
Answered 17 Jun 2019