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Overall reviews at Nuffield Health

Rather not say | Surbiton | 18 Apr 2019
Very poor Indeed
This happened to me a few years ago but now i have found the courage to speak about my experience here.This review is based only for Surbiton as i cannot say for other sites. When I first started working for the company I was welcomed with open arms, they were very friendly to start off with and were eager to know me as a character but sadly this was very short. Managers are self-obsessed with hitting unrealistic targets and membership sales so the workers suffer, if you say something you are singled out and attacked like a pack of wolfs and you are and will be made out to be a liar at any costs. Management bangs on about how the rules need to be stuck too, yet they are the ones who bend the rules to please people. The help you receive is laughable at best and if it doesn't suit them then it simply doesn't happen. Sales were a top priority there as they seem to care more about membership sales then about their current members. Extremely unprofessional, Your issues are never, listened to or addressed, Extremely poor management, Take advantage of you, Always under staffed, High staff turnover, Discrimination and Never valued. Managers can't seem to do a simple fair rota so you are left with a lot of very unhappy staff and lots of demotivated staff. They will manipulate rotas to suit their personal lives and what is best for their "friends and favorites". Question them or request certain shifts the WILL make your life difficult there, some staff are very spoilt and s
ProsFree Membership but too exhausted to use them
ConsThe site is a con and got PTSD and deppression
Duty Manager | Surrey | 7 Jun 2022
Not what it seems, very dissapointing
When I first started I was excited and raring to go. This was a mistake as I saw so many red flags show up during the first week. . It was my first Duty manager job and I was very excited to start. It became apparent that in reality the job was not a duty manager job, you are a receptionist/sales consultant. Despite the very high charges to customers, staff are paid minimum wage no matter your qualifications and the extra you do for the company. Management left the worst taste in my mouth following working here. Management were all over the place and really cared about themselves. This really showed in the rota, the rota was poor and unfair as when you finally score a weekend off or doing more earlies then lates, the rota would be changed at the very last second and you'll be expected to work. ZERO work life balance, I was told in my interveiw that I would be doing every other weekend but instead I was working every weekend not to mention 4-7 lates a week. I was working 6-7 days most weeks, they even had me work a 9 day week before. Your life will be based around the accomodations and personal lives of managers so be prepared to give your life up. I was honestly reduced to tears in this place, every time coming home I felt deflated and worthless to the point I dreaded coming back the next day. From the moment the attitudes of the company were made very clear to me, management are power happy and love to pick and humiliate you. There quick to point out your mistakes but ne
ProsFree gym and some people did make working here bearable
Driver | Tiverton | 11 Mar 2019
A terrible experience
If you are thinking about working for Nuffield Healthcare as a Bank Driver at the support unit in Tiverton then think long and hard. I did the best part of two years in two different spells but couldn’t get out of there quickly enough. First of all you will be expected to work one month in hand, meaning it is highly likely you will not get your first pay until at least two months completed service, and you will always be owed at least one month’s salary. The Lead Driver will omit to tell you this at interview or job confirmation, either as a tactic (just to get you in) or because he can’t cope with fine details. You decide. You will be paid the bare minimum they can get away with. In my case £7.88 per hour with the only increment when they are forced to when the minimum or living wage thresholds are raised. There are no development opportunities or incentives for length of service. New contracts come in and the management will urge you to work above and beyond to impress new and established customers. No thanks when you do this; the odd general email may be shared in the staff room salivating about sales increases and big cost savings but no reward is dripped down to the drivers for their part of any success. Not even a Christmas bonus. The payroll team are simply incompetent. Payslips are complicated (which I believe is a tactic so you are never really sure what you have been paid for, or if you have been paid the full amount for the hours you have completed). I had
ConsPay, Payroll, Lead Driver
Personal Trainer | Scotland | 15 Jul 2019
Warning to those considering employment
My husband has been working as a personal trainer for Nuffield for almost a year and I am appalled by the reality of his position compared to what was advertised. I can only share my perspective on one gym but feel it is my responsibility to share. In our experience, what other reviewers have written about Nuffield only being interested in members, numbers and profit is entirely correct. They seem to care very little about the wellbeing of their trainers. Firstly let me warn any newly qualified PTs - you will not be able to earn the salary that Nuffield advertises. PTs are contracted for 8 hours of shift work per week at minimum wage and all other earnings come from clients. At face value this is fine, but my husband's gym employs far too many trainers which prevents them from building up a large enough client base to earn a decent salary. On top of this, the percentage of client payments that Nuffield takes is massive for the first few sessions per week. As most of the trainers struggle to get above this number they never actually reach a decent hourly rate. In reality, many of my husband's colleagues work a second job to supplement their income from Nuffield. This is a ridiculous position to be faced with if you are serious about a career in personal training and are committed to achieving excellence. My husband is struggling to earn the equivalent of working 40 hours a week at minimum wage for offering a top quality service that is regularly complimented by members. Nu
ProsEmployee perks
ConsPoor pay, little support
Personal Trainer | Edinburgh | 15 Aug 2019
Poor work culture, little support, constant pressure on PT sales target.
In my club, most PT are given a 8 hours contract, some were given 24 hours. Most of us started with 24 hours and they slowly reduce it to 8 (if you have a 8 hours contract), and you will have to sale PT sessions to live. There were very little support on how to sale PT or how to deliver gym floor classes, which you need especially if you are new to the field. For a 8 hours shift, you are packed with inductions, gym floor classes and to deliver health MOT to clients. The rest of the time you will need to clean the gym, despite they want you to interact with the members as well. You have to deliver at least 8 PT sessions weekly to keep your job after the 3 months trial, which to be fair isn't that hard, but this is the thing which constantly pressuring you in the back of the head, and make you keep pushing the overpriced PT sessions to those who don't really need them. The PT sessions cost £38 an hour, if client is on monthly direct Debit with 4 sessions a month, and up to £48 per session if they would like up to 10 sessions. On top of the membership, it can costs up to £220 a month in my club. PT are given very little freedom to run their own PT business, i.e. PT cannot charge their own price or package, cannot run the classes they are good at etc, despite the company always try to convince you that this is your own business, which is clearly not. They also encourage you to come outwith your shift to interact with potential PT clients; lets not forget PT get paid only
ProsFree membership and training courses
ConsLow pay, spirit hours, carry work to home
Duty Manager | Richmond | 16 Jul 2014
Productive and fun workplace
A typical day at work would begin by opening the gym and completing checks which you would replete throughout your work day. I would then check my emails and lead the morning team meeting to prepare for the day, dealing with any issues which may have occurred. I would then Delegate jobs to the Reception team and Gym team. After everyone was organised and up to date I would then start dealing with existing and potential new memberships, this would include emailing and calling potential clients and liaising with excising members. As a sales and marketing manager I would continue building a database of clientele including focusing on corporate deals and continue to create a variety of marketing and PR strategy's for the company. I would organize outreach which I would also take part in as I found it was positive for the team if I got involved. We had daily, monthly and quarterly targets which had to be met and I am pleased to say we exceeded target most months. Between this I would complete reception duties which included answering and transferring calls, using the fax machine and photocopier as well as meeting and greeting. Towards the end of my shift I would email a brief summary of the day to my manager and also have a handover meeting with my college who would be taking over. I have enjoyed my time at Nuffield Health and have gained allot of skills working for Nuffield Health which I will bring with me to my next roll. One of the most useful and important skills I lear
ProsGreat team to work with and gained many new skills
ConsLittle opportunity to progress within my department in the Richmond branch.
Personal Trainer | Edinburgh | 11 Oct 2020
Terrible pay, manipulative company values
I worked huge numbers of hours to build my business and did very well within just over a year. The fact you get paid for shifts allows you to at least earn a wage that pays the bills in the meantime. However, I took on an additional role, then was told that I wouldn’t be suitable to progress further, despite being very good at all 3 roles I was doing. (Lead, PT and group ex) I have paid for all of my own CPD and additional courses, the courses you get paid for aren’t applicable anywhere else so aren’t of use for moving to another company. After leaving my additional role, I took on a different additional role which supports the charity aspect of Nuffield. However, when you do this, the pay for the additional role effectively reduces your holiday pay in total so, it cost me £2000 in holiday pay in a year. I wasn’t aware of this despite asking why my holiday pay was “wrong” several times. I had never signed a contract or been informed of this “agreement”. It’s all part of the ruse of the business being a charity- really the staff are the charity. Even at top levels (delivering 25+ sessions per week) you still only take 52% of what your clients are paying. Considering some staff are extremely well qualified, there is no real recognition of this and staff turnover is high. Also, by employing too many PTs, they ensure that no one can build a big business and keep it for long. This gives them a greater cut of all the PTs money that they are bringing in. I personally have 6 man
ProsHealth care
ConsPoor pay, poor atmosphere, being punished financially for taking on extra roles, no training applicable outside NH, long hours
Front End Associate | Cambridge | 4 Mar 2019
Do not apply
An awful company to work for, I was hired by a very flustered manager who was clearly desperate for bodies on the front desk, there is very much favouritism at play in this company and if your face doesn't fit you wont last long. the patients can be very pleasant or incredibly rude to you depending what mood they come in with, I can remember being screamed at by a stranger on my second day and my manager just sat next to me and completely avoided eye contact with him and did not help me handle the situation at all. My manager was snide and rude and clearly did not know how to run a team of staff, I had minimal training with in this job role and when i didn't know what to do/ how to do something whenever I'd ask my manager would sigh and roll her eyes at me like I should of known how to do a job I've never don before? The nurses and medical staff are lovely most of the doctors are polite enough however some are incredibly bad tempered and rude to the front of house staff. I found one of the members of security incredibly rude and had multiple altercations with him to the point he reduced me to tears one day, on the other occasions beforehand my managers had helped to handle the problems with him and told me to ignore him. the more senior front of house staff are hit and miss as well, two of the people i worked with were also new and lovely and kind, the two more senior members (including my 'manager') were rude, short tempered most of the time and frankly quite c
Prosthe 3 month probation which meant I could give a weeks notice to leave, the nurses - lovely ladies and gents to work with and I would happily work with most of them again
Consthe patients, the doctors, the security team, some of the staff
Therapist | Greater London | 5 Sept 2015
It's certainly not as perfect as portrayed.
Nuffield health as a whole we think is a great company to be part of.However at each gym site, it works differently. The salary is very low compared to what was offered at interviews and is not fully standardised as they said it would be.It feels that the company does not recognise or value our profession when we are paid just the same as waiters when back at university. However most of us, therapists have two or more qualifications.If members are not interested in paying for consultations then we understand.We cannot force clients when they may have other priorities/money concerns..But the management expects us to reach high targets with no incentive . (Bonus,reward,salary review?)to be like sales agents is not really what we should be doing on a daily is part of the role yes, but the whole gym must support us especially when we are not there Otherwise well, yes when we have clients that are sometimes interesting to deal with .We have access to clinic rooms and can see them appropriately. They are supposedly trying to improve the department but we don t see it that way unless they support the frustration we feel.As part timers, we don t fully integrate with the team.When we are there and have to catch up on emails, since whether part time or not we get sent emails to respond all the time that they are urgent matter. However we are trying to balance work outside the company to make ends meet! We are starting to see work offered from elsewhere ie to work
ProsFree gymmembership for you and a family member, car park if you come by car, some friendly staff, Develop a network of other therapists, gain experience slowly .
ConsLate shifts, poor salary, awful uniform to reflect health, no bankhol pay, similar clients seen
Food and Beverage Manager | Bishop's Stortford | 19 Feb 2015
Good Work environment, different challenges everyday
A typical day at work for me comes with a lot of responsibilities. I consider myself to be a very supportive team member and I have worked at the club the longest and worked in many different roles I feel that the team rely on me to help them with any issues, including the General Manager who has only been with us a few months. Most Days i am Duty Manager which would mean doing health and safety checks, regular walk rounds of the club, dealing with member feedback, new members and current memberships, safe counting and cashing up. When I am not Duty manager I am analysising budgets and profits for the Bar, writing the teams rota, Ordering stock for the bar and also for the Clean Team and stationery orders, doing stock takes and weekly one to ones with my team. I enjoy being part of a team and am good friends with a lot of my colleagues. I enjoy the challenges that we face everyday from customers, regional managers and each other. I have had the opportunity to learn a lot with in the company and progress to a certain level but I feel it is becoming more difficult to progress further. The Hardest Part of my job is managing my time with having so many different responsibilties but I enjoy the challenge because it motivates me to be better. I find that shift work and long hours make it difficult to create a work life balance this is worsened by the distance I travel too and from work which is by no fault of the company.
ProsWorking for a good manager and with a good team
ConsShift work and distance I travel to work

Questions and answers about Nuffield Health

What is the interview process like at Nuffield Health?
Asked 27 Mar 2017
Initial casual telephone call asking about why you applied for the job, discuss the job role and if successful with that stage followed up with an email invite for a face to face interview where you are then asked more in depth questions about the competency of the role.
Answered 1 Feb 2021
You get interviewed by one person and in my experience a porter as well that sits through the interview with no interest in what you have too say and looks depressed. Basically you may as well have a stuffed teddy bear sitting with the other person
Answered 22 Jul 2019
How does someone get hired at Nuffield Health Gym? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 20 Nov 2017
Honestly I was head hunted went in to for a membership tour had a chat with the GM and he asked me if I wanted to work for the company
Answered 24 Jan 2022
You have an informal phonecall with the hiring manager to arrange an actual interview, you then do your interview remotely/ in person (Covid pending)
Answered 29 Aug 2021
What should you wear to an interview at Nuffield Health?
Asked 27 Mar 2017
Any clothes from the boss
Answered 16 Feb 2019
Shirt and trousers
Answered 28 Aug 2018
What is the organisational culture at Nuffield Health?
Asked 9 Jan 2018
Poor if your not in the crowd your already finished. You'll be set up and forced out the minute you are deemed as a threat to them.
Answered 5 Jun 2021
Lazy, inadequate, incompetent management who treat their admin staff with very little respect. Admin staff are not even given a company induction, and are very rarely given company updates. I found it quite humiliating. Don't join unless you enjoy being treated like an automaton who simply goes in, does what they are told, and goes home again.
Answered 5 May 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Nuffield Health?
Asked 21 Jun 2017
Look into who we are and what we do. Think of why you want to work for Nuffield and why you want to do the role you are applying for. Other than that, we hire on attitudes and behaviors so do think of scenarios that align with our CARE values (these can be found on our careers page)
Answered 1 Dec 2020
Write down the question and answer and an swerthem, do not eat while you are talking and always have eye contact.
Answered 8 Jun 2018