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Ride Operator | Surrey | 26 Mar 2013
Badly managed, nice co workers.
Working on rides can be very repetitive, you only get the opportunity to be trained on a handful which are within your area. Very busy, hot, non stop hard work in summer, long queues and frustrated guests means alot of pressure. You've gotta be prepared for an argument and to be called every name under the sun, whether your trying to stop people queue jumping, telling someone their kids too small to go on a ride or making people sit together to fill up all seats when the queue is huge, every day has them. It's not just being called names, co-workers of mine were spat at and threatened, there have even been occasions when they've had people waiting outside for them after they finish! Of course it's not always hot and you'll be outside whatever the weather all day long, the rides don't close because its raining (usually) and even if it does you'll be standing in the rain telling people it's closed! Quiet days can be very boring. You may be stuck on a ride like the carousel all day by yourself, sending the ride round with one family on it at a time. Rides will occasionally break which can add some excitement to your day, you may have to go and talk to the people on the ride who may be just be stopped half way round the rapids ride, or upto 130 feet in the air. However once engineers and management arrive you'll be sent to stand outside the ride entrance where you will be asked 'whys it closed' and 'when will it open' at least every 15 seconds, both of which you aren't allowed to
Pros20 free tickets
Consunpaid breaks. no premium rates for late nights etc
Host/Hostess | Chertsey | 3 Sept 2016
Amazing place if it's what you want to do (Ride Host)
Typical day includes cleaning the queue lines before and after hours, having to check restraints, cleaning up sick, dealing with ride closures, having to give directions around park, giving excellent customer service at all times. Since having this job I've realised how unrecognised ride staff are at theme parks and the amount of things you have to deal with on a daily basis that go unnoticed by guests or abused is really sad. You have to be prepared to get a lot of abuse from angry guests about numerous of things but never take it personally because they'll have a go at the first person they see, its nothing to do with you! My management are really lovely and took care of any issues whether they were ride based or staff based very well considering, the only downside to management is the constant asking for staff to do extra hours however this is isn't their fault as when you are understaffed, any extra help is really appreciated especially when you have to get all breaks done and only have one break cover. The co-workers in my area are some of the best people ever and I've made some fantastic friends from working here!! Everyone around the park seems to get along including different departments mainly because you all bond over the job and everyone understands exactly what you go through day to day. Hardest part of the job would be dealing with guests, most guests can be nice however it only takes one to ruin your day and put you in a bad mood. People will complain about
ProsStaff benefits, great co-workers
ConsLong hours, angry guests
Food and Beverage Assistant | Chertsey | 23 Oct 2018
Worst place ever!!!!!
This job was the UTTER worse, and I actually ended up walking out and quitting, because it was that dreadful! The whole management team is run by 18 year olds.. I have no idea how or why, and the hours absolutely suck and are a lie. It's a zero hour contract, and they would publish your work timetable, if you said you couldn't do certain days, they will set for you to work on other days that you can do to "make up for the hours" which is BS because it's a zero hour contract... there's no hours that need to be "made up". Once I was working an 11 hour shift - and by the way they give you 2x 30 min breaks on these, which I would say is decent, but it takes you at least 15 minutes to walk to the staff room, so really you get no break because of the trek to the staff area. Anyway, on this 11 hour shift, it said on the work schedule that I finish at 9pm, I didn't drive at the time, so my dad would come and pick me up at 9pm which is when I'm supposed to finish. Long story short, they said I couldn't leave because there was too much to do and I wouldn't be able to leave until 11:30 or later. My dad was furious and came inside and spoke to the 18 year old manager, we said how Im on a zero hour contract and not obligated to stay any longer. But they said if I leave (AT THE TIME I WAS SCHEDULED TO) that I would get a disciplinary warning or whatever, and have the chance of losing my job. Therefore I walked out and said I quit. NEVER WORK THERE!!!
Prosliterally nothing.
Consyou have to pay for uniform, LOW pay, long hours, rubbish management, rude customers, short breaks, force you to work longer than scheduled hours
Warehouse Lead | Staines-upon-Thames | 3 Nov 2012
An exciting and fully enthused work environment.
There is never a normal day at Thorpe Park. It varies throughout, having to deal with unruly staff, allocations (ensuring staff get to their rides at appropriate times and delivering excellent customer service), dealing with paper work and difficult guests. I have learnt how to discipline both myself and staff around me. But more importantly I have learnt to have fun in the work place whilst being efficient in every task I am given. Being involved with the management team, I have to deal with over one hundred people and ensure that all are performing to their optimum. I do this through gaining respect and motivating all around me with a smile and praising them when appropriate. Everyone around me are here to get a job done whilst making the most of their time there. The season ends on the 5th of November so everyone wants to make their mark on the year by making every minute matter through delivering second to none customer service. The hardest part is having to discipline the staff when they are being unruly. I try to make everyone enjoy their time at work and having to scold people is not something I enjoy doing but I understand that it has to be done to be consistent and to keep everyone in check. The best part of the job is meeting an incredibly huge amount of people and making life long friends. There are over one thousand staff and plenty of socials which make it a fulfilling job.
Prosgreat social life - plenty of room to progress and develop - great fun
Consonly a seasonal job
Food and Beverage Assistant | Chertsey | 27 Mar 2022
Fast paced and fun workplace for part-time work
- Working weekends is very fast-paced as there are lots of customers. You're always kept on your toes and quickly assigned a new task the moment you feel like you don't have something to do. - I've learned how to prep food in a kitchen which is a valuable skill for a catering career. - Management is solid. Very friendly and know what they're doing. Although quite unorganized; you have to go chasing around for them when you're unsure how to help a customer with their issue. - The hardest part is the cleanup afterwards. Once the unit closes for the day, the cleanup will take a very long time. If you're over 18, you will be asked to stay until the entire place is cleared up and prepped for the next day, regardless of your agreed shift. Breaks for employees aged 18+ are not fixed and are often disregarded as the majority of workers are aged 16/17 and legally require the breaks first. - The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting new people who share common interests, learning new skills, and greeting guests at the front of the house – AVOID working in the kitchen or washing up at the back of the house (this is a tedious process and you'll be asked to continue doing it once the unit closes anyway with everyone else).
Pros20 free resort tickets each season, free Thorpe Park bus travel
ConsLong hours, managers refuse to tell 18+ workers when their shift ends, dealing with delinquent customers, unfair breaks
Host/Hostess | Thorpe Hamlet | 10 Sept 2015
Get to work, have a briefing, which is good as it allows us the be prepared for anything that might of happened when I wasn't there e.g; a new product went on sale. This is good so when we start working we know about everything that is going on, if we get asked by a customer. Through out the day I take on the responsibility of mainly working behind the till, when it gets less busy I go and focus on the tasks my team leader has set me, whether it be cleaning something or re stocking the sweets. drinks, crisps or merchandise. If I work on the early shift, I have to open up a shop which takes on a huge responsibility of making sure the open up tasks are done, this includes floating in the money into the tills, move stock into stock room, making sure there are no faults on any of the machines and lots more. Close down includes similar responsibilities, making sure the place is clean and ready for the next day when we leave it. Co-workers are very nice and I believe I fit in well into my team, everyone there is around my age group for very easy to get along with. Management there is very good, I have a good relationship with my manager and respect him a lot. The hardest part of the day is when you are on your own and you have a massive que of people waiting to be served, this would happen in any busy place though. The most enjoyable part of the day is speaking to other people about their day.
Host/Hostess | London | 26 Jan 2014
Fun job but not worth the amount of money
I worked within the retail department and a typical day at work would be go into work at 9am and have a short briefing checking that everyone is in then everyone would collect the floats for the assigned job. Once in my assigned shop we would clumber through stock loads of stuff in the stockroom then complete daily paperwork that consisted of fridge and freezer checks, and making sure floats were put into the tills. The day mainly consisted of being stuck on till and getting rid of the delivery in the stockroom also going out on the barrow sellling stuff in ALL WEATHER. I learned how to work a till and say "have a nice day" everytime i served a customer! Management wasn't too bad but where most of the managers are young they can be quite crude and try get involved in your business outside of work. Co-workers were the best thing about working here and the only thing that kept me going throughout the job and most of them ended up leaving. Hardest part of the job was working other peoples shifts when you have plans and going out in all weather to work on barrow, and also working in the ice cream van was the worst at 40 degrees on your own selling up to 1000 ice creams a day. Most enjoyable part was talking to customers.
Pros20% discount in all stores, good pay, good co-workers
ConsLong hours, working in all weathers, bad management
Host/Hostess | England | 20 May 2015
Fun Work Place
A typical day at work would be assigned to games you either dislike or like you have no choice about that. Displaying stock if you start at 8/9 before the park opens. If you start at 12/1, you get assigned to a game or you either help by giving other people breaks by taking over their game. When we get assigned to the games we check what our target is for that game to make sure we earn that or even more to make bonus for yourself. I learnt unless you have been working there for a long time or have a good relationship with management you get stuck on the good games, but if you've just started out you get stuck on the not so popular games. When you start working with your Co-Workers it is fun, getting to know new people and making friends with new people. Working at the games is fun as you meet customers who can be friendly and nice to talk to when at work. Hardest part of the job can be going on a game you dislike a lot, and sometimes disliking your management because of the choice's they make. At one point my manager forgot to give me a break throughout the whole day and I started work at 8 in the morning and when I complained about it to one of my leaders they had said it is not their fault as they were managing a game. I don't think it was professional at all.
Pros20 Thorpe Park tickets for £100 or if you work for thorpe park free tickets.
ConsLong hours, Random Search's.
Host/Hostess | Staines-upon-Thames | 12 Jun 2013
Really busy, but enjoyable working environment
A typical day at work included meeting thousands of guests every day and here there you met grumpy ones so we had to show a tolerating and caring attitude to make sure their visit at the park was worth it. I learned how to work well under pressure and still maintain high quality customer service. The customer is always right and therefore I always try to work around that fact and try to make sure they are happy. The management was good and maintained a high standards of discipline however there was bit of prevailing favoritism towards certain employees but that's not my business, so I just did my job as I was supposed to. My co-workers were all really happy people enjoyable to work with because Thorpe Park employ people with a positive and enthusiastic attitude to work. The hardest part of the job was probably working 14 hour shifts for a few days in row during fright nights and still having to maintain a enthusiastic approach to work during all working hours. What I most enjoyed was meeting and talking to new people every time, working with a lot of people, making new friends every time and just being part of the Thorpe culture was something I was proud of.
Pros20 free park entrance tickets.10 % off Gym membership
ConsLong hours
Front End Associate | Chertsey | 18 Jan 2018
Management very condescending
Worked in the hotel restaurant for two seasons as a front of house host. Whilst parts of job could be rewarding, there are more cons than pros when it comes to working here. Firstly, the management are disrespectful, often attempting to demean you in front of other staff members. The head chef would verbally abuse you if you made a mistake or stood up for other staff members. Secondly, the management would never reward or congratulate you for your hard work, but make one mistake, and they would be there, ready to speak down to you. Team leaders and Supervisors would sit in the office for three quarters of the shift having a chat, then have the audacity to come and question you for taking a one minute breather. We were promised that we would be offered courses and training in order to progress up the company, however these never materialised, and promotion opportunities were handed out to those already in higher positions. Finally, if we were short staffed and the restaurant was busy, management would never offer their help. The only upside of this role, was working with people of a similar age to you, with whom I have made a few close friends.
ProsWorking with people a similar age to you
Consmanagement, hours

Questions and answers about THORPE PARK Resort

What’s the whole interview process like? I’ve seen a few questions like this already but please could someone go into more detail?
Asked 3 Jan 2018
For the one I attended, there was a room of I think about 35-40 people? We were all split into groups of about 4. We firstly had to introduce ourselves with two truths and a lie. We then did a group activity where we had a bunch of celebrities who brought both pros and cons to the park (these pros and cons could impact either staff or visitors) and we had to chose who we'd choose to bring into the park with us and why based on these. We then did a health and safety hazards sheet where we had to circle all the hazards you could see. After this, we all had 1-1 interviews, which questions that included a scenario question to see what you would do in that scenario, a question asking you to talk about something you love and why and there was another that I do not completely remember. There was then a sight test (like the letter ones you get at an opticians) and a declaration to confirm that you can hear loud noises well, or if you have a hearing aid etc. They then ask you about your availability. The whole process feels quite relaxed.
Answered 8 Feb 2020
The interview process is rather laid back and they focus on your character rather than experience as you will receive training.
Answered 14 Mar 2019
Is there a FREE staff bus?
Asked 10 May 2017
Yes its the same one the guests use
Answered 27 Nov 2017
Yes but it is very late
Answered 15 Aug 2017
How does someone get hired at THORPE PARK Resort? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 27 Apr 2017
Group interview then one on one
Answered 25 Jun 2019
You will send cv and then they give you an interview
Answered 23 Oct 2017
What is the interview process like at THORPE PARK Resort?
Asked 19 Apr 2017
It's a very fun process where you do activities and try and show the interviewers that your good for the job
Answered 20 Sept 2017
Group interview with tasks where everyone is assessed as an overall, and then laid back individual one-to-one interview too.
Answered 26 Jul 2017
How are the working hours at THORPE PARK Resort?
Asked 23 Oct 2018
Hours are awful. If you want a social life DO NOT WORK AT THORPE PARK. Terrible communication which leads to long hour shifts. It’s just expected of you on the day. Could turn up for an 8 hour shift but you’ll most certainly be doing 13 hours because their so understaffed and demanding.
Answered 17 Nov 2021
They are rubbish made to work longer without breaks and no extra pay
Answered 27 Jun 2019