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Benefits Advisor | Chester | 20 Feb 2016
An extrememly large organisation which is going through many changes and restructure, currently making redundancies due to governments cuts
Typical day involved contacting all new tenants to ensure they were claiming the correct benefits and if applicable had completed and returned their Housing Benefits forms or provided the correct information to CWAC to ensure their rent was being paid asap. Also offering budgeting and money advice and ensuring all tenants were aware of their obligations to pay their rent as a priority and on time. I also held 'drop in' advice surgeries four mornings a week in Blacon, Lache, Centurion House and Kingsway Community Centre for tenants who required help and advice with regards benefits, rent or who were experiencing financial difficulties and identifying those requiring signposting to other service providers as applicable. My role also involved visiting tenants in and around the Chester area as required, especially those tenants who had pending court action or were due to be evicted due to rent arears. Within this role I learned that everyone is different and has different needs. Some tenants being more challenging than others., especially those who required my help urgently because they were due to be evicted. Due to the complexity of my job it was important that I had good time management skills, excellent communication skills and that I showed a good understanding and great empathy to everyone. Sometimes it could be difficult to contact or encourage people to 'open up' about their problems in order for me to provide the correct help and advice. However the majority of the tim
ProsBeing part of a great team. Working within an office environment, being out and about within the community
ConsLong hours and frustration in not being able to help eveyone
Customer Service Representative | Kingston upon Hull | 26 Oct 2020
Staff amazing, Management not so much!
The pro's - The staff (excluding management) are all welcoming and kind. They work hard and really earn their salaries. Most are really customer focused and do what they can for tenants. They make you feel at home and part of the team as soon as you start with them (again, this only refers to CSO's and not the managers) The pay is higher than most other jobs of this type locally The con's - Too many Managers recruited with little or no experience but who are good friends with senior management. Management can bully staff (I witnessed bullying on many occasions), this was reported to senior management and the staff member forced to leave the business after they could not take any more. Resourcing is poorly run with their staff who let their friends have the best hours and holidays they want, but decline those who they do not like. Then brag about it in the staff canteen. Staff feel undervalued, managers are very critical of small errors but good work is rarely recognised. Excellent staff overlooked for any promotion and friends selected by senior managers. Team managers refuse to speak to tenants when they are requesting to make complaints. Turnover is high because of bullying managers who always seems to get away with their behaviour and no action seems to be taken. Some senior management have only been given the role due to their length of service and they actually do not know their job, they delegate to other people and never make a decision. It feels like a really tox
ConsBullying, toxic environment, bad customer service
| United Kingdom | 28 Dec 2018
Outdated leadership and management
Communication was poor and at times unprofessional from day 1. For e.g I was advised in my written offer of emptloyment I would be given a company car, then told on my induction actually this will only happen if you show you are doing the miles. The same senior manager advised me on my first day that the last 2 staff that left didn’t get on with my line manager but got on great with her. I was part of a small group of new staff and it became quickly noticeable the “them and us” clicky attitude at team meetings. I was hectored in team meetings and observed other new staff go through this too. The processes used are out dated and costly and in general the team are resistant to change or new ideas to improve their responsibility of the business. Feedback was rarely timely and not only poorly written and most definitely not constructive or encouraging. I was treated differently from other new starters by my line manager and this did not go unnoticed by other team members, to the point where I asked HR to support me. Micro managing is used instead of mentorship and in the several months I was there, my mentor only contacted me once outside team meetings and only because I’d highlighted this and then she was told too. I’ve read other reviews that have stated bullying has been experienced, well I’d agree (as would the other new starters) there is definitely a culture of underlying/covert behaviours here. This team do not like anyone bringing in new ideas or showing any sort o
ConsPoor culture and behaviours in the dept
Support Worker | Birmingham | 3 Jan 2020
My daily working experiences at Sanctuary Supported Living
I was a lone worker most of the time who worked at different schemes throughout Birmingham every day, I would take the scheme's keys from the key safe and return it in the evening, I had a work email address that I would log in to first thing every morning to check handovers, every one at work at other schemes would know that I was at work and I was also able to see them online, I would communicate with my colleagues via phone or email, we had access to skype. Scheme (property) checks was next followed by the activities marked in my electronic dairy. Other activities included making and answering phone callas, responding to any enquiries, emergencies, contacting the maintenance team for any repairs as well as liaising with other agencies such as Social services, the benefit agencies, housing, local mental health teams, the police, fire brigade, health professionals, etc. I also interacted with friends and families of service users. I improved my skills, learnt a different culture of supporting people based on the company's policies. Responding to challenging behaviour, incident reporting and safeguarding reporting was hard some times as one had to be very assertive. I really enjoyed my interaction with service users and my satisfaction was greater when a service user managed to achieve a planned target from his/her support plan. At Sanctuary every working day was very different. I also had a work mobile phone.
ProsLone working gave me time to plan my day.
ConsGossiping practised by some staff who were longer at the job.
Customer Service Representative | Kingston upon Hull | 22 Dec 2020
Decent Money, Terrible Job and Management
The pay is decent for Hull but the job is soul crushing. The amount of abuse you get from tenants isn't worth the stress. Management is very poor, promotion opportunities are non-existent unless you suck up to the right people or are intimidated enough to not question decisions. It tends to be that promotions go to yes men rather than the people who are good at their job, with constant promises of progression made to the people who work hard to get them to do all the rubbish management don't want to do. Overly strict on any absence and hypocritical in that they preach wellness and mental health but if you have any issues you get the Spanish Inquisition. The handling of staff during the COVID-19 crisis has been appalling, forcing staff to return to unsafe offices while removing all facilities in the name of 'safety'. The atmosphere is extremely corporate, despite the companies constant failings in regards to its service users and there's a genuine impression that the people at the top are very out of touch in regards to the day to day goings on of the company. Honestly, I would look elsewhere if any of this rings alarm bells. A lot of people I know working there feel trapped due to there being few jobs that compete with the salary on offer, although there are alternatives if you look around.
ProsNot really any, I guess they're based in the town centre so easy to get to, but no e. Ployee parking, so it will get expensive if you drive.
ConsBad culture, poorly ran, staff are overworked, poor attitude to staff wellbeing and little room for progression
| Devon | 27 Feb 2022
poor management who liked to scaremonger thier staff and was also gas lighting staff
where can i start, this was a terrible place to work, they got rid of an effective hard working manager who cared and supported thier staff leading to new poor management who was constantly stressed, erratic, highly strung, and could be very hostile to the staff when things did not go thier way. staff were scare mongered on a regular basis and were also being gas lighted by being asked to do something and then being questioned why they did it. staff were constantly being called on day off to be asked stupid questions, the place had been short staff for years but staff were expected to pick up the slack with no incentive, the work environment was looking unkempt. there was no gratitude for all the extra work and also staff were expected to also take on some of the work the new manager could not do or understand. the on call system was a joke and you were made to feel you were wasting thier time, so no support at all, leaving you feel alone. Sanctuary does not care about your well being or home life. sanctuary is your family and home. no regards for your mental health, safety or well being AVOID AT ALL COSTS
Prosgreat work colleagues
Conswage, rota, lack of relevant training, lone working in challenging, dangerous situations. staff safety, HR can mix up wages on a regular basis and will only pay 60% of your wage that month if mix up, you will get the other 40% following month
Support Worker | Middlesbrough | 5 Jun 2020
Sanctuary Group is a strange place to work.
I initially went for a position at Sanctuary Group in January 2020 but wasn't offered the job solely because I didn't have a car. In March 2020, I was offered a bank support worker position and I was promised lots of shifts. When I started I found out the manager who promised me a lot of shifts was leaving the company at the end of my first week. When the new manager took over they told me Bank Workers are only when required and after my induction I would be no longer required unless there was illness, death or holidays. So the previous manager had lied to me quit essentially. I also worked at another Sanctuary Group as part of my induction which is 50 metres away from where I live. As the role I currently did was Bank, I applied for the full time support worker job at the place which was down the road and I got told the following week "You did really good in the interview but someone just scored a little higher". I then applied a few weeks later for the full time concierge job at the same location which is lower money and lower prestige, once again I got told "You did really good in the interview but someone just scored a little higher". I was then getting phone calls from the manager a few days later asking for my availability for shifts in my bank worker job?. So I'm not good enough for the full time support worker job or the concierge job?, but then I get offered shifts for the bank role?. Strange!.
Housing Officer | Hackney | 21 Dec 2015
Support the delivery of a quality housing management service for a defined patch that meets the needs and expectations of current/future residents and the wider community in line with the business plan. Measure: Customer feedback/satisfaction, achievement of KPIs, tenancy sustainability, scheme and estate inspections. Support the coordination of low-level ASB cases in line with the prescribed policies and practices ensuring that remedial action is taken to build community cohesion Measure: Customer feedback, resolution of cases, community cohesion, policy compliance, data recording, effective liaison with key stakeholders and other parties. Meet all legislative and regulatory requirements for housing management activities, ensuring the provision of quality and safe homes for customers and to minimise potential risks. Measure: Compliance with housing legislation and safeguarding, policies and procedures, health and safety regulations, gas compliance, and the completion of agreed audit recommendations. Develop, build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, residents, staff and external agencies, to ensure the effective management of housing services, identifying any shortfalls in service delivery and ensure these are acted upon. Measure: Customer feedback, problems resolved efficiently, service levels met, service improvement, team achievements.
Administrator | Worcester | 26 Sept 2020
Tried - failed me as an employee, had potential
Started off well, looked forwarded to making a career in Social Housing at Sanctuary and thought it was a place I could make a positive impact. Dont get me wrong, there are some really nice people working in head office, but there is a negative culture amongs a select few. I enjoyed the job, Management were good (at first), Work was interesting However that soon changed when a department re-organisaton took place and I was assigned to the newly promoted manager of the "Team" who created a bad atmosphere had a manipulative manner that felt like a hidden agenda Add to this the Covid Pandemic and it was a recipe for disaster with not much regard for added preassure caused by working from home, - out went the "work Life Balace" monitored and pressured more than in the office, two faced bullying tactics with a lot of office politics going on, backchatting etc. Constantly changing the way of working, creating unstructured and unachievable targets Mental Health as an employee was overlooked, and felt un-support given the fact many label themselves as mental Health advocates in their e-mail signitures. (not something to be taken lightly) Costly overheads are apparent, hence cost cutting, so was suprised to see they are advertising for roles, when they have been pushing for voluntary redundancies and excuses to lay people off during this pandemic
Security Officer | Bridlington | 28 Nov 2018
Warning do nit work as a security officer or any other member of staff
I moved back into my home town of Bridlington to work as a security guard employed by Kingdom security I looked the part of the security guard did my job, reported any problems etc. Infact I genuinely was interested in swapping my role to become a keyworker Here's how I was treated. I was called by manager to say, after the Keyworkers seemed to be friendly with me, that I was intimidating and aggressive to other members of staff, which completely surprised me , further more without provocation they even decided to call the police to ban me from the building. This really was hurtful as I am a very friendly person and was willing to help out anywhere I could. There has been no official action however sanctuary living support feel that anyone whose face doesn't fit will get sidelined and treated with contemptible attidudes and will stab you in the back at any moment. I will add that there were no checks from CCTV to give evidence and cameras are everywhere . Management seem to think they can talk down and be obnoxious to tenants. If your a working professional like myself who wants to get your head down and work hard and have job security then DO NOT WORK HERE !!! I cannot emphasize this enough. It seems like my earlier warning was not posted so I hope this one is
ProsNon you cannot trust anyone
ConsYou cannot trust anyone
Multi Skilled / MUG | North, SC | 1 May 2020
Only ' yes people need apply ' Avoid if you value yourself and life!
Been at sanctuary just over a year now, all was ok managers and staff seemed decent but the cracks began to show. Its all go with the flow and learn the job then BANG! 1. You have to say YES to anything they ask of you even though its not in your job description. ( Threat of losing your job is mentioned ) 2.Lack of equipment and up-to date equipment ( Using this equipment in another company in 2008 its now 2020 that's how poor sanctuary is behind on current standards. 3. You have to work 9 hours a day and longer if your a driver to pick up and drop off your work partner as they want their moneys worth paying you £19,500 salary ( your first years probation your on £18,500 ) 4. Staff some are generally ok but their is alot of ' groups and favourites' not to mention alot of lazy / incompetent staff who get away with working. 5. Alot of two faced people and people who will spy or grass you up to make themselves look better whilst brown nosing the bosses. 6. Left alone no one checks up on you, no work phone, poor uniform and boots. God forbid you need anything else its never arrives or they moan if you ask for anything relevant to the job. COVID 19 YES THIS WAS IGNORED AND LACK OF PPE Well what can I say this was totally ignored, Goverment advice was to stay with members of your household inside and out. Had to work with another member of staff who was not part of my household in the same work van and various premises. Told the boss my concerns and told its not

Questions and answers about Sanctuary Group

How are the working hours at Sanctuary?
Asked 25 Feb 2017
One hour lunch, and you can only work 9am to 5pm in the office. You can not change the hours, but I get the feeling often though that if you’re one of the favourites you can whatever hours you want.
Answered 30 Apr 2022
Working hours are 35 for my scheme but many do part time. Flexible on when you can start and finish agreed with manager.
Answered 15 Nov 2021
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Sanctuary?
Asked 5 Apr 2017
Sanctuary head Offic does Not check new manager and they put unprofessional unskilled new manager for instance our dementia floor are not safeguarded and they are vulnerable people manage just ignoring them every day some receive a fall .we need a better manager who deserves this place .
Answered 25 Jul 2020
Embarrassed and at times ashamed due to their reputation and treatment of tenants and staff
Answered 12 Dec 2019
How does someone get hired at Embrace Group? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 19 Jul 2017
Send in a cv, phone call then interview. May be asked to do a small presentation but unlikely. Few technical questions. Core values.
Answered 12 Apr 2022
A very incompetent interview process. Based on the salary it was like I was applying for a law firm
Answered 7 Sept 2021
Do you get paid breaks ?
Asked 10 Nov 2017
You don't even get a lunch break due to over demanding work load
Answered 12 Dec 2019
No paid breaks or a meal supplied ,which is disgusting, especially as we work 12hr shifts. I think as a company who are not short of money that you should reconsider this.
Answered 20 Oct 2019
Does Embrace Group require pre-employment background checks? What kind of background check does Embrace Group do and how long does it take to complete?
Asked 25 Feb 2017
Yes they conduct thorough pre-employment checks including criminal convictions (DBS/PVG) and if there are convictions, a risk assessment will be conducted if there is a conviction to determine whether the offer should be withdrawn. They also obtain references, employment history and other checks. They don't take long if you complete the forms properly and soon after getting them and if you contact the referees
Answered 8 Oct 2018
We usually required staff to get their DBS check to work and it takes about six weeks to complete.
Answered 14 Jul 2018