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Cameriere/a | Bristol | 5 May 2019
bello ma complesso locali piccoli e poco spazio per muoversi.
Staff Supervisor | London | 16 Jul 2021
Junior sou chef
Great company to work for. Shift work Staff development programs. Team building Great management Great food Excellent promotions opportunities Cons long hours
ProsFree lunch
Part-time Employment History | Plymouth | 25 Aug 2019
Great staff, amazing atmosphere
The typical workday is long but rewarding, All staff employed are friendly, energetic and a blessing to be around. The managers like the work to be performed with energy, speed and great quality, but if you take responsibility for the task you're given, of which you should, it is a fantastic company to work for. I've been sent on numerous rum courses, trips and staff events. Would definitely recommend.
Prosfood, team, perks
Conslong hours
Bartender | Chelmsford | 28 Sep 2017
Every high has a low
i love the atmosphere, culture and overall business concept. It eats away at your social life though. Fast paced environment which is good, but be prepared to work hard, every weekend.
Conslong hours, rarely get weekends off to relax or spend with family or friends.
UK Operational Food Quality | United Kingdom | 10 Jul 2019
Productive and fun work place
An assertive and accomplished food executive who has extensive knowledge in menu development, operations initiatives, streamlining processes, staff training, food safety and international new site openings who has had a passion for food ever since childhood. A Romanian native who attended Bucharest College, a renowned culinary school, to hone the skills learnt in employment. Promoted to Head Chef by the age 21, in 2006, in Tokyo and has held positions and delivered several food-based projects in London, Germany and all over the UK with a track record of resilience, high standards and keeping morale high whilst working in a demanding environment
Head Server | Birmingham | 22 Dec 2019
fun workplace
You can get enough hours, it's flexible also you can combine with your studies. Turtle Bay is a nice company for work. You need to go to work focus because sometimes is very busy.
Line Cook | Blackburn | 8 Jul 2018
good for learning the basics and working as a team
Pros: Learnt how to prep food correctly Work as part of a team I worked on the starter section was good fast working service Was busy at times Time to prep in mornings Cons: Long hours Had to wait very long time to get paid Come and go staff never really a perminat Head Chef Very small workspaces
Pros1 hour break
Conslong hours
Head Chef | United Kingdom | 5 May 2020
The worst company I have ever worked for
I did my own rotas. But was pretty much made to work 70 hours plus. I was told to sack and get rid of who ever I needed to , but when I did it was held against me. Managers asking you for numbers for drug dealers ‘ to help them through shifts’ I fell ill and asked for time off due to be burnt out. I was given holiday instead of sick pay then ‘let go’ as I was too ill. Horrid company to work for
Line Cook | Walthamstow | 12 Feb 2019
It was a good vibe, great location had amazing moments there but managed poorly
Good work experience with a nice vibe, we had at some point an amazing team but suddently everything went sideways til this day I dont know why. I ended up leave the company with a bad taste but some good moments.
Prosgood team
Consmanaged poorly
Bartender | Essex | 22 Jan 2018
fun place
Absolutely great place to work. staff were wonderful as well as customers on a daily. work life fit around my social life very well. would happily return if given the opportunity

Questions and answers about Turtle Bay

How did you feel about telling people you worked at Turtle Bay?
Asked 3 Jul 2017
Because I want to make a great contribution to the company.
Answered 9 May 2018
Run, just run
Answered 11 Dec 2017
What should you wear to an interview at Turtle Bay?
Asked 30 Jun 2017
Smart casj, all black for trial shift
Answered 16 Apr 2019
Smart casual
Answered 8 Jul 2018
How far in advanced are shifts given and do you always work the same shifts or do they change weekly/monthly etc ?
Asked 19 Mar 2019
They change them very last minute and don't even tell you.
Answered 4 Jan 2020
Less than a week
Answered 12 Aug 2019
How are the working hours at Turtle Bay?
Asked 22 May 2018
If you ever think of joining this company as a manager look forward to not have a life balance and do as much as possible for no overtime. Their answer to your 70-80 hours? The restaurant needs you.
Answered 5 Nov 2018
Very long shifts and not thought out very well
Answered 25 Jul 2018
What is the interview process like at Turtle Bay?
Asked 21 Feb 2018
You have to run through reception with a caulender on your head
Answered 8 Jul 2018
No interview, just an online test.
Answered 12 Jun 2018