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Cajero/a | London | 10 Jan 2014
Ambiente divertido, todo muy sencillo, almuerzo gratuito.
Mi día a día en esta tienda, era abrir la tienda a las 8:30-9:00 de la mañana, contar dinero de la caja, observar que todo estuviese organizado, contar el dinero de la caja y empezar mi día laboral. Aprendí como organizar una tienda, el almacén, el stock.. Pero sobre todo el idioma (Ingles) ya que era en otro país fue un reto bastante grande, pero lo conseguí con mucha facilidad. En la tienda, solo estaba yo y a veces la jefa, la cuál era muy simpática y divertida y me ayudó mucho a aprender todo. Lo más difícil para mi fue poder controlar el almacén y saber cuando era necesario avisar a la jefa para decirle que hacia falta cualquier prenda, o que algo había llegado mal. Lo que más me gusto, fue el trato con la gente, el poder ofrecerles la ropa y poder aconsejarles, es algo que me encanta, y cuando lo puse en práctica me sentí muy agusto, y mas cuando supe llevar todas las gestiones de los pagos.
ProsTodo lo que aprendí, el trato era magnífico, y había una pequeña cocina en la que se podía hacer toda la comida para no gastar tanto dinero.
ConsNo tenía hora determinada de descanso, mi descanso era momento muerto de la tienda, porque era una tienda pequeña y había momentos en los que no había gente

Questions and answers about Sense

What is the interview process like at Sense?
Asked 16 Mar 2017
I had an activity day which began with an ice breaker which involved everyone in the group picking cards and whoever's matched you had to get to know them in about 10mins find out an interesting fact about them and something you had in common. The next was a group discussion/presentation you had to prepare then present to everyone else. Topic was how to make a perfect cup of tea. There were 5 people watching taking notes. If you were successful in these tasks you got to go forward to next stage answering questions on a sheet of paper to do with your skills and a given scenario on how you would deal with situation then interview conducted by two lovely managers. It was such a lovely, relaxing experience considering I'm normally a bag of nerves. The setting at the centre was such a welcoming atmosphere with children running around playing, parents chatting, it felt really homely and relaxing.
Answered 27 Feb 2019
Was a basic interview. 2 managers.
Answered 28 Jan 2018
What does the interview entail? Is it a group or singular one?
Asked 11 Aug 2017
A relaxed conversation.
Answered 18 Jul 2018
Changed from month to month.
Answered 12 Mar 2018
How would you describe the pace of work at Sense?
Asked 7 Apr 2019
Rather slow paced, with the occasional shopper. Most of the time, I was cleaning the floors in order to make the establishment presentable.
Answered 6 Jul 2019
Quite slow at the start but got better and better by the days.
Answered 13 Apr 2019
How do you feel about going to work at Sense each day?
Asked 17 Nov 2018
Depressed, would rather be a lab rat, the most hated place I've ever worked at, incompetent people.
Answered 19 Jun 2020
I felt motivated to come and volunteer at Sense, knowing I was doing it for a good cause (it being a charity).
Answered 6 Jul 2019
How did you get your first interview at Sense?
Asked 20 Oct 2018
I was email to come for the interview
Answered 9 Oct 2019
It was organised by the company NCS
Answered 7 Apr 2019