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Menzies Distribution
Menzies Distribution
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Head Quarters 2 Lochside Avenue Edinburgh Park Edinburgh EH12 9DJ
1,001 to 5,000
$25M to $100M (USD)
Transport and Freight

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Scanner | Preston | 31 May 2012
hard work
Hard work expected for little reward people were not respected in any job just get done and go hom
Prosfree paper on days worked
Constwo long days tues weds
Warehouse Worker | Preston | 8 Nov 2017
Amazing Staff
Everybody gets along and the staff communicate very well and the work speed is very fast, very comfortable atmosphere. i would say it is one of the best places i have worked and your hours are very steady and easy t fit your life around
Order Picker | Preston | 29 Jan 2015
Productive and fun work place
depending on which job im doing i can be on goods inwards for the day which i will be unloading all types of vehicles of pallets ready to be broke down and counted ready for order picking, or i could be doing the order picking, work with a great bunch of co-workers in a great team enviroment.
Warehouse Worker | Leeds And Bradford | 23 Aug 2012
Not satisfied.
Very low sick pay, breaks is not payable at all ( 30 min break), very boring work and bad management. Spend a lot of money to reach work.
Prosforklift truck drivers lessons, a lot of work
Cons2 shorts breaks is not payable ( 10 and 20 min), expensive transport, always work at each bank holiday
Machine Operator | Hythe | 21 Jan 2020
I don't recommend for anyone this place.
Hard work, short breaks, bad money, no chance to improve yourself, team leaders/supervisors/managers don't cares about workers..Loot of dust.It's not a really clean place for your health safe... After couples months most of people leave with back injuries.
Administrative Assistant | Dundee | 29 May 2012
Helped me gain valuable work experience to apply my skills to a job
The company gave me an opportunity to apply the skills I had gained at college in a working environment. The job itself was very demanding and stressful but felt I met the demands of the job head on. Due to the long hours and sometimes "anti social hours" I had to work my work to life balance was affected and unfortunately in the last two years of my tenure and particularly the last few months I did become very unhappy and disillusioned with the way things were going. On a more positive note I enjoyed the day to day "banter" with my colleagues and it is something I have missed since I was made redundant. I also built up a good rapport with my customers as I was in daily contact with them.
Prosoffice camaradary, applying skills to a job
Conslong hours, low wages, stressful job
Warehouse Worker | Wakefield | 6 Jul 2020
Not a company I recommend
Got hired straight away as it is warehouse based. No respect throughout the whole workplace. Depot was based in Wakefield, if I ever had an issue, supervisors would dismiss it and managers treated everyone poorly. Probably the only thing good about it was had opportunities to do VNA training keeping yourself away from the supervisor's attitude towards all staff. Highly recommend all supervisors and Managers to be reviewed as overall not a bad job, just the people who work there. Had one supervisor (a bully as it will) used to verbally abuse colleagues and get away with it even after complaints to managers. As I was literate with computers and writing, I was put on administration for one of the machines to be then be told my job is not important (this was one of the main roles when stock came into the warehouse, VERY IMPORTANT). Overall, Menzies was an average company to work for, not many work benefits over the two years I worked there, they gradually took work benefits away 'to save money'. As a job itself, it was easy but very labour based for minimum wage. The work culture between workers was very good as we treated each other as family, mainly managers and supervisors made work life a misery. I have been to various other depots at Menzies and I can honestly say Wakefield needs a review in their work culture and the way staff are treated as other depots are great in comparison.
ProsEasy Job, Simple, VNA training
ConsDirespectful people, Not challenging, Only way to excel is if somone leaves, Minimum wage
Warehouse Worker | Preston | 29 Oct 2017
Consider working elsewhere
Worked as a night packer driver. Loved being out on the road but as soon as your back at depo that's where it stops. No one speaks to you. They take the micky out of you and talk about you behind your back. Its like your being bullied. Didn't last long which is a shame as I loved being out on the road and felt I did my job well but just couldn't work with ignorant nasty depo staff.
ProsBeing out on the road
ConsWorking with nasty staff
Customer Service Team Lead | Sheffield | 18 Jan 2015
Fun and productive place to work
I thoroughly enjoyed my 8 years working for menzies. I have learnt many skills in my time here. I was also multi skilled over several systems including the latest SAP system.
Subcontractor | Sheffield | 13 Jan 2014
newspaper disturbution
excellent work place i enjoy working with Menzies company but the hour was to law
Consit depend on the weather condition

Questions and answers about Menzies Distribution

What advice would you give the CEO of Menzies Distribution about how to improve it?
Asked 21 Nov 2018
Why is there only 10 pence difference between 3.5 tonne drivers and 7.5 drivers are you having a laugh
Answered 26 Sep 2020
Senior management need to make more effort to realise just what there staff do. Nights in Belfast don't get updates from senior management. The night management team are run off there feet and are constantly having to cover multidrop runs because of a lack of staff. There's a new manager who just seems to take delight in sacking people!!! He's supposed to be a driver training manager or something along those lines. But you meet him in the morning and speak he just blanks you and walks on... His idea of training is sending Paperwork to the night guys to dicuss and get drivers to sign. Not really much of a training manager. Oh and as much as they love to sack drivers, take as many days you want off sick as no one gets sacked for that. Place is a joke. they made a senior supervisor redundant on the day shift and give it to another(girl) who hasn't got a clue in comparison. Not a great place to work. Morale is low. Stay away horrible environment. Senior management is poor only concern is about saving money. Always talking of new business but never arrives. Can only mean 1 thing. They don't have a manager with the right criteria to bring in new business. RIP MENZIES as company is on borrowed time...
Answered 20 Sep 2020
How do you feel about going to work at Menzies Distribution each day?
Asked 21 Nov 2018
Dread going into place it is without doubt the most demoralising place I’ve ever worked
Answered 7 Dec 2020
Suicidal depressed unhappy sad miserable
Answered 26 Sep 2020
Do they drug test?
Asked 22 Sep 2017
No we all get Bob Marleyd 🤪🤪
Answered 7 Jun 2021
Yes random drug and alcohol checks, most of them get caught lol
Answered 27 Oct 2018
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Menzies Distribution?
Asked 24 Jan 2018
I'm not that honest! Too ashamed to admit it
Answered 27 Mar 2020
Answered 10 May 2019
What days are worked
Asked 18 Aug 2017
5 or 6 days out of 7
Answered 11 Feb 2021
Full weeks and weekends
Answered 10 Aug 2020