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Overall reviews at The Guinness Partnership

Client Advisor | Oldham | 11 Feb 2018
Micro Managed To Within An Inch Of Your Life
Stressful boiling pot and constant pressure. Went to TGP believing what they say about it being a great place to work. I was really lioking firward to getting settled there. Worst. Move. Ever. My advice. Do not go to for a job in CAT (customer accounts team) or CSC (customer service centre). Heavily targeted, micro managed to within an inch of your life, low morale - experienced staff have fled to other departments or left. Staff turnover in CAT and CSC is ridiculous and that speaks volumes. No matter how much you do, or how hard you work it will never be enough!! 1-2-1s every month, 6 months AND yearly, like writing covering letter for cv every month. It's time consuming, draining, and serves no purpose. Yearly review = assess yourself and say all the great stuff you did.....then your manager puts yours scores so low no one other than top management get the yearly bonus. True story. 'Just Say' , the staffs confidential whistleblowing procedure is NOT confidential AT ALL. Staff question why they can't book annual leave on Saturdays. Staff told they can book Saturday's if they like..... but they will be made to work more Saturdays if they want that option !!! So no option was given really... just an exercise so management can say to senior management that they gave staff the option!! Monthly rotas given out one week prior to beginning new monthly rota. Cannot plan ahead. Staff told by Department Head they are "naive to try to plan Saturdays ahe
ProsTram stop. Morrisons.
ConsCar parking is a nightmare unless you get there by 8. You need to be a 'yes man' to get progressed
Warehouse Lead | Bristol | 23 May 2019
If you care, please dont work here
I can't tell you enough. Do not get a job here. The company as a whole have no idea about care and how to build a successful caring business as Guinness is full of corporate, power hungry controlling management. They will drain you and they will except more than any human could give, then when you give your all you will recieve no appreciation at all or the above management will just take the credit for it. And if something goes wrong, time isn't made to resolve the issue, it is just a game of who did what wrong and who's fault it was, whilst the poor customers suffer. Customers get no justice as everything is hidden and so fake for CQC visits. Meeting customers and giving care is amazing and there really is some incredible customers. But then you have to sit and watch these people not get the care they deserve as the ABOVE management and housing are too busy getting one up on eachother to pay attention to care. - so if you do care, believe me, this is a hard pill to swallow!!! However, the internal compliance team are amazing and have such great high standards and only want the best for the customers. If you are unlucky enough to get a job here don't ever think about raising a concern because the above management will work together to either get you gone or will make your work life so uncomfortable to the point of almost bullying that you wish you were fired. I'm glad I waited to put this reveiw out until I was settled in a new job. My mental health has neve
ProsBeing able to brighten up a customers day. Free coffee.....
ConsPoor communication. Pay isnt great for what you do. Blame culture. Negative environment.
Client Advisor | Oldham | 3 Jul 2017
Good Salaries, Poor Communication and Prospects
I have worked at The Guinness Partnership for almost 3 years. I have seen hard working people, who are very good at their jobs who have left. People who have the experience or know how over looked for friends and people with little or know experience finding themselves in a role only because they have been handpicked to do it. I tried in my own role to develop. I was told it was already taken by some one else and genually felt it wasnt fair when at an interview stage some one had a clear advantage because they had been handed all the oppurtunities. However, this has recently changed and everyone is given the opputunty to develop. However, you may be best looking side ways instead of up if you want to better yourself. I have felt i was the victim recently of ''Not Impressing the Right People'' I was working in another department on secondantment to broaden my skills. I was removed very quickly, and with no opputunity to improve on the area's i'd had rasied. It didnt help that the main and most senior person within that department had openly said, they didnt want any more applications from ''upstairs'' where i was from. It was obvious i wasnt liked and a decision was made before I got chance to improve, as training everyone else had been given, I wasn't, and once people on annual leave had come back, some important meetings all done where they expected us to be busier, i was told I was going back to my previous role... Work life balance is okay dependant on department,
ProsSalary, On Site Parking, Locactions
ConsManagement, to Clique.
Client Advisor | Oldham | 9 Jun 2016
Assiting people with money managemnt skills in order to keep their home
This position was primarily inbound/outbound call centre work managing tenant accounts for a social housing organisation based in Oldham UK. I was attached to the post court team who monitored accounts that were in arrears in order o maintain the suspended possession order judgement from the courts. I would assess the tenants ability o maintain the agreed payments and if they were falling behind would arrange interview/intervention to assess their income/expenditures and put together budget plan in order that they would be able o sty in heir home. The hardest part of he job was with the people who believed that it was housing benefits responsibility to pay all monies associated with their rental accommodation and finding a way to instil in their mind-set that they had responsibilities and an obligation to make payments in order to keep a roof over their heads. The most enjoyable part of the job was when, through appropriate questioning identified that there were people who were on low income and not claiming entitlements or support available to ease their financial stress; equally enjoyable aspects was when I was able to identify that there had been errors made in our finance team through miss posting payments and missing payments. Last year I nominated my Manager for a national award for "inspirational role model" which he won. Having never worked in a social housing environment I relished the challenge of applying previous experience to a diverse role
ProsFlexible working hours and employer health benefits scheme
ConsDriving to work in fog and snow
Administrator | Oldham | 1 Jan 2017
Really great place to work, great benefits, working hours and customer service orientated
Great place to work. The salaries are very competitive and the standard working hours are 35 hours per week. Holidays are great too, 25 days, plus and extra 4 at Christmas and bank holidays. Loads of other benefits as well including childcare vouchers and healthcare. The company is focused on providing excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. Employees have monthly 1-2-1's with managers, and good performance is recognised with yearly appraisals. I have a good working relationship with my manager and the head of department is approachable and listens to the teams. My department has great morale and eveyone in the building is really nice. People say hello and smile. I have been given the opportunity to study a professional qualification which work have paid for. I am often given opportunity to develop and be involved in projects. My job is interesting and I feel supported. There have been restructures, and there are ongoing changes. This does cause concern for a lot of people, myself included. But changes need to be made and money needs to be saved because of changes in legislation that affect the housing sector. I'm sure most companies at some point have to make these difficult decisions. The management team are supporting us through these changes and are mindful of people's emotions at this time. If I am made redundant I will be very sad to leave, but grateful for the opportunities that Guinness have given me in the last few years.
ProsSalary, working hours, benefits, annual leave, good morale, well structured policies and processes
Care Assistant | South West | 15 May 2019
HORRENDOUS leadership, terrible hours, letting down customers
Management are rubbish, never want to cover and always harass you to go out and cover at all hours. Management cancel customer calls and leave them without care! Regardless of how many times you raise an issue, you get the same answer every time ‘we’ve been really busy’ even when it’s serious issues such as meds etc. Care plans were out of date when I arrived and a year later are still out of date, describing routines etc that aren’t possible anymore as that persons mobility has declined and needs increased so newbies have no chance. They send new people out as soon as they possibly can, you do get training in a classroom but after a day or so shadowing you will be guilt tricked by managers to go out by yourself. Managers don’t appear to show any duty of care towards staff- give you 5 minutes travel time for a 20 minute plus journey then when you let the know it’s not good enough they deny it as if you really are stupid. Managers don’t listen to customers and just do whatever suits them best- not person centred at all. Higher management are aware of issues however take no responsibility and do not try to sort issues or reassure staff. Whilst I was there, managers forgot to give customers a visit at all, not even giving them notice they wouldn’t have care. On the plus side, my colleagues were brilliant and a true credit to the company! It’s a shame they are being put in a position where they question whether they want to work for Guinness as I know each one cares for the custo
ProsColleagues are brilliant and lovely customers
ConsEverything else
Care Support and Enabler | Plymouth | 7 Dec 2020
Stressful and overworked.
Any Job role within the Health and Social Care sector is bound to be fast-paced and, at times, stressful. However, Guinness Care (Plymouth) is understaffed and overworked. Constantly bombarded with texts to work and cover shifts. Any concerns about clients or visits are not taken seriously. This means that for some days I’m dreading going to work which I never ever used to - as I’m scared of being belittled by certain clients for just trying to do my job . They (management) are sometimes helpful, but for the most part I feel used and drained. They do allow you to progress through your NVQ if you wish which is a nice benefit and does mean you get a small pay rise. On the whole, the initial work experience was great everyone was super lovely and helpful, but after a while they do demand more from you and almost try to guilt-trip and manipulate you into working extra shifts which the management or senior staff do not want to cover. Also I feel like, once a client gets to know you, they are taken off your run and you no longer see them as much which means it is difficult in building that trust and rapport which I believe is essential in any health Carr sector.
ProsFriendly colleagues, NVQ progression if desired
ConsLong hours, overworked, stressful, management not that supportive
Caregiver | Plymouth | 26 Oct 2021
Has gone down hill
I started with Guinness in 2013, was the best job I'd ever had, I loved it, happy colleagues, happy manager, happy customers. In 2019 i was offered a promotion to senior carer, worst decision I'd ever made, I didn't realise how much I was expected to do, in such a small amount of time. Impossible to do without having to cut corners. In my 8 years with Guinness, there has been atleast 8 / 9 different managers, the staff turnover is so high. It started off as an amazing caring company and a brilliant company to work for, but has just gone downhill in the last few years. Such a shame. I was promised a 40 hour contract, which never happened. Promised alot or things, that never happened. This company has severely damaged my mental health and confidence. Absolutely no support when needed, management rushed off their feet and unable to properly support their team. Morale for carers is at an all time low, which has a huge affect on colleagues and customers. After 8 years with the company, my leaving day was he same as any other, no goodbye, no signed card, no send off. Management asked me I wanted to leave a week earlier than I stated in my notice. So so dissapointed and completely let down!!
ProsCustomers and carers
ConsLack of support, last minute changes to hours, management too busy.
| United Kingdom | 13 Jul 2020
A company that doesn’t care about their employees
Stay clear. You have no hope with progression unless you’re one of the favourites, in which case you and the work you do goes unnoticed. Need extra training? Don’t ask for help to help you improve the job you do, you won’t get it. They’ll make excuses in the way of high work volume coming in but will give more training to staff that have already been in the company for years who don’t need it. HR are only there to support the managers and never there to help the employees. Company claims to have mental health first aiders to support struggling staff - Rest assured if you have mental health issues you’ll be pushed out of your job rather than getting the support you’re entitled to from a decent manager. Managers have been known to behave inappropriately with other staff members during work hours on the premises and still get to keep their jobs, yet those who do their job and Keep their record clean are pushed out without warning. Horrendous company to work for, stay clear unless you’re prepared to sleep your way up the food chain. No wonder there is such a high turn over rate with staff, anyone with half a brain wouldn’t put themselves through the toxicity of Guinness management.
ConsI don’t have enough hours in the day to list
Assistant Accountant | Oldham | 27 Feb 2019
Very Poor Management Employees are Treated/Spoken to like Slaves
I DO NOT have no good word about the Management in Finance. Working at Guinness Property almost killed my confidence. Very poor staff morale because of the style of management from the Finance Director and Management. Members of Staff get told off and embarrassed in front of everyone. No room to use your own initiative because of strict micro management. No appreciation from the Finance Director regardless of how best you perform but when you miss a word in an email you will be embarrassed and called all sorts of names in front of everyone in the office and the whole business will know about it. In finance office the atmosphere is very quiet and there is always tension due to the blame culture coming from top down. The financial and property reporting system are very out dated which makes a simple day to day job very complicated but the management gives a blind eye and blame their staff for the problems which are beyond staff control. If you want to kill your finance career off go and work for Guinness Property.
ProsApart from the FD and the Interim Manager the staff are really good
ConsSlave Master style of leadership and Poor out dated Finance reporting systems
Care Assistant | Forest, VA | 13 Oct 2020
Guinness care is a great place to work!
I’m a care assistant working for the Forest of Dean service and I was so shocked when my manager told me we had bad reviews on indeed so I took the time to read through them and I don’t believe that many of these are true at all! I have personally worked for the company for 2 years and I have been treated with nothing but kindness and respect. My manager has always supported me, I’ve never experienced issues with pay or my hours and it’s probably the most secure job I’ve ever had and I’m 37! Our team really goes above and beyond to provide the best care to our customers and our manager supports us every step of the way. Even if I’ve ever had personal issues going on my manager has been there to support me. I’m also completing my level 2 NVQ in health and social care which is paid for by the company and I’m being supported by my colleagues to complete this, and once I’ve done this I know this will be great for my career progression in care. I will also get a pay rise once I’ve finished the qualification which I’m really looking forward to! If your thinking about working for the company, don’t be put off by old reviews because it really is such a lovely place to work. A lot of what us carers get up to on a daily basis is updated on the Guinness Care Facebook page so you should check this out if you want to see what it’s like to work here. I would 100% recommend it to anyone, including my own friends and family!

Questions and answers about The Guinness Partnership

How did you feel about telling people you worked at The Guinness Partnership?
Asked 19 Apr 2017
I would tell people not to work for them
Answered 22 Jan 2021
Proud! You get out what you put in,if your lazy you won't last.
Answered 11 Oct 2019
Does Guinness Care & Support require pre-employment background checks? What kind of background check does Guinness Care & Support do and how long does it take to complete?
Asked 19 Apr 2017
Pre-employment checks are crucial to safeguarding our vulnerable customers, but systems have improved and we can often get people started in 1-2 weeks!
Answered 7 Nov 2020
Disclosure takes a couple of weeks but is necessary as you'll be in contact with some vulnerable and less fortunate people than yourself if customer facing. No place for staff in Guinness that are wronguns!
Answered 26 Feb 2019
How are the working hours at The Guinness Partnership?
Asked 19 Apr 2017
This depends where you work in the organisation as it’s huge. In care where I work the shifts are based around the needs of customers and there is plenty of options and flexibility for days evenings and weekends.
Answered 7 Nov 2020
I work 20 hours a week, within 9 - 5. They are very accommodating of my childcare issues. There is opportunities for additional hours also.
Answered 1 Oct 2019
What is the organisational culture at The Guinness Partnership?
Asked 3 Jul 2017
Very organised and proffesional
Answered 15 Jul 2018
Someone who works for Guinness uses their van for own private use. Is this allowed?They also told their boss they were going home because of bad weather and if they did not like it, tough and went home.
Answered 4 Mar 2018
Does The Guinness Partnership allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked 15 Oct 2019
Flexible to them
Answered 11 Apr 2020
Hours are set but the managers are good about it if you need to go to an appointment or school meeting in middle of the day.
Answered 6 Apr 2020