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Personal Trainer | Nottingham | 14 Sept 2021
Poor. Being nice with rating
I'll be as honest and kind as possible. PureGym is not for you as a PT, its for the COMPANY. You have to work 3 4 hour shifts throughout the week where all you do is clean the gym and do classes. In reality, you don't get much time promoting your PT business, you just have to do what PureGym want you to do in order to make them look good. Yes you get nice members, yes the gym is free, but in all honesty that is all I can think of in terms of benefits. You don't have the freedom they promote, you work for whatever cover they need. They choose the classes you do, even if you state the ones you are uncomfortable with, they just put you on it without your consent. Most times you find out just by going onto the app to see your class has changed. In addition, they can put you in classes where you have ZERO experience in and will just tell you, "you can do it, its easy". You also have to use their music app to teach the classes so don't think you can even do classes in a way you would like it. It has to be a way THEY like it. Their music, their structure, not yours. Management are there just to make the company look good. Thats it. They say there is support for your business, but in reality, its just 'advice' (which are mainly things you SHOULD know if you are a PT). Furthermore, they have endless promises. Just expect those promises not to be made, PureGym benefit from having you as a personal trainer, you don't really benefit from being a personal trainer yourself. They say tha
ProsFree Gym
ConsLiterally, everything.
Personal Trainer | Burnham | 1 Jan 2019
Relatively chilled and fun workplace
PureGym can be a really cool place to work if you're willing to put in the effort. But it also comes down to the people you work with and the managers you work under. Typically on a shift, you would teach maybe 2-3 classes, clean some of the equipment, tour some potential members/clients and generally just walk the gym floor interacting with members. During my time at PureGym, I learned a lot not only about myself but ways to interact with people and I improved on my sales pitching. I also learned some very hard lessons about life. I worked under two management teams both working at the gym for about a year each, the managers who I worked under during my first year I absolutely loved and they taught me and supported me a lot in and out of the workplace, in my second year I worked under a completely different team of managers and my overall enjoyment of the job dipped drastically, not only were they less interactive and supportive they were very business only. They were very guidelines, very rulebook which made my experience less than enjoyable. The hardest part of working at a PureGym is the sales, you have to be a very well spoken and adaptable person, you have to be a very good salesman to be able to make any sort of headway. The most enjoyable part of the job for me was teaching classes and being able to talk and interact the thousands of different members we had.
Prosflexible hours
ConsNo set pay
AGM | London | 4 Mar 2022
If you’re a ‘yes’ person, you’ll do just fine.
I wouldn’t bother getting involved with this company. The recruitment company they use (love recruitment) give false information such as your working week will consist of 10 am -6pm shifts for managers. All turns out to be a lie when you actually start. They have you doing late shifts where you finish at 10pm (3/4 late shifts every 2 weeks). The gym managers have some sort of entitlement where they feel like they can treat you however they want and hope you’ll be a ‘yes’ man. When they realise you aren’t that person, they’ll label you difficult and unwilling to be a team player. Which isn’t the case. The managers also get you to do all the gym floor activities such as classes, cleaning, lead tours and etc whilst they sit on their behind, making themselves look busy. They’ll put you on unsociable shifts whilst they give themselves the early shifts. As an AGM, you’re basically a gym instructor with a fancier job title. Certain cluster managers need to realise there’s more to life than working. They take things way too serious and patronise you for the smallest things, yet claim to be ‘supportive’. It’s a shame because I was extremely excited about working with a growing company. They really need to look at who they employ as managers because a good manager can make or break a new starters experience. Unfortunately, I got the worst manager and cluster manager possible.
Personal Trainer | Southampton | 5 Oct 2014
Positive, energetic and unpredictable
A typical day at work involves talking to a variety of members. All with their own goals and aspirations, I had to learn quickly to adapt to various personalities. I have grown to understand how to efficiently produce training programs and class sessions with ease and help multiple people succeed. The management at Pure Gym is good. There were some aspects of the management system that were un-organised, but that isn't rare nowadays. My co-workers were friendly, talkative people, but they were also very seclusive as we are all self-employed so the chatting was kept to a minimum. I think the hardest part of the job was seeing so many members with great potential, losing motivation and quitting. This is particularly frustrating for me as I know that with the right tools and guidance, anyone can achieve their goals. The most enjoyable part was being able to help people achieve their goals. Being able to help someone unlock the door to their hidden confidence and watch it shine through with their new physique. Additionally, not only is helping them look good rewarding, its also extremely rewarding to know that I have helped make that person healthier and improve their way of living.
ProsProviding help is rewarding - limitless earning potential
Consno holidays unless someone can cover your shifts
Personal Trainer | Scotland | 7 Aug 2019
Great bunch of guys, no career progression
This is my 2nd stint at Puregym, and on a whole, it's been a mostly enjoyable experience. Love the guys I work with but it's almost impossible to move into the management side of the company. Be prepared to work anti-social shifts - you'll work anywhere between 6am and 10pm and this applies to Xmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. This place doesn't close at all and only guarantee you a single day off - Xmas Day. Holiday's are few and far between - being self-employed you don't get paid anyway, but trying to arrange shift cover is a stressful task as it means other PT's working extra shifts to cover you and vice-versa. I've had 6 days off all year as I couldn't find cover for a morning shift. Career progression is pretty much a non-event - it seems to be who you know rather than what you know. As one of the more experienced PT's who knows the company inside out and have been successful at running two PT businesses, I've been declined on a number of occasions for AGM/GM positions that come up. However, I've seen less experienced colleagues been given these positions. Plus PureGym tend to recruit their managers from outwith the company. I would say PureGym is a good company to begin your career at, but if you're more experienced, do not use them to "enhance" your career/business.
Personal Trainer | Plymouth | 21 Mar 2018
Social work environment
I worked three 5 hour shifts. Each shift would consist on cleaning various gym equipment, hosting classes and monitoring the gym. The management team was very poor, they were mainly focused on getting their own bonus and unwilling to help the team. Mangers are in control on what classes the personal trainers host, however this was poorly organised as staff would end up doing classes back to back meaning it was impossible to set up classes or great new members/stretch off the previous class. There is also unfair treatment, there would be one rule for one personal trainer but that wouldn't imply to another. There were some amazing team members that taught me some things however there is definitely divides and bitchyness that makes the environment very child like. The hardest part of the job was delivering so many of the classes back to back. The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting so many new people, speaking to members and helping people achieve their goals. I loved the part of the job where I was personal training, I had so many great clients. I always got great feedback on my classes which built up my confidence greatly.
ProsOutside of the fixed 15 hours I chose what hours I wanted to work
ConsThe poor management team.
Fitness Instructor | Eccles | 28 Oct 2019
Not the Best
As an entry level job into the industry it’s ok but comes with a lot of cons that outweigh the pros. Firstly the pay is ridiculous and unsustainable even if you don’t live by yourself, £500 a month is the amount you have to Pay Pure in rent which is almost the same as rent for a house/ apartment. Secondly the members of staff and the gym members themselves will dictate whether you will stay or leave. I got along with every PT except for one who acted like she was the manager when she wasn’t, she bullied other members of staff and spread rumours and gossip about staff & gym members. Finally the cleaning of the gym. While on shift you are required to clean the gym floor to maintain good etiquette and overall cleanliness, while I agree with helping a little bit, the gym has no punishment for those who don’t clean after themselves which then falls to us to do it. I’ve pulled muscles and almost injured myself during this process which is a joke but still nothing changes. Pure gym can be a good work place if you get the right balance of a good team, great members and a constant flow of clients but realistically that will never happen.
ProsFree Gym membership
ConsEverything else
Instructor | Grimsby | 29 Nov 2021
You are made to think you are going to earn a small fortune but they leave out information on how much you have to pay the gym in return and the effects of losing business and the pressure of keeping clients. I worked numerous lone shifts at Grimsby pure gym without a single clue what to do as the training is next to nothing. The other personal trainers where also in the same boat. Don't get lured in. Management are shocking, never even there half the time. You do not get paid properly. I heard several bad things about this gym before applying here, I should have listen before I wasted time and money. Stay away! They make you think you're special because you have been selected from college when really they will take in anyone. Someone wasn't even qualified to work here yet still did. The management team talk about personal trainers behind their backs they don't solve issues in the gym effectively making it dangerous whilst working alone. Members constantly complain about things including serious things yet still nothing gets done. You get what you pay for. Cheap.
Personal Trainer | Milton Keynes | 4 Feb 2020
I don't really know if these guys operate legally?? Avoid
I don't even think it's legal what these guys are doing and offering for starting Personal Trainers now - You are promised support and promised a position but the catch is it is totally self employed and they expect you to pay out £300 quid to become a staff member and you will not be paid a penny. they claim to offer business support and coaching so that you can gain clients and income but you're pretty much there unpaid and made to do 6 classes and make the gym look good for a while before you even earn a penny. It's disgraceful, something needs to be changed and unfortunately many of the UK gyms seem to be operating the same way. Awful!! Don't know how they can get away with it. It's basically become non viable to be a PT as a starting out Skilled PT in England now. And I know it's not the same in other countries just seems to be rife with it here!!! Don't waste you're time with these firms they will just use you and want you're skills. Leave it for somewhere you'll benefit from it and be able to do you're job properly!!
Personal Trainer | London | 16 Jan 2019
Exploitative and non-productive use of your time
If you are an aspiring or even an experienced Personal Trainer. I would strongly urge you to STAY AWAY from Pure Gym. The bald truth is that there is absolutely NO market for PT's at Pure Gym. Quite frankly I find it hard to believe that the corporate structure of Pure Gym do not know this seeing as they market their gyms as "no frills" They use the cover of "self-employed" Personal Trainer to get out of paying for staff and get you to instruct their FREE fitness classes, which is a major selling point for many members who join the gym If you feel you absolutely have to work there then make sure you have a least 6 months salary saved up AND have a part-time job or you will be staring poverty in the face real soon. Don't be taken in by the bs that you can earn 20,000+ you'll be lucky to earn half of that
ProsYou can work out for free, relative freedom to set your own hours (once you have completed your mandatory shifts that is)
ConsAlmost everything else, little chance to make money

Questions and answers about Pure Gym

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Pure Gym?
Asked 5 Jul 2017
Proud Happy
Answered 21 Feb 2019
Its good for the experience and to learn your better offer setting up your own personal training business from home.
Answered 11 Jul 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Pure Gym?
Asked 23 Jan 2018
What do you wear to a 'informal chat' with puregym? or any interviews with any gym
Answered 19 Sept 2019
How much do you get an hour and what shifts do you work
Answered 20 Aug 2019
How does someone get hired at Pure Gym? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 16 Jan 2019
Through internal and external like indeed .
Answered 8 Jul 2019
Complete job application online
Answered 21 Feb 2019
Does Pure Gym allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked 4 Oct 2018
Flexible working hours.
Answered 6 Mar 2022
15 hour shifts which are set to whichever days your allocated to. Any hours outside these is where you can personal train your clients.
Answered 20 Feb 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Pure Gym?
Asked 11 Jul 2018
Have your certificate, insurance and license fee & you are ready to go. Zero standards.
Answered 29 Oct 2018
Being a able to think on your own Punctuality reliability You will have to get someone to cover your shifts if you go on leave
Answered 24 Sept 2018