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Customer Service Representative | West Horndon | 7 Sep 2017
Very Busy environment
Tending to customers needs. Daily transit monitoring reports. Dealing with customer claims and incoming claims, duties include checking CCTV making sure if we have scanned the consignments try to find them in our network. Answering telephone queries dealing with non delivery to pricing new consignments. Also Revenue Protection Officer which means that we make sure everything is at the right weight for the consignment that has been input to the system.
ProsClose to Home
ConsLong Hours. Not appreciated
Unloader | Yate | 24 Mar 2019
Productive and fun workplace. good and respectful team members.
I enjoyed my time working there in Tuffnells. Other workers are very helpful and very friendly. Main drawback is that youre all on your own if youre doing Day shift coz workers in day shift are very few and workload is quite high.
ProsGood Team Members
Delivery Driver | Coalville | 31 Dec 2019
Not very well they treat you like it and they are just awful to work with I’ve never in all my 13 years in a job been treated the way I was I don’t recommend working for this company
Truck Driver | Carnforth | 19 Jan 2015
trained well, good lads and you get out of it what you put in. nice company to work for think they have been took over on the engineering side were i worked??
Warehouse Worker | Hayes | 17 Sep 2020
Really bad place to work
Was forced out of the company due to the managers brother in law being the boss and was underpaid for my position in the company only earning about 10p more an hour then the rest of the night crew
ConsLow wage and constant unpaid overtime
Warehouse Worker | Haydock | 15 Nov 2017
fast going keeps me busy and fit
My day starts by me putting all the trailers on to 50 bays all different from 7.5T wagons to 17T wagon and drag boxes. Then I put on all the 40ft trailers and move them round the yard as and when they are loaded
Prosget bonus if we turn in all week
Consbit far to travel to and from
Forklift Operator | Leighton Buzzard | 6 Mar 2015
Extremly hardwork for no money.
I worked here twice each time for roughly 3 months and it was heavy hard work for virtually pennies, I did however have a good team of co workers helping me and me helping them to do all the warehouse duties.
Truck Driver | Gateshead | 6 Jan 2020
job is what you male of it
Most drivers these days are bone idle and don't understand hard work. Tuffnells is hard work but i love it, i get respect, treat well, no problems with management. Drivers are moany bell ends with no graft in them at all and make the place miserable. Once your on the road and away from the misery then it's a great job, driving round the country with good banter amd camaraderie
Depot Manager | Darwen | 17 Jun 2018
Very Busy
Very busy but is always challenging Always learning as the company is always updating were necessary Management very busy Completing tasks when been asked to do others
ProsFree Parking, good environment to work in
ConsLong hours low pay
Packer | Stafford | 4 Jun 2018
Management needs work
Starting out, getting in and having a meeting about the amount of orders that need doing for the day and assigning peoples jobs for the day(they can change throughout the day). Management seemed lack lustre as for my experience at some point my manager for Assist stopped contacting me for hours and i have yet to hand in my weeks notice in case of working coming up. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with the other staff there who could always brighten a day up.
ProsCafeteria cooked meals
ConsManagement for Assist agents
Customer Service Representative | Peterborough, NH | 20 Aug 2020
Poor management, very poor pay, management lazy
Poor management, very poor pay. Expect to much from you and don't get paid for it. Management pass the buck, don't take responsibility but that's mainly due that they haven't a clue how to do their job.
ProsNot many, guess pros are weekends and bank holidays off
ConsPoor management from very top, very poor pay, training none existent.
Delivery Driver | Driver, AR | 27 Dec 2020
Worst place i habe ever worked
Terrible place to work, you don't get paid for the hours you work and the health and safety is extremely poor. The lanark depot is ran by two clowns who to be honest would struggle to run a bath.
ConsNo health and safery and poor management

Questions and answers about Tuffnells

How are the working hours at Tuffnells?
Asked 30 Mar 2017
Great working hours.
Answered 29 Mar 2019
16 hours and wouldn't give anymore. FAVOURITISM going on
Answered 17 Oct 2018
Does Tuffnells Parcels Express require pre-employment background checks? What kind of background check does Tuffnells Parcels Express do and how long does it take to complete?
Asked 30 Mar 2017
None whatsoever! No driving assessment or drugs test / A free for all . Wait to you meet your colleagues!
Answered 23 Feb 2019
Criminal background record. Pre employment checks required, previous job experiences, questions arose in interview. I knew management from my employment at City Link Norwich.
Answered 8 Aug 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Tuffnells Parcel Express?
Asked 13 Jul 2017
Suit and shoes
Answered 1 Apr 2020
Boots, high visibility top gloves provided
Answered 15 Jul 2019
What questions did they ask during your interview at Tuffnells?
Asked 27 Jun 2017
Can you carry things with one arm in plaster and a fractured jaw
Answered 30 Jun 2018
Oviously the questions you will get as depend on the type of job you are applying for
Answered 29 Jun 2018
What is the organisational culture at Tuffnells Parcel Express Ltd?
Asked 21 Jun 2017
The management is extremely selfish and arrogant you’d think they were acting a play on stage not trying to help run a firm (into the ground)
Answered 30 Jun 2018
Be very careful getting employment with tuffnells as they promise you 1 thing then after you have got about a couple of weeks employment done; the Nightshift management and other office staff keep putting more and more duties on your back.
Answered 14 Feb 2018