SB03014W- Support Worker/Carer Wanted - Moulton

Age Uk Cheshire - On behalf of client - Northwich (30+ days ago)

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Support Worker/Carer Wanted - Moulton

To assist a 75 year young male requiring help with some personal care, domestic and social support.

Some understanding of British Sign Language would be helpful but not essential as training will be provided.

Approx 4 hours per week

(30 min at 8am x 4 days, 1hr at 8am x 3 days)

Additional hours may be available.

£10 per hour

Job share may be considered.

Job Description for Support Worker / Carer:

It is the job of the personal assistant to assist the employer in all areas of personal and domestic need and to act as an escort and aid to the employer’s social and day to day activities.

By providing assistance at the right time, the employer is enabled to lead an individual and independent lifestyle, in their own home, within the community.

The personal assistant should understand their role in facilitating the self-defined needs of the employer. They should feel confident to ask what the employer’s needs are, always to listen to their requests and to interpret them correctly.

Assistants should be able to handle the physical skills of lifting, handling, pushing and bending. The personal assistant does not have to be a strong person physically to do the job well. However, general good health is important.

Personal requirements

  • Assistance with dressing and undressing.
  • Assistance with personal care.
  • Assisting with shopping and other associated tasks.
  • General domestic duties, including making and changing of beds
  • Food preparation
  • Accompanying to appointments and social meetings and events
  • Some driving required.
  • Assistance in and out of car.
  • Assist with medication
  • Enabling the Employer to carry out any chosen activity, whether inside or outside their home, by carrying out any other requests which they may reasonably make.
  • Note: All needs will vary daily and the personal assistant’s duties and tasks will fluctuate accordingly.

Personal Assistant’s responsibilities

As far as possible resolve any questions regarding the task prior to beginning work.

Arrive at the agreed time ready to work. Give notification if you are going to be more than ten minutes late.

It is important to establish a close working relationship when working on a one-to-one basis. If any problems arise it is important to discuss and resolve them as soon as possible. Be as open in your communication as possible.

Confidentiality: respect the privacy of the person you are working with. Many problems can arise from casual conversation about the help and assistance you might give. Try to maintain a professional approach at all times.

Attitude: appreciate the strains and stresses involved for the employer and the effect that this can have on the acceptance of help. Understand that the preservation of dignity and independence is important.

Learning the tasks involved

For the most part, areas of assistance can be learned and familiarised through the assistant and disabled person working together. Where required, practical training and guidance will be provided to enable communication with the employer.

Points to bear in mind

Personal assistants should respect the possessions of and equipment in the employer’s home. Use of the telephone, television, radio, etc. Should only be with the employer’s prior consent.

Personal assistants should also respect the relationships of the employer with other household members and with visitors. Joining in at social occasions etc. should be at the invitation of the employer.

Qualifications and personal qualities required

Personal assistants should be:

  • Reliable and trustworthy;
  • Able to accept responsibility;
  • Ability to communicate using British Sign Language or excellent communication skills and ability to speak clearly so the employer can lip read, with willingness to learn some British Sign Language.
  • Able to work on their own and work with initiative as the occasion arises;
  • Clean and have no unhygienic habits;
  • Willing to learn the job well;
  • Diligent;
  • Conscientious.
  • Flexible
  • Sensitive


4 hours per week

(with the potential for additional hours for ironing / cleaning and an evening call)

Annual Leave Entitlement

This job has a holiday entitlement of 5.6 weeks a year including statutory bank holidays.

Rate of Pay

£10.00 per hour

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: £10.00 /hour