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Client Advisor | Welwyn Garden City | 11 Sept 2020
Three Mobile: An Honest Review
Having experienced first-hand to what I'd describe as my best job, Three strives to perfect the business relations between its customers, network and broadbanding as well as in-store service and communication. I worked there for little under a year (10 months at most) and undoubtedly, my favourite part of each day was the team. My work colleagues and I all got along well - similar age, interests and so on. My assistant manager was always a blessing as humor and general conversation with them was nothing but appreciated, alike the same with my team. However, what first seemed like a perfect opportunity to grow in to a genuine career, like most reviews with Three, it was snubbed and ruined by the likes of poor management. My Store Manager, although what he thought to be "Helpful", "Doing us a service" and "Productive" in the workplace with nothing but a nightmare. Though having a sizeable amount of experience within Customer Service, I've never seen anything like I did at Three, both in the store I worked, and company-wide. Thoughout the time of my employment with Three, I began to notice a common trend in the upper-hierarchy of the business. That being, "NUMBERS", simply. All those wanting to start at Three will have to attend a 3 day training course to expand your knowledge on Customer Service, Satisfaction and Store/Business Equity. During these training periods, you'll be taught the key elements of WHAT you should do and expect, and WHY you should. Yet despite these t
ProsFriendships, Pay, Social Interaction, Opening/Closing Times
ConsManagement, Hierarchy, Workplace, Professionalism
Client Advisor | Fulham Broadway Station | 17 Sept 2016
Three Review
The work environment and staff were so much fun, I learned a lot about selling in a creative way, using the prices in away to manipulate them into working out to be a multi product offer and selling to people that weren't even present like family members and friends because it sounded and worked out to be beneficial to them and us in the way we used our price matrix. Management was very tough as we were to think smart in every situation and not waste any opportunity or time during our hours of work, using our spare time to go onto our retail intranet and use the support there to improve our sales pitch and limit down the errors that we were making. Due to it being such a target driven work environment we were always reprimanded for anything we done to sabotage the chances of us hitting our store targets and also making any errors during the time we spent processing contracts for our customers. It was a very easy thing to do by mistake in a fast paced environment as there was a set process for each type of contract and each type of offer and each type of customer, and whenever an error was made, however little or large you will always get a one to one with the management and/or a record of discussion. It was a lot of fun meeting customers, talking with them and going through the process of signing up to a contract; advising them on different products and prices, having conversations with them that invited me into their world and preference when coming to buy a phone, however
ProsHourly salary, Store bonus scheme rather than individual, daily incentives, employee benefits after probation period.
ConsEasy to make errors resulting in repercussions, lots to keep on top of and remember due to mystery shop and daily management quizzing of knowledge
Client Advisor | Oldham | 19 May 2019
Great place to work but terrible management
Worked part time at Three since the age of 17 whilst I was in education. I can’t fault it, it has been an amazing experience where I have learnt skills which I can now transfer onto other jobs. However, one downside to this company is the lack of communication, different stores wishing for each other’s downfall (even though as an area we all had the same goal) and the terrible management. The constant change of management and an unstable team is what led me to eventually hand in my notice and leave. There was one time I was chasing up a cover manager for almost a month to get my overtime submitted, to which he eventually turned around and said I’ll give you the time back instead. I really needed the money there and then and when this could not be done for me, I was frustrated which eventually led me to ask the area manager to submit my overtime. She was not happy and blamed me for not chasing up my manager about it. Little stuff like this is what frustrated everyone as management could not do their own jobs, and were too busy sat in the office doing nothing all day long. I can honestly say although my 4 years working at Three was amazing as I have made some lifelong friends. Although the team was unstable, we have created lasting memories at Three. The last few months with the new management is what led all of us to leave. Now there is a whole new team working. On the upside, the hourly rate was amazing. It went up by more than a pound over the years and the team bonu
ProsCompany Incentives, Team Bonuses, Fun
ConsManagement, Lack of Communication, Rare Overtime
Retail Advisor | Southampton | 20 May 2021
Stay away, if you can.
This company is ran by a bunch of clueless people. One of the major issues is the actual systems of the company- they are just SO complicated and OLD! It is really counter-productive when you try your best to serve a customer and are faced with unnecessarily complex and outdated software, when everything could have been simplified, just as with the EE and Vodafone systems which are more advanced. Most of the time there’s always a fault, which leads to longer processing times, bigger queues and therefore lower customer satisfaction (less/no bonus too as this is directly related to NPS). Which brings me to my next point: extremely bad pay. Another laughable point is the actual employee benefits - there are NONE. Don’t be fooled by the joining bonus, this is offered pro-rata over the course of 2 years. The actual benefits, you CANNOT have most, because if you’re a CA your salary will drop below the minimum wage and that’s not acceptable. Hence they are just there for admiration and demonstration purposes only! Shocking really?! Management is okay-ish, but overloaded with work and can’t assist at all. They advertise great work flexibility but that’s a huge lie, they are so understaffed and the store has such a high staff turnover that shifts are almost non-negotiable. Finally, it is an extremely stressful environment so you are better off working for a company that actually recognises your values and cares about your every day life. I mean you’re taking money for them for L
Client Advisor | Scotland | 12 May 2021
Stressful, with stupidly high expectations.
I have worked at Three for a few years now. When I first started, I had no formal sales training. I was just expected to just jump into the deep end and start selling, by using incredibly outdated, slow and confusing computer systems. (Which still haven't been updated and crash regularly). After probation, once you get the hang of the ever-changing systems and deals, you're hit with incredibly high targets that are impossible to achieve. Yes, you are paid well, but bonus is only possible if your store achieves it's targets. Bonus is also determined by NPS scores: feedback from customers, rating their experience from 1 to 10. Anything below an 8 is considered bad, which is ridiculous. These days, you are expected to write down your entire sale on a bit of paper, while conversing with the customer and processing on the computers. It can be quite overwhelming and makes for an awkward customer experience. Managers are meant to see this bit of paper and check-in with you mid sale to try help you, but they don't. They just get annoyed at you afterwards for not adding multiple products onto your sale. Overall the job can be fun if you have a good team around you. However it's a very stressful environment, and you often go home worrying about not hitting targets. Also, apart from the occasional bonus and staff sim card, there are not many perks or benefits.
ProsGreat sense of teamwork
ConsRidiculous targets, outdated systems, over-complicated processes
Sales Associate | Ealing Broadway Station | 17 Sept 2017
Decent but stressful
I find Three to be a good employer. They're generally a nice place to work for. However, management are very two faced usually and if you have 6 good months and two bad months, they will ignore all your past and treat you so rough. There is no care for customers and all we get asked from management is to upsale and sell more than one product to a customer. Alongside attaching Three Rescue and if we dont, we get a ton of rubbish for it. The targets are extremely high and although my store always achieved the max bonus, it's always stressful and it really does take over my personal life. I come home and worry about having to do X amount for my next shift otherwise I fall behind and begin to get slack from the management. It's very stressful and for a part time student with a priority of study over work, I have to give 1000% every shift. Reaching my target isn't enough for the management as apparently I can give more which I can but decide not to as I can use my energy studying which benefits me more. I do what I have to do which is my target and the management still not happy. Beginning to hate working for three now and when you complain to the management for the slack they give you, they will start moaning and blackmail you. Only reason I'm still there is the money I receive from this job. Otherwise I'd happily leave within a heartbeat.
ProsGood salary and bonus
ConsBad management very stressful environment in and outside of work.
Client Advisor | King's Lynn | 25 Mar 2019
Terrible experience.
When I first started at Three I was hoping to be able to work my 20 hours per week with no trouble. How wrong I was! From my first day in store to the third month of my employment I had no store manager, and my probation was all but forgotten. Because our team was so short I was pressured into working a lot of extra hours and supporting the store without adequate training, which was not a problem. Upon my managers return I had some extenuating circumstances which resulted in me losing my house and having to move a bit further away. Not only were three less than helpful during the move but I was repeatedly threatened with failing my probation on the basis I could no longer work every single Sunday. I was also never compensated for all the overtime I did during my first month, as the two assistant managers failed to record my overtime thus resulting in me feeling at a bit of a loss. I took some time off due to depression and upon my return was instantly told that I needed to review the hours I could work as the stores needs were obviously greater than my own. Upon leaving the company I have found out my manager didn't record any sick pay, and has failed to even contact me directly regarding these misgivings. An amazing company from a customer standpoint, but inside things aren't so bright and it seems people are more out to cover their own backs than actually do their job.
ProsFree phone
ConsRead above.
Sales Associate | London | 7 Sept 2013
Every day we had a briefing about sales figures and store performance of the day before. Then we define the main focus of the day in order to keep on track with company's expectations and monthly targets. Through the day we face customer queries and needs. When customers have issues about our products and services we deal and resolve them (calling to channel support, or sending emails within different lines of retail business). Our main focus is turning a problem into an opportunity to make customers happy and reassure their loyalty with the company. When customers want our products we perform credit checks and set contracts for them explaining all terms and conditions. At the end of the day I do more admin job, checking that all the forms have been filled accurately and the right code and discounts has been applied. Also screen all the sales transactions to make sure that the cash flow of the store is even. I have learnt: Hit monthly targets and exceed expectations Efficient customer service Computing skills to perform credit checks and other operational tasks Compliance within policies and data protection The hardest part is when we cannot meet customer needs and they walk away to another provider The most enjoyable part of the job is when we work and help each others as a team to hit the store targets.
Prosrewards scheeme
Consseasonal sales
Sales Assistant | Lakeside Shopping Centre | 14 Jun 2016
Negative and stressful work environment
I absolutely hated working at Three. The managers were condescending and constantly threatened your job if you didn't do exactly what they wanted. We were encouraged to scam customers in order to get as many sales as possible. The threat of losing your job was constantly held over you - if you didn't make your targets or you didn't get a ton of positive customer reviews, you were made to feel worried and insecure in your position. They changed my hours from three 8 hour days a week to four 5 hour days a week even when I told them it was inconvenient for me. They don't do sufficient background checks - at least three people were rumoured to be stealing from the company while I was there, and one guy even had a completely fake identity. I was on the shop floor taking customers credit card and personal details before the security check had even been run on me. Don't give your personal details to this company - they don't respect them. One guy in my store was constantly bullied by other staff and management never once stepped in to help. They insisted on holding meetings at 9am on Sundays, the day that the least amount of people would be at work (but we were still expected to attend, and of course our jobs were threatened if we didn't). Thankfully I've since found an amazing job, but I would never recommend anyone work at this company.
Retail Advisor | North Yorkshire | 23 Aug 2021
Was nice at the beginning but got too stressful
I actually enjoyed working here for a long time until the last two years. It got too stressful and demanding and the company got very greedy. My team was great but the higher management were ignorant and put too much pressure on us. I used to say I would go back to this company and recommend it to others but I don’t think I would. There is not much job/life balance and you’re constantly thinking about hitting targets even when you’re supposed to be relaxing at home. I had a lot of opportunities at the beginning but then it all changed. If you start having personal problems and it affect your work, they don’t care they just want you to hit targets and “leave those problems at the door”. During the pandemic this company really showed their true colours in how they treated their company. Cut holidays, took our bonuses from us (that we earned) and didn’t check up on us with an email at least once. They became more of a take take company than a giving one even though we as the retail staff are the most important part of the job. Customer experience got thrown out the window, too much pressure on us to put pressure on customers and make them buy. If you didn’t get a sale and explained why with good reason that the customer could not afford or want to be pushed, you would be looked down upon.
ProsPay was good
ConsNo work/life balance, stressful
Principal | Denver, CO | 11 Aug 2015
Spearheaded and ensured rapid expansion for this strategic business consulting firm. Consulting company focused on helping companies identify quick, t
Spearheaded and ensured rapid expansion for this strategic business consulting firm. Consulting company focused on helping companies identify quick, targeted, customized solutions as well as strategic and operational improvements to boost underperforming sales and marketing organizations, build powerful, integrated go-to-market systems that build a bridge between a company’s strategy and the exceptional customer experiences, and assist companies with the alignment of sales and marketing strategies to ensure sales and marketing investments are generating highest returns. • Advised client on the development and implementation plan for Insides Sales team (Sales Development Reps). Strategy consisted of B2B end-to-end lead gen and nurturing program linking marketing to sales. – Defined SLAs and daily/monthly metrics cadence. Improved sales enablement tools and awareness among sales organization of SaaS portfolio. – Introduced new content strategy, buyer personas, LinkedIn ICPs, along with comprehensive intranet tools including new sales and partner portals. • Advised privately-held communications provider with annual revenues of $100M on transforming sales organization to achieve near-term revenue growth and long-term effectiveness. – Optimized performance by addressing several sales department functional challenges including coaching, talent acquisition and evaluation, training, quota development and sales compensation – Built detailed implementation plan, with 6-month

Questions and answers about Three

What employee benefits do you receive?
Asked 13 Nov 2017
Nothing too amazing. Employee benefits is better at EE
Answered 19 May 2019
Holidays & great tech to play with.
Answered 10 Jul 2018
What questions did they ask during your interview at Three?
Asked 14 Mar 2017
Previous experience working with targets
Answered 12 Dec 2020
Mostly about your privatelife and the gender of your partner
Answered 1 May 2018
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Three?
Asked 24 Jun 2017
Environment is often toxic and misogynistic. It is also stressful and there is zero care about mental wellbeing despite network talking how much it cares about it.
Answered 9 Mar 2022
I was proud to tell everyone I worked for Three until everyone points out how terrible the network is overall service wise.
Answered 19 May 2019
What is the organisational culture at Three?
Asked 24 Jun 2017
Managers are very pushy and fake, same with the area managers. They all have one goal, to make themselves look good and stand out. Even if it means putting all the advisors through unnecessary stress to get there.
Answered 19 May 2019
You trained to ignore problems and runaway
Answered 8 Jun 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Three?
Asked 14 Mar 2017
Something like a trouser suit or your
Answered 1 May 2018
Formal but not too formal.
Answered 17 Sept 2017