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pre-assessment | East London | 22 Apr 2020
First nursing position after qualifying as a nurse - biggest mistake of my career
I was offered a position as a pre assessment (preceptorship) nurse as a newly qualified nurse at Spire London East hospital. I was interviewed by a lovely hospital matron. Upon receiving notification that I was offered the position, I had to wait two and a half months to go through the clearing process before a start date was offered, which I believed was a very long time to wait to start a new job, as well as be out of practice for that length of time. The preceptor assigned to 'support' me in my nursing role was a nasty, evil Nigerian nurse who absolutely hated her job in the department, and made no attempt to hide this fact. A bully. I felt uncomfortable working alongside this nurse, and she made me regret asking questions due to her response and overall character and behaviour. I was left in tears at one time. I reported this preceptor and received support from the management team but not from the clinical lead nurse, who made me feel at fault. I received extremely poor support from the preceptor nurse and clinical lead, but more support from an agency nurse, which I thoroughly appreciated. I think this speaks volumes about an organisation whereby a new and junior member of staff receives more support in their role from an outsider agency nurse than from insiders within the organisation. Furthermore, I would like to add that the organisation were not willing to fund my venepuncture and cannulation training, which requires nurses to take blood from patients in face
Xray Department Admin | Southampton | 5 May 2019
Awful Place to work.
Really disappointed, absoulty awful place to work infact the worst unprofessional place I have ever worked in and for a hospital where you are ment deliver first class patient care/treatment, and the way you are treated by managment is absolutely disgusting. In your interview You will be promised the world and when You start after waiting about 8 weeks it's a very slow process !!!!! It is a very tell and do bullying environment by Senior managment team and supervisor of the xray department very false and fake as they are very unperfeshional and worry about politics on the department using the blame game rather than actually just getting on with the everyday running of the department looking after thier members of staff and training them correctly which for a new member of staff on the department it looks very unprofessional and brand damaging for the Spire hospital group and then they wonder why the their labour turn over is so high !!!!! You will be put infront of a computer screen on your first shift in the back office completing mandatory training for about 7 hours on your own with no support just left to get on with it with only about 20 minutes break all day oh and that will be your break everyday as your not allowed to move from your computer management are breaking health and safety policies and you have to ask to go to the toilet and justify your every movement and also on busy days they will make you feel guilty for even taking your break as the supervisor like
Hospitality Team Member | Sutton Coldfield | 12 Nov 2018
A rewarding and enjoyable workplace
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Spire Little Aston Hospital thus far, and I believe I have gained a lot of skills that I will keep with me for all future workplaces. I enjoy working with people a lot so Spire Little Aston was perfect for this. On a typical workday I liked to allocate my time well so I got to spend time getting to know inpatients to develop connections with them. I think this is important because its imperative their time in the hospital is as stress free as possible. Sometimes they can be in a lot of pain from operations so making them as comfortable as they can be is part of what I do. I make sure that all meals are taken care of as well as dietary requirements so that it's one less thing for them to worry about. I like to recommend different menu options that I think they would like so they get to experience the wide range of food we offer. For this reason I would say this is the most enjoyable part of the job because you get to meet so many new people with different stories, and them having tasty meals while they stay at the hospital is very rewarding because it makes their experience a little bit better. The environment of Spire Little Aston is very friendly and welcoming as all the staff share the same value of putting patients first, but also developing good relationships with co-workers. This is important because each member of staff will have to interact with people from different departments throughout the day for information. Spire Little Asto
Prosrewards programme, free lunches, paid annual leave, good pay, good working relationships, meet new people.
ConsLong hours, busy days, staff away.
Administrative Assistant | Fylde | 9 Dec 2014
Yes It really is an awful, badly managed place to work!!!!!!!
I along with many current staff are unhappy with the current management team in place who "rule with an iron fist". If you struggle with your work load and ask for help you are sidelined and eventually pushed out, not offered help. The hospital over the past 2 1/2 years has become a terrible place to work, I have seen lots of well liked, hard working staff resign or be pushed out, the figures are in the mid twenties, which is shocking considering this is a small hospital employing around 130 staff. I am also sorry to say bullying has increased and encouraged and has got much worse since July this year. The hospital used to be such a lovely place to work. Most of those who have resigned have done so because of the management practices brought into force. If you are not in the circle of trust and those members reading this will know who they are, you are treated like rubbish, shifts are changed , contacted hours are reduced, posts made redundant or if you are bank you just don't get any hours at all! The previous review was obviously written by someone in management who doesn't like the truth being known. Incidentally it is a very amateurish review clearly taken from a management book. I work there fast paced, forward thinking it sn't. Take my advice and the advice of the other knowledgable reviewers DO NOT WORK HERE, it isn't a nice working environment, it was once, maybe it will be again when they rid it of the real deadwood, the management team and their immature, unprof
ProsWonderful food, some really nice people
ConsDaily contact with unqualified, unknowledgeable Managers
Theatre Practitioner | Southampton | 12 Sept 2018
Friendly hospital with supportive and dedicated middle managers struggling to find staff due to poor senior management
I worked for Spire since the company took over this hospital ten years ago and have seen many colleagues and managers come and go. Yes, it is true that work satisfaction has gone downhill for the past two or three years: The company has become more and more top-down, centrally managed and senior management seem to have lost control even at hospital level. There is a fear culture at higher levels of management which seems to be increasing and producing ever more prescriptive protocols and an excess of paperwork and documentation. There is little evidence that clinical staff are trusted for their experience or cinical judgement. This includes line managers and team leads who have too little autonomy. However there are still a good number of caring and hugely supportive intermediate managers and team leaders at this hospital, plus some extremely dedicated hard working staff. It is failure to recruit and retain new staff which is the biggest problem. You do need to have a confident personality to work here, but for the right people the support from middle management and experienced colleages is still there, and the gratitude from patients and the consultants can be rewarding. It is overall a very friendly place. They will pay according to the experience, so for people with clinical expertise this could be financially rewarding, and for new staff it could be a thorough grounding in a large variety of fields.
ProsFriendly colleagues, supportive line managers
ConsLack of support or appreciation from senior management
Director | Wirral | 16 Jan 2018
overview of hospital director post
Mentorship is available but not consistent and no national direction. Each hospital is run as a separate business which allows the local healthcare economy specific to each hospital location. The governance both clinical and health and safety is led by the registered manager with is the hospital director. On a daily basic there is a variety of governance responsibilities and monitoring process meetings which are held to ensure evidence is available to show compliance with regulatory requirements. There is a senior management team and recently a robust middle management team was introduced with clear roles and responsibilities to ensure services are run and taken forward in a participatory collective manner. The senior management team meet on a weekly basis to discuss activity, finances and the priorities for the following week / month. The hospital director is responsible for monitoring and reporting the financial status and progress of the business on a monthly basis and provide interim reports to a variety of central teams to support the overall business plan of the organisation. The Medical staff are a strong group of providers and this has a negative impact on staff retention and the running of the hospital. It also impacts on the safe delivery of care and the profitability of the hospital. I enjoy leading projects and the refurbishment of the outpatient consolation rooms was a rewarding process to accomplish and enhance the patients environment.
ProsIntroduction of staff and patient forum and events accessible for staff development and education.
Service Administrator | Leicester | 11 Jan 2020
Managment lack authority and accept bullying culture
Started "training" which was supposed to be 2-5 weeks minimum working along-side a senior member of staff but was thrown in at the deep end 3 days in and had to learn on the desk - even with the acknowledgment of being undertrained, I was verbally reprimanded for making mistakes and this later in turn made me apprehensive to trust senior members of staff with enquires. Many attempts at reporting internal hierarchy based bullying fell on deaf ears, many senior members of staff had formed a clique-like group with management and were paid more for doing less work than employees who do more than reception based work (and any mention of a raise for "promotions" into other sectors of work within the department were dismissed by management because the basic salary was more than minimum wage - but only by 30p may I add; so hardly an expectational working/living wage). The actual work in of itself is not bad and easy to pick up once ample training is provided but the work load can at times (depending on who you're rostered to work with) be overwhelming and demanding. Management doesn't like employees saying "no" even if it goes against hospital policy and will often encourage you to go against your better judgement as well as loading up clinic schedules to the point where there's no leverage for changes/amendments. Over all if you don't mind being a part of a mindless clique in order to have a healthy and productive working environment, it's an alright place to work but personally I w
Assistant | Southampton | 5 Jan 2019
Don’t work here
Unfortunately this hospital isn’t for the faint hearted. You need to be a tough cookie to work here either that or the type of person to not let politics bother you. Whilst there are some lovely people at Spire there are some very toxic members of staff who feel they would rather spend more time catching others out than doing the job they were employed to do. Senior management are terrible and corrupt. No support whatsoever it’s all about making money. Patients love it they seem to get great front facing care which is such a contradiction to behind the scenes. Staff are often working in very poor conditions and under pressure to deliver at all costs. Investment is needed in many areas of the staff environment to help working conditions. This hospital does have a family feel about it but some old school staff really need to move on and let the hospital move forward in its attitudes. Whilst I was sad to leave some of the hard working members of staff I have absolutely no regrets in leaving and for my own mental health would never return its made me cope in tough situations so for that I’ve learnt a lot but it was a tough time working there everyday was unknown what you were going into. I could go on and on but all I can say is think very carefully if you are a strong person then maybe it’s the place for you but be prepared you must be a “yes” person to work here!
ProsParking, some lovely people and a family feel, competitive wages
ConsPoor working environment, poor management throughout
| Solihull | 9 Apr 2019
Poor management high blame culture
I was a long standing employee 25yrs in total and never thought i would leave before retirement. I really loved my job and worked in a few different depts within in the admin side finally moving to the Specialist care centre. This was as far as i was concerned the best ever. Then a new HD came in and i saw members of staff pushed to the point that they actually collapsed.The senior managers and dept managers stopped working alongside their dept staff and began watching their backs.When you witness a hospital that has gone from staff joking and smiling with each other and getting the work done in a positive manner to seeing nurse's, admin staff, medical records in fact every different dept almost turn on each other so that their manager did not suffer consequences handed out by the HD, then you know the place you used to work in has gone and the new workplace is NOT a nice place to be in. I do not as a rule review anything, and if i had been doing this review 6 months earlier i would have given 5 stars to everything.The method of selecting new HD's has really got to be looked at cv's may be brilliant but the human side of a person must be made just as important,after all they are what we are dealing and caring for everyday.
Prosexcellent food free car park great front line staff
Accounting Supervisor | Reading | 12 Feb 2013
Fast paced, friendly, progressive company
A typical day would include responding to and resolving any system related billing issues. This includes discussing possible solutions with colleagues to allow for a more collaborative way of handling issues which ensures greater continuity for the customer. There is a very steep learning curve within the company due to the face paced nature of the business and challenges we face as a company. Management are very supportive of team members and allow them the freedom to develop their skill set and take advantage of opportunities to follow a desired career path, believing that it is better to retain and nurture individuals talents than to let them go. The hardest part of the job is when you have to deal with issues outside of your control when you know that someone is relying on you for an answer and you can’t provide it as quickly as the customer would like as you are reliant on someone else to providing the information to yourself. The most enjoying part of the job is meeting new people and making a connection with them that develops over time.
Prosfamily friendly policies, private healthcare, annual salary reviews
Consvery limited onsite parking, 20 minute walk from station and free parking area.

Questions and answers about Spire Healthcare

What is the organisational culture at Spire Healthcare?
Asked 23 Mar 2017
As in previous replies I totally agree. Shambolic ineffective management, rife bullying and cover ups, toxic environment. Held together by a handful of lovely frontline staff. I have never worked at a place and seen so many people so stressed and in tears because of unrealistic demands and pressure. All about money money money. Dreadful place.
Answered 22 Oct 2020
Absolutely disgusting, immoral, bullying and cover ups across the board. Liverpool Spire is an absolutely dreadful place.
Answered 19 Jul 2020
If you were to leave Spire Healthcare, what would be the reason?
Asked 20 Feb 2019
Lying arrogant bullying management. If you speak up you get your cards marked. HR are of no use at all, they always turn it around onto the staff member. I thought HR were supposed to be impartial this is just not the case. So its just better to turn a blind eye to all the dangerous practises this company so expertly get away with because nothing will ever change.
Answered 22 Sept 2020
Rotten to the core - when you air a grievance, they all (HR, HD, Matron, Managers) want to hear every last detail, but then weirdly when they’ve had their fill, they don’t act on anything and it continues. Really disgusting set-up. Gaslighting at its worst.
Answered 8 Sept 2020
How does someone get hired at Spire Healthcare? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 12 Jan 2018
Easy place to get a job but takes about 12 weeks for paperwork and checks to be done. It’s all about numbers and bums on seats rather than experience
Answered 26 Mar 2022
No idea. Can only talk about the places I visited and this wasn’t one of them.
Answered 14 Oct 2021
How are the working hours at Spire Healthcare?
Asked 14 Apr 2017
You'll be expected to give up your whole life for this company
Answered 19 Jul 2020
Should be 8 hour shifts but due to lack of staff, 13 hours, 10 minute break is nothing unusual.
Answered 2 Jun 2019
If you were in charge, what would you do to make Spire Healthcare a better place to work?
Asked 12 Nov 2018
Boost moral, make all staff feel valued, not just the ones friends with management.
Answered 22 Feb 2022
Your HR should be full of confidantes, equipped with empathy and insight into the existence and impact of workplace bullying....Not people pretending to listen, and then filing issues away, out of sight/out of mind.
Answered 22 Jul 2020