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H/A | Canterbury | 9 Dec 2018
False Promises and Poor Worker Support
Application Process: There was no interview when visiting the office for signing up, I was simply provided a sheet of questions and had to answer in a room by myself. I also had to sign up to terms and conditions without the importance of actually getting to read them. I was advised to pay for a DBS check which is actually very dubious as many companies do not charge for this privilege. I do believe this £50 charge is to cover the uniform and the 3 unpaid training days. They also do not take into account travel costs for all these training days. There are numerous sheets you have to fill and sign and once receiving the pay sheet details I was surprised at how the online advert described an 'up to' £12 per hour salary when it is actually £8.10 minimum. Training days were beyond basic and overloaded with information that was not presented in a way candidates are able to understand in a cohesive way leading to many mistakes in the questionnaires you must take by various people. We have moved on from the time from being talked at or overloaded with chunky powerpoint slides. There is a lack of support to workers from what I gathered from the training days and from asking questions. Your mental health of dealing with difficult patients is not considered and no hotline is provided. You are a cog in ensuring their contact with homes is maintained. The trainer I had was very patronizing to myself and believed asking questions was a nuisance which was highly belittling when they we
ConsNo one to one support or information on homes prior, the DBS is not free and you constantly have to spend to even get it back before 3 months.
Registered Nurse | Newton Abbot | 26 Feb 2020
First time agency nurse
I never thought, I could/would work for an agency. Coming from Germany, I had so far learned a lot in the UK, good and bad experiences, but had not found my feet in British nursing in nearly four years. Starting with Nurse Plus last December, they sent me out quite regularly - after appropriate induction training - to two really nice care homes, where I was made feel welcome, was supported by all staff and settled quickly into the homes’ routine. Most important... for the majority of time/at the busiest time in these homes, there are 2 registered nurses on shift + very helpful, skilled and capable care and other staff! We all know, there are allocations, where this is not always the case. Booking shifts with Nurse Plus is uncomplicated, you give out your availability for 2 weeks/a month, you will get a list with available shifts, days, nights, earlies, and lates, all via email, and sometimes you get an urgent call, if you can cover an emergency. All mails are confirmed, when received, and for ease, have these 3 answer buttons for quick click and send... You can call into Nurse Plus from 06:30h until 22:30h to speak to someone and they will listen! Uniform for free, easy/basic payslips, you take a picture of the payslip and send it via email, once you finished work and it is signed or before the weekly deadline, payment spot on time - weekly, PAYE-System for taxes (well you pay some more than employee-rate, but you can claim it back, I guess). So far I have mostly come ho
Support Worker | Southampton | 29 Sept 2018
Very unprofessional company
Worked for Nurse Plus in two parts of the country, both became huge disappointment. Was offered shifts only if no one else was ready to do them, double bookings, cancellations were frequent, struggled for 3 months to get 30 worked hours paid. Nicest places of work were given to friends and if they liked your face. They booked me at services but forgot to tell me, the service recorded me as unreliable and was not allowed to return. I had to report one staff for abusive behaviour, Nurse Plus organised a meeting but only supported their client and not me and I was advised never to work at that service! They dont seem to have a software to keep track of where staff is working and no online system to book shifts. Companies complain all the time that if they ask for agency cover in the weekends, Nurse Plus only promise to find someone but make no effort, which was proved as I could have done a shift but Nurse Plus never contacted me, while the service was struggling. Thats because those on call in weekends, will not get more pay if they make an effort to call round, so its not done and services are being let down and agency staff not getting enough shifts. I left as I felt I am a useless piece on their chess board. Could be a good company but management is unable to handle it all. As Nurse Plus already has a bad name, regular staff hardly welcomes their agency staff. Lot of Nurse Plus staff complains about the company which does not help either. Nurse Plus just does not have a g
ProsGood weekend pay
ConsRude office staff/management, Unpaid training, Racist environment
Support Worker | Hastings | 9 Dec 2019
Professional, regular onsite training and supervisions, approachable management, good staff rapport, good mix of homecare/establishment work.
Working mainly in homecare, I am fortunate to have been given regular clients and a regular general working "round." This has meant that I've been able to establish a good rapport with my clients. Their needs vary which means I can have variety in the care and support work I provide. We work as a team at the Hastings Nurse Plus branch and both Management and Colleagues have established an excellent working relationship with each other. Management are protective of both staff and clients safety and wellbeing, and management DO listen to staff feedback which is very reassuring. I am a "walker" so the most challenging part of my job is the number of miles I walk each day. However, management are very understanding and try to keep my "rounds" tightly grouped together in set locations, so that I can get to my clients in reasonable time without long distances between each call. They are also very considerate and will do their best to be flexible with our working hours and whenever we need time off or to finish work at a certain time (provided reasonable notice/circumstances are given.) The most enjoyable part of the job is the pleasure of working with a really lovely set of clients. Nurse Plus screen their clients during assessments and I have been very lucky to have been given such wonderful people to support and care for. I've been working for Nurse Plus for seven months now, and I am very content with my job, my colleages, my clients and the Management and office team. MH
Healthcare Assistant | Eastbourne | 24 Aug 2015
Flexible and enjoyable work
Typically I will start with helping my clients to complete their morning routine, getting out of bed (if able), washing, dressing, getting breakfast,taking medication and any other personal care required. I will then continue through the day, making lunch and diner and continuing with personal care. At the end of the day I will help service users to ready themselves and get into bed. During the day I will chase up medication orders, complete domestic duties needed,converse with my clients at all times and, log actions and behaviors and identify any other personal needs and wishes and work towards achieving these. I have learned to cope with difficult, pressurising and sad situations. My communications skills although naturally very good have improved as I have the privilege of meeting all sorts of people with very varied backgrounds and needs. My seniors and management staff are very supportive and always willing to work with you to to solve any problems. Regular supervisions and appraisals help to build a good relationship and a lovely work environment. I have excellent relationships with my co-workers and have formed many friendships through work, I think this is important as we all spent many hours a day with each other. I find that hardest part of my job is that I build strong bonds with service users and as my time sheets change every week there are often times when I may not see some of these people for great lengths of time. What I love about my job is that I re
Social Worker | Newton Abbot | 30 Aug 2012
An interesting and varied occupation
A typical day at work involved going into service-users homes, providing personal care and toileting, meal preparations and medication management, walking from job to job, waiting for lunchtime visits, some cleaning, some shopping and errands, chatting to clients, keeping them company and assessing their general well-being. I learned much about elderly people and how they tick, I learned about boundaries and time-keeping, and I learned alot about myself, how I work and what motivates me, how to be more flexible, about the importance of attention to detail. The management were friendly and approachable, could probably have had a better communication between themselves and sometimes seemed to lack effective organization. Co-workers were rarely seen except on double-up jobs. The hardest part of the job was the time-keeping. We only had 30 or 45 minute slots for the clients. Sometimes the time wasn't enough to provide good care and the temptation was to give extra time which was unpaid time. It was hard to be firm, set boundaries, and leave when the time was up. One always wished one could do so much more for some of the unfortunate clients. The most enjoyable part of the job was building relationships, of knowing that I had helped someone, of seeing people open up, of making someone smile.
Prosindependence, being one's own boss, variety of location
Conslong waiting periods between jobs, low pay
Care Worker | Andover | 9 Apr 2019
Care In The Community
I have worked for Nurse Plus Andover for over 3 years. I was an experienced carer when I joined and the branch and have felt like a valued member of the team since. Any concerns over work or clients are listened to by the office team, and dealt with swiftly. I provide my availability and this is nearly always met. I am asked by the coordinators if I can offer any extra time if they need care calls covering and I don't mind this at all, as providing for the clients is what matters. The Office team are always approachable and carers are welcome to go to the office anytime, and has an on call service if needed out of hours. All the carers are friendly and as a team meet the clients needs. I enjoy working on my own and with other carers. This is a rewarding role. Clients are happy within their own homes and appreciate the efforts from carers to remain there. I have also had the pleasure of working with young adults and children with learning disabilities. This has been so rewarding and fun. I have had additional training to gain a better understanding of clients with different needs and found this to be very helpful. All in all, I love my job, the clients, varied roles, flexible hours to suit my family. Would highly recommend anyone with drive and compassion to join the Andover team.
ProsWorking in your community
Healthcare Assistant | Bristol | 31 Jan 2017
Very good place to work for. Excellent training
Nurseplus is an excellent place to work for. It's a great company that looks after their staff. On a typical day at work, I have enough information about where I am going so that I know what I will be doing for the day. There's always something new to learn as each different place has different clients and different challenges. These differences bring us up to a great level of experience so that we are more competent in different settings. Our training is great and always up to date with offers of further training. Being an agency worker is beneficial and I have always told other people to join Nurse Plus as there's such a good work/life balance that can be achieved. I have worked here since 2013 and can recommend this company. The hardest part of the job is when you go to a new place and aren't sure of what the day will be like. However, I find it is always fine and I'm quite happy to return on another occasion. The most enjoyable part of the job is that you know you have come away at the end of the day and made someone else happy and given of your best. This is always noticed and makes you happy too that you have accomplished something bringing satisfaction to yourself and the client.
ProsChoice of shifts
ConsA few places staff are a bit prejudiced towards agency staff .
Support Worker | Bedford | 29 Apr 2019
Being able to work without the added pressure
I started working for this company in July 2018, they didn't mess about and got me trained up as soon as they could. I enjoyed the training as it was not on line and I got to meet other new starters, different trainers and the office staff. I work as a Support worker (LD) which I really enjoy. At first things were slow but then it picked up and I can work as much or as little as I choose. It really suits me working for the agency as I have other commitments. I find with the role I do you are always learning whether it is about the client group or the company you are assigned to work for. Sometimes it can be difficult to go to places you don't know and do a shift as some staff members don't always involve agency staff the way they should, I always remind them that we are still a team and that I am there to provide a service. After a shift your client tells you "It was lovely having you" it's that that makes you feel you have made a difference. I find this role very rewarding. If there are problems at work or you are just stressed out due to work, there is always someone to talk to in the office, they are always ready to listen and allow you to have a moan. I hope to be working for this company for a good while, I am really enjoying it.
ProsFlexible working hours to suit you.
ConsNot always work when you want it.
Support Worker | Bolton | 7 Jun 2019
Dont go there
I finished working with nurse plus in March 2019 due to the lack of hours being given to me .I have applied for two jobs which I got and my new employer was told that they would have to pay the agency a fee of two hundred times of what hours I am working This was sorted out by one employer my second job was on bank and they have been told that they have to pay as well who may very well withdraw there off of employment due to this surely this cannot be right .nurse plus refuse to send a reference as they say they don't do them I have worked in care over twenty years and never had a bad reference and now because I worked for nurse plus I am being penalised so I'm sat here still waiting to start a job I really wanted and which more than likely be withdrawn due to the fact nurse plus are asking for a fee again does this mean they will charge every employer in the future this fee? I am left disillusioned for the fact I made a massive mistake by ever working for nurse plus as I have been prevented from working and therefore cannot sort out any financial affairs I'm a very hard working person and pay all my rent ect myself as I haven't got a partner to share this responsibility that's my choice I know but why should nurse plus be able to dictate my life

Questions and answers about Nurseplus

Do they pay you for training?
Asked 28 Jul 2017
Petrol allowance
Answered 12 Aug 2022
Nurse plus is a reliable to work with most a specially the staff and the manager of Nottingham Branch. I have been working with nurse plus since the month of January till date am very happy with all the staff of nurse plus I was not been paid for my training if is possible I will love to be paid for 4days training. I am very happy working with nurse plus.that my. Rating will be. 99.%.
Answered 10 Oct 2019
How does someone get hired at Nurse Plus? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 18 Apr 2017
Had yraining waiting for induction but been nearly a week
Answered 8 Sept 2020
Branch Interview, DBS, training and shadow shift's
Answered 25 Feb 2020
What advice would you give the CEO of Nurseplus about how to improve it?
Asked 20 Mar 2019
Find out how your office staff treat people
Answered 29 Nov 2021
I find the managers and staff at the Liverpool 1 office very supportive very undetstanding and very approachable.
Answered 28 Oct 2020
What is the dress code at Nurseplus?
Asked 12 Mar 2019
Uniform top which is supplied. Each person needs to provide their own black trousers and shies to wear
Answered 16 Jan 2020
Dress code for interview is formal/smart casual. For shift it is usually a Nurseplus nursing tunic ( provided by agency)worn with dress trousers which you provide yourself.
Answered 15 Jan 2020
How are the working hours at Nurseplus?
Asked 3 Jul 2018
Flexible working
Answered 16 Jan 2020
Very inconsistent office, giving more hours to people with less experience than other staff members and with a choice of where to go. Texting for a shift then later on deny sending it. Weird way of working and treating people who have made it clear they're available for consistent work.
Answered 9 Dec 2019