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Customer Assistant | Luton | 7 Jan 2019
Best retail place to work
Worked at the schuh Luton store for two years and was the best experience of my working life. The management was fair and never spoke down on you the other staff members were kind and helpful it ended up being a family because of how closely knitted we were. great staff discount lots of extra hours for part timers only cons were sometimes rude and difficult customers but that’s what comes with a retail job would definitely work here again
ProsPostitive and happy working environment
ConsDifficult customers
Sales Advisor | Nottingham | 5 Sep 2018
Good job
Good place to work, people are friendly, rarely any bad or difficult customers, wage okay for basic retail work. Management okay but rarely work with consistent management.
Sales Assistant | Glasgow | 3 Jun 2021
Once you are in, you dont leave
Managers are incredible - I have worked at 4 stores and they all want you to succeed. The CEO came into our store regularly and always says hi. They adapt and work to your schedule and are really great people. The culture is great and employees are really friendly. The only thing I would say is the work can be intense - high pressure, working with difficult people, fast pace. But I actually love it when it keeps going. You need to be fit as a sales advisor/stockroom assistant. Most people I speak to say they took the job as a part-time thing and they are still there 7 years later! You don't leave haha.
ProsManagement, culture, fastpace, inclusiveness, staff
ConsPay & workload
Retail Sales Associate | London | 12 Dec 2018
Enjoyable workplace
At schuh i was able to meet fellow co workers who i was able to get along with quickly, this essentially enhanced my teamwork skills. The management was great and supportive making it easy to settle in.
Prosdiscounts, flexiblity
Sales Manager | Gloucestershire | 21 Feb 2017
Fun Workplace
there are different positions you can take whilst working at Schuh. Including; Part-Time Sales Assistant, Full-Time Sales Assistant, Supervisory roles and management. I was a Full-Time sales assistant with supervisory roles. I worked 5 days a week and most weekends. 9 hours a day typically but if you work Part-Time you can choose how many hours you work and do as much over time as you want as long as its available. Schuh is a very fun and laid back atmosphere. they employ all ages from 16+.
Seasonal Associate | Glasgow | 25 Jun 2015
Fast-Moving and Enjoyable Workplace
Working at Schuh Kids was enjoyable but also challenging. Interacting with the young age group of the customers was very enjoyable and awarding however the fast paced environment ensured you were always ‘on the ball' at all times. A typical shift at Schuh Kids involved dealing with the needs of the individual customer and ensuring they were satisfied with their end purchase whilst following through with a series of protocols. My co-workers were very helpful and friendly at Schuh Kids as well as the management team.
Customer Assistant | Wigan | 18 Jun 2013
Busy Workplace
I only worked at Schuh part time which included 2 days a week and a weekend. Schuh is no. one for customer service and was their main focus. The shop could get very busy which always kept you on your toes.
ProsStaff Discount
ConsNot many hours given
Sales Assistant | Nottingham | 2 May 2016
Productive and Fun work Place
My time working at Schuh has taught me a lot about working in a team but also being autonomous in my own decision making. The environment was motivating, happy, friendly and professional. I was pushed to give the most outstanding customer service because the feedback was so rewarding!!
ProsMotivating environment
Seasonal Retail Sales Associate | Aberdeen | 13 Jun 2017
Colleagues were always friendly
The work was always different and never got tedious. It built up my skills in retail well and the fellow staff were all very nice to work with and I still keep in touch with a few of them. The management were not the most friendly and I was given no notice to when my temporary contract would end.
Prosgood staff discounts
ConsNo notice of my last shift
Sales Trainee | Leeds And Bradford | 2 Nov 2016
Fun place to work
Schuh is a company that offers a lot in return for good customer service and passion at work. In a typical day i'd be running the shop floor and managing the staff. Taking care of any jobs operational and commercially throughout the day. Giving staff constant feedback and reviewing staff monthly. All admin getting completed quickly and efficiently. The hardest part of my job is trying to fit in all the one on one tie each member of staff needs and deserves. The most enjoyable part of my job is getting to work with great friendly staff and helping them get the most out of their job.
ProsGreat discount
ConsNo chance of over time
Geschäftsstellenleiterin in eigenem | Budapest | 22 Jul 2015
Erfahrungen sammeln im Verkauf durch eigenen Laden.
Als modebewusste,junge Frau musste ich neue Voraussetzungen bestehen. Kunden und Lieferanten Kontakte,Zoll, Kundenkontakte,Mitarbeiterführung,Warenpräsentation,Bestellungen gehörten zu meinen täglichen Aufgaben. Ich habe die Voraussetzungen bestanden!
ProsSelbständig kann man arbeiten.Man entwickelt sich. Die Flexibilität erhöht sich.
Cons24 Stunden Bereitschaft.
Stocking Associate | Dublin, County Dublin | 8 Feb 2013
working in the stock room I would have to process deliveries, when the delivery was recieved from the warehouse a count of the stock would be noted and compared with the amount due in. the delivery would then be put in running order. faulty goods and online orders would then be sent back to the warehouse. Maintaning correct level of stock was very important along with providing line checks too make sure our computer system was up to date with the correct amount of stock was in the store at one time. Providing friendly, efficient customer service was also very important along with a knowledge of a product in which was being sold.
Prosgreat working enviroment
Conslimited working hours

Questions and answers about schuh

How does someone get hired at Schuh Ltd? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 16 Apr 2017
You get called in for a group interview which is fine just try and learn something about the company if you can and be positive and talkative.
Answered 14 May 2019
Application Phone interview Group interview 1 on 1 interview Practice shift Job
Answered 12 Mar 2019
How are the working hours at Schuh?
Asked 16 Apr 2017
Terrible your hours change every week but majority of the time you’re lucky to get 10 unless you’re liked my management
Answered 28 Sep 2019
In management i was full time so i got full hours i even done extra but never got payed for them, staff get hours reduced on daily basis to 3 hours
Answered 23 Aug 2019
What should you wear to an interview at Schuh?
Asked 12 Nov 2017
Wear whatever you want it is a very causal interview, you just need to wear something that says something about you and your personality
Answered 14 May 2019
Schuh as a company are all about indivuality and showing your own unique personality. I would recommend wearing what you would wear on a daily basis, something that shows your personality and something you feel comfortable in
Answered 24 Sep 2018
Do they have a clothes policy and do you wear name badges?
Asked 7 Dec 2018
You can wear whatever you want just no jogging bottoms and have to wear a name badge. pretty chill dress code
Answered 25 Jul 2019
Schuh employees do not wear a uniform but we do wear name badges and an IScan whilst we work. This allows us to express our individuality and personality more effectively.
Answered 8 Jul 2019
What is the interview process like at Schuh?
Asked 3 Oct 2018
I’ve got an interview tomorrow morning at schuh but they didn’t get me if it was a group interview or not. Also they ask me to bring an object what represent myself. Has anyone else had something similar to this? Because I’m a bit nervous...
Answered 24 Jun 2019
No interview.
Answered 18 Feb 2019