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Overall reviews at Mountain Warehouse

Supervisor | Northallerton | 4 Jan 2014
An enjoyable and challenging job
I took this job on thinking I would simply just be selling clothing to the public and then doing paperwork after closing hours. But I have found there is a lot more to it then that and some shifts have really pushed by abilities and taught me a lot about the skills I have already required. In my current position, working as part of the management team, I have to work towards achieving daily targets set by the Head Office. Each week they send us a store budget that they expect the store to achieve, based on the previous year's sales figures. This I break down into achievable figures throughout the week. I judge this on my own knowledge of local events, when the market is in town, if the store is planning a special promotion to attract new customers, the weather forecast for the week and how the store has performed recently on a daily basis. I notify each staff member of this target at the beginning of their shift, so they know what we have to work towards. Each day I also have to motivate the staff to obtain, as a team, a certain level of Items Per Customer. This can be done by link selling items, so if a customer is looking at waterproof jackets I would suggest looking at the waterproof trousers or Proofer to maintain the quality of the garment, something that is suitable for the customer and also helps us increase out sales figures. Another area I have to work towards is an Average Transactional Value for every customer. This I do by showing them a few alternatives, rang
Prosgood benefits, challenging, able to learn a lot of new skills
Conspoor wages, often longer working hours that scheduled for
Store Manager | Leicester | 8 Aug 2020
If you value your happiness and mental well being then don't work here
A very competitive company with plenty to do but as manager, the burden and stress you have to endure is beyond ridiculous. I had many successful years in sales until the economy died down and customers just didn't want to spend, making it difficult and distressing to achieve like for like sales. It felt like a crime if you missed targets or KPIs (btw, KPIs here are the biggest joke and choice of add ons given to sell you'd be able to buy in your local pound shop). Once your store is flagged as below sales expectations, despite the successful years, the company and the area manager turn on you just like that. Poison. You can try and try and TRY but they won't care as they just want results viewable in black and white to see on their little toy tablets. AMs make your life miserable and mentally depress your entire existence. The amount of things the company expect you to do is beyond ridiculous and even then, they're cutting staff hours so you can't win. It was obvious my area manager operated on favouritism and definitely favoured female managers as they'd get away with so much, even for poor store and stockroom standard or sales targets. It's quite sad and disgusting. There were many stores on my patch who would quite happily gossip behind other store managers back rather than confronting any actual issues but most of this gossip was just sad and petty as these gossipers "think they can do better". This company has very poor structure as promotions can change last minute and
Pros50% staff discount
ConsLong hours, Lack of respect from upper management, Treat you like robots, Non-existent work/ life balance
Supervisor | Exeter | 16 Feb 2020
Worst Management I have ever dealt with.
Your trained in tills and told how to approach someone and how to do half price add ons. Shown how to lock up a few times then left to your own devices. I didn't feel confident at all. Everything I tried to do was wrong , asking for help was also wrong. I was on delivery for the first few weeks but usually delivery meant you unpack from boxes( remove packaging) , hang it then take it out to sales floor staff to cube and distribute/place. Sales floor staff refused to help me so I did 4 jobs at once.If anyone else did delivery they got help. If there was a cash error or something didn't add up it was basically sort it out by replacing money yourself or fill out a form as to why its missing. It was advised that people that work there replace the money that goes missing to save on paperwork.I was never shown how to investigate if money or something doesn't add up. I saw the training booklet once when i started my first day we never touched it after that even though I was there for a year. So you get taught the basics and your supposed to teach yourself the rest. I had never dressed mannequins or moved shop displays around. I was left alone on several occasions , thefts happend I wasn't asked if I was okay. No CCTV in any mountain warehouse. Which meant I was alone to cover lunches alone a lot. You had to serve customers , sell shoes / assist customers and refill / restock the floor alone. I was trained as a Supervisor on the basics as stated above. When I asked for more training
Assistant Manager | Chichester | 3 Aug 2021
Productive & Growing Company
Ive been with the Mountain Warehouse for nearly 5 years now. I started as a Sales Assistant and have progressed to Assistant Manager within 3 years. Many of the old reviews I've seen don't reflect the majority of stores as the company has improved immensely over the last few years. The team dynamic was challenging when i first joined this store but over the last few years has changed for the better, helping to make positive improvements and move the store in the right direction. The stores can be very busy at times but with the right team it's always a good fun place to work. Each day is different and sometimes more challenging then others i.e last minute heavy task loads from head office given at short notice, it helps to have valued team members that muck in and work together. The training has vastly improved and you get to develop your knowledge of the company, how it runs and about the products you sell. It is very KPI orientated here so you need to have strong selling skills with confidence. If you want to progress there are always opportunities within the company to develop into better roles as well as learn new skills within the role your in to improve yourself. Mountain Warehouse are a company making changes/improving for the better i.e opening new stores, refitting older stores, even making environmental changes to the products we sell eg. going organic and recyclable. Generally day to day work has improved the last few years with new tools and tech introduced
Pros50% Staff Discount, Progression Opportunities, Developing Your Retail Career Goals
ConsUnexpected Heavy Task Loads at Short Notice, No Bonus Scheme/Incentives for staff/management, Pay isnt much difference if youve progressed from a Supervisor role to Assistant Manager
Assistant Store Manager | England | 3 Sept 2021
Over Worked not enough hours
The team I worked with was very fun and made the day go faster, and the store itself was amazing. The Manager was very knowledgeable, and helped all the staff in anyway they could. They were asked many questions throughout the day, and always answered enthusiastically and made sure the employee fully understood the answer. The Manager also included all staff members in any decision they made, as they believed all staff should be included, as all opinions mattered. But the work load was unbelievably massive! HUGE deliveries and no stock area to actually work the delivery, or to store it. The hours given to the store was extremely low, and with the work load given this made everything 10x harder. Shop moves happened 4 times a year, they changed every season, and were only given a short time scale to actually move the WHOLE store around. We were not aloud to do this move while the store was open, so it had to be done when closed. NO extra hours provided for this, so most moves were only carried out by management on salary with NO extra pay, and in some cases that meant staying till late i.e 9/10pm, when the store closed at 6pm. KPIs are a big thing, and if you were not hitting the targets then you were questioned constantly on why, with no valid reason being excepted. If sale assistants do not hit their targets as well, management as expected to write them up and retrain them. This had to be done even if they were normally exceptional on KPIs and were just having a bad week
Pros50% discount on everything including sale, Travel is paid for.
ConsPoor hours given, Very low pay across the bored, Very high work load, Stressful, No Extra pay for extra work
Supervisor | United Kingdom | 27 Apr 2019
Stressful and demoralising
Depending on what store you work In will depend a lot on your experience with this company however even if you get a good manager there is no getting away from the dire head office organisation. Delivery days become so stressful because stock is delivered randomly chucked in dirrerent boxes, they have no idea how much stock a store can hold which usually results in extreme overstock issues, our stock room was so full we had to use the fitting rooms to pile excess stock which is so unprofessional not to mention a blatant health and safety risk. Contrast pressure and threats of dismissal if you fail to harass customers for email addresses and sell “add odds” i.e extra tat masquerading as half price, and not even a small bonus for achieving these targets. Due to the pretence that everyone is “half price” this results in constant price changes, again completely disorganised same item In different colours having multiple prices which really confuses and at times causes arguments and bad feeling with customers. Same items changing price one week then go up again the following week, utter waste of time which could be used providing good customer service. For a company promoting the outdoor lifestyle their practice or wrapping each delivery item in sometimes multiple layers of plastic is utterly inexcusable. Store managers are poorly trained and don’t understand simple management concepts such as of working out statutory holiday entitlement, meaning the company is breaking the la
Pros50% off staff purchases. Get to choose uniform from stock.
ConsPoor pay. Appalling stock control. Pressure to meet kpi’s with no incentives or bonuses.
Sales Assistant | South East | 1 Jun 2016
Productive workplace
I worked at Mountain Warehouse for 2 months on a temporary seasonal contract over the Christmas period. A typical day included all the tasks the permanent members of staff didn't want to do, such as un-boxing deliveries and replenishing the shelves, ensuring the shop floor was clean and tidy, clearing out the stock room, and only very, very occasionally actually operating the till and interacting with the customers. Given that the company sells very specialist products, I thought I would be given some product training so I would be able to help customers more, but I was given maybe a few minutes of it, no joke, and so whenever a customer approached me, I wasn't able to help them out at all, as I had no idea how to answer any of their queries. My manager was very nice, and was always able to help me out if I needed assistance, as did my co-workers. Overall, I can't say I particularly enjoyed working there, just because of the lack of training I received and the fact that I was given such tedious activities to perform each day and couldn't interact with the customers due to my complete lack of the knowledge of the products. After leaving I noticed the shop were looking to recruit a part-time sales assistant on a permanent contract, however, I wasn't contacted regarding this, nor were any of the other temporary workers, so I would assume the company were looking for someone with more experience. In terms of pay it was very low, a minimum wage of £5.30, which given the fact that
ProsLunch break, flexible hours
ConsLow pay, small amount of hours
Supervisor | United Kingdom | 14 Dec 2019
Stressful and low pay
Only paid minimum wage for sales assistants and only around 40p an hour more for Supervisors. Management get paid depending on which store they work at and is far too low compared to other companies. Working 40 hours as a supervisor doesn’t seem to pay much less than a 40 hour Assistant Manager role in some stores. The training process is almost non-existent, simply given a bunch of stuff to read and learn and then just have to get on with the job. Everything is extremely disorganised, stock levels all over the place, deliveries unorganised with items just thrown into boxes in no particular order and too much emphasis on getting KPIs (asking for emails from customers and having to sell items on offer round to till to hit targets) means not having much time to help customers with what they need. Management get lovely bonuses for the hard work of the staff but the staff just get more hard work piled on. Very little support is given by store management or area management for staff members and they seem more concerned with hitting the targets so they get their bonus. The highest people in the company, including the owner, do visit stores, which is a refreshing change. However, this just puts more pressure on staff to keep busy, make the store perfect, plaster on a smile and just kiss their butts during the visit. I would only recommend working at this company as a stepping stone. If you have no job experience then it’s worth working ther for that or if you’re trying to wor
Pros50% staff discount
ConsLong hours, unsupportive management, rubbish pay etc etc etc
Retail Sales Associate | Taplow | 7 Sept 2021
Challenging yet enjoyable work place.
I have worked for the company now for 4 years and in that time have been helped to progress massively. As with any company you get out what you put in. I have worked for companies in the past where, as manager you are not expected to do much beyond tick boxes on a clip board or fill out a spreadsheet each day. This certainly is not one of those companies. Work load swings between basic and extremely heavy. However, this is the nature of outdoor clothing retail and not a reflection of poor planning or implementation from the company. In terms of retail the company is as close to a sure thing in terms of job security. Even through the pandemic there were strong sales and business decisions allowing the company to continue to trade well. As far as I am aware the company has shown growth in every year of it's existence I work with an excellent group of people in store and have regular contact from line managers as well as semi regular exposure to company directors, head office department heads and other upper management. The company really does feel like one team pulling in the same direction. There are targets but on the whole these are achievable ones. If you take away the last 18 months of the pandemic I have recieved some sort of financial bonus or pay increase year on year since joining. There is room for improvement in some areas but the company does look at these on a regular basis.
ProsBonus Scheme, Online Training Platform, Development Opportunities
ConsUses poor 3rd party suppliers causing issues that are easily avoidable
Sales Assistant | King's Lynn | 8 Jul 2021
Great first part-time job with supportive team
Worked there while completing my A levels. Very flexible and accommodating hours - only a 4hr contract but I was often offered many more hours, particularly during half terms. Minimum wage so not great financial incentive, but very generous 50% store discount, and you get to choose anything from the store for a free uniform which you get to keep. Very supportive management and a great, fun team to work with. Sometimes it can be a bit slow-paced when there aren't many customers and nothing to do. But the variety of tasks is good - till work, assisting customers, deliveries, tidying, replenishment, price changes... Till process more involved than other retailers - having to take emails and encouraging add-on sales - which you are assessed on through KPIs. I actually found this quite motivating although you have to get used to a lot of rejection from customers. Initial product training wasn't great and you are sort of thrown in at the deep end having to know all the details of all the different products - coats, shoes, sleeping bags, rucksacks etc. and this was quite stressful. Although with the store starting to use more technology and interactive training now rather than just product information books, it is improving. Having to know all product details for everything, to the point where you can confidently assist customers, when you're on so few hours, is very difficult.
ProsGreat team, good variety of tasks, generous staff discount and free uniform
ConsMinimum wage, poor product training
Store Manager | Surrey, BC | 25 Jun 2019
Do not work for this company
I had worked for this company for almost 3 years and it is so un-organized. They still face the same issues and upper management shows little to no interest in trying to improve it. For example, they don't know how to send a safe amount of stock to stores. A store with a back room that can safely received 60-70 boxes should NOT be receiving 100+ boxes. This has been going on for years, which the DM does not care about. The DM's excuse is, " well all stores in our district are over stocked". They have unrealistic expectations and do not want to give you the support OR the hours to achieve their goals. The DM likes to focus more on threating you with corrective action, rather than actually coach or train you. This company likes to micro manage and it is like you are walking on egg shells. Very toxic environment to work for. Once you are not working out for the DM, she will find anyway to get you out. For example, like cutting your hours. HR is only one person and always takes the side of upper management. They will get you with the wage but will not give you a raise! They expect you to get 100 things done but are not willing to pay overtime. This company DOES NOT CARE for its employees. They are planning to open 3-4 more stores in BC this year, when they barely can run or staff the stores they currently have. Ever since the current DM has started there has been a complete change to ALL members of management in all the stores in BC. What does that say about a company with such a
ConsPoor upper management, poor quality product, does not care about health and safety, high stress

Questions and answers about Mountain Warehouse

How does someone get hired at Mountain Warehouse? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 1 Dec 2017
Apply online Phone call Offered an interview in store with the manager Get told whether you got it or not
Answered 5 Jan 2022
Application, Interview with the recruiter, interview with area manager
Answered 28 Jul 2021
What is the Mountain Warehouse employee discount?
Asked 25 Oct 2017
£1000 year to spendin shop and 50% off
Answered 24 Aug 2019
50% off everything except non mountain warehouse branded items.
Answered 24 Mar 2019
What are the working hours like at mountain warehouse? Also if on a 25 hour contract is that just over 5 days a week non inclusive of weekends?
Asked 8 May 2019
Store manager and Assistant work 40 hours per week
Answered 20 May 2022
Get set a specific hourly contract but go over that a lot
Answered 5 Jan 2022
What is the dress code at Mountain Warehouse?
Asked 29 Nov 2018
Uniform provided
Answered 23 Apr 2022
Awful, have to wear their stock which is great if you aren’t working multiple days in a row and don’t have access to a dryer! Be prepared to get drilled for wearing plain black trousers that aren’t by the company
Answered 21 Dec 2021
What is the most stressful part about working at Mountain Warehouse?
Asked 20 Oct 2018
Doing everything by yourself
Answered 6 May 2022
The sales figures you have to meet and the management
Answered 22 Sept 2021