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Truck Driver | Felixstowe | 16 Sept 2018
Job life style
I think the company try to attract people to work for them, after things change. They promise me to work tuesday to saturday and day off sunday and monday. At the moment I work M-F, another bad point is early start job. 4 am, 4 30 or 5 - 6 am. That is like night shift start, should start at 7-8 am but well that are customers far away waiting containers and driver must to support that pain in the butt to wake up early. Probably is company polcy to start too early and make some shuntings before end day work. The maritime uniform is 65% poliester and I don't like it because I sweat a lot, I told them to change with cotton and they don't care about that, Safety boots are bad too and trousers same uncomfortable (I buy my own safety boots, trousers and I will make my cotton shirts too), all clothes are poliester better was if they don't make it. It's a shame for a big company to make low qality clothes for drivers and look only for boss wages to earn more cash. I don't know if they pay propperly because I see some difference in the payslips and my job jours work but some pounds missing, they say is correct the payslip wages, probably i'm confused but I don't want to be lied with my salary... last time they pay propperly after tell them is missing overtime hours to pay. Planners are nice, except 3-4 in felixstowe HQ speaking fast and impatient, after hang off phone I hear them saying swear words about and insulting drivers when I go to trafic offices. Good part of the company, they
ProsMicrowave in the cab, easy job, long waiting time in unloading containers sometimes, no stress with phone calls in the road
ConsShare HGV with another driver, early starts minimum 4:00 am, trailer changes, some impatient operators from trafic department
Driver | Bedfordshire | 24 Oct 2018
Helpful colleagues, decent trucks, easy clean work
A true reflection of what this industry has become. The FTA say this industry has a shortage of 60,000 drivers. I believe the owner of Maritime has close ties with the FTA yet none of them seem to either understand or address the reasons why. I am a firm believer in work life balance but trust me management could not get that working time directive opt out form in front of me quick enough. Contracted to 55 hours a week and expected to do a reasonable amount of over time ( whatever that is ) I have done 1 day in my time here under 11 hours. They don’t advertise the rates because to be honest they are rubbish 136.50 a night 10 pounds of that is a night allowance 10 pounds a night meal allowance. 116.50 You do get a 4 pound bonus a night if you drive like a vicar on a Sunday jolly but that gets reduced if you harsh break or have a lead welly or leave the engine running which is fair. To be perfectly honest I’m looking to not just get out of Maritime but this industry. It’s a joke what companies like this expect, but driver don’t help themselves. A short chat and you soon realise drivers have been brainwashed into believing they are on a good thing earning 38k to 42k a year but do the maths 136.50 a night you have to do a lot of overtime to earn that. In short don’t expect the world you will be worked for long periods but not hard. You will be earning less than many of the warehouse bodies at the places you deliver to, which is a joke as your suppose to be professional.
ProsUniform, decent equipment, training
ConsWages and hours
Driver | Leeds | 17 Jan 2019
I’m a truck driver for Maratime and i honestly say avoid this company,..regarding amount of work,..regarding salary,..regarding holidays you get ,..regarding stilling your money from your salary, are on call all the time,.job can change any time, when you finish one job , are not over yet they will call you to add some more. Salary of Maratime 134£+10 food = 144 £ you get for 11 hours including brake,..anything over 11 hours Maratime will pay you 13.90 £ per hour Now some of you might say great if you take a break of you get pay 14£ hourly That is not true,..first you work 4 on and 4 of which you will work in weekends-bank holiday Second they only give you 20 days holiday ,..Not 28 holidays So you loosing around 1400 £ a year Not only that but there holiday pay is flat 145£ so even you might work a lot of hours and overtime holiday earnings do not change which is ilegal ,..but that’s Maratime Plus watch your wage they do take money from you,... i have come to conclusion I’m better of working for someone close to home maybe with 12 £ an hour and give me 28 holidays With my calculation i loose 6000£ a year missing holidays-traveling-disel working for Maratime, I’m not happy By loosing that kind of money means i only work for 12£ hourly for Maratime A lot of Drivers are stupid don’t understand tricks of Maratime Even bonus fuel it’s a scam so you can be good all year round savings fuel and at the end one day you break ha
Truck Driver | Manchester | 10 Jun 2016
Everything glistens but is not gold
Make no mistake, if you are in the transport industry you probably did not do very well at school. To get a job in transport admin/ management is a lot easier than say, getting a job in the NHS or some government department. Maritime attracts the incompetent management/admin type of employee. They are thoroughly decent people on a personal level but in transport, due to long hours, bad diet culture they are prone to make little mistakes that go un-noticed until those mistakes have snowballed into a costly embarrassment. If the driver can be blamed..... I have witnessed hard working decent men broken in spirit with this company. I only wish it was law to publish figures highlighting staff turnover; especially drivers. Abuse seems an appropriate word but may be a bit too strong. So let's use the word callous. If you work here be prepared to be sh.t on, on a regular basis. Be prepared to suffer relationship problems at home. Be prepared to see your social circle reduced. Be prepared for long hours at the drop of a hat. Why drivers allow the transport Industry to abuse them, year in year out, is down to a driver's stupidity. To get a week's wage, your likely to work a week and a half for it. If you are in desperation for a job, this company will be OK for a season but don't be surprised if you find yourself looking for another job within a couple of months of starting there.
ProsClean bright shiny vehicles
ConsYour health and sanity will suffer
Truck Driver | Northampton | 30 Apr 2017
Not The Worst Job I've Had
I have read most of the other reviews here on Maritime.. And to be fair I can not disagree. I am on just over 2 years with them. Has it's good and bad points as all companies. And it probably depends on which depot you work for and who your operator is. They are mostly young lads with no experience in hgv or driving anywhere out of their own towns. They do chase you at times, but some days I never get a call. If you work nights it's simple Dock runs the odd Tesco.. Easy life.. Days is quite different as you have to load and deliver as well as docks and you will be way up on your day. To be honest, It is one of the better jobs I have had, you have job security and money isnt that bad.. I'm a day driver and my basic week wage after tax I take home £457.. if I do overtime it's about £100 more. Not amazing but not terrible for the ease of the work. I have not had issues with people really here. Alot of the gobby drivers who think they are god's gift to the transport industry, but that is the more annoying thing. I'm currently looking for new work only to be closer to home rather than the 50 mile round trip to work and home I currently do.
ProsDecent lorries with fridge freezers and microwaves, steady work and job security. Get to see the sea side every day
ConsLong hours, Cab hopping, No office experience when call in for help.. if they answer when you call that is!
Driver | Manchester | 8 May 2016
I have been with maritime for 6 years. Don't get me wrong the frat 3 months is difficult adapting to how things work. Once you pass this then it's simple. A company that works well with drivers and gives continued support. Drivers that moan on here don't like being told they are doing it wrong hence why they look for somewhere else. The training is done daily and works on the drivers that are doing the worst. As for the office staff yes they can be abrupt at times but I have seen them get there telling off. The company is professional and would deal with an operator in front of a driver. It's all behind closed doors as it should be. I love it driving at maritime and clearly these reviews are for the bitter drivers who can't handle a company growing. It grows because the job is done right and at the end of the day it's a business. They are not here to make drivers happy all the time it would be impossible. Rant over but I would recommend the new pds scheme the make a normal newly passed driver and change you to a better way of driving and provide the state of the art equipment they also give you the office insight so you can work with the operators. Fantastic
ProsExcellent kit and benefits
ConsCan be long hours
Driver | Manchester | 9 Jun 2016
High Turnover of Staff.
I am currently working at the Manchester depot. They tell you when to take hoildays. And only give you very little notice. They seem to run a dictatorship on hoildays and time off. Young team of staff in the office. Very unprofessional in communicating to one another. The relationship between drivers and planners is no excistant. Middle management team the DA's and Operation Manager. Always unhappy and stressed to braking point. Senior Management keep there distance. Never really seen much... alway a atmosphere in the office. For every 10 drivers 8 are really unmotivated and depressed with the job. The Fleet is New but badly abused and Unmonitored. Smoking and poor working environment unhygienic. Drivers have to Paint Fences. And pick up Litter, ciggerette ends and cut the brushes, pick weeds from the flower beds and cut the grass. Wash containers out. Sweep the yard when work is quite. So why Do I work here. Easy . come in deliver a container and set one up for the next day. Go home. Avrenge hours 8 per a day, and no one really cares or bothers you so long as the customers are happy..... if you can handle great place to work. Welcome to Maritime
ProsModern Fleet
ConsPoor communication.
Driver | Manchester | 16 Feb 2017
Messed About Everyday
Despite offering me 4 on and 4 off which his what I wanted. They basically make up your hours as they see fit. A driver trainer came out with me for a day and said oh your capable and then disappeared. The job is ok typical driving and the wagons are new, The main fault is the horrendous horrible 20 year old office staff who speak to you like a piece of C*ap. At every point they are monitoring and ringing you. They change your job at the drop of a hat. So if you are expecting an early finish forget it they will try to stitch you up at every point. They will allocate jobs to you that someone else is already doing then backtrack and give you another job that someone didnt want to do. They are totally immune to an sense of guilt. But if you do anything wrong or in the wrong order they jump on you from a great height but when they do it nobody notices. If you are a new driver then this job may suit you or put you off for life. My advice is steer clear of this company unless you are desperate for very poor amounts of cash.
ProsIts a job
ConsLong hours, Poor pay rubbish office staff
Truck Driver | Middlesbrough | 24 Aug 2019
Great Company, Bad to work for.
I've been here quite a while now and sadly it's changed so much in the last 6 months. They say they have never laid a Driver off which is very true but if they want to get rid of you they will in other ways, personally I would rather be laid off than be targeted because they need to thin the workforce. I have seen over 50 drivers come and go in the 3 years I've been here which is very sad because as a company they are outstanding south of the M62. The Leeds and Teesport Depots are poorly ran by inexperienced managers and if the head office only knew heads would roll as Maritime are big on driver care and driver values. A manager once said to me that he didn't care he had a high turnover of drivers as there are plenty more out there. There has been a mass exit of drivers lately that's why they now are advertising again. To sum up if you are South of the M62 go for it but if not please from a driver that's moving on from Maritime please stay away.
ProsWages and good sick pay
ConsPoor middle management at Northern depots
Truck Driver | Milton Keynes | 20 Apr 2016
not a bad job for new drivers
I worked for this company for 8 months . The take home was OK but not brilliant £470 after tax that's 4 on 4 off the planners can get stressed when it's busy they can be a bit abrupt to drivers who accept being spoken to like that . I wasn't and was spoken too in a civil manner some of the drivers think they have got the best job in the world they tend to be guys who haven't got a lot of experience.or have had crappie jobs in the past . I left because I found a better job which wasn't very hard . This company has a high turnover of drivers which should tell you all you need to know . I wouldn't say don't work for this company they have regular work nice trucks and the pay is not bad . If you are a new driver this company is ideal for you but expect to do 15 hour days when it's busy and spend a lot of time waiting around for loads . If you like to spend Christmas with your family the only day you are guaranteed to have off is Christmas day
Prosnice trucks, regular work
Conspoor management

Questions and answers about Maritime Transport

What would you suggest Maritime Transport management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 17 Mar 2017
Change the management structure starting at the very top
Answered 19 Jul 2021
Stop paying operator's bonus for more work they get out they are pushing drivers up and beyond the law
Answered 17 Nov 2019
Why did you leave your job at Maritime Transport?
Asked 17 Mar 2017
Because I dared to disagree, I put my head above the parapet wall and the biggest witch hunt I have ever witnessed was delivered to me by both middle management and senior management, but I thank them for it because it was not until I took a step back that I could actually see what was going on and they had done the very best thing for me and I have never looked back.
Answered 16 Jun 2020
Overtime is demanded if you refuse then expect to be messed around
Answered 20 Feb 2019
How does someone get hired at Maritime Transport? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 28 Mar 2017
Apply on website or driver referral
Answered 23 Jan 2022
basic transport questions
Answered 18 Apr 2021
What is it like on day shifts the start times , finish times and hourly rate at Leeds depot?
Asked 22 Jul 2017
Start and finish time is down to your paper shuffler. They call themselves planner's. Lol expect long days if tramper or cab hopper 13 to 15 every day unless you share with a night man then a 9hr day mostly.
Answered 10 Jan 2018
Should start between 4am and 7am as a day driver. Then up to 15 hours work. Normally start at say 5am. Either get loaded on dock or go straight to delivery. Say 3 hours away and then unload and another drive to collect goods and fill the container again before back to base. Then normally have to tip and turn before u can park up and do it all again. Never left to go before u work 11 hours...
Answered 2 Jan 2018
How do you feel about going to work at Maritime Transport each day?
Asked 30 Nov 2020
Dreded going to work.
Answered 21 Jul 2021
Dred everyday, routes not achievable.
Answered 21 Jun 2021