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The Best Connection Employment Group
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3.1Work-life balance
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The Best Connection Employment Group Head Office Unit 1 Topaz Business Park Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 0GD
501 to 1,000
$100M to $500M (USD)
Transport and Freight

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Truck Driver
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Recruitment Consultant
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Warehouse Worker
50 salaries reported
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Senior Recruitment Consultant
8 salaries reported
per year
17 salaries reported
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The Best Connection Employment Group reviews

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Overall reviews at The Best Connection Employment Group

Truck Driver | Bedford | 18 Mar 2019
The worst agency for drivers
The worst agency i have ever worked as an HGV DRIVER ( By the Way i worked for many). They put all time adverts to about work for Movianto also now i checked today still same advert. After registration in agency and waisted time with all documents and drug tests. They have one day in a week and they call you 1 hour before start. When you will finish work in the morning and you go to bed after 2 hours, they call you 6 times all time and when you will call them back they says that was mistake and shift is cancel. I told them to stop call me because i found much better work and i work everyday not like with them. Today someone again called me 6 times and i didn't answer because i think they have problem to understand basic things. Do you know what was next? they called my girlfriend as an emergency contact, because i left them contact in documents just in case and they woke her up in the morning. Completly not organized agency and many times they change something. I told them that i don't want to work as Class 2 but they book you without permision on class 2 and in the morning shift even if you told them that you can work night shift. They wanted from me on monday to tell them when i worked last week, i sent them text message that i'm away from home and when i will come back i will scan and send them thimeshift for last week, but in their documents is time till every Thursday 10am. so also they called me another 5 times today every minut and after this they called m
Driver | Stoke-on-Trent | 6 Feb 2020
Robbed of pay
Where do I start with this outfit. By far the worst agency I've worked for in 20 years! Very little work available. They may give you an assignment on Monday that you hate but if you tell em you'll see out the day but you won't go there tomorrow, they won't bother to find you anymore hung for the rest of the week and they'll keep offering you the same assignment because nobody else will work there either! Will happily pay you the same rate as a class 2 driver despite sending you in to an assignment as a class 1 driver! Don't pay you correctly for holidays taken, supposed to work out the average of your last 13 weeks wages to calculate it but they didn't even bother so underpaid you. That was only when you threatened to take em to a tribunal becasue before that, they didn't bother paying you for leave at all despite having accumulated enough days. Advised you of one rate of pay when offering an assignment, wages show a different rate of pay entirely when they come through two weeks later! Never bothered sending written details of assignments or rates of pay until after I left and after the tribunal when they sent me a load of backdated ones from months ago! 😂 Paid other drivers doing the same job on the same assignment different rates making it very unfair. We're supposed to pay any untaken leave at the end of the leave year but didn't, just withheld it. Had to go to take them to a tribunal to get back the money that they owed after I left, including wages
Branch Manager | Maidstone | 8 May 2017
Great Training & Support, Home Grown Management
I started with TBC in 2008 in Earls Court, completing 6 months in-branch training alongside Head Office training courses. I was taken on with no industry experience or sales background and found from day 1 I was given full support to learn and develop myself in this career. After my training I begun working in my local branch Maidstone where I started to bring on business and establish a good service to our clients in the local area. After 3 years I was promoted to a senior consultant and gained a trainee that I now would train myself. After a few more years with promotions and pay rises I have now been the branch manager of Maidstone for the last 3 years. The work can be challenging but will always vary each day. TBC runs in such a way that you have the full support from senior management and head office but allow you to operate and develop at your pace. Dealing with different people and building rapport with your clients and candidates is the most enjoyable part of the role and watching the hard work you put in be rewarded and recognized has always driven me while working with TBC. I would recommend working with TBC to anyone considering a career in the recruitment industry or anyone looking for challenging but fulfilling role which offers internal grown and great opportunities to develop a career.
ProsGrowth, Training, Rewarding, Great people
Truck Driver | Staines-upon-Thames | 20 Feb 2013
Work hard get well paid.
A good agency to be working with if you like to be paid correctly and on time. Depending on assignment, I would report to the transport department, pick up the paper-work, keys and any instructions for the day/night and then carry on with vehicle and load inspection if loaded. If loading is required I would supervise/help with the loading of cargo and make sure it is secured. I would then plan and/or execute trips to destination where offloading procedures will be followed according to site rules. Reload and return to base when trunking, continue with deliveries and collections when multi-drop work was required. I learned about the importance of office politics. That some management care mostly about image than efficiency in the way things are done and that treating everyone as customers (internal or external) has great pitfalls, for the said management. Most management prefer yes people around them, with some exceptions and co-workers are varied accordingly to education and character. Due to my position as agency driver looking in from the outside and the unfounded complains I found to be the hardest/worst part of my job. But it has the enjoyable parts to such being on the road all day and getting paid for it.
Prospayment always paid on time and correct 95% of the time
Consno job security
Senior Recruitment Consultant | Guildford | 28 Apr 2017
Rewarding Career Progression
I have worked with The Best Connection for over 2 years now and it's a great place to not only work but to progress a career. I started with no real experience in recruitment, but thanks to what i perceive as industry leading training, i have learnt everything there is to know about a career in recruitment. This is assisted by real personable management, who will happily support you with all progression within the company, using real experience and knowledge that has been constantly learnt throughout similar careers to mine. The most enjoyable part of any job is the people you work with. The Guildford branch has a fantastic team which started from scratch 3 years ago, it has evolved into a dynamic team that takes work serious but does not take themselves seriously, we enjoy having a laugh and arranging after work activities. This keeps us all motivated to enjoy our work. The close knit branch network also keeps things fresh and fun speaking to other consultants from other areas about their experiences. The difficulties of the job is the recruitment side itself, but is overcome by the quality of training and support every step of the way by management who come into branch on a daily/weekly basis to assist.
ProsTraining, Genuine Career Progression
Warehouse Worker | Portsmouth | 2 Nov 2016
Easygoing nice people
I have worked for Best Connection over the last 4-5 years off and on, had a two year break with a full time job but that didn't last (long story). I always used to get so much driving work I had to have an arrangement where if there wasn't any work for that day they would automatically put me down for Holiday pay or I would accrue too much leave, which was nice. The work situation has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years however but BC have still managed to keep me busy pretty much all the time, I have worked for some very interesting people and firms and for me the variety has always been welcome, at least if I don't like a particular job I know I at least don't have to be there permanently. The staff at the Portsmouth branch have always been very pleasant to deal with and in all the time I have been with them I can count the number of times I have had a problem with pay or such on one hand and it has always been dealt with speedily. I can only recommend them if you are looking for work although having your own transport would make life a lot easier as some of their work can be a bit off the beaten track as firms tend to be out of town these days.
ProsVariety, meeting lots of new people, Staff very easy to get on with.
ConsRandom assignments, travelling, some quite repetitive work.
Order Picker | Bracknell | 21 Jul 2019
"The worst connection"
I decided to take a job opportunity in a warehouse roll as i was not happy in my previous job, i thought working through these people was going to be better, but i soon realized they promise the earth and delivered nothing. Both the agency and waitrose have a very poor attitude towards recruits, they treat you like you're worthless no matter how much you try to prove yourself to them. all they care about is figures, e.g. how many people they can get in and out the door, not interested in actually investing in anyone. I had issues from the agency such as hours, pay and general communication, all of which were near impossible to resolve. You are made to believe at the start that you can choose what shift you want to work and ultimately what pay, but this is not true. 99% of agency staff can't manage people or resolve issues and just throw all their dollies out the pram when they don't get their way, so they're basically useless. Basically i would just say to avoid this agency at all costs, they couldn't organize if their life depended on it and i wish i had never left my job to work for these people. Hope this review helps anyone thinking of working for them.
ProsOn site facilities such as the canteen, TBC head manager was helpful
ConsVery poor management and communication generally
Recruitment Consultant | Guildford | 24 May 2017
Great company to work for!!!!
I have worked with The Best Connection for almost 2 years now and it's a great place to not only work but to progress a career.thanks to what i perceive as industry leading training, i have learnt everything there is to know about a career in recruitment. This is assisted by real personable management, who will happily support you with all progression within the company, using real experience and knowledge that has been constantly learnt throughout similar careers to mine. The most enjoyable part of any job is the people you work with from all walks of life. The Guildford branch has a fantastic team of 4 consultant, it has evolved quickly in the 3 years we have been in Guildford into a dynamic team that takes work serious but does not themselves, a well motivated team that enjoys all aspects of our work. The close knit branch network also keeps things fresh and fun speaking to other consultants from other areas about their experiences. The difficulties of the job is the recruitment side itself, but is overcome by the quality of training and support every step of the way by management who come into branch on a daily/weekly basis to assist.
Order Picker | Manchester | 18 Oct 2020
The worst
Was told to come in on a two week training 6.30 start and then change to 2.30 after two weeks, got there on the first day and was shown what to do by a guy that told me he hates training people, to carry on learning for what was 4 hours and after that I was left to do work on my own for 6days to then find the afternoon shifts i was told to go on people was switching over on the same day so that was weird. A week in and we get called to a meeting where the company demanded phones to be put in your bag where there is/isn’t cameras the supervisor didn’t know or a locked room where the whole ware house can dip into a box for any phone. When asked about emergency procedures they wanted me to give a number so anyone can ring them that person would ring my supervisor (if he’s in office) to then come and find me, dangerous game of whispers when it’s an emergency and I got nothing but shrugged shoulders and a head down, I didn’t even get told about breaks and what I was and wasn’t aloud to do. When I emailed about the situation I got a phone call to ask what happened then nothing else. Just a normal recruitment company! Don’t care as long as they’re getting paid.
Production Associate | Alfreton | 28 Jun 2019
Best connection Thornton Ferrero Alfreton Somercotes
Sutton in Ashfield Best Connection office employs large numbers of Romanian and Polish people. They even have a Best Connection office permanently based inside Thorntons Somercotes/Alfreton factory with over half the "Best connection" Agency office staff are from Romania and Poland. What this means in reality is that Romanians and Polish are given priority to work in the different sections of the Thorntons/Ferrero factory there. Typically many British agency workers turn up for their shift but are told by the line manager that there is No work,go and see Best Connection agency inside Thorntons they say. The agency then send the workers home. They have No consideration for the journey and efforts we have made in getting to the Thorntons factory.If you do decide to sign up with this agency you can expect to work on average between 3 and four days a week-Not a full week as they state.You will be give the run around and the agency do Not give a toss
ProsAffordable canteen
ConsBritish agency workers treated like dirt

Questions and answers about The Best Connection Employment Group

How did you feel about telling people you worked at The Best Connection Employment Group?
Asked 5 Apr 2017
Awful agency to work for
Answered 31 Aug 2020
All these positive answers are from the majority of the people who run it, load of garbage reviews them, ashamed to say I've worked there.
Answered 9 Jun 2020
What was the most challenging part of your role at The Best Connection Employment Group?
Asked 27 Mar 2019
Trying to get any sense out of the people there.
Answered 9 Jun 2020
Having to chase your pitiful wages when they aren’t paid correctly is soul destroying. The Coventry branch aren’t interested in your well being or if the job suits you. Look elsewhere is my advice.
Answered 5 Jan 2020
What questions did they ask during your interview at The Best Connection Employment Group?
Asked 24 Apr 2017
They barely ask anything
Answered 2 Mar 2019
Can you work 3 shifts of 12hours?
Answered 17 Feb 2019
How does someone get hired at The Best Connection Employment Group? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 5 Mar 2017
First I rang the agency,they told me when I was available to come in and see them,the woman didnt say there was going to be a interview,she just said that i need to bring in my passport,letter of my address on it,bank details,n w number,I had to fill in a few forms and sign a few and then i was given a maths test and I thought what is this got to do with packing in a factory and they dont even tell you if you have past the maths test,the woman just asked me what hours i can do and she would be in touch.
Answered 17 Feb 2019
Indeed is very good
Answered 28 May 2018
Do you have to do an english and maths test to register?
Asked 26 Jan 2019
Did a few adds and subtracts
Answered 16 Sep 2019
They will have to see how clever or thick you are
Answered 29 Jul 2019