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Overall reviews at Shaw Trust

Employment Consultant | Crawley | 17 Sept 2020
Decidedly Average
Private companies that register themselves charities and absorb outsourced contracts like they’re going out of fashion are often riddled with issues. I was part of the progenitor to what is now Shaw Trust when I was a trainer and advisor for The Careers Development Group (CDG) and supported the operations of the Crawley branch of this company across 4 DWP employment contracts. CDG merged sometime in 2015 with Shaw Trust and simply became ‘Shaw Trust’. How one could review the company depends on your own experiences. Many would find lots to promote Shaw Trust, other would only regurgitate bile when recalling their time with the company. I am somewhere in between. I could rant on forever about the Business Managers; some of them genuinely nice, whereas others were strict disciplinarian tyrants who would abuse you due to their own desperation to achieve targets. I encountered both at my long-term stint with the Trust. I worked simultaneously as an Employment Coach and an Employment Advisor on the Flexible New Deal, Work Programme and Work Choice contracts. The latter was actually great fun as I was required to travel to different centres and carry out job search/employer engagement appointments with job seekers, the Trust paid for my train fares with Click Travel. I ended on a high and enjoyed this final placement on Work Choice and was given a fairly big redundancy package. Prior to this however I was churned up in the meat grinder that was Work Programme with a delu
ProsGood Training, Wages and Bonuses
ConsErratic Managers, some nice some terrible!
Career Advisor | London | 1 Apr 2022
The Good: -I had a great induction and a friendly, supportive team who were always on hand to help. -We were allowed to work from home during COVID. -I supported lots of people who truly needed our support. The service is largely suited to those who need basic assistance e.g. CVs and interviews and we had access to some great resources for certain clients. -Shaw Trust is an inclusive employer and provides great training opportunities to those with less experience. The Bad: The service fails to support a lot of clients and you are often selling dreams to those that want to work in a career other than construction or security etc... -Experienced professionals will often feel like they're wasting their time with you but the job centres will refer them anyway and you have to soldier through the session to meet your targets. -Targets became increasingly strict and subject to more and more micromanagement. -You have to work with the DWP who often dehumanised their "customers". -There was a massive bloat of different employability contracts and even clients were confused about being referred to them. -You need to help clients using a fixed list of activities, which hurts your ability to have a constructive discussion and instead you resort to ticking boxes to make the compliance team happy. This wouldn't be so bad if you could give management some narrative about why you didn't meet your target, but you can't. Annual leave, challenging "customers", or even training day
ProsInduction, Helpful team
ConsImpossible caseload, micromanagement, not being able to help "customers", flogging courses, working with the DWP
Case Manager | Suffolk | 6 Mar 2020
Made me hate case management - Not person centred - Target centred.
I was very optimistic to start this Role, but seems this role went from bad to worse. After an overly long induction process (after a delayed 6 week starting date), I had months of issues of getting onto the systems needed to complete the role. When I eventually gained access, 6 weeks after starting in the role and after the induction process, which becomes useless because they change the process so quickly and anything mentioned in the training is now not relevant. When I eventually started the actual role, I was given my targets, and that was basically what became the job. This role was not about helping people, but more about making sure I hit targets. If you actually want to help people, this is not the role for you. If you are a target orientated Admin/desk oriented person, go for it. My manager was not concerned at all that I was able to sign people up to the projects provided and just said to get people through. It didn't matter if they completed actions that were good for them, as long as it could be evidenced online in a particular way. The way the contracts works for this role is, compliance is king. if it sounds good it is good, weather that means it is right for the person or not. Even after handing my notice in I was told to sign people up for support that was not going to be given for at least 4 months. When I said this was unethical, I was told I was letting the team down (not the people I was trying to support) and when I referenced that i
Philanthropy Manager | Liverpool | 28 Feb 2014
Shaw Trust
Shaw Trust is a charity, focused on bettering people's lives. I worked closely with the age group of 14-25 year olds, who were NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). The job was very rewarding and overall, it was a great place to work. After 9 years working at a Bank, Shaw Trust offered me the opportunity to move across to a sector of work which I had no previous experience in. Unlike other companies, they gave me a chance to learn my craft and allowed me to up-skill to become a better and stronger employee. The skills learned during my time at Shaw Trust will broaden my horizons for future opportunities and I am more than happy working in the sector I am now in. The people I met and the colleagues I worked alongside where the best thing about the role and there was a real team spirit within Shaw Trust, which would be very difficult to match elsewhere. The most enjoyable part of the job, was the reward you get when progressing a learner into a position, which nobody thought was possible. Getting the relevant feedback afterwards was very gratifying also. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and in this job, Shaw Trust lost the SFA-funded, NEET contract - meaning the team dis-banded and had to look elsewhere for work. This unfortunate end hasn't left a bad taste when I think of Shaw Trust and most of my memories of the job will be remembered fondly. There were always decisions made by Management, which could have been better. However, this was
ProsGreat Team Atmosphere, Good Working Conditions
ConsExpiry of Contract
Employment Advisor | London | 5 Jul 2018
Local team great, management so far removed from reality and don't listen to feedback
Since working for Shaw Trust I have witnessed: increased working hours with no additional pay, introduced poorly planned bonus scheme, then withdrawn it because they couldn't manage it (no replacement on the horizon yet), introduced a pay increase structure based only overachieving set KPI's then not instating incremental pay increases for successful staff due to the system 'only being a guide' and 'Shaw Trust have overspent'. Allow management to recruit or promote into the business their friends leading to incompetency in higher level management. Continually said they will introduce staff training for development which does not materialise. Hire another 'chief of' into a £80kpa plus role for what appears to be the sake of it. Cut vital internal services to save money then panic when work cannot be completed and re-recruit. Run monthly staff surveys to gauge feeling but have not acted on the results so 2 years on the poor results remain unchanged so have changed to quarterly. Refer to the number of people they want to help as 'units' and seem unaware of how disrespectful it appears. I could go on. Locally, the people working for Shaw Trust have been very dedicated and do go above and beyond for the people they work with (other staff members and clients alike). This has been the single best thing about working for Shaw Trust.
ProsFlexibility in the roles and local team who really are interested in helping others.
ConsManagement do not care about staff, only growing the business and earning money.
Ex Colleage | Glasgow | 5 Jul 2019
Top Management a self preservation club unto themselves
Was a great place to work, wonderful camaraderie and support from Office Supervisor/ Manager level and office team .. Fabulous commitment from that level of staff to fulfil employability assessment and support to clients in preparation, application, interview and in job support , delivered in a caring , relevent and professional manner! The vast majority of lower than top management staff in Scotland made redundant despite unending opportunities and demand for such services! Pity this was not Managed from top levels to ensure renewed and new contracts! No redundancies from top highest paid levels who were employed to bring work in as per the continuity of the charity/ but non performance fulfillment of top job roles get rewarded by maintaing top positions and keeping exorbitant salaries and all those lovely lunches etc...keeping in mind this is a charity? Avoid if you have scruples, decency, a clear fraud record! You will be expected to perform miracles without the whiff of a long term permanent secure contract.. Unless you get a top role! Has opened my eyes and made me question the status of charity status more scrupulously! There are a lot of good ones so do very thorough research first if that is your sector!!
ProsAt the client facing level...Genuine and caring professionals! I Made marvelous friends for life
ConsThe lack of appropriate support and relevant opportunity for achievement from senior Management!
Volunteer | Lymington | 29 May 2014
Productive and Enjoyable
Working as a volunteer at Shaw Trust meant that I was mostly asked to do anything that needed to be done, whether it be steaming clothes, cleaning products, pricing products or tidying the shop floor. I learnt the basics of using a till and I've also learnt how to treat customers and I believe that the store is under good management, along with friendly and supportive employees. There isn't really a hard part of a job, but I would say the most challenging would be tidying the shop floor. Ordering the sizes of the clothes can be rather time consuming. Also, when volunteering, you maybe asked to do the same task, leaving little room for new challenges and experience. I was asked to steam clothes a lot but at the end of the day, the job needed to be done. Because this was a Volunteer job, I have not earned any salary but based on certain advertisements for Shaw Trust, it has a very reasonable salary. For me, the most enjoyable part of the job would be sorting the prices of CD's, DVD's and games, I feel very confident in doing it so I find it to be a fun task. Overall, Shaw Trust is really enjoyable. You maybe asked rather often to do the same task when volunteering, but it doesn't always happen. It has a very friendly atmosphere and the tasks are very straight forward and simple. 4/5 Stars, Very good.
ProsStraight forward tasks, Friendly atmosphere.
ConsMaybe asked to do the same tasks.
Business Manager | United Kingdom | 7 Dec 2015
Charity that puts Profit before Customers
The achievement of Targets are more important than the work that is done with the People we are contracted to help, one senior level manager once referred to our client base a shirt on a rail, and we had to sell them all to get our money we didn't have time to think of them as human beings. Financial outcomes is import to the company to be able to grow and get bigger to help more people. the problem was we were not helping anyone just pushing them in to situations where they were not helped but made worse but Hey at least Shaw Trust got their money. then came the Manager that thought threats worked to get the most out of the people below him and if you did not think his way then you were disposable and you were got rid off, despite the good jobs that these people had done for many years and the people they had helped had moved on in to living good productive lives. instead robots were employed to push people into what ever they could do and suffer along the way. once Careers development had a good work ethic then it merge red with Shaw Trust and all that went along the way and the only ethic now is to make money at any cost and forget the people that we are there to help. senior management are nothing but money mongers, that like to see large profits and this then equates to high wage packets for them.
Case Manager | Norfolk | 28 Jan 2021
Job not what was sold
Be prepared to have your confidence and any self esteem blown to smithereens.......Hideous role; do not apply! Managed by team leaders that base their management style on daily undermining and bullying. Targets are set that are often unachievable. They set you up to fail and then comes more humiliation and undermining. Unfortunately Covid makes this easier as online Teams calls make it the perfect opportunity for this behaviour. No people management skills and zero communication skills. Staff turnover is horrendous. Staff constantly leaving through stress and unhappiness. Saying that those left behind are very supportive of one another and the environment they have to work in. The role isn’t what was sold. Huge amounts of data entry, manipulation of data and very repetitive. If you genuinely have an interest in criminal justice or want a role that makes a difference to someone’s life; this isn’t it. This isn’t about supporting and helping ex offenders back into the community but manipulating data and hitting targets to please senior management. There are other organisations that support the CF03 work so would strongly advise working for one of these instead.
ProsSupportive, hard working colleagues
ConsBullying, unsupportive management
Management Accountant | London | 17 Sept 2013
Productive and great culture
Typical duties •Preparation of monthly balance sheet and cash flow analysis, inter-company reconciliations and annual consolidated budget and quarterly forecasts •Engage with budget holders within the organisation to help them to understand their operation finances and the activities that affect their day-to-day spend. •Provide central services and senior management with detailed accounting for specific cost centres •Provide routine support and analysis to the operations team and the wider finance team to deliver high quality forecasts, budgets and other financial information. and act as a key contact point during the budget or forecast process •Daily liaison with banks and internal audit team to resolve numerous cash movement queries, payment misdirection, charges. Also ensured that the weekly group reporting was prepared on time and the key bank accounts were reconciled correctly •Analysing financial information to support strategic decision making, providing a financial appraisal of new developments, policies and other initiatives •Creating sales reports from Navision and preparing Excel spreadsheets for further financial management analysis

Questions and answers about Shaw Trust

How should you prepare for an interview at Shaw Trust?
Asked 28 Mar 2018
Going to Shaw trust
Answered 9 Mar 2020
If your looking to volunteer there then it will help improve your CV and it means tha if you work really hard and want to apply for a job there then by all means go for it . Ask to speak to a manager and take a copy of your CV wit you, they will sit you down and have a chat and tell you everything about te charty shop ad if you are eager to work thre then by all means go for it.
Answered 22 Jul 2019
How are the working hours at Shaw Trust?
Asked 23 Jan 2018
9-5 monday to friday. however you can apply for flexible working from day 1
Answered 5 Nov 2021
The working hours at Shaw Trust Charity Shop was flexible. You could choose what days and hours you would attend to be flexible to your lifestyle.
Answered 1 Jul 2020
What should you wear to an interview at Shaw Trust?
Asked 11 Jan 2018
Be smart but comfortable,as in general office wear. No jeans,casual clothes,don't wear your old comfys,make sure your hairs tidy,no revealing clothes you won't win points on showing flesh in an interview! Don't overdo the jewelry or wear tons of heavy makeup. Guys, if you have a beard ensure its clean and trimmed tidily,if not make sure you have shaved.
Answered 20 Mar 2019
Smart clothes and black shoes no trainers
Answered 18 Mar 2019
How did you get your first interview at Shaw Trust?
Asked 5 Nov 2020
Agency called me
Answered 20 Apr 2022
Applied on the Reed website and was contacted days after .
Answered 12 Jan 2022
How would you describe the pace of work at Shaw Trust?
Asked 22 Jul 2019
Easy to work with. Medium pace I'd say
Answered 2 Jan 2022
Shaw trust will be a great place to work if they had the right managers and stop setting unrealistic targets.
Answered 4 Nov 2021