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General Manager | West Midlands | 1 Feb 2019
KP to GM in 6 Years
Have worked in a fair few of sites across the business and been on a few new openings and generally dependent on existing structure and in my opinion, wilingness provides great advancement and progressional opportunities. I was young when I first joined and progression from lower levels server/kitchen assistant positions to management/senior management in a number of years is not uncommon and I certainly hear of similar stories and have met great colleagues with similar stories. We have a great structure of training tools and guidelines on day to day tasks, training tools as well as workshops that are a huge plus for the business and provide a great grounding tool to its supervisory/management teams on the front line. Great effort into kitchen design and process that as a GM makes my life easier, easier for BOH to serve from, clean organise and a great structure to understand layouts which enevitably improves process and quick up take on new team member induction BOH. In regards to relationships with others in the business, finance, systems and training team at HQ are a god send with reports, help and guidance in your inbox before you need them always ahead of the curve and always there to assist. The push for intergration into community, fundraising and events is not only great for the business and community but gives the team a great opportunity to get involved and feel proud of their day to day work and place of work. With my team, I have great tools to provide help
ProsFree food on shift, loungefest, great advancement, great training tools, great branding, great community engagement
ConsWorking from home, no phone allowance for senior site roles
Manager | London | 23 Jan 2020
50/50 amazing and horrific
I spent around 2 years at Loungers and for the most part i absolutely loved it, my review will largely reiterate what others have said, and likely be followed up by the obligitory copy paste message from the people director, but here goes. Pick your Ops managers and Ops chefs well, they will ensure you're success or failure within the company, the best ones are the ones that actually know what they're doing because they worked at Lounges as a GM and worked their way up. The others come from pub companies, and really don't get how lounges actually work on the ground level nor how to instil the Loungers culture. Lounges has no HR department, the operations managers are a law unto themselves and will behave accordingly. The only way to get anything overturned or checked by someone is by taking your greivance directly to the directors, it's a boys club below this, everyone knows everyone from somewhere else. 2 Operations managers allowed me to progress within the company, moving from the kitchen to management in just under 10 months through the trainee assistant manager program, i completed the BGT training program, and every course lounges offered, life was great. 4 Months later i resigned under duress to protect my record and reference with the company under a different operations manager. The 48hr thing really needs to stop being advertised, i worked on a new open in my time at Lounges, smashing my way through 60 hours on a number of weeks in a row and according to
Sous Chef | Hinckley | 17 Feb 2020
I dont even put it on my CV
An absolute shocking company. I came here, which was well below my skill set, because I was sold the promise of career advancenent, and the whole "Loungers Dream", despite my concerns of my age (55 at the time) My "training" consisted of working alongside other chefs in another busy Loungers outlet. THAT was an eye-opener to how the company operates, and I should have cut and run after my 3rd shift! Along with me were two equally decent chefs in training who both gave me their opinions just how poor it was. One didn't finish his 2 week training and the other quit his role in the first week he took over his new role! The unit I was placed in had a poor talent pool of chefs. There were two who WERE decent, but punching above their weight, whilst the rest of the kitchen brigade consisted of school leavers and uninterested cooks just there "for the laugh" with no intention of career development. My first week I observed Food Safety Policy ignored when food was regularly re-labelled instead of being thrown and recorded as wastage. I was told this was the norm so the outlet would achieve its bonus targets! The FOH team, apart from the GM were incompetent and had no idea how a team should be worked, it seemed one continual laugh all day, every day. Whenever negative reviews came through on Tripadvisor, the assistant management team would joke about it. The BOH team would be required to wash dishes, which I steadfastly refuses to do. Whilst the salary did seem reasonable, I w
Assistant Manager | United Kingdom | 9 Nov 2019
Blood, sweat, tears and more..
Don’t be fooled by the promise of a fun loving family work environment. It will only take a week or two for the reality to hit you in the face. They encourage you to let your personality shine but once you hit the 50-60 hour weeks you will soon become a shell of a person. OPS are AWFUL! They promise support and understanding but when it hits the fan they will throw you under the bus. If you don’t get on with your OPS expect to never progress or get help. They are super clicky and if they like you will let you get away with anything you like and be super lenient and if you don’t it’ll rain down on you from a great height for other people’s mistakes. They are all corrupt, it’s not just OPS it’s area OPS and even higher, and they use staff lower down the chain as scape goats. They will make promises of pay rises and bonuses that will never appear, they won’t put the terms of the bonus in writing so that they can hold it over your head like a donkey with a carrot . This company has a real problem with bullying, I have seen many people quit over this and have experienced it myself , and if your unfortunate enough to have a bully in the midst who is good at there job then they will sweep it under the carpet no matter how many people put in official complaints. This company will honestly work you into the ground, as someone who is used to working long and busy hours they make it impossible. They will allow you the bare minimum of staff to cut costs and then will barrage you
Sous Chef | Bedfordshire | 16 Mar 2018
Bad upper management
I worked for loungers as a sous chef in one of their brand new lounges, although i decided to leave within a few months of starting for a couple of reasons. As a senior kitchen member you are required to take 3 weeks training at another lounge to get settled and familiarise yourself with the operation before leaving for your own lounge. During this time however only basics were covered and i was just used as an extra set of hands during service for the other lounge for 3 weeks. After this i was moved to my own lounge in time for the opening feeling quite unprepared, only to find out there wasnt a head chef and i was to run the kitchen until there was one. Minimal kitchen staff were hired for the opening and i found myself working 60+ hour weeks for the first 2 months. The online rota system never reflected this and always showed that i had done 48 hours a week (contracted) exactly. General management were always great and quick to address immediate problems, though upper management seemed to be unapproachable and pretty elusive and i never got a chance to talk with anyone high up about the situation. The only time upper management would be seen was if they had chosen your lounge to hang out on their laptops and swan about like celebrities for the day, but you still wouldnt see them! The only reason youd know they were there was because youd get a shout from someone to run around and tidy up because such and such is out front. To summarise, great management and s
ProsSlightly above average salary for position
Cons0 work life balance. Unapproachable upper management
Front of House Manager | Berkshire | 26 Jul 2019
High stress low reward
If all you've ever wanted was stress and exhaustion with the promise of your promotion coming in soon the lounges is a great place for you. Management love to lounge around while the rest of their staff are doing enough work for triple the amount of people on shift. Expect to see 4 people leaning around behind the bar while 1 or 2 people run around attending to customers, running food, clearing plates and ultimately working behind the bar when those 4 people mysteriously disappear right as customers turn up. Kitchen staff and front of house rarely work cohesively with screaming matches going on over the pass. Normally due to food being cold from being microwaved or sitting on the pass as an incomplete order. Staff are under appreciated across the board with hours being changed randomly without notice, breaks rarely being taken and even rarer to be provided with the free staff food on those breaks. You'll often be working until 1am one night and then in at 8am the next morning due to your GM or AM not being able to organise their staffing because they're making their rota hours before the first shift of that week. You'll never be able to plan your life around the job as your expected to constantly be available. The company claim that each lounge has a family atmosphere but most of the staff barely even tolerate each other and dispise the thought of having to come to work. Especially when you aren't even guaranteed stable hours. "Loungefest" is just all the of the s
ProsFree staff food occasionally
ConsNo work life balance. No notice for shifts. No gaurenteed hours. Slow progression.
Chef | Devon | 7 Apr 2019
Unhealthy, bad balance of work to life
general management are always great and quick to address immediate problems, though upper management seemed to be unapproachable and pretty elusive and i never got a chance to talk with anyone high up about any situation. The only time upper management would be seen was if they had chosen your lounge to hang out on their laptops and swan about like celebrities for the day, but you still wouldnt see them! The only reason youd know they were there was because youd get a shout from someone to run around and tidy up because such and such is out front. To summarise, great management and staff. Best bunch of people ive ever worked with - terrible upper management, from HC to OPS! swan around from lounge to lounge having their egos massaged while completely ignoring serious issues - leaving the weight of the company to be propped up by the regular staffs hard work. HC does what he wants, contracted to 48hours but works about 30 leaving SC and JSC to pick up the slack doing more hours than the 48 contracted and not being paid. When I first started the company 7 years ago I couldn’t say a bad word about it until upper management shown their true colours. Promises of pay rise and bonus which never happen, forcing you to work your days off else you’ll lose your job. The only reason I worked for this company for so long is because I have a family to provide for (my son is now 2 and I’ve seen him grow for about 6 months of his life) and need to keep a roof over our heads. Avoid ruin
ProsGreat staff members
ConsLong hours, split shifts, no life
Commis | Kingston upon Hull | 2 Dec 2021
Better management needed
Worked from June to September. Parts of the job were good like preparing food, serving food, getting breaks, friendly co workers and salary was decent I guess. Unfortunately though it's let down by incompetent management, too often understaffed and stressful hours. I applied for the job as a Commis Chef on part time hours, but ended up doing 60+ hours per week towards the end of my time there with barely any breaks or enough support, we were promised by management time and time again that more staff would be hired to help in the kitchen having had to use waiting staff to help out which in turn shortened the number of them they had available working downstairs to serve drinks and meals etc. The moment I gave up with the place was when the rota was changed which wasn't the issue at all given that I already knew it would change but the timing of it was what offended me the most with the rota for that week not revealed until 12am in the morning expecting me to go in at 8am the same day. Overall the staff and co workers (most of whom have left as well) were friendly and great to get on with, the efforts they put in to make work as enjoyable as possible I appreciated, staff breaks whenever we could take them had good food available and the place itself looks nice with a lovely décor. It's just such a shame that what could have been a great place to work at is heavily let down by inept management who haven't given the place enough resources to work with given the constant lack o
ProsFriendly co workers, food and breaks were good
ConsHours far too long and management is abysmal.
Sous Chef | Newcastle-under-Lyme | 4 Mar 2019
Overall, a bad company
When I started my career here I was told about how well the company treats you, that they will help to make sure you have a fair work/life balance, and its all lies. They will promise you good pay, which is only offered once you hand in your notice which I did on three occasions and it was returned with the promise of better pay and less hours (I was very overworked, often doing between a minimum of 10-16 hours sometimes working 8am - midnight as there was not enough support from anyone during extremely busy times and was met with'youll just have to work harder'.) I had to chase and chase for the pay I was promised which overall wasnt worth the personal sacrifices made. Over the year and a half I worked for this company, I saw 6 head chefs in one building who never got support from the area managers. I truly feel sorry for the people who work here still as thinking back on the place only brings me feelings of dread. They even resorted to checking staff members bags, when other staff members / management werent there. Basically, one member of management would go to the staff room and check your bags with out witness / consent. Bag checking isnt a problem, its welcomed in my eyes for safety reasons. However, when they go to do it behind your back it makes you feel like youre not trusted and unvalued as an employee which is sad when you have to literally break yourback for this company with no thanks. I wouldn't recommend working here. But thats due to my personal ex
Prosfree meals if you work a certain amount of hours or are even permitted to take your unpaid break
ConsLong hours, bad management, backbreaking works, bad pay, lack of respect.
Front End Associate | London | 24 Sept 2020
Went from love to hate real quick
I joined loungers in 2020 and for quite a long time I really enjoyed my job. I had my issues like everyone but they were dealt with swiftly and accordingly. Something changed around COVID time and we re opened it all went downhill. Management lacked in a fair few areas including dealing with staff who were in my opinion rude, arrogant, disrespectful and work ethic was 0. It was a huge shame to watch the morale & standards drop so low and by the end of my time there I was mentally in the weeds & despaired of the workplace (eventhough I was just FOH staff) I took pride in my job and my work ethic but the blatant disrespect of my coworkers and some higher up than myself was too much in the end and it broke me down massively. Laziness, bad attitudes, verbal disrespect was becoming a weekly thing and I wanted no part in that negativity thrown at me anymore. The lounge I worked at needs a change in perspectives, staff & training and then I think it would be a consistently great place to work. It’s such a shame how it ended with myself and it could’ve been avoided if they’d just listen to my views and acted accordingly. I’m now unemployed in a pandemic but I’d rather that than go back there and that’s how much my attitude and love towards the place changed. Also vowed never to work in the hospitality industry again. Be careful.
ProsStaff food, they can care about well-being of staff
ConsLazy work ethic, disrespectful colleagues, poor management, lack of training, ops managers can be awful, overwhelmingly stressful job, too relaxed

Questions and answers about Lounges

What is the most stressful part about working at Lounges?
Asked 26 Feb 2019
The upper management
Answered 29 Apr 2022
Kitchen, it’s a fast paced environment and can have long hours
Answered 27 Apr 2022
What is the interview process like at Lounges?
Asked 22 Sept 2018
Very easy and informal
Answered 26 Jul 2020
You sit there while General Manager and Area Manager gush on how "great" Loungers is, and how you're lucky to be even considered a position! They sell you the dream, and on your first day, it all comes crashing down like a house of cards the realisation just how much they sold you a dud!
Answered 1 Feb 2020
How does someone get hired at Loungers Ltd? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 18 Mar 2017
Apply, informal chat, told at interview if successful. Complete online training and HR paperwork. Start once all completed approx 3 weeks
Answered 2 Aug 2021
They care about your personality. Talking jargon about previous jobs and experiences only get you so far. They want positivity in their kitchens
Answered 17 Jul 2021
How are the working hours at Lounges?
Asked 18 Mar 2017
Long hours and always asked to work extra hours which is very unfair
Answered 31 Dec 2021
For managers you are contracted 48 hours a week. However, you will be expected to do every hour they can throw at you. You will not get paid for extra hours worked. You will be expected to start at 8am and finish at midnight or sometimes even later. Then come back in for 8am. You will be utterly exhausted. Will little time for breaks.
Answered 17 Jun 2019
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Lounges?
Asked 21 Oct 2018
Wear loungey clothing and a look a bit different
Answered 21 Apr 2022
Know your limits and don't let them be moved by management.
Answered 1 Feb 2022