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Order Picker | Solihull | 10 Jul 2020
Minimum wage, unrealistic core values, poor management
At introduction you are given the perception the company is a good company to work for with with strong core values for the company. After a few weeks the smoke screen lifts and realize it's mainly bull and they don't follow their "7 core values". Within my first year lots of people left due to being unhappy in their role. You "multi task" jobs and take on work loads while others relax and expect you to do their jobs once you have the experience in other areas. Van drivers are always quitting to the amount of heavy lifting on their own and low pay. Sometimes you finish at 8.15pm and back in at 6am. Shifts get changed last min without you being informed. After 3 years i had less confidence than when i started. Managers keep changing and the some don't know what they are doing half of thr time
Pros40 hours a week /split shifts/ weekend work/ Health scheme
ConsPoor management, staff always leaving, same pay as new staff after 3 years. Appraisal FAIL'S to happen. No bonus or shift allowance.
Safety Officer | Birmingham | 5 Oct 2021
Fantastic place to work, Great people and culture
Selco is a Fantastic place to work, should have done the move across years ago, I really enjoy working for Selco no day is the same. The managers and colleagues really make you feel welcomed and valued. They invest in people and training I have gone on endless training sessions and had training throughout the store I have had a bonus every month since i joined here, this was never heard of in my previous jobs It’s truly one of the best things I have done by joining Selco as a Heath and safety welfare compliance officer. I am hoping for a long and very happy career .
ProsTraining, learning, bonuses
ConsNo hidden agendas
Stocker | Cricklewood | 4 Mar 2020
It was a working experience having the opportunity to work as a sales assistant preparing for a the outside world and learning how to deal with costumers.
Forklift Operator | London | 12 Sep 2019
Very busy place but enjoyable to work with the team
The typical day at work would consist of checking every isle in the morning if the stock is up to standard and full shelves. Dealing with customers orders, loading vans from plasterboards to bricks picking orders, taking deliveries. Really good place however I wanted something more focused on Forklift operation.
ConsJust not what I was looking for
Replenishment Associate | Ashton-Under-Lyne | 14 Apr 2018
Only lasted a month!
1. Answering and dealing with customer DIY problems and solutions. 2. Stock Replenishment and Merchandising. 3. Product Knowledge. 4. Order picking and processing for customer deliveries. 5. Paint Mixing.
Trade Assistant | Dudley | 9 Mar 2020
Worst company ever
Management have no clue never support their staff training none excistent avoid if you can much better places and your wages are never right and takes weeks to sort out
Retail Sales Associate | New Southgate | 1 Jan 2019
Good for work poor pay
It was the ideal job for me. Always on the go. Busy. Always something to do. Friendly staff. Pay is shocking. Some staff sail through the day happy with pay. work hourses like myself it isn't worth it.
ProsFriendly staff. Never a dull day
ConsLow pay
Shop Technician | Tyburn | 4 Apr 2017
Not a good place to work they are Unprofessional
I worked at Tyburn branch for 2 years got from Shop floor to Hire Technician within 6mnths thought this was great how wrong can someone be the Management are useless and they expect far to much off the staff for low wages and Pretend to have a Structured Training Scheme what a load of rubbish and working conditions are Dangerous and an Accident waiting so glad I'm out of there .
ProsFast progression
Consunproffessional management
Kitchen Designer | Sutton | 15 Dec 2020
Great company
It was great to work for Selco. They supported me with new initiatives that I implemented after I was hired. The manager was very flexible with the working hours to fit my family life.
ProsThey make me feel valued
ConsLow salary
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Southampton | 21 May 2016
Productive Workplace
A typical day at work would be arriving at 6.30am, setting my till up and serve customers throughout the day, If I wasn't doing that, I would be answering customers enquiries on the phone or putting stock out. I have learned better communication skills, customer service skills, how to be confident on the phone and how to communicate effectively with others. Sometimes I did feel like management had favourites and others, including myself were singled out and were made to feel no as 'important' and I think a lot could have been improved on as it was a store we did set up. The people who I worked with were very friendly and we all did bond really well with eachother, like we had known eachother for a long time which you don't always get in the workplace so it was very comfortable to work in that aspect. The hardest part of the job was learning the products, as it was a builders merchants and something I have never been involved in before, it was difficult to identify most of the products such as plasterboard etc..but as time went on I did learn them fairly quickly. The most enjoyable part of the job was being around nice and friendly people who made you feel welcome and were always there to help you.
ProsGood salary and benefits
ConsVery early starts

Questions and answers about Selco Builders Warehouse

If you were in charge, what would you do to make Selco Builders Warehouse a better place to work?
Asked 4 Feb 2019
Working at Selco is like a production line. The Managers are usually not around when needed. Too many managers but not "managing" correctly. As an experienced staff memeber i was expected to manage my main roles, aswell several other roles with little help. Supervisors and some management roles should be changed to Team leaders as it is mainly run by areas. Managers need to actually manage and run the place rather than leaving it to the underpaid, harder working staff. Back area is goods in/out, customer collections, yard operations, saw mill, Heavy side and Timber. Front and Middle of the store is mainly light products and easier to work plus you are closer to the trade desk and have more time to relax as the back side can be non stop work. I liked working but the management made the job much harder to enjoy.
Answered 10 Jul 2020
I would increase the pay rate for shop floor staff as they are paid much less than the trade desk staff and many drive a fork lift, use the mill and paint mixer. If the gulf between desk sales and shop floor is deemed to be reasonable then the desk team should be staffed by experienced people or promoted from the shop floor. Resentment sets in when desk sales staff are ex Superdrug, Hospital porters or college yet shop floor staff are more experienced and ex industry.
Answered 3 Nov 2019
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Selco Builders Warehouse?
Asked 14 Jan 2018
Try to avoid unless it is a stop gap. Other companies don't want to employ Selco staff probably because wben they leave they are unhappy and have less confidence at the end of their experience. Hard workers are over worked to make up for the workers who are less experienced or don't have to correct work ethic.
Answered 10 Jul 2020
Embarrassed, joke of a company that is so disorganised, inexperienced and top heavy with managers
Answered 6 Aug 2019
What are the interviews like.?
Asked 14 Apr 2017
We just told each other jokes and played i spy with my little eye.
Answered 13 Nov 2017
Informal and unprofessional
Answered 19 Aug 2017
What is the interview process like at Selco Builders Warehouse?
Asked 30 Jul 2017
Had a telephone interviewed last week. Gave them all the answers they wanted to hear, the person who spoke to me on the phone said they'd call me at the end of the day to let me know what was happening. Am still waiting for that phonecall over half a week later. Less than impressed, as to leave me (or anyone else for that matter) hanging like that is not very polite.
Answered 30 Jun 2020
Professional most of the time
Answered 24 Oct 2019
Do you pay weekly or monthly?
Asked 4 Jul 2017
Monthly pay
Answered 10 May 2019
Monthly (28th each month sooner if it falls on a weekend)
Answered 25 Jul 2018