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Team Leader | Walton-on-Thames | 1 Dec 2018
It's who you know not what you can offer
I've worked here for a number of years and i can honestly say they have been the worst years of my life. Like in school you have your groups and clicks and if your not apart of them or say something against them they WILL make your life difficult. You will be bullied by the groups and clicks and stand against them you will be attacked like a pack of wolfs by many and will be made to be a liar at all costs. Its always one rule for them and four or five for you. The way I was treated was absolutely disgusting, they looked down on me if i was the bottom of the pecking order despite working the hardest, the longest and being paid the lowest. I covered everything from complaints, set ups, take downs, abusive customers, first aid, cleaning, lane control and every bit of rubbish that gets dished out at us. It’s like managers can dish out jobs to us just for the fun of it. The turnover rate is incredibly high as people who work there for 3 months are just too tired and exhausted to continue. The management do not care about there staff, you are treated like a bit of dirt on there shoe, if you disagree with them about care or report anything, they make your life unbearable. Don't be fooled into thinking you have opportunities to progress in the company and other sites as those roles are reserved for managers "friends" and some roles are filled with people who are clearly not suited for the role Beware!!!! This place WILL make you ill if you work there, you will not receive
ConsThe whole place is a con
PMD | Preston | 24 Mar 2021
Places for people? Do you mean faces for Places?
Where do I begin... If you like working in a micromanaged, autocratic, and toxic environment this is the place for you! Having worked for this company for many years and it being an utter joke from the start, I kept telling myself it would get better and to stick it out. The office environment is toxic. There is a large conflict of interest. A large number of staff are either siblings or in a relationship. If you ever want to progress here, you better hope your face fits because otherwise you’re not moving anywhere. I really feel for the staff working in the PMD department they are expected to carry out their day to tasks while their phones ring off the hook all day meaning they physically do not get a chance to carry out these tasks. Don’t even think about putting yourself on bulletin to wrap up a call because you will get a warning! You’re timed for going for a wee. Your time in the lavatory while doing your business is added up and sent out as a stat for you whole team to see followed by a stern talking to by your manager if you go over a certain amount of minutes. Oh but they’re adamant it’s NOT a call centre even though all the call stats are up on giant TVs for everyone to view like you get in a call centre. You could work as hard as you like and think you’ll be appreciated for this but you won’t. But the smallest mistake you make because we’re all human and you’ll be pulled apart and most likely slagged off. 0 career progression unless you’re part of the clique
ProsI’m no longer working there
Receptionist | Farnham | 10 Oct 2019
Productive and friendly
I find this company very welcoming, when I first started in the company everyone was friendly, asking me if I needed any help, don't hesitate to speak to management if your not sure on things, or have a concern. You get to know all the staff members inside and outside the workplace as there are also social events around the year. There is always an opportunity if available to branch to another area of the company if you so wish, or to pick up more hours. There is a café, available to customers and staff, so whenever a coffee break is need that option is there, which is one of the benefits I enjoy. Whilst working there you will receive training as well that will help better your skills for your job, learning activities on the internet and new ways that the company try to help you through your work, these get discussed in meeting or can be brought to the managers attention. I would say the only downside to working at a leisure centre would be the pay, as a receptionist I have to deal with all the customers, their complaints, bad behaviour, any concerns; as well as the good as well. I'm sure many people as they are underpaid, but a little pay rise doesn't go unnoticed.
ProsStaff Discount and Free Gym Membership
ConsLong Hours
Lifeguard | London | 16 Feb 2015
Places for People
Places for people are a new company for the fitness industry, they have widened the company by coming in to the fitness industry and they do have their pro and cons. The position i applied for was not what I thought but enjoy it in someways. I've learned customer services by meeting new people every day, punctuality, giving first aid by myself, as the job is at a school and i do lots of supervision of all the customers that come to the school. A typical day at work; is opening up the STP ( synthetic turf pitch); set up the football equipment. Also i sit in the office and observe all the football teams to make sure they are all o biding by the rules. The management side of things, I do safety checks of the building under the HASAWA and following NOP and EOP procedure. I personally don't find this position challenging, because not much happens to make it challenging. Most enjoyable part is to have my freedom in the office to do personal things, as well as do my job.
ProsHave my own office/share with school PE teachers
Consnot many hours, not what i thought, okay pay. Don't get updates on my work performance, Ive been messed around with my wages.
Receptionist | Bamber Bridge | 9 Oct 2013
Good working atmosphere
I would start the day helping in the kitchen to cater for various meetings. This would take up most of the morning, once done i would then work on reception answering the phones and greeting customers. If it was quiet on reception i would go to one of the other departments and help them with scanning/photocopying documents or inputting data. After lunch I would clean up from the business meeting and put more tea and coffee out. I would then go back onto reception and continue answering phones until my shift was over. The hardest part of the job was learning how to deal with customers over the phone as I had to figure out what department to put them through to. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with my co-workers who were friendly and willing to help me learn how to do the job and what was required of me. I learned that when dealing with difficult customers that it is best to remain calm and do everything you can to help them as well as asking for help from other co-workers on how best to deal with the situation if there is little i can do to help them.
ProsFlexible hours
ConsTravelling time
Sales Manager | Romsey | 7 Jan 2020
Sales Manager
It was about six weeks from the initial phone call to the actual job offer having interviewed three times with different people (due to sudden changes in their management - this should have been my first red flag!) I was supposed to have 2 weeks training, my 1st weeks training (offsite) was good - my on site training basically didn't happen, I was just left to my own devices (red flag no 2?!). In a typical day I spent most of my time dealing with complaints. It was quite a b****y place to work as most people were either quite young and didn't know any better, or old enough to know better - there was the odd good egg though! I definitely felt that the senior management do not care for any of their staff, they are stretched between centres and never try to help you, although I think they are put under a lot of pressure. I generally felt the whole place was quite 'underhand'. I think it would be fine if you were going in as a receptionist/lifeguard but I would avoid any kind of managerial role at all costs. I really liked the free gym membership though! (who wouldn't?)
Manager | Preston | 6 Nov 2020
Supposed to be people first (only applies if your a senior manager)
Supposed to put people first, the company is a joke, they’ve just announced 40+ staff in affordable housing are to lose their jobs in another restructure (the 3rd in 5 years) unless they want to take a £4K pay cut to become a neighbourhood assistant, those that remain get their patch size doubled, have to manage other staff and get lettings added as well, to say that the majority of people feel let down by this lot is an understatement. The director was quoted as saying that staff had previously been “cut into the bone” well now the same manager is carrying out an amputation! They have no compassion towards staff unless you earn megabucks, which is a shame because the lower management are really supportive, but they are likely for the chop too, whilst the senior team end up bloated with manager after manager,
ProsGood supportive team managers
ConsConstant restructures, pay freezes, and demoralisation
Office Worker | Preston | 4 Sept 2019
Not as good as it used to be.
Decent place to work with good benefits and lots of good people. Work is hard and stressful at times but the day flies by day. Regular cutbacks in personnel results in teams getting squeezed to the point where there are not enough people to do the job properly. Company directors are so far detached from day to day operations that they are happy to pretend everything is going swimmingly rather than have to acknowledge that there is a problem which appears to be strictly taboo within the organisation. People who rock the boat are quickly restructured out or find their positions untenable. Senior management is a bit like game of thrones with bullying and backstabbing common place amongst those ruthless enough to try and get tot the top. SPIRIT values are a bit of a joke and not followed by anyone other than amongst colleagues at the bottom of the pile. Lots of good people. Shocking repairs department
Care Worker | Blackburn | 20 May 2014
Very unprofessional
Worked fr pfp and during experience there was very poor And not organised. I worked there fr 3 months and got dismissed.. The fact how pfp went across on the procedures was very unprofessional indeed.... Staff always complaining and back stabbing to each other and complaints to the team leader... I thought it was all team work but nope no team wirk at all... I felt threatened during my time there and never in my life a got dismissed from any other work place besides pfp... Very poor and certainly not organised as they make it out tobe... Compare to the other two schemes there I enjoyed working which is also part of pfp! Staff at other schemes are great and back u up if by chance u mde a mistake in your duties.. Staff there correct You and explain to you this is how it go's... Nevertheless very poor and they call themself professionals.. Hah rite! My advice think twice people...
ProsNothing free
ConsLong hours... Not organised... Team leader useless
Support Worker | Wellingborough | 21 Oct 2016
Enjoyable place to work
Working in care, your day is never the same, there is always something new happening. I was in charge of setting up entertainment and activities, so I spent my hours setting up new activities for the residents. Some days I was in contact with entertainment companies to ask whether they could do an evening of entertainment for the residents. Other days I was doing general paperwork and taking residents to hospital appointments. I gained a lot more confidence, more than anything. The people whom I worked with were lovely, it had a family atmosphere to it. I wouldn't say that there was a hardest part of the job, but having to juggle around different types of paperwork was hard, but I soon got used to it. Everyday was enjoyable, but doing the activities was the highlight of everyday.
ProsDoing the activities, the caring atmosphere, being part of something worthwhile.
ConsLots of paperwork
Clinical Staff | Lynch, KY | 3 May 2022
Great people, exhausting work, no loyalty
Worked here for many years. Lots of good and bad. The work can be very fulfilling but also completely exhausting. Newer management started coming in and making decisions without consulting or even understanding the work direct staff do on a daily basis. Do not expect your opinion to be heard and barely even considered or implemented. Working with the clients is the most rewarding part of working here, all of the clinical and interpersonal skills you will and feeling so good about helping. Lots of room to move up in the agency but pay is on the lower end of the spectrum. HR will try to low ball you every time. Some of the program managers and colleagues are absolutely amazing people, caring, supportive, and truly gifted. Was here for 5+ years and the agency pretty much threw me away without a second thought which I saw happen over and over to other hard-working employees for reasons both somewhat legimate all the way to someone suffering from depression? Good introductory job, room for upward movement, but they act like they care for their employees and rarely show it.

Questions and answers about Places for People

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Places for People?
Asked 12 Sept 2018
Avoid the place and avoid the management people as you will regret it.
Answered 28 Sept 2020
Everyone that works for PFP should feel proud , yes it’s hard work but putting people first is at the core of everything we do.
Answered 22 Sept 2020
What would you suggest Places for People management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 1 Dec 2018
Treat people as human beings and not as numbers
Answered 21 Mar 2022
Get rid of the senior managers as these are the ones who visit all the venues and cause trouble between staff and departments. Some of the senior managers are in relationships with other senior managers.
Answered 16 Oct 2019
What advice would you give the CEO of Places for People about how to improve it?
Asked 4 Nov 2018
Start again get rid of the current managers as its them who are causing the most issues
Answered 19 Mar 2021
Downsize the management team and have more tradesmen on the ground to serve the clients. More flexible working hours for the tradesmen, more support. If you VALUE your tradesmen, they will respect you more.
Answered 30 Jan 2020
How often do pay and performance reviews occur at Places for People?
Asked 1 Dec 2018
Never happened in all the years I worked there
Answered 28 Nov 2021
Never and if there is it's below 0.10p
Answered 22 Aug 2020
How does someone get hired at Places for People? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 21 Jun 2018
Be related or friends with someone whos in the, In Crowd!!
Answered 16 Oct 2019
They interview you and then you do a comp test.
Answered 13 Aug 2018