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Restaurants, Travel and Leisure

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Barista | North West | 29 Apr 2019
Poor management and unfair treatment
I worked for welcome break for two years. I worked part time whilst at uni and then full time over summer. I asked for my contract to be updated for summer period and they promised it would be, with this said it didn’t and I get missed out on having the rights to extra holidays etc.. these sort of places do this to you because you’re young and used just to cover shifts. You’re treated like a robot and any issues were always handled poorly, especially when needing time off for uni work or other commitments they would be the type of employee to turn the issue around on you and they would cheekily put you on extra shifts over your contract when you couldn’t and when you tried to communicate they would be out of office or ignore you, very childish and over all it’s just a poor and depressing place to work. I wanted to walk out on several occasions, you’re told the “customer is always right” which I really disagree with. Customers are people and if someone is horrible and disrespectful you would expect management to deal with that properly. It’s bullying and I witnessed this on numerous occasions. Staff aren't trained properly on anything especially allergies I found they would brush this off, you wouldn’t be listened too and made out to be dumb if you had a question, some staff would gang up on you if you didn’t understand a new drink (for example) but you would just have to guess and be expected to stay if you didn’t finish something which wouldn’t be able to be done in adequate
ProsCustomers and having that interaction
ConsEverything else
Sales Assistant | Bishop's Stortford | 11 Jun 2019
Don't bother working here - greedy company
Honestly can't explain into words how stressful and pressuring this job is on a person. They are more bothered about what money you've lost by accident / mistake than anything else. You get put on horrendous hours and they don't ask you about overtime, they just book it in because they are understaffed and refuse to hire more people so we get people doing 12 hours shifts at a petrol station. Unbelievable. Welcome Break DEFINITELY underpay their staff. As a trainee they will pay you £8 an hour and you don't find out about this until you're hired. So their ADS on Indeed are very misleading. After training - you receive the pay you're advertised on Indeed. Customers lie about not having any petrol and that is deemed a "cashier mistake" and they will threaten you with having to pay for it or chase up the "mistake" yourself. A lovely scare tactic. It is impossible to analyse every single person coming out of what car - yes they expect you to do this and never mess up basically. After a mistake or two you get put on a FACT FINDING SHEET which I'd describe as a statement as to what happened during the time of the mistake. They love to scare trainees with this as they love to say it's "going to investigation teams." Another scare tactic and completely unnecessary. God forbid you try to sort out your hours to what you're contracted too, they expect you to do overtime unless you fight for your contracted hours only. £360 million earning company and can't even af
ProsStaff Discounts
ConsManagement, Pay, Greedy Company
IT | Newport Pagnell | 9 Nov 2020
Outdated, Undervalued, Understaffed.
The IT infrastructure is incredibly outdated and in need of major upgrades. I didn't feel like I was learning anything new or progressing my career in any way. I didn't feel like I was doing any of the work my job title would pertain. The company culture encourages massive amounts of unpaid overtime. If you want to fit in with the "clique" or make any career progress you have to give up large chunks of your personal life. It's very thinly veiled, but you can tell you're not going to progress within the company if you're not willing to sacrifice your personal time unpaid on a daily basis. There are members of the IT team that work 1-3 hours extra a day, plus weekends unpaid, undervaluing themselves and setting an unfair president for everyone else. If you're not willing to do this do not expect to be accepted or progress. I understand sometimes you have to put in the extra hours, life is just like that sometimes. But at Welcome Break it is a daily expectation, don't expect a thank you either! There are specific key members of staff who are incredibly rude and difficult to work with. These individuals do not want to share knowledge, constantly talk down to their team, are argumentative with other managers and are generally unpleasant to deal with. Overall, not many people at Welcome break are happy with their job and you can feel it in the atmosphere. It is extremely draining to put in the effort when even upper management are clearly bored and given up on making any progre
ProsFree lunches, I made some great friends, decent salary
ConsOutdated systems, low moral, bad atmosphere
Assistant Manager | London | 2 Oct 2016
Fast paced and keeps you on your toes.
A typical day at work: Run shifts with a team of 12 people. set targets and goals for the team. Make sure we are legal compliant. Keep the service of food and drinks under average time. Make sure all customers are happy with service and food, if not deal with complaints and make sure customer left happy. Training and development of staff was my responsibility and I made sure they all reached there fullest potential. What I learned in this position was how to be a great and effective manager. I learned how to manage different people in different ways as everyone is different and have to be managed differently. I learned how to identify peoples weaknesses and strengths but most importantly how to develop and manage them to the best of my abilities. I have learned how to manage stock and control losses. I also learned how to run shifts with minimum staff but high volume of custom. I had the privilege to work with a great management team and also a great kitchen and front of house team. I would say the hardest part of my journey with the company was running shift with minimum labour but very high custom. I had to work every station as manager. It was very tiring emotionally and physically but being the best at my job I always made sure the job got done and it got done with smile and professionalism. The most enjoyable part of my job was working with customers day in day out and cooking great food and also providing a service they have never received before.
ProsFree lunches
ConsLong hours and very early starts
Sales Assistant | Chorley | 23 Jan 2014
Job Life
-Working here can be very stressfull at times but it has its benefits through experience. A typical day working here consists of everyone being in one position (cooking, serving or clean) and getting on with the job that being busy or quiet. -Ive learned quite a bit working here. what people to work with, best ways do thing if it is cleaning or serving. just keeping yourself busy and to do the best you can in the shift. -Managment wasnt consistant, there was someone new every odd month so there was no solid foundation in power other than the people that ran the shift and because of the constant change things always changed in the work place. - The people i worked with were great, there may habe been the odd person who tried to be boss when they werent around but working with people who knows the job makes it easier to learn the things needed to do the job. -Dealing with the mass of people that would walk through the doors. serving hot food and drinks and if there wasnt anything they wanted and it needed to be cooked it was hard to keep track of what needed to be done and what wasnt being done. being on your own with lot of customers is very stressfull. - Being able to just get on with what need to be done. not worrying that youll be on your own to deal with lots of customers etc.
ProsThe discount you got when working there.
Conssome of the people you had to work with.
Unit Manager | South West | 4 Aug 2018
Very rewarding for those who are willing to give up their lives and work 24/7
Great company with great career prospects for those that work hard and put in the effort. But without the support and encouragement of a good Site Operations Manage it all falls apart. To be successful you need to work as a team, not only within your own unit but also across brands. As soon as that team spirit is broken it becomes a free for all. No matter how well you focus on recruitment, this is a business sector with a high staff turn over. Asking a Unit Business Manager to work both sides of the business to cover shortfall and maintain labour costs is not only highly demanding but with long days, lack of days of and a struggle to fit in annual leave you are bound to hit burn out on a regular basis. There is no off switch. You eventually end up with a UBM who is a jack of all trades but master of none and an SOM who is more focussed on overall site performance than individual needs.
ProsCareer advancement, free meals/drinks and good employee benefits
ConsLong days often weeks without a day off when short-staffed, not enough focus on employee health or wellbeing, poor staff amenities, so focussed on results and don’t always care how you get there as long as you achieve targets
Barista | Telford | 13 Apr 2015
No progression as a part-time worker.
I feel the working ladder in this establishment wasn't working. The workers lower down the triangle would have to work extra harder to keep their highers happy, for less money, less breaks, less discounts, no incentives. My team was great, I loved everyone I met there and worked alongside. It's just unfortunate that the need to employee new staff was so high with the lack of trust, fulfillment or joy in the workplace. Many of the staff I had worked with have stated the same that no one is content with staying there unless they are wanting to move up. As a worker that is in need of part-time work there is nothing in place to keep you happy. Having worked there for many years, and now the most senior member of staff at starbucks. I have relied on the job to accessible for any hours I need, they are always in need of hours. With the opening and closing hours, this can split up my day and I can fit in my days with working at starbucks. Although they will up my hours without telling me and sometimes mess around with my schedule to benefit them.
ProsDiscounts. Regular hours. Can work around your needs.
ConsExpect too much. The lower in the company the harder you work. No one cares for your needs.
Catering Assistant | Derby | 1 Jun 2021
Always learning something new
Worked there for over a year and a half and have to disagree with most of the things mentioned! You get trained on everything - coffee machine training, excellent customer service training, you get to learn about all different products the coffee shops makes and sells. If you ask, you will even get trained on baking! Management was consistent throughout the whole time I was there. Manager is super lenient with shifts and will give you certain days off or will put you on certain shifts as you requested. Team has always been friendly with each other, there has never been tension or horrible falling outs, you can make some genuine friends here. As far for customers, they are all so so lovely and you will get to meet the regulars and learn all about them. You will very rarely get an arsy person to deal with. Do not be put off by other reviews as it seems to have come from lazy and not communicative people. As long as you can work in a fast paced environment and not get scared to communicate with manager about what you want and need from this job - you got a safe and secure workplace to work at. :)
ProsFree coffee on shifts, 50% at ALL Muffin Break shops
Site Director | England | 27 Feb 2014
A fast paced growing business who strives on brands and developing people
Overseeing a twin sided bridge motorway service station on the M6. Responsible for all areas of the business from including public areas internally and externally. Leading, developing and motivating a team of 10 senior managers and over 200 team members at various levels. Ensuring operational excellence and excellent customer service at all times. Managing expendature and financial performance to achieve planned sales and EBITDA. Identifing business opportunities to increase profit. Effective communication to ensure company communication is cascaded to all levels. Worked closely with finance manager, unit business manaagers and brand managers to fullful above responsibilities. Enjoy working with a team to lead and develop their skills whilst developing my own. Learned about the facilities management of a large business and public safety. Hardest part of the job is travelling from Leeds accross the M62/M60 network on a daily basis.
ProsFree Lunch, Fuel Card, Car Allowance
ConsLong hours, travel times of 3 to 4 hours a day
Customer Service Representative | Corley | 23 Sept 2015
Challenging but enjoyable
My job revolves around keeping the site nice and tidy and giving good customer service. The following roles I have done are: Ensuring a clean and welcome environment – sweeping floors and cleaning tables, tidying up the staff Room, front entrance and sweeping and mopping the bridge Developed strong customer service skills, supporting customers with directions e.g. showing Customers where the toilets, high chairs and giving them places to sit Following Health and Safety regulations Mopping the floors where the spillage occurs and placing the wet floor sign Doing pot wash on the dishes Removing rubbish from the bins I have learned how to communicate very well with customers by smiling at them and helping them find where the toilets are. The management here is brilliant as they can see I am doing brilliant at my job and showing dedication to the company. The other team members from my job are very polite, friendly and hardworking as well as my managers.
ProsFriendly staff

Questions and answers about Welcome Break

What is the interview process like at Welcome Break?
Asked 15 Mar 2017
Site managers words.... " if they have 4 limbs, they have the job" !!!!
Answered 29 Jul 2020
Will hold group interviews where possible. So relaxed and actually quite fun. They don't want you to feel uncomfortable. Quick and easy and not bombarded with questions.
Answered 31 Jul 2018
What is the Welcome Break employee discount?
Asked 30 Mar 2017
Yes on soft drinks and food
Answered 24 Oct 2019
50% off food and drink, but 70% off Harry Ramsdens breakfast. 15% of retail (i.e. WHSmith & Waitrose) 50% off hotels. Which is at all Welcome Breaks all the time not just whilst on shift. Free tea, coffee and soft drinks whilst you are working as well.
Answered 31 Jul 2018
Does Welcome Break require pre-employment background checks? What kind of background check does Welcome Break do and how long does it take to complete?
Asked 11 Apr 2017
They do background checks for service leader and above
Answered 7 Jul 2021
No checks at Burtonwood. The site manager, who was previously an area manager for Pizza hut employed his Sheffield manager who at the time was convicted for child abuse. Shocking corrupt management . Makes you think!!!!
Answered 15 Jul 2020
How did you feel about telling people you worked at Welcome Break?
Asked 30 Jan 2018
Answered 29 Jul 2020
Really upset, ashamed of myself to know people with such a low personalities
Answered 21 Jun 2019
How is feedback from management delivered at Welcome Break?
Asked 23 Apr 2019
Absolutely no feed back at all wouldn’t touch this unit in Whitley
Answered 17 May 2022
It isn't!. Not interested in personal performance... just all about bonuses for management.... God knows how a particular person got the job!
Answered 28 Jul 2020