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Bar Staff | Nottingham | 17 Apr 2019
Appalling. Worst place ive ever worked.
I could write a long ling list.... When starting all staff seemed ok. They taught me the ropes. Not management. The woman who shown me around, was constantly moaning about her amount of hours. She did 50 in a matter of a few days. She always was working. They always asked the same people to stay and if they said they couldnt they would be funny with them. Hugely two faced staff and management. I went to one member of staff after a couple of weeks being there and spoken to in confidence, by the end of my shift everyone on that shift had gossips about it and told the manager before I had chance! The lady I spoke to was in the same boat and I thought she would understand letting me tell the manager I was pregnant. After speaking to the manager at the end of the shift he already was told by a different member of staff. It didnt stop there though. He said I couldnt do certain things within the job no heavy lifting, no filling the gravy, etc. The other pregnant lady wasnt made to do these things but he told me to do them still! Asking me to fill graves, asking me to move tables, putting me on the bar on my own and no waitresses helped with the heavy glasses, they just piled them around it. There was no one around to help so I just did these things. The manage simply walked past me many times whilst I tried to move tables about.....then resulting in a miscarriage just weeks later! I stressed about going in, and doing too much I knew I was doing too much. During my miscarriage I was
ConsRude management, unhelpful, awful hours, bad breaks/no breaks
Delivery Manager | Trentham | 7 May 2014
terrible pay and unhealthy hours
Toby carvery make millions in profit a year and pay staff minimum wage they don't offer any extra pay on bank holidays(they don't close at all even Christmas they are open and u still get minimum wage). the only person in Toby carvery who is paid good in the pub manager, his deputy manager is on less that a 1/3 of his wage which is atrocious considering this person can take on the pub and run everything if the pub manager is ill or unable to work, in fact the pub managers are never seen to do much work at all its is all delegated down to his managers who are well underpaid for there work. as for the minimum wage staff they don't even get any benefits from the company that are useful, they offer no real benefits. they wont even allow a staff member on minimum wage to a free meal when they are on a full days shift where as managers get one free meal a day and the pub manager get all the meals they want. the hours in the business are terrible they could have you on a close and be expected back in work at 7/8 am the next day (you may not leave the building till 1 am after cleaning has been carried out) this happens a lot with the deputy managers too as the pub manager doesn't really have any difficult shifts and does all shifts to benefit themselves, i believe I'm not mistaken when i say that these hours are illegal and against the law, and worst of all the pay does not cover any of it either, considering most the hours are also unsociable i think this company and its issues
Front End Associate | Portsmouth | 6 Jan 2019
If you want a life outside of work, this isn’t the job for you. You will be made to work all the hours under the sun and working split shifts is soul destroying. Your colleagues aren’t much help either, and are constantly rude to you, especially on Sundays when everyone is rushing around like headless chickens. The only good thing about it is the regulars you serve, as the conversation can be interesting. This isn’t a compliment to Toby Carvery, rather the people that made me forget I absolutely hated the job.. even if it was only a few minutes at a time. Managers are rude too and seem incapable of saying hello when you start your shift. I nearly slipped many times being told to work faster, as there was a permanently slippy floor where the entrance was to the kitchen. The breaks were absolutely horrendous too. If on the rare occasion, you find yourself working 9-5, you get a 20 minute break at 10am, to eat the breakfast which is disgusting anyway, and then you have to fight to get 10 more minutes some time later in the shift. They are biased to smokers and allow them to get their ‘cig breaks’ whenever they see fit. They try and justify it by saying if you’re on a double shift you get a whole hour break. Even then you have to clock out, so it’s not payed. Also If you’re shift says 5pm to 11pm, expect to get out many times past midnight, especially on a Friday. If you want to feel like a number then by all means fill your boots, but if you want a better jo
ConsLong hours, No life outside of work, rude colleagues, unfair breaks, split shifts, unsafe working conditions
Front End Associate | Basingstoke | 2 Apr 2013
Productive, upbeat workplace
In a typical day I would probably be waiting on but may be on the bar. I would therefore have a section of the restaurant to myself or be solely or dually responsible for the running of the bar. I would have to prepare drinks to brand standard and give impeccable service to guests. Equally I would be responsible for cleaning and relaying tables as well as giving excellent table service, ensuring that guest satisfaction and safety was of paramount importance. From this position I learned to take initiative at work, making the most of any quiet periods. I learnt to always remain calm and polite under pressure and deliver service with a smile in any circumstances. I also learnt the true value of a supportive team who here seemed to be more like a family, everyone going out of their way to help each other from management to front-of-house to back-of-house staff. Whilst the management were extremely competent and could motivate the team very well when they wanted to, they could be unprofessional as well within the management team and sometimes undermined or belittled their staff. The hardest part of the job at first was working long shifts on my feet but that was soon something I got used to, the hardest part then became the ability to remain positive and upbeat in front of customers at all times even if I wasn't feeling so great that day. The most enjoyable part of the job on the other hand was the opportunity to communicate with so many different people on a daily basis and
Prosfree/reduced meals
Conslong hours
Front End Associate | Leeds | 16 Oct 2020
hard work but good fun if you get along with colleagues
this was my second job having worked as a waitress beforehand i enjoyed my time here, i got along with most people if not everyone i worked here through college - management will work you around your school hours and are very understanding of this when i left, management offered to keep me on the system so i could transfer to other companies or come back for christmas, etc - which is good! the main problem is the lack of breaks especially on long and hard shifts, where you'd do a 9 hour shift with 20min break (if lucky) and then be expected to do another 8/9 hour the next day with the same break or less. naturally, with long days you will become tired and when tired you will find it hard to maintain the friendly and welcoming personality that is expected of you - so just bear in mind if applying for this position, you will be tired. i was only front of house, i know kitchen staff were doing over 12 hours with no breaks - only 5 mins if they were smokers. the lack of breaks leads to a breakdown in teamwork because people would go for 15 min toilet breaks because they didn't care anymore, slowing down the service cycle which is difficult. however, for a first job/ temporary job it is good. i would not recommend this as a main source of income but it is good alongside uni or college
Prosswap shifts, develop skills, good for cv, good for young people/ first job
Conslong hours, hard work, no breaks, pay isn't fantastic, management
Cook | Carlisle | 7 Sept 2018
Totally appalling
I was very excited at the prospect of having a full time job. Typical day - My main duties were in the back of house in the kitchen area, washing up, and helping the chef. The work was full on, very busy indeed. There wasn’t time to learn anything new, I had worked in a kitchen environment before, so had some experience, they seemed to let me get on with washing up etc. Management seemed ok, and praised me for the work I was doing on two different occasions, they seemed pleased with my work, which made me feel good about the job, albeit very tiring because of the long hours. Breaks, if you manage to get one are not organised at all, employees struggling to get a full break, if at all. The hardest part of the job were the hours, which is why, at the end of the first week, I asked the manager if my hours per day could be reduced, I was told that maybe a part time job would suit me and they let me go. I know I would have enjoyed the job had it been 8-9 hours a day with structured break times. Would that not have been full time? I feel let down and disappointed that at 18 years of age I was expected to work from 10a.m to end of business, which was 11.30p.m. Apart from anything else, I did mention that I thought that was illegal, only to be told that, it’s a split shift, as I get an hour break inbetween! Isn’t that a dinner hour!? I’d call it slave labour. Am I bitter? Of course I am.
ProsDiscount on food
ConsExpecting you to work 12 hour shifts
Kitchen Team Member | Barnet | 26 May 2016
This place is good to work at if you are looking to work in a BIG well known company, Salary depends on your age and position ofcourse...but sometimes a young person can be doing important jobs to but not be treated as an important member of the team. Benefits included are for shopping and some shops on the high streets that are well known. Management needs to improve to give that great feeling of being cared for and actually feeling like you mattered within the workplace. Job Work collided with Life balance a lot though, being called in on days off was annoying but worst was having booked off a day with the family and yet having to work that same day and being pestered and called throughout the day asking when i will be at work, That felt like angered pressure which was not fair. I did make one mistake with some roasting oven but what can you do when there is no manager to supervise and then when i was off sick due to working 2 weeks straight with heavy flu havign manager call you up and have a go at you because of the management is a KEY ROLE within the hospitality career so make sure this place has a great system and you shall be fine :D If you find yourself doing 10am-1am shift with no break just as i did, you are better off somewhere else who cares for your health :)
ProsRoast for Staff Food, Staff Drink, M and B Discount
ConsSplit Shifts, Staff food wasn't free, Poor Management
Kitchen Assistant | Snaresbrook | 3 Jun 2019
Look somewhere else.
If you enjoy awful pay, terrible salary and having either overwhelmingly busy day or having to sit several hours doing nothing, go ahead and apply. There are set rules in kitchen workplace that are not being exactly followed, e.g.: you are not allowed to use your mobiles in kitchens, unless in case of emergency, which is reasonable. However, nobody sticks to it; employees and managers use their phones in whatever goals they want: be it either browsing social media or constantly checking football match scores. As for employees themselves, some of them are tolerable, whereas others will either try to deafen you by whistling (which, for whatever reason, is allowed), or try to scare you by deliberately shouting at you while sneaking from behind. As for breaks, speaking from my own experience, I had only one break - and that was a mistake of my part, because after I came back, almost every single person wanted something from me. I was gone for about 5 minutes only. Security - I don't think they know what that word means sometimes. No cameras, no proper gates or fences to lock down the facility from outside - unless you consider a wooden, rotten fence in the back as protection. For your own good, do yourself a favour and avoid this place like fire. Save yourself some time and sanity, and look for other opportunities.
ConsToo many to list.
Front End Associate | Oldham | 6 Sept 2019
The best job in the world, the worst people
I found that working at Toby Carvery was a love/hate job. Fortunately for me I loved it. Those that hated tended to be gone within the week. Although it can be simple because it is Carvery, it can also be extremely fast paced. My favourite shifts were the one where I would look back at the end and think "how on earth did I do that". Thats what made it rewarding though, it was such hard work but the sense of achievement at the end of your shift was elating. However even though the job its self was perfect, the franchisees weren't. They were married and made life awful. All the staff couldn't wait for Easter when they would take their annual leave and go away for 2 weeks. I can honestly say during those heavenly 14 days that job was the best thing ever. I won't go into detail but all I can say is even though I loved my job I left of my own accord but I couldn't work for those two people. I handed in my notice on the brink of a promotion because shifts under their supervision were unbearable. I decided that I may have to wait a little longer for my promotion but I would be much happier long term working for nice people who appreciate their staff.
Assistant Chef | Bexleyheath | 17 Nov 2015
Very fast paced but friendly environment
Having spent two and a half years there as a chef I can say in my heart that this was one of the most secured jobs in today's world that I have worked in different to any other industry where I previously worked. The comapny I have no regrest working for although the only thing is that if you do work there you must be prepared to put in a lot of effort and it can be very long and tiring the working hours. A typical day involved setting up the kitchen which I do believe was the hardest part of the job each day then serving hot food to the customers. Teamwork is very important and it is good to unwind with your colleagues in pressurised fast paced environment as it helps them unwind and relax more because generally this job involves dealing with the public each day. The most enjoyable part of this job was talking to each customer and seeing their happy smiles on their faces when they know that they have been served some of the finest food whether it was a roast dinner a vegetarian dish or a salad.
ProsFree hot food at the end of the day for staff of course.
ConsDefinitely long working hours, bank holidays or weekends.
Kitchen Team Member | Kitchen, WV | 2 Nov 2013
Not for those with a life outside of work.
The atmosphere among the lower staff was good, in spite of the poorly organised day to day. The work was messy, frantic and constant, and even so you do not get a break on most shifts. The scheduling of staff was aweful, ie. overstaffed some and under on others, and this meant the running of the kitchen was all over the place. The worst thing I found was that they expected you to put up with whatever you were shifted on, and in my case They expected me to do a fourteen hour shift, with a one hour lunch break (that should be as standard!) after coming off an all evening shift the night before, only having time to go home, sleep and come back again. Work is work, it isn't my entire being. So I was given the option of accepting the status quo, which was not just do the shift, but accept what the management says as gods own, or quit. I had heard of these all day and night shifts and was confused that everyone just accepted them, but I won't just take it as fair. Though in my case no laws were broken, as I refused to work the shift, in other cases, one on the same day with a different member of staff, they were. I have no doubt that any legal complience would disappear in favour of the companies own needs, and that all who work there, probably chosen for their brilliant talent of apathy and non resistance, would not put up a fight and continue to be abused by their employer.
ProsCould be obtained by anyone willing to give up their social life.
ConsVery unreasonable hours, bad management

Questions and answers about Toby Carvery

How should you prepare for an interview at Toby Carvery?
Asked 11 Jun 2018
Dress smart and be on time
Answered 15 Mar 2019
Wouldnt even go if it was newton abbot devon
Answered 11 Mar 2019
How does someone get hired at Toby Carvery Whitewebbs House? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 4 Sept 2018
Just turn up, they don’t seem to be bothered about the quality of staff.
Answered 15 May 2022
call from employer, they tell the package that company offers wait is usually 4 days
Answered 14 Mar 2022
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Toby Carvery?
Asked 19 Apr 2018
I felt proud. The Toby carvery I worked at was very popular and known for being busy so it was common knowledge that it was work.
Answered 6 Sept 2019
Ashamed and dirty.
Answered 29 Jun 2019
Do you get paid extra if you work Christmas Day?
Asked 19 Dec 2017
I say you do get abet more apayed in job
Answered 11 Nov 2019
Yes, about £20
Answered 19 Dec 2018
What are some tips for doing well in the interview ?
Asked 19 Apr 2017
Be polite, friendly and professional
Answered 29 Apr 2018
Be yourself
Answered 6 Jan 2018