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Overall reviews at Selfridges

Sales | Manchester Central | 3 Aug 2018
Very self centered environment
Welcome to world where you get recognised for how much you laugh at a manager's joke, how double faced and pretentious you are. if you don't mind to be treated like a child and you are good at keeping your head down to get what you want, can put on different heads, willing to change to what your managers want you to be and love playing the whatever it takes to get to where i want even if it means to become a double/ fake personality then welcome to the jungle where favoritism is key. Meet your unwanted side of your self when working there. And sorry in advance if you are foreign very unlikely to progress. when i you start a job in selfridges be ready to get thrown into a sieve where only the most self centered and and far from genuine people will get through, but having said that it's down to you if you like playing the game like they'll always tell in Selfridges ''you have to play the game'' then this is the place for you. most people would advise you to work for a concession within the department store rather than selfridges it self. pay is poor and treatment is not for everyone. the did however win a few best department store in the world award ;) wonder how? check out selfridges on the outside of its body which is the told facts ''media, advertisement'' customer reviews maybe. however, if you want to check out the untold you have to get down there and get your self a job. otherwise like me you will be motivated to get your self out of there after a maximum of one year a
Sales Executive | London | 28 Oct 2014
Professional environment with high standards
• Working at Photography department at Selfridges. • Specialising in Hasselblad, Leica, Carl Zeiss, Pentax, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji and Olympus. • Listening to customer requirements and presenting appropriately to make a sale. • Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers in person and via telephone calls and emails. • Responding to incoming email and phone enquiries. • Acting as a contact between a company and its existing and potential clients. • Challenging any objections with a view to make the sale. • Advising on forthcoming product developments and discussing special promotions. • Liaising with suppliers to check the progress of existing orders. • Checking quantities of Products on display and in stock. • Reviewing my sales performance, aiming to meet or exceed targets. • Gaining a clear understanding of customers' businesses and requirements. • Making accurate, rapid cost calculations and providing customers with quotations. • Feeding future buying trends back to employers. • Keeping up with the best customers services and highest quality of standards. • Responsible for processing cash and card payments. • Merchandise in an innovative and best way possible. • Reporting discrepancies and problems to MD. • Giving advice and guidance on product selection to customers. • Balancing cash registers with receipts. • Responsible dealing with customer complaints and refunds. • Working within established guidelines, particularly with bra
ProsProfessional Environment
Back of House Team Member | Manchester | 6 Jul 2021
Strange company to work for…
I started here on the shop floor which was authoritarian, old fashioned and badly managed. Stupid, meaningless targets with very little authentic support from management. Many of the department managers were clearly unhappy and over stretched in their roles which was often taken out on their direct reports. Also, very little by way of flexible working options for parents. Liked to “say” they offered this but in reality was made difficult to actually implement. Moved to a back of house role later down the line which gave a different perspective and a more inside view of the workings of the company. What I deduced in my time working there is that it’s a company which likes to say they have certain ethos’ but very rarely do these genuinely translate into real life. There is a lot of backstabbing and a feeling of being watched all the time. HR are clever here and things are tightly managed. You have to be a certain type of person to thrive here. Quite ruthless and hardy. On the plus side, the discounts are great, they do offer quite a lot by way of personal development and definitely give opportunities to progress if you want to. These things kept me going for a while but in the end it wasn’t enough and there were too many unpleasant people to deal with on a daily basis.
ProsStaff discount, staff shopping days, career progression
ConsManipulative management, backstabbing, big brother vibe
Concession Manager | Birmingham | 10 Oct 2020
I was a concession manager for 2 years, at first i thoroughly enjoyed it. However, you get treated a lot different to own bought team members. Because i was part of a concession i was excluded from a lot of thingsz in particular our brand never got any recognition for our hard work, we always had good customer feedback but this was never shouted about. Own bought team members think they're more superior than concession team members, they are rude and arrogant. The only thing that kept me going was my own small team, we just stuck together and ignored the rest. Management was okay, sales managers have split personalities one minute they love you the next they are shouting down your neck. Nothing pleases them. You can only make friends on your own floor/department, every other floor turns their nose at you especially 4th floor luxury designer. It was quite draining during peak times although we smashed our company targets, it simply wasnt enough for selfridges. We also didnt get staff discount but expected to give own bought team members discount off our concession!! Theres only perks to the job if you work directly for Selfridges, otherwise theres none. Security guards are more concerned about chatting up staff than doing their own job and vice versa. I would avoid.
ConsTreated different to selfridges staff, security guards are weird and staff un-friendly
Operations Associate | Manchester | 12 May 2022
Excellent experience but DO NOT work here if you want to be paid fairly for your work
Really enjoyed my time here, atmosphere was very relaxed, if your a people person with a good work ethic, you will get a lot out of it, especially once you look back after moving onto pastures new. Day to day, I managed the supply chain and the customer service for shop floor employees (the majority are students and cant wait to leave, so they more often than not cut corners). There's next to no communication between the cross functional teams, and considering my length of service and effort that I put in, my salary was absolutely embarrassing and the main reason why I left. Discount/holidays are very good but all that materialistic stuff pales into insignificance if your not valued, especially if you bring a very broad and experienced skill set. My advice, stay maybe a year or two, but don't stagnate here like I did, expecting senior management to understand what's going on, they just stroll around, have a few meetings and collect their underserved salaries, whilst the rest of us are on the front line. The company make money from their name and the brands they sell, but if the new owners had done a shop floor walk I can imagine they'd have asked for £1billion to be taken of the £4 they supposedly paid. All in all I look back with fond memories, I lived a healthy work life balance, onwards and upwards!
Seasonal Associate | Manchester | 16 Feb 2014
Enjoyable work environment
At Selfrdges a typical day would start with getting in before opening times cleaning around and making sure everything was stocked up and the store was looking it's best, I would then spend the day selling perfume to others occasionally filling in for people on other counters such as mac if they were short staffed or really busy. I would have a dinner break then go back to the shop floor stock up, check everything was up to standard and then continue selling perfume. I learned a large range of new skills from how to keep the store looking neat and tidy to providing the best customer service possible ensuring both myself and the customer enjoyed their time in store. I also learned how to deal with awkward/ unexpected situations in a calm and productive manner as well as being able to handle having targets to meet and meeting them without being pushy towards the customers. I had a great relationship with all of the staff I worked for including the managers and quickly established a rapport which enabled me to get the best out of my job and enjoy it. The hardest part of the job was adapting to the working environment as it was my first job, however I managed to do this successfully. The most enjoyable part of my job was being able to hep people find the perfect gift or perfume for themselves.
Prosstaff discount
Conshad to travel far
Sales Assistant | Oxford Street | 17 Jan 2022
Staff are not cared for
I definitely feel that you need to be a certain type of character to enjoy working at Selfridges. It is very clique-y with a feeling of constantly being judged. A lot of the long-term staff are rude with little patience or desire to assist others. The staff who look like they are enjoying themselves get no work done and are dismissive of customers. The staff toilets (for men at least) were disgusting! With 4/5 cubicles and urinals consistently out of order and flies buzzing about the toilets. As much as the customers toilets are pristine, the staff facilities feel like servants quarters. There was always some issue with lifts to the staff canteen and escalators. Management too act as if they are superior to everyone else and a lot get away with doing absolutely nothing, delegating all the work to their staff with little to no consequences. It’s essentially a doss if you’re in the right crew, but miserable and stressful if you’re not part of this self proclaimed “elite”. All staff should be treated equally with the amount of work that we do and plug into the business.
ProsThere is the possibility to chill and chat literally all day.
ConsStaff facilities are atrocious, and management have their favourites who can get away with murder. Also, as many people have noted, a rather toxic and unpleasant work environment.
Sales Assistant | Manchester | 19 Jan 2017
Excellent Work Place
I very much enjoy my work at Selfridges, i feel it has supplied me with a fantastic learning base where i feel valued and appreciated. Typically, the day sis spent as a general retail sales assistant role, with customer service, stock management, store upkeep taking over the priority of the day. The end of our shift requires several of us to take up cash management, and allows us the opportunity to understand the sales targets and procedures to a further degree. My management is very supportive and hardworking, i have a good relationship with the management team, who are pleased to allow me a more 'free; rota than some other employees, with their faith in my initiative. we have an excellent team relationship at work, with many friendships and work dynamics being formed. many people understand who they work best with and who provides the best performance in which role, allowing us to work together very smoothly each day. The Hardest part about my job is sometimes the lack of organisation, with a high turnover rate and sometimes a higher absence rate than is necessary it does mean the work load if often higher than is manageable for the remaining team members. though we are become adept at work through these obstacles.
ProsEnjoyable atmosphere
ConsLow pay
Food and Beverage Assistant | Oxford Street | 22 Dec 2019
Look! What is Really Going On Behind The Luxury Facade!!!
Lots of catty conversations and back stabbing. The colleagues who speak different languages do so in their 4 and 5 groups even though you dont speak it and you can be standing there and they are conversing....... really uncomfortable. No comradery and you are left on your own when you are new and no help. Some neighbouring departments I did not want to work in and was still sent there, due to very rude colleagues. Managers are useless when you apply for set days its only meant to take about 5 weeks for them to discuss and ask your views and how it will affect the business and it goes on for 3 months!! Rate of pay is meant to go up after 3 months so I was out of pocket for 7 months!!..... But got a back pay for this period after that amount of time!!!! Tch tch tch..... When I left it was like a breath of fresh air, I never felt so out in the cold in my working life as I did here. Luxury it may be but very toxic environment. Department store of the year it may be but look behind the fake smiles and ask some of the employees how they feel when a group is talking in their own dialect and how ready they are to come to work everyday really!! Lovely products but see what is really going on behind the scenes...... its not that pretty I can tell you!
Concession staff | Birmingham | 24 Jan 2015
Normal day- Key Points
-Not busy making sure standards of show floor is up to date and new styles and brands are merchandised well. I am also mens brand specialist for the OFFICE company -Meeting new customers everyday from all over the world as it is a very high prestige shopping mall. -Management will make sure we cover all the company policies from customer care to new styling and refreshment to shop floor and best sellers -Selling a Mens Footwear is quite hard as it can be challenging to interest a customer to a certain style of footwear to match with there requirements. -As we are a Concession within Selfridges we have to Put all of our sales through our back till so it goes through to the Main company system, so that they can calculate the concession takes in for the day and week. Making sure when I'm on the late I close the back till wear I Have to total up the take ins by individual colleagues and I am responsible for the hourly commission rates sone by each individual staff. -The most enjoyable part of my concession is to challenge myself to hit my individual and store target for the day and once of reached that I feel like I've achieved a lot in one day.
ProsGood Lunches, Manager has a lot of faith in me
ConsTo much resposibility not enough pay
Customer Assistant | Birmingham, AL | 25 Jan 2021
Gave me a HUGE insight into 'Luxury' retail.
The interaction customers was mainly fun. I worked on luxury accessories, I was able to create friendships with a few people on the department similar to my ethnicity. I felt as though if you don't 'look' the way they expect or want you are treated less than. A lot of fake personalities on the department who seem to be very insistent on making you feel uncomfortable if you are not part of their 'clic' which is a shame as it creates a poor work environment for those who struggle already with self esteem issues. A lot of cattiness and unfortunately made me happy to leave when my contract ended. Also if you want to use the company as a reference for any future jobs good luck as the managers won't get back to you as soon as you leave, Almost as though they no longer HAVE to care so why should they. The customers themselves can be very rude and entitled but it's the ones who are willing to spend the most that are usually very polite and humble. It seems that making money in Selfridges is applauded while checking up on the toxic personalities in the workforce seems to be silenced.
ProsThe ability to say you worked at Selfridges as it's well recognised in retail.
ConsPoor work environment if you are 'pretty' according to their standards.

Questions and answers about Selfridges

What questions did they ask during your interview at Selfridges?
Asked 7 Apr 2017
The Selfridges interview style is pretty standard for a retail job. After compleating the online test, if you are successful then they will invite you to complete a video interview. This involves you recording yourself for a maximum of 60 seconds answering the questions that are shown on screen. You can retake the videos as many times as you like to make it the best. The questions are more than likely to be adapted for each role. For example, I applied to become part-time sales staff at Christmas (working in the food court) so they asked questions like "Why do you like Christmas?" and "what is your favourite Christmas food?". Try and answer these questions with confidence and make sure you look smart and well presented. If you passed the video interview stage, you may get a phone call or an email (for me it was both) saying that they would like to invite you to a group interview. For me, it was a group interview followed by a 1 to 1 interview with a department manager. On the day, make sure you arrive at least half an hour before the start time, make sure you look presentable (i would advise men wear a suit and women wear a blouse and a blazer or something as long as it looks smart). During the group interview, you will have to watch a short video about what it is like to work at Selfridges and all of the staff will then introduce themselves and their positions in the company. The first task is to get to know the person sat next to you asking then questions and the ones up on the projector. Youll have to remember this information as later you will stand up in pairs and introduce your partner to the group. After this, You will be given a number and split off into groups to compleat a task. My task as it was a Christmas position I applied for, we had to create a gift hamper for a Mum using the products they had out. As a group discuss why you have picked each product and present this to the rest of the group. Try and get as involved in this task as possible as this will show your ambition to solving problems and teamwork skills. Finally, you will have a short break and then invited to a short 1 to 1 interview where they will ask you the usual interview questions like "Why do you want to work at Selfridges?" or "What will you bring to the Selfridges team?". If you have been successful you will get a phone call to book you on an induction day.
Answered 30 Oct 2018
Have you been in harrods in the last 6 months
Answered 13 Jul 2018
How does someone get hired at Selfridges? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 7 Mar 2017
Keep you head down and keep busy
Answered 4 Mar 2020
To get trained and be professional
Answered 12 Jun 2018
How are the working hours at Selfridges?
Asked 26 Mar 2017
30 hours a week
Answered 12 Jun 2018
I remember the shifts were variable but they had changed it in 4 hours and 8 hours shifts plus over time according to contracts they offer.
Answered 2 Jan 2018
What is the Selfridges employee discount?
Asked 11 May 2018
Our discount was in the regions of £15%
Answered 22 Oct 2018
35% on selfridges own bought products
Answered 3 Aug 2018
What is the organisational culture at Selfridges?
Asked 10 May 2017
Keep the tills ringing
Answered 13 Jul 2018
Equal opportunities
Answered 12 Jun 2018