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Department Manager | United Kingdom | 23 Mar 2019
High staff turn over and you wonder why?
So working for this company is good when your store is performing well because they will give you all the recognition you deserve but it’s getting your store to that point. So imagine being handed a store that has failed audit after audit and you have to work double shifts, long hours, late to early shift (breaking working time directive) to turn the store around with no help from above except impossible labour targets to meet. Then your general manager gets approval from the Regional Director to spend the labour in the store to help turn the store around. This is then reflected in the rota to receive a letter or concern held on my HR file about the over spending which was preapproved by the GM and the RD. On a positive note there are great development programmes available to help the team who deserve progression to move forward in there career. But it is used by Department Managers and General Managers to increase there KPI’s which means the wrong people end up being promoted or developed. The company had extremely high staff turn over and retention rates with staff leaving all the time. This is for a number of reason but to name a few, over sold jobs to new recruits who get a shock to there system when it’s busy, high KPI’s & results expected in poor working conditions, out dated cash handling/cashing up procedures which result in a lot of disciplinary action, over worked, under paid, investigation/disciplinary handling (everybody seems to be being disciplined fo
ProsSome of the managers
ConsHigher Management, regional management
Supervisor | Peterborough | 6 Jul 2019
Awful Experience
I worked in the Costa at the A1 services. The managers spend most the time in the office of queing for coffee. With a queue out the door all the time and never the right amount of people on its constant pressure with no support from the "site support manager"# Managment team (deputies, store manager and "site support manager" and area manager) are all normally home by 5pm with thier families with little regard to your children or family. Supervisors are expected to run store when chained to a coffee machine as the managers put all the strongest people on their shifts and leave you screwed. A member of staff told me they'd had one weekend off in 5 months, when i have seen store manager having 6 off in a row. IT IS THE MOST HORRENDOUS PLACE I HAVE EVER WORKED. The customers are nearly always rude as they are angry they had to wait. The managers wont back you when you get spoken to poorly as they spend more time worrying about customer feedback and costa checks then they do the teams wellbeing. I have seen nearly a whole team of people leave that place in the short time i was there, people constantly on the sick or breaking down as they cant cope and the managers just ignore the problem and punish them. By 4pm everyone has gone home and its the unfortunate and unfavoured staff that are left to struggle through the ridiculously busy evenings, which almost never quieten down. Your expected to run the store with one member of staff in the evenings, usually a new person, and some
Prosthe people at peterborough are great (not managers)
Consmanagers laz, rota's are poorly planned, managers usually home by 5pm, constant queue, terrible training, shifts long and badly planned
General Assistant | Leigh | 11 Nov 2012
i wouldnt inflict this company on my worst enemy!
I currently work here and I can honestly say I have never hated a job until now! The place is poorly run with lack of respect for staff. Very busy and highly unlikely to get both half hour breaks or get paid for working through a break! Clocking in and out system is good but if you forget you don't get paid as managers will not stand up and say you worked that day! anyway to "save money" apparently. Other general assistants are lovely people although we all get treated differently, some more unfair than others. in many cases have had the managers bad mouthing general assistants and even supervisors and falsely accusing staff, they will try anything to make you leave or find anything to fire you. (this has happened many times) work deliveries are always minimal so staff get verbally abused as managers cant be bothered to work, I have been threatened, and shouted at many times over simple things because there is just not enough staff working or enough supplies! Overall I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone, your basically paid to take all the hassle for the managers poor atempt at work! However this is only at the Leigh delamere east services, I can't tell you anymore about the others but this experience has certainly put me off ever working in a service station ever again especially Moto!
Prostime and a hlf plus an extra days holiday for working bank holidays, other nice general assistants
Consunsocial hours, poor management, unappreciated, verbally abused by management and customers
Supervisor | Middleton | 5 Jul 2020
I hated every second of my job here. I was treated like a child and disrespected. When the mangers ring you on your day off and ask you to work and you refuse then they will give you all the awful shifts because its all for the needs of the business. I worked here for 2 years and when I left I was no longer stressed. I was bullied by assistant managers and managers. They will make you work a late too early without the correct amount of hours between your shifts. The services are never clean and the customers always mention no soap in the customer toilets, but there is never any in the staff toilets either. Meaning hygiene is none existent. I have seen rats inside the services where costa staff had to chase them out. The only way you will get ahead in this company is by being best friends with the management and if you are not then expect to be spoken to like you are nothing. I hated every second here because of the way I was being treated by the higher management. Constantly overworked while management smoked in the back and would have 100 brews breaks a day. I have been shouted at by the managers and was made to feel embarrassed. I tried my best at this company but you are constantly belittled and treated badly that then drives you out of the company to seek a better job. I wish I could get my 2 years back because it was wasted with this awful company. DO NOT WORK HERE.
ProsGoing home
Conseverything but mostly the mangers.
Department Manager | Heywood | 12 May 2017
Great company to work for
I have worked for this company in various roles for near enough 10 years. It's great company to work for. There is competitive rate of pay for staff members, supervisors, flexible hours, good chance of promotion if you work hard, good discount on various brands, free tea & coffee whilst working, amazing incentive schemes. I myself started as a customer service assistant, now I work as a department manager for the last 5 years. As with every job, there is a couple of downsides for example due to the fact that Moto runs various different brands there is a lot of visits/audits from franchise partners. Also if you are after higher management positions than you might be required to relocate (which is understandable due to the type of business Moto operates). Don't bother wasting time reading comments of people who say they are bullied - they usually have no constructive feedback to give. I personally know that this company takes these issues very seriously and are always dealt with. All in all if you are after fast career progression, good pay and want to make some new friends that is the company you want to work for.
ProsDecent pay, good benefits, good career progression, friendly colleagues, good work/life balance, flexible hours
ConsMight need to relocate if you are after higher management jobs
Customer Service Representative | England | 9 May 2014
Decent working environment
The managers there are too uptight in a way, they think that everything is about them, they forget about the actual benefits of teamwork and general politeness to their staff, they are pushy and demanding. Co-workers are more often than not decent people, who whilst being able to be laid back and have fun, they are also hard-working and determined at the same time. during the period of time I worked there, I learned that it is much more productive to have a team of employees who connect and can actual have fun whilst around each other, gives them more motivation to get their work done, I also learned the importance of keeping an up-beat attitude throughout the whole shift. The easiest part of the job was probably cleaning, as it was pretty straightforward and more often than not, there were no interruptions, whereas working on the till could get pretty frustrating, as you got the more than occasional arrogant, stuck up, customer who wouldn't listen to a thing you were saying and would take so long to decide what they wanted, with no polite request or no respect for you at all, they would shout their order at you and expect you to understand everything, even if you don't speak their language.
ProsStaff discounts, decent pay for younger employees
ConsArrogant customers
Department Manager | Trowell | 16 Jul 2019
Absolutely awful company to work for. Recently worked at one of the sites(not naming which near junction 26 on the m1 not donnington). I found the experience so bad that I would never recommend anyone I know to work there. The work/social life balance is none existent with rotas not being given out until 2 weeks into the new month and constantly changed due to "needs of the business". Even though most people would try and organise things on the days off or after work if they were on earlies only for the rota to then be changed. The unit I worked on was very clicky and only the people who were friends with the manager got good shifts/the shifts they wanted. The senior management was near useless as the unit manager could do whatever they wanted with no repercussions. I found the help I received from both unit and senior management to be none existent and only received help by asking other unit managers. Thrown in the deep end with no arm bands comes to mind. The higher up you got unless you were in the click, friends with your manager or higher if you needed help you were better banging your head against a wall. The managers DO NOT run the place the staff do.
ProsOther units had good people. Staff discount.
ConsHours constanly change. No set routine. Clicky. Management.
Assistant Manager | Doncaster | 2 Jan 2018
A very poisonous culture
After 25 successful years in retail I was looking for something closer to home, the manager role of a new yet to open M&S came up. I set this up built a team and whilst so busy doing this I missed so many warning signs. The support from M&S was great. From the management in moto it was very different. It's like a strange nasty cult. The health and safety is very poor, lots of risks. The safety of the team particularly on nights is non existent. If you raised concerns you were then victimised or bullied. I could go on and on. I took my concerns to HR and what a waste if time that was. They had the insensitivity to demand the only place they would meet me for me to be interviewed was the Doncaster site I had been working at. They made it very clear that they would not entertain anything else. I refused this as I felt vulnerable and I told them this. They still refused. This was even after I had told them that I had witnessed HR managers be littling and unprofessional behaviour with the site manager regarding meetings absolutely making any meeting irrelevant. Avoid at all cost if you have a strong passion for life, morals and a great work ethic as this place will suck the life out of you.
ProsNone. 60% off!! You need it at them prices.
Franchise Manager | Stafford | 3 Feb 2022
Moto has the potential to be a great place to work however senior team members are stuck in old fashioned management styles.
Really enjoyed working with the team/staff, however communication from senior management & Head office was lacking always seemed to find out changes to the business after staff members and managers that were in a click. Like other jobs there was good and bad days, as covid hit and redundancies were made there was more bad days than good. Staff seemed to just be neglected from a welfare perspective. As mentioned also if your not part of the click, life in moto can be seen to be very difficult especially if its a full time job here, also alot of part time students who the majority of the time would call in sick or were always seen to be avoiding doing any additional work. In the summer unfortunately as its so busy you can say goodbye to any free time to yourself, unfortunately no work-life home-life balance especially for managers, great for those who like to keep very busy.
ProsStaff discount
ConsLong days/hours in summer, staff turnover is high, lack of communication at times.
Shift Manager | Wolverhampton | 15 Aug 2012
Fast Paced Enviroment having to work under pressure on a regular basis.
A typical day working for Moto Hospitality would be arriving early for my shift setting up the unit for a days worth of trading myself been the only person in work at this time. When my staff arrive i place them into their strongest positions to work in and get ready for opening hours . Once we are open i do hourly travel paths throughout my shift to identify our strong and weak points to ensure that we are giving the best customer service possible to the public to ensure that they will return to us as loyal customers. My co workers at Moto are very confident and very hard working we all work as a team and there isnt many occasions when there is any conflict on a daily basis. The hardest part of my job is coping with the amount of trade that we have when we have low budgest costs for staff so we are short staffed this makes us work under pressure. The most enjoyable part of my job is working with the people and learning new things.
Prosdiscount card
Consbad managment
Customer Service Representative | Pease, MN | 12 Feb 2014
Terrible Management and double standards
Punish the good, reward the bad that's what is happening in Moto Services, Pease Pottage. Employees who aren't the "chosen ones"( I was one out of it and so were unfortunate few) are bullied and drained away and made to feel as a slave everyday. My unit manager misused his power to humiliate and used to pick on me every instance.. Clean the unit interiors even when it looks perfectly good /wash the big dirty bin in and out which is not washed for ages ..but wait why don't you tell others.. we are currently 5 staff working in the unit..why only me when its nearly closing time, I have a child to pick up..Gives orders saying you have to do it..I have fever and flu sympathy..says start cleaning now.. I decided to maintain my dignity and respect and couldn't take the harassment anymore so one fine day I tendered my resignation on my manager's face in front of public and staff. Finally if you are looking for part-time as female, never join these guys because they always favor men who can work 24*7 even if they are useless/have poor customer service skills/no family commitments and expel part-time staff eventually and make the formal "The Supervisor" quickly. Also managers keep gossiping and passing sarcastic remarks to Customer Service Assistants and very unsympathetic even if you are genuinely ill and any sick leave taken will result to cutting your working hours to make you realize your mistake. I saw no staff staying more than 6 months in
ProsGood hourly pay and Family Discount card
ConsNo job security

Questions and answers about Moto Hospitality Ltd

How does someone get hired at Moto Hospitality Ltd? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 16 May 2017
In house advertisement Word of mouth Advertised on job sites
Answered 22 Jan 2021
Turn up for an interview. They hire anyone as usually desperate for staff. Very high turn over of staff due to this.
Answered 12 Mar 2020
What would you suggest Moto Hospitality Ltd management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 20 Mar 2017
Care about their staff
Answered 20 Oct 2021
Employ or promote people capable of doing the job and who actually have people skills and empathy not bullies who threaten you and then tell you it was a joke! Not funny
Answered 12 Mar 2020
On average, how many hours do you work a day at Moto Hospitality Ltd?
Asked 2 Nov 2018
A usual shift is 8 hours with 2 half hour breaks. Overtime is available of course if you want it, so extended shifts
Answered 18 Oct 2019
10+. You cannot have a life if you work here
Answered 8 May 2019
What is the Moto Hospitality Ltd employee discount?
Asked 16 May 2017
60% off in the catering departments 25-50% off in the retail departments
Answered 12 May 2019
60% Burger King, Costa, Upper Crust, WCP 50% Arlos, Chow, El Mexicana 20%-45% WHSmith 20% M&S, Greggs, Krispy Kreme
Answered 22 Mar 2019
When you submit your application online, how long does it take to hear back?
Asked 4 Jul 2019
A few days
Answered 18 May 2022
3 days roughly
Answered 4 May 2022