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Maria Mallaband Care Group, UK Ratings
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Overall reviews at Maria Mallaband Care Group

Clinic Manager | Leeds | 7 May 2015
Fantastic Comapny with Fantastic Staff
I started with Maria Mallaband in 2012 and my skills and knowledge were immediately recognised. I have progressed from nurse to now being the clinical skills development manager. I have worked for a few companies and the support received that the education opportunities are second to none. I would highly recommend this care company for all candidates wanting praise and reward for their hard work.
ProsCompany benifits
Groundskeeper | United Kingdom | 21 Feb 2017
nice place to work
after initial induction I was shown my schedule of jobs required which I carried out with all my ability i was given further training when required and compulsory training to suit the companies health and safety risk assessment's, I enjoyed my time with the care home and meeting the many different people and staff.
Prosclose to home, training, staff, residents.
Deputy Manager | Trafford | 15 Nov 2016
Lovely home to work in
I worked at Thi home for 5 years. It was a brand new build and was there when it first opened its doors to residents. I had a great relationship with staff and residents. I only left thsi role to further my career
Prosnear to home
ConsUnable o further my careeer
Clinical Nurse | United Kingdom | 25 Feb 2021
Productive workplace
MMCG has given me the opportunity to excel in my clinical skills. Working in the environment, with the training provided, working as a team, I not only develop my career, but as well as a person. Great company to work, as I have experience in NHS and other private care homes.
ProsTraining, team work, feeling supported.
Administrative Assistant | Nottinghamshire | 27 Feb 2020
Fast paced and hard but enjoyable
As a Carer the work is hard and fast paced but very enjoyable, I really enjoyed being a carer and assisting vulnerable people with their daily activities and personal care
Quality Assurance Inspector | North West | 7 Aug 2020
Supportive and certainly value staff in all areas.
I have worked as an MD of a company, in the NHS and in global organisations. My physical health changed making travel more difficult in the immediate future and an opportunity arose for me to join MMCG in December 2019. Although sometimes it has been hard work through the pandemic, I have felt comfortable and supported throughout. I haven't found anybody that isn't willing to have a hands on approach from the top down. Every company has good and bad days, but with MMCG I can honestly say the good far outweighs any bad! Great company to work for and certainly supports people who have the aspiration to progress.
ProsTeam and Support, even more so through the pandemic.
ConsNone at the moment.
Care Assistant | Norwich | 28 Nov 2018
Enjoyed working for company until new manager took over
Forced to leave after a year+ working certain hours, then when new manager came in charged hours and was forced to leave because I couldn't get there early enough to start shift. Never was there a problem with my previous hours never had a day off and things worked well.
ProsThere used to be good staff and management
ConsNot flexible for me
Elder Care Assistant | Swindon | 18 Aug 2021
under staffed with to many resdients
Cons- The atmosphere is verry competitive not enough staff with to many residents, Verry stressful and draining job management never to be seen or given contact detail to get hold of pay is to low for the amount of work we do company used to provide taxi but stopped allways calling for cover becuse there understaffed, nurses don't help 1 hour break but it is not paid and you are only aloud to do certain things all hight margment contradict there self's so it's hard to follow are job roll when everybody's saying doffrent things shifts are terribly worked out Pros- lovely residents, 5.6 weeks annual leave, administration team are lovely,
Pros1 hour break administration team are lovy
ConsTo much work not enough staff staff are over worked and underpaid
Support Practitioner | London | 26 Jun 2020
Secure employment
Having worked for the company a little under 2 years I can honestly say I have been treated with kindness, fairness, equality and opportunity. My husband is a soldier so being in one place is not always an option working for MMCG has allowed me to find a job that offers me work life balance, flexibility and security; I have been extremely lucky to have succeeded within the company.
ProsExcellent work balance
Support Practitioner | Manchester | 25 Jun 2020
I have worked for MMCG since 2015 my career development have been fantastic! I started as a care assistant and progressed to a senior then completed their internal care practitioner program, I am now studying at university to complete the nurse associate degree all with the full support of the company!
ProsSupportive management team, career development, company benefits, strong values and ethics.
ConsI genuinely can't think of any!

Questions and answers about Maria Mallaband Care Group

What advice would you give the CEO of Maria Mallaband Care Group about how to improve it?
Asked 21 Jan 2019
Talk to the carers we know the short comings the lack of staff .residents being upset as we have no time to sit with them .not enough food .3 floors of staff with a tiny staff room with a rule of only 2 people in at a time we work hard please give us an area we can relax for our 30 min break unless you smoke there are no staff areas
Answered 20 Jun 2021
Review your so called teams!
Answered 8 Jan 2021
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Maria Mallaband Care Group?
Asked 7 Oct 2018
Bear in mind while they are interviewing you, this company may not be a good fit for you, it's not all one-sided, you have choices too.
Answered 6 Nov 2020
Mention all your relatives already working there.
Answered 30 Jul 2020
What is the organisational culture at Maria Mallaband Care Group?
Asked 3 Feb 2018
How can you use a brand statement when you have such a high employment turnover to be the best quality care provider would need consistency and is something tha MMCG failes at massively i really expected more from a large company.
Answered 28 Jul 2020
Bullying, cliquey and uncaring staff and management.
Answered 7 May 2019
What is the long service reward that’s mentioned in your benefits?
Asked 14 Nov 2017
Once a £5 voucher was issued by HR for Christmas but when I tried to redeem it I was rejected by M&S who said it had not been validated. Others I worked with had the same experience. So nothing at all for long service. On another occasion there were toiletries purchased by residents relatives leftover when residents passed away and they were offered by management to the staff as 'presents'. And mostly declined. Long service was not rewarded, it was usually terminated to avoid any prospect in future of paying redundancy in excess of minimum government guidelines.
Answered 14 Aug 2020
Never got anything and been there 13 years
Answered 27 Nov 2018
How should you prepare for an interview at Maria Mallaband Care Group?
Asked 6 May 2017
Research the company.
Answered 1 Aug 2018
Answer questions confidently about your ability. Make sure you look into the company history, not the home's history. Look at CQC reports.
Answered 8 Jun 2018