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Designer | Stockport | 29 Jun 2014
Nice showroom shame about the old school management
I was a RSD retail sales designer and worked at a branch that also had the trade sales section within the same building. The training was OK but I've had better and from what I can remember the induction course was at head office for three or four days. The rest of your training takes place at your branch and sometimes on a two day course at other showrooms. These were again OK but I felt they needed to stick their head out of the Magnet bubble to see how the competition were doing things and develope some form of differentiation. At the branch I was working at I saw a change of management three times and the turnover of sales designers was just as bad. The people I worked with were OK but some members of staff that had been with the company a long time liked to talk about what they were going to do when they left ? The senior management were clearly from the old school of Magnet that had somehow worked their way into positions that from what I could only assess as paper shufflers and made simple processes harder than they should be. For example I had just got my head around how to use an in house CRM system that had been developed by Magnet 25 years prior, when they anounced they had spent Millions of pounds on a new system based on SAP's that was supposed to be easy to use. I do not know if that member of staff who introduced the SAP system to Magnet is still with them, but it was a complete waste of money and I am sure it has cost the group millions in lost sale
ProsNice working area
ConsPoor Commission rates, Systems for systems, Poor Milage allowence
Kitchen Designer | Yeovil | 18 Jun 2019
Could be amazing, let down by bad leadership
Magnet is a double-edged sword. The pay is good and the commission scheme and team bonus can provide excellent uncapped earnings (although some bonuses/regional competitions heavily favour the large Prestige branches as they are based on pure turnover and are not pro-rata'd for branch size, number of staff etc). it also came to light on multiple occasions that new employees with no prior experience were often taken on at similar or even higher wages than established designers with proven track records, and discussion between employees of their salaries was discouraged. The brand has 100 years' heritage and is seen as relatively upmarket, which customers like. Magnet owns a huge UK factory so makes many of its own products, which can help with quality control and stock management. Product quality was generally high, but staff knowledge and ability varied wildly due to high staff turnover in some branches and a generally poor attitude to training. The two key downsides are the work-life balance at certain times of year, and the general culture and attitude of the senior management. During the January Sale, retail staff return to work on Boxing Day and are typically pressured to work between 13 and 15 days' straight, and to then work 6-day weeks for a further four weeks. However, the commission earned during this time of year can be huge. The main downside to working for Magnet is the bullying and cliquey culture of the senior leadership team. I should point out that
ProsGood pay
ConsPoor senior management
Kitchen Designer | Kent | 18 Sept 2017
Painful - Read this honest review of the inside of this company It will save you a massive headache!
The management is all wrong and there is no support at all from the managers above. As a new person you need to be supported and the people who are in charge of you do not support you, all they care about is taking a deposit and do not care about the actual customer. There was countless time where my customers were messed around by my manager and pressured in to putting a deposit down even when they was not even 50% happy with the kitchen/deal. Even though I was from a 'carpentry' background they believed they knew more then I did baring mind I actually worked on construction sites which included fitting kitchens! The main problem is that they like to take all the glory and make the young newbies who are on probation take the nasty part of it when the customers come in using foul language because they have been messed around by management the person in charge would run off and hide in the warehouse so they did not have to face the customers that were messed abound by this person in the first place. I used to have to remind the manager countless times to issue a refund of 1000 pounds to a customer and it took the manager 6 weeks to issue a refund. I am happy my probation ended and will be looking at going back on to construction sites because I enjoyed it so much more on them then I did at this company. You need to enjoy what you do and let me warn you now you will enjoy it at the start like I did but after a few months it will be horrible like it was for me and even if they
ProsNo comment
ConsWork Saturdays, lunch break is a myth
Store Manager | Kent | 26 Nov 2020
Had its day
I am a current manager in the southeast region, and the company has just had a massive restructure and behold the godfathers (RD) are gone. Which is great but the choices of the ASM that we have now should of gone with them because all they will do is infect us with the useless copy and paste that only regional has somehow managed to believe is leadership. HR for the southeast is more interested in being friends so they can be getting away earlier and not interested in protecting the staff from the useless new regional. The two or one regional depending on how it’s split is either playing around with a designer and the other is in the job because they had there nose somewhere where it didn’t belong and put there before they got kicked out. I have worked and worked to achieve and push for the impossible and for what to be looked at and treated like I have given nothing. And I am taking this further and I am actively looking but i don’t trust the company to deal correctly with it, but the whole culture in this company needs to change and needs to start with out with the old and in with the new. Head office is a joke and that needs shot off fast utter useless I am actually lost for words to describe them to be honest, to be honest I’d rather see magnet on the ropes with a rib shot just to end there chances of ever getting back up. So don’t work here or if you do, get out!
ProsMade a lot of friends, colleges and customers
ConsLong hours (not paid for) when you go over 40 hours, mind is always on work you can’t just walk away
Business Developer | Medway | 11 Jun 2013
A fun and friendly work places
I begun working for Magnets in April 2008 as Business developer, my tasks included, making 70-80 out bound calls a day to exsisting customers to getting new customers, creating and cleaning data, mailing existing and new customers lit,going through sales logs and calling existing cumstomers that have not been in for a while and getting them back, helping on front desk, helping in retail,designing and selling kitchens. I was soon given the role as external rep as well and my main duty was driving around the local area looking for builders,property developers and building sites to talk the builders into signing up for an account with us and showing them the benefits of doing so, however when i came across a builder already on our books and was working on a project i would ask if he or she needed anything and ring through to the shop to have it made ready for them for pick up. i wasnt meant to be selling anything but was there most succsessful seller they had.With help from my manager we pulled a store that was facing closer to a thriving business within three months so much so that i was asked to look after a store in crayford as well as my store in strood and do the same there on alternative weeks. without a pay rise the work load did get to much for me in the end, i was not allowed to lessen my work load so regretablly i had to resign my post.
Prosexperiance, learning new things
Consa huge work load for just one person
| United Kingdom | 12 Oct 2020
Could be good. "Could"
Magnet is generally a good business, however unless you're a designer your incentives are extremely poor, not only do they get better commission they get certain incentives throughout the year where they can earn very good money unlike every other role. The regional only cause stress and are no help, they'll push and push for targets even though all their day job seems to be is to copy and paste previous emails from other hierarchy and slate you to other members of staff and management which for some reason they seem to think is acceptable? and the way they speak to staff is just disgusting! not only that but sexism seems to be the in thing amongst regionals.. very old fashioned in their ways. Unless you're a lad, and their lad at that you have no chance and even then expect to get treated and spoken to like rubbish. If they want you out, you'll be out. No acceptable reason or process needed, you'll be pushed out of the company one way or another due to bullying. Also they'll call last minute to see what you can push through sales wise to make sure they get their nice chunky bonus just for sending out emails. it is a shame as Magnet could be a fantastic place to work. Luckily I managed to find another role elsewhere and when you move on boy do you see the difference in how the company is ran. it's a pity if this company was run properly with less snakes and kings I probably would have stayed
Prosstaff in branch
Consregional management, no real progression, if the face fits
Project Designer | Aberdeen | 8 May 2018
Every day is different!
I've worked on both the retail side and the contracts side of the business and I have to say that moving to CKS was the best decision I've made since joining Magnet. Every day is different; you can be here, there and everywhere surveying or planning kitchens, picking up stock or on the odd occasion going to meetings and training. When it gets busy it gets BUSY but your team is always there to support you; there's always someone at the end of the phone that can help answer any questions or even plan/price kitchens for you if you just don't think you'll have the time to get them done. I never thought I'd be in a job where I could actually see myself staying there long term but I think this is the one for me and there are plenty of opportunities for progression and Magnet actually WANT you to progress. I can't comment on the other teams but the Scotland & North East team are brilliant; we work hard but still manage to have a laugh and meet up for the odd night out! I think for me the main thing is that management treat you with respect; they don't talk down to you and give credit where credit is due but also push you to want to do more and do better. Overall it's a great place to work, some properties are not the most pleasant to go in to but you've got to take the bad with the good.
ProsVery flexible, great team
ConsCan be very demanding when all customers kick in with surveys, etc
Kitchen Designer | Taunton | 21 Jan 2018
Professional friendly environment with years of Heritage
Magnet is an amazing place to work, we are more than just work colleges, we are a family. Every day I walk in I am met with friendly hello from my work colleges, We put the kettle on before the shift starts, make anyone that wants a drink one, then get on with the job. If the phone rings before I start, I answer it, If a customer walks in and and my colleges need support, I step in and help out. I have learned so much in the time I have been there, new systems, new products, I help to teach 20-20 cad design, sales techniques, up-selling. The Management I have worked under in the last 4 years have different skills and ways they manage their staff. I have tried to maintain a close working relationship with my managers and use their knowledge and skills to mentor me to develop myself, and use it myself when I take on my own store. We have an open door policy, we are open and approachable, friendly but also supportive when we need to be. The hardest part of my job is trying to control things that are out of my control. The most enjoyable part of my job, is the feeling I get when customers tell me how much they have enjoyed the experience of the design and sales process, and how professional and polite I am. And of course getting the sale, especially when against a competitor.
Counter Sales Representative | London | 21 Jan 2020
Really Really Really
So an update, Structure has changed No MD now wink wink and commission structure has changed wink wink Guided Targets wink wink. Give me a golden ticket people I love a 5% increase on the margin when I am sitting on a cracking minus 15% because the bright spark wants to go up against shhhhhh don't mention them mention the which report best buy best buy. Look in all seriousness this a review and if I haven't been bored you to death please be aware the nature of the beast in sales and if you want to be that thing on the end of there shoe then smile your on to a winner with Magnet. Look great things last with everyone if we are all pulling in the same direction. Magnet needs a healthy culture change please do not think its going to happen anytime soon. I would advise that a second thought is needed I am just grateful I have seen sense. And trust me they never get it right! the old saying "couldn't organise a? now now keep clean. I will say it again do not put your self through this I have seen this place destroy the best of them shameful really, so go and find a great company leave this not as an after thought but a stop gap maybe but not as career.
ProsGoing home
ConsTurning up
Store Manager | Galashiels | 12 Oct 2012
good store but in wrong location for retail side of the business, as very little foot fall
start of day would include staff meeting , going forward, ideas for business, and previous day sales, allocate work loads as required, check crm,for account calls being made, and if need be do manager call to try get the business, any training requirements were done on a weekly basis and either delt with in store or referred to hr for training course, monies, to check till is correct at start of day also petty cash, check for payments due and complete, any customer complaints delt with there and then, = happier customer, daily figures to area manager on all aspects of the business. any health and safety issues of concern delt with and recorded as required. end of day conversation with all staff, re sales , orders, quotes, new accounts,and record as required, end of day banking procedure, to account for all monies cheques and bank it. most enjoyable part of the job was seeing hard work pay off, and watch the orders come in, = bonus
Prosworking very close to home
Conskitchen measures out of hours, as per magnet
Kitchen Designer | West, TX | 21 Feb 2019
Used to be a good company - now run by idiots
Worked as a kitchen designer. All levels of management are so out of touch and clueless. You will never be appreciated, they just want their pound of flesh and more. Not enough staff at any branch that I know. Because of high turnover of staff there are too many people in the branches that do not know the systems or processes which are long winded and complicated to learn, making it harder for experienced staff to get on with their day.The training is minimal so as a new employee you're relying on your colleagues, and experienced staff are becoming fewer and fewer so either way you're on a hiding to nothing. Management think you're just selling kitchens all day and wonder why you're not achieving target when in actual fact you're either spending 75% of your time sorting out issues that are usually not your doing, cause there's nobody else to deal with it, and because they're long winded and not straight forward to solve, or you're spending time helping and training yet another new member of staff. Most branch managers I know of don't contribute much cause they're clueless, half of them have just done a management course one time, or managed Mcdonalds or something, but have no idea about the kitchen industry. Many just blame staff when things aren't going well and take credit when the staff do bring in good results. There's good people who work there but they don't get the credit or support needed. You will never earn as much as you should no matter how good a salesper
ProsGreat customers and plenty of leads
ConsNo time to service the great customers and leads
Project Designer | Eastern Cape | 14 May 2018
Best Place in the Kitchen Industry - CKS
I currently work as a Project Design Manager for the Contract Kitchen Solutions Department in Magnet Kitchens, Nobia UK. My interview was light and professional, I was given a strong team impression which has definitely shone through since I have joined the team. Every employee that I have met have been incredibly helpful, caring and understanding and just naturally friendly. The weeks training you are first put on is thorough and well thought through with some brilliant experienced trainers to teach you your specific job roles. They introduce the company to you with a proud feeling which you suddenly grasp onto. Each individual is looked after well, given the full support they need and there is no ‘throwing in the deep end’ – this is apparent to be learnt through past experiences which is great as you can see they won’t make the same mistake twice. You are given the right amount of time you need to settle yourself in and be given projects to work with as doing the job role is the best way you will learn. The career opportunities with Magnet are limitless. There are countless colleagues that can demonstrate this as many have all worked their way up the ladder. You are constantly reminded and asked what your career aspirations are and it soon becomes apparent that no one is held back. Team members will always remind you that it isn’t an easy job but you are not alone and never to suffer silently. Every day is completely different but if you have the skills to stay mo
ProsCareer progression, friendly, helpful, happy
ConsJust wish I had joined sooner

Questions and answers about Magnet

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Magnet a better place to work?
Asked 14 Jan 2019
Probably change the culture, from head office down to area management. Look at why people want to leave, rid the areas of the dictatorships as the fear they feed down does not help people want to stay.
Answered 4 Nov 2020
Increase salaries, basic salaries, commission and make rewards easier to achieve. Unfortunately it tends to be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place store ranking relative to bonus rewards. Individual achievement is often pointless and therefore this is demotivating. Change commission and easier rewards schemes
Answered 7 Oct 2020
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Magnet?
Asked 6 Jun 2017
My experience.. Watch your back . existing designer refuses to engage in new designers..( not one conversation in 6 mths ) . strange aligiences with store manager....... Six month trial a tragedy ..
Answered 17 Mar 2020
Very good company with good career progression opportunities.
Answered 10 Mar 2019
What is Magnet sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked 13 Nov 2018
You can take 7 days before a drs note is needed
Answered 28 Oct 2020
No sick pay. However some employees get it after 1 year of service discretionary of management
Answered 26 Feb 2020
What is the interview process like at Magnet?
Asked 2 May 2017
Initial phone interview Then instore with Manager And if successful training for couple of days in Darlington.
Answered 8 Oct 2019
The telephone interview was quite informal and person from recruitment was very good at explaining the questions/what was expected from the candidate who would get the role. The actual interview was quite relaxed and was a good opportunity to find out more about the role and what the manager expected from me.
Answered 8 May 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Magnet Kitchens?
Asked 11 Apr 2017
Smart if you want to have the next 6 months of your life filled with stress even when you are on holiday knowing your coming back to so much stress and customers complaining cause they are incapable of hiring decent managers. I would advise going in a FILA tracksuit with Gola trainers on to grantee you save your self from the stress and heart ache.
Answered 18 Sept 2017
Scruffy old smelly trainers and your dads old trackie to make sure they don't offer you any job at all, specially not a cleaner, get a lift there and back so no one sees you looking unkempt
Answered 4 Sept 2017