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Overall reviews at SEVERN TRENT

Customer Service Representative | Derby | 20 Feb 2022
Too stressful and clueluess management.
I worked at severn trent Derby call center for 6 years and have seen the company change alot in that time To start with it was a good, caring and compassionate company, especially after leaving retail. But quickly after a year it changed. New management that did not know how to run a call center, recruiting their friends in to high positions which they had no clue what to do. Decisions that make no sense from a customer or business standpoint These decisions would lead to increase calls which would then get blamed on staff for being too slow which was not the case. Constantly there was at least 80-150 people in the queue and the stats to manage these stressed and demotivated staff And if you spoke up about it or went against the grain you were singled out and taken to disciplinaries for basically having an opinion They claim to be all big on mental health which is laughable at best. If you go off for a week or more they will call you every other day to see when you're coming back - even if you are off with a doctors note or very sick in hospital. Progression is only there if you are managers favourites. Currently they have said anyone that gets a new internal job can't move for 3-5 months as they are too understaffed and busy in the call center. This is just demoralising staff and forcing them to leave, there are only a handful of staff that have been there more than 12 months, this leads to confusion about what to do for new agents. The 10 week rotation they have is
ProsPay is decent for a call center job, bonus yearly.
ConsPretty much everything else, Work culture is awful, Lasy management, Upper brass have no clue and don't care, No support for mental health other than asking you to cut your sick note short to come back
Customer Service Representative | Derby | 9 Sept 2019
Don't bother.
This is by far one of the worst jobs I've ever had. Their training team are (with the exception of a few) incredibly bad and provide sub-par quality information and assistance, especially with new starters. The management are shocking, and care about nothing but hitting call targets and "selling" Homeserve to customers (but pass it off as just offering, even though they want you to force as many people through as possible.) Their customer comment system is terrible, and they will penalise the agent if someone leaves a bad score or comment about wait times or process, or anything at all completely out of the agents control. There is next to no progression available too. They'll pretend there is by giving people opportunities at operational transfers, which just means "go through the hiring process, have the right experience and do well, work for less money doing the same job for 6 months and then go back on the phones the minute we get busy." They don't care about anything other than having enough people to sit there and take boring and abusive calls, and will discipline you if you disconnect calls on abusive customers. The working hours are reviewed a lot and somehow are always worse than what was in place before. On Saturdays and evenings between 6-9pm there is next to no staff, but it somehow shocks them that they end up with 30+ minute call queues for a handful of customers and the staff just don't care enough to even respond to customer complaints about it
ProsSalary is higher than other call centers
ConsLiterally everything else.
Credit Manager | Coventry | 13 Jul 2018
Taxing workplace
Working in IOC was Emotionally taxing. Dealing with customers can be difficult and this is made more difficult with management constantly monitoring you, you feel pressurised constantly from all sides. In addition a taff are only allowed ten minutes per day to go to the toilet some shifts are ten hours long and this doesn’t change. You are expected to go in your two 15 minute breaks or the half hour lunch, if you go over ten minutes management highlight you have gone over the time limit to the whole floor via email and if you go over repeatedly you will get in trouble and the management make out that you may eventually lose your job adding more pressure, uncertainty and stress, this makes you feel like a child who can’t make their own mind as to when to go to the toilet. A new call out system was brought in where you automatically call people, sometimes calling the same person multiple times or if they have paid their bill but it hasn’t updated on the system which can be embarrassing and can make the customer angry and rude/ abusive. The job is monotonous, and although quite easy can be quite emotionally taxing as you don’t know What mood the caller will be in. Interdepartmental cohesion is poor especially with the billing department who take no ownership of customers issues. On a positive note the floor staff are great and really friendly you couldn’t ask to work with more supportive people, in addition you can learn a lot from a job in ioc but not for long as it is d
ProsGreat teammates
ConsPay, abusive customers, overbearing management, treated like a child I.e toilet breaks, general dissatisfaction, no upper movement unless you are there for ages
Specialist | Derby | 24 Sept 2012
Office Job.
I worked here for 20 months via an agency on a temporary contract. My work here was broke up between supporting field workers on the phone by providing additional information about jobs. I also was responsible for dealing with Lone worker a system which dealt with the health and safety of field workers. We also raised jobs for contractors and vetted the purchasing orders when the work was completed among other tasks. As i had not worked in an office environment before this position helped diversify my skills and all the different processes and decision making and initiative required especially helped with this. My manager was reasonably helpful and provided support when it was needed and when i initially informed her that i was looking for part time work so i could spend more time starting my business was fully supportive and later offered for me to cut back my hours to part-time to keep me in the company which was extremely helpful. The hardest part of the job for me was being sat down all day as i am quite an active person and don't like to be sat still for too long i found this very difficult. Although the work was quite monotonous at times, it was varied and the responsibility for things such as lone worker were always interesting and rewarding.
Prosvaried work, lots of responsibilities.
Consagency, temp contract, low pay, office work.
Tanker Driver | West Midlands | 10 Aug 2021
Tanker Drivers: proceed with caution
Overall Severn Trent are a decent employer with some good benefits eg. Pension/ sharesave etc. The role of an interworks Tanker Driver is an easy straight forward job which you are left alone to get on with, you generally get 4/5 short distance load movements per day with plenty of time to complete them. There are some issues with the terms and conditions for Tanker Drivers: 2 tier pay contract meaning anyone starting after 2018 is on around 4K per year less than those that were there prior. Be wary of taking a shift pattern that involves 1 or both days of the weekend, they make it almost impossible to get off this pattern and Mon- Fri drivers and agency drivers are much better looked after eg. They will get an allocated truck and you will drive 2/3 per week. Some of the managers are really good professional people, some are absolutely shocking in there lack of knowledge and people skills, there are way too many managers and planners per head making a straight forward job more complicated than necessary. Don't join the union, they work for the management and are responsible for overseeing the unfair T's + C's. If they got their house in order It could be one of the best jobs industry but at the moment it's nowhere near.
ProsGood benefits
ConsUnsociable hours/ lack of flexibility
Technical Operator | Retford | 15 Aug 2013
Good workplace if you enjoyed the outdoor life
I was lucky here as I only lived 15 minutes away for my place of work, but once there I had a company van to use to get me round the sites that I have to visit. Once on site there was a various task that had to be carried out from taking sample reading to checking flow meters, settlement tanks to desludge blockages in inlets to remove, sparge holes on filter beds to clear and other tasks to sort out, not just on one site but others as well. That water was a lot more precious that I first thought, that you can recycle human waste, and that the only waste was rags that blocked up the inlet. Management was very good, they had the answers to your problems because many of them had done the job before you. The older guys were the best because they like the management had seen it all before and were prepared to share what they knew with you rather than keep it from you, Taking it all in from the word go, learning where all the sites were that needed visiting, when new tech stuff came in was sometimes hard to get your head round as everything before hand was very hands on and manually operated. Knowing that you were doing something for the enviourment, cleaning the waterways and recycling water.
Pros35 hour working week Monday to Friday
ConsDon't think there were any
Quality Assurance Inspector | West Midlands | 18 Mar 2017
Horrible atmosphere, entirely money driven- foregoing the customers and staff
I will open this review by acknowledging I was let go from thei position. Indeed it was my fault, where I had not been taught how to properly collate my mileage expenses from travel, combined with a parking ticket. So I won't dwell on my specific case, but instead on the culture in this company. In my role I visited many of the varyijg labs, treatment works, and reservoirs; and the story was the same everywhere. Underpaid for a highly responsible, skilled, and strenuous job. Which is bad on its own; but this combined with a vindictive culture of distrusting staff, back stabbing, no reward for going the extra mile. To say I felt exploited was an understatement, all they want in this role is to be a mindless drone who will repeatedly do the same task, not ask questions and keep your mouth shut. Creativity, or individuality is quickly quashed. This isn't a biased opinion speak to any ignore the below managerial level staff and the answer will be the same. Exploited for a highly sophisticated and responsible role, and then treated as undervallued following this.
ProsExtra pay for working nights
ConsManagers not connected to staff
Merchandise Flow Team Member | Coventry | 19 Mar 2022
Depends how well connected you are
You will progess greatly if you have a family member or senior member of staff, you are acquainted with on a higher level. Its a case of who you know, as opposed to what you know. Interview feedback is not provided as the interviewers, do not want to be called out for their lack of experience and note taking as they already have a face in mind.... The managers are decent and the work life balance is good. Never had an issue with work and my family life. If your looking to work your socks off and progress and be merited for your hard work, then don't!! Not unless as I stated earlier, you have someone senior to back your case. Most of the progression depends on your friend being in a higher position to hire you!! Progression is NOT based on hard work or commitment!! It's based on whether your face fits!! 11 years at the company and numerous attempts at progression, to see others less qualified, lesser IQ and less commitments, exceed and excel past you, as the so called hiring manager is a relative, drinking partner, or colleague!!! The grass is not always greener on the other side!! Please beware before applying! You have been warned!!!
Water Treatment Specialist | Coventry | 24 May 2021
A culture of bullying.
Very disorganised company, which has worsened over the last 10 years. The management do not work in conjunction with other staff causing long delays in groundworks staff receiving work, very poor communication between departments, causing unnecessary costings, lack of resourcefulness and daily frustration of staff because work can not be done or completed. Bullying culture within management, no respect for dedicated staff and those of long service. Absolutely obsessed with Health and Safety, and disciplinary hearings, but less interested in the well-being of employers. Management have the inability to identify how some of their actions result in demoralising employee’s, giving them a sense of worthlessness, and putting staff in difficult situations that pose a threat to a persons sense of self through fear of losing their jobs. Terrible company that needs some serious reorganisation.
ProsBenefits share saving schemes
ConsStaff well-being, disorganisation
Customer Service Representative | Coventry | 24 Jan 2019
A Great Place To Work
I currently work as a Customer Advisor in the Operations department and no two days are the same. It is a very fast paced environment where each call is different from the last. The role itself is rewarding as you can directly impact the experience of each customer that you speak to. I can't fault the management of the department as they are all very friendly and down to earth - from the team leaders to the department manager. My colleagues are a fantastic group of people who I happily spend time with outside of work. My favourite part of the job is knowing that I am able to make a considerable difference to the customer's day by getting their issue reported and raised, giving them advice etc. The hardest part of the job is dealing with difficult and demanding customers who think that just because they pay a water bill to us, they have the authority to demand that we come out to a minor issue immediately.
ProsFantastic working environment and colleagues
ConsDifficult customers
Customer Service Representative | Houston, TX | 8 May 2014
Fast Pace and Stimulating work enviorment
My typical work day consisted of replying to interoffice and external emails, processing reports managers and board meetings, process bill statements for water/sewer customers. Fielding phone calls from managers and customers, processing delinquent and nsf notices to customers as well as process turn offs for non payment of delinquent/nsf customers. In my 16 years I with my previous employer the opportunity for cross training in multiple departments, management was very supportive of employees learning different aspects of the company by being a team player and assisting other departments with daily or periodic support. Over time I have met and worked with a great number of people in office as well as outside of my office location, working with such a vast spectrum of different people gave me the ability to have a divers experience beyond my office setting. The hardest aspect of my job was having to disconnect customers utility service but understanding that it was park of my job responsibility. I really enjoyed the people I worked with and the customers I was able to help when possible.
ProsManagement would celebrate monthly birthdays, and encoraged departmental pot lucks are so much fun, and a great stress relief.
ConsTurning off Delinquent customers, having irriate customer in your face.
Operator | Austin, TX | 20 Dec 2017
Understaffed company that expects you to be available 24/7.
The company stays understaffed to try and save money. They push the employees to work long hours and tons of overtime but then complain about the overtime hours and nitpick the time you spend on any type of work, asking why it took that long and could it have been done faster. Management doesn’t communicate well at all. They won’t pass down information needed to do your job then will reprimand you for not doing it right. They also like to micro manage certain aspects of your job. They still do almost everything in the field on paper and there is always tons of paperwork. So much so that it almost takes you longer to do the paperwork than it does to do the job. The pay is pretty competitive with other like companies and the other employees are easy to work with. If you are willing to put up with the major lack of communication and the constant under staffing, it’s really not too bad a place to work.
ProsCompetitive pay
ConsVery poor communication between the management and staff, tons of paperwork as the company is way behind on technology.

Questions and answers about SEVERN TRENT

What would you suggest SEVERN TRENT management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 15 May 2020
Be more inclusive and offer fixed hours to anyone who can't work shifts due to chronic health issues.
Answered 20 Apr 2022
Treat employees with respect , and not be heard saying if I don't like someone I keep on until they go
Answered 3 Jan 2022
What is the most stressful part about working at SEVERN TRENT?
Asked 18 Jun 2019
Trying to progress
Answered 19 Mar 2022
Certain people are always put upon whilst others get given all the nice jobs/projects and the older women in Management favour the really young boys for promotions
Answered 18 Oct 2019
How do you feel about the future of SEVERN TRENT?
Asked 12 Jun 2019
it looks to be going into a good direction
Answered 18 Mar 2022
probably go out to contractors at some point
Answered 28 Dec 2021
If you were in charge, what would you do to make SEVERN TRENT a better place to work?
Asked 6 Nov 2018
The pay needs to be better, and I would say recognising your skill set to advance you in the business
Answered 1 Apr 2022
Remove all management
Answered 12 Jun 2019
How did you feel about telling people you worked at SEVERN TRENT?
Asked 23 Aug 2017
Decent learning curve iff your a forward thinker / and Gd work life balance
Answered 19 Nov 2021
Absolutely fine
Answered 9 Aug 2019